WipEout Fury Developer Diary – Ship Design

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Daimion Pinnock here, SCEA Producer for the WipEout franchise. As some of you may be aware, the WipEout franchise has been around for a while now, and continues to improve with each new update. We released WipEout HD last year in stunning 1080p for $19.99, and it received strong reviews. This year we have a new release for you all, which is called WipEout HD Fury!! We announced it the day before E3, and I’m sure that you’ll be very impressed with what the guys at Studio Liverpool have been able to do.

Starting off a small series of posts, I’m happy to introduce some cool exclusive information about the making of the game and the Fury add-in, coming straight from Dave Glanister, WipEout Fury Ship designer on the WipEout HD development team.

Hello everyone, my name is Dave Glanister and I’m the WipEout Fury Ship designer, here to give you a little insight into how we created the look of the ships.

Our main aim for the new WipEout Fury ships was to modernize their visual look whilst keeping the DNA of each existing individual team. On previous WipEout games, a key feature for ship design was its dynamic straight edge and triangular silhouette. For PSone and PSP this key element was the best way to achieve a great design without using a huge amount of polygons.


Our approach for the Fury ships was to keep the dynamic straight edge design but add to it by dividing the ships body panels up into three main layers. This new addition to the ships allowed us to overlap, interlock and weave the main ship panels together to achieve a more complex look.

By taking this approach it allowed the designs to show gaps, grooves and negative windows of space that were in-turn filled with real time PS3 self shadows. This made the ships appear lighter and more hover like without reducing the ships scale or bulk.


To evolve the designs further we replaced the nut and bolt element to the WipEout HD ships by building clean simplified inter-locking mechanical shapes. This suggested fewer components in the ships build. Also it gave the ships a tailor-made look and also suggested that the ships parts had been created with new and advanced material.


When viewing the ship design side on, the body panels have been purposely angled forwards to help create a dynamic appearance even when stationary. As a result the ship’s profile fights against the horizontal lines of the track’s surface which helps communicate the notion of an anti-gravity spacecraft.

To help identify the Fury ships within a race we added a second layer to the cockpit. This gives the impression of extra pilot protection. Well also placed a blue emissive tint to the cockpit glass which adds energy, notion of power and focal point to the core of every ship design.

That’s it from me! Hope you enjoyed reading about what I do :) I understand that we’ll have another update for you on WipEout Fury next week by another member of the team here. In the meantime, have a great weekend.

I look forward to seeing you all online!

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  • Ding!

  • Reminds me of the ships from Battlezone 2 :)

    (Specifically, the scout.)

  • Looks awesome! How much?

  • Word.

  • So very much looking forward to this!
    Wipeout HD is by far the best downloadable game for the PS3, and I can’t wait to see what you guys have done with Fury.

  • Nice post. The attention to detail you guys have paid to this DLC is pretty apparent. I haven’t DL’d this game as of yet– still working on the Pulse campaign mode. When that’s done, I know where to find ya’!

  • This is the first I’ve heard of ship redesigns, but I think it sounds really cool. This will be a day one purchase for me, but hopefully you guys can get it out before school starts up in the fall.

  • WOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I was thinking about buying Punisher: No Mercy, but this is it…man, what an incredible game.

    Of course I was expecting just a few more tracks and songs, but never something like this, attention to the detail of the ships that already looked amazing is something I wasn’t thinking about at all.

    Just release it already lol, we want to play NOW!!!

    P.S. Please give us a GRAY/BLACK THEME FOR THE “MOBILE EDITION PSN BLOG”…plain white looks like no effort was put into it.

  • I know this has nothing to do with the post but I just am curious, How many sales/downloads did Wipe out HD get since launch?

  • when the f is it coming out?

  • Wipeout ship designs have always been my favourite. Clean design meets function in an unprecedented way. The ships are truly a joy to look at. I absolutely cannot wait for Wipeout fury.

  • Looks awesome!

  • So this is a whole new game right? Not DLC?

  • Can’t wait to see how my beloved Assegai look now! :D

  • oh man I need this!!

  • Thanks Daimion and Dave.

    The game is a lot of fun and worth every penny.

    Glad more is coming and eagerly waiting on it.

  • You guys just hyped me even more ._.!!!! I cant wait to have in my hands this amazing add-on! I hope is just well worth the wait.

  • wooooooooo
    great game waiting for DLC:)
    anything about the price now??
    i think it will be at 5 or 10$
    but i’m sure it will be stunning(game not the price ;) )

  • RELEASE IT already! Damn you teasers! :)

  • I can’t wait for this new Wipeout addition! I’ve got a big crave for Wipeout right now. :P

  • Stop teasing me! >=(

    When is this coming out already O_O

  • Brilliant~!

  • I want a giant can of Red Bull!

  • this a new game or a ad on to the PSN version?

    This is the first time hearing about it. I hope there are lots of new tracks, I may buy this if the price is right.

  • @25: it’s an add-on.

    I love Wipeout look forward to this expansion immensely. Hopefully you haven’t taken the newbie complaints personally and made the tracks too easy! :P I love a good challenge and that’s what I play Wipeout for.

    Coincidentally, Feisar is my favorite team, so it was cool that you used that one. The new designs look awesome. :D

  • When is this coming out? It looks AWESOME!!!

  • I need to buy me WipeOutHD soon!!

  • I want this, so much. Hey studio liverpool I’m willing to sell you my house, car, wife and pet guinea pigs. But please please release this soooooooonnnnnnnnnnn.

  • Looks amazing guys, I cannot wait to buy. Dying for a release date at least here. Come on please?

  • So this is going to be another separate game? I thought this was an expansion to the game? Trying to read where it says that it is. If it isn’t an expansion then you should allow us with Wipeout HD to add the tracks from the first one to this.

  • Dave the ship improvements look great and keep up the good work.
    Do the hardcore Wipeout fans a big favor:
    Please express in a meeting that WE WANT WIPEOUT XL (2097) AND WIPEOUT 3 MAPS ON HD BADLY!


  • Very attractive.

    Will we still be able to access the old ships when we have the expansion?

  • Cant wait for the update…any chance we can get the music visualizer track skins from Zones mode in plain old time trial? Sometimes I like to chill and listen to tunes without going way too fast. And some tracks I suck far too much on to get through a song :(

  • this looks so awesome what would be epic was if there would be a discount please????? also i love the new features is there going to be a demo?

  • i am going to try to get this game but i need another $2o giftcard

  • Hey guys, ive played every WipeOut game created
    and cant wait to hear more from Studio Liverpool. I got a few questions. Will the States ever see the downloadable packs for WipeOut Pulse? Will Fury be out before the end of July? Could we get WipeOut XL PSone Classic on the Store? Finally, are there any of the original people from Psygnosis in Studio Liverpool? Love and Peace!

  • Wow. This looks sleek as heck! How are you guys not designing fighter jets and space shuttles on the side?!

    Anyways, I’m really looking forward to *any* new WipEout content. Can’t wait for the new ships and tracks.

  • The new design looks awesome!!

    When is it coming out?

  • What would be really nice is if this all came on a shiny, new disc.

  • VehicleDestroyr

    Wow those ship designs look amazing. I said earlier I would not buy this because the WipEout Pulse DLC was not put on the Playstation Store but I might not be able to stop myself.

  • I love the attention to detail, and even though I don’t really like racing games Wipeout HD is one of my favorite PS3 games!

  • No` 33, the answer is yes! :)

    I`m looking forward to play this Fury!

  • I read on Gamespy that the release dates would be

    UK: September 30

    AU: Same as above

    US: December 30

    these may be estimates I am not sure as IGN are vague saying it will be released Q3 in the UK and Australia and Q4 in the US. No idea why the US are getting it later if these dates are true.

  • Hello, Very nice !

    When I read “To help identify the Fury ships within a race” I understand these will be new ships among old ones right ? So Why is everyone talking about a new game, new map etc.. ??

  • Wow, looks great. I can’t wait for this pack, it can’t come soon enough!!

    I’m addicted to Wipeout at the minute, playing Pure, Pulse and HD!

  • Bit of an odd question: Will we be able to unlock some of the Trophies that are for WipEout HD while playing Fury? Namely the AG Assassin Trophy. Would I be able to unlock that while playing the new Eliminator mode?

  • Looks awesome, put the game on Bluray disc and you got yourself a sale. Keep it as download only, and you get no sale.

  • Then I guess your stubborn “no blu-ray, no sale” will prevent you from playing this and several other great download-only titles.

    The devs already said this was going to be exclusively on the PSN precisely because they want to showcase the quality of games on the PSN.

  • A release date is what people want.

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