Qore Episode 14 – Featuring Assassin’s Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2, Lost Planet 2 and Battlefield: 1943

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As Qore begins its second year on the PlayStation Network, this episode is all about sequels. When a developer succeeds in creating an acclaimed title, the pressure is on to repeat that success. But making sequels isn’t easy. Change too much, and you risk alienating fans of the original title. Change too little, and you’ll be criticized by gamers who want something new.

With many of our favorite franchises returning soon, the Qore team caught up with the folks responsible for these highly anticipated sequels in order to bring you the most recent developments.

Renaissance Man

The action/adventure game that focused on simulated ancestral memories now shifts locales to Italy in Assassin’s Creed 2. Audrey Cleo takes a look at the new tale of power, revenge and conspiracy that lets you put Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions to good use.

Special Ops

Acclaimed developer Infinity Ward returns to the Call of Duty franchise with a direct sequel to 2007’s Modern Warfare. So how do you make one of the most popular games of this current generation even better? Add snowmobiles, of course!

Hell, (Un)frozen Over

Ten years after the events of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, the ice and snow have finally melted—but that doesn’t make the planet any more hospitable! Capcom shows Veronica how players can team up to take down the enormous Akrid.

Sky, Land and Sea

The popular PC franchise is coming to the PlayStation Network in the form of Battlefield: 1943 – a fast-paced online shooter with multiple vehicles, 24 player combat, and environmental destruction in WWII Pacific Theatre locales.

Subscription Renewal Update

Initial subscribers from June 2008 can now take advantage of a special renewal offer. Please check your e-mail for details. You’ll need to visit the PlayStation Store and, under the Media category, find and select the special renewal ‘thumbnail’ to avoid missing an episode.

All annual subscribers and single episode purchasers will receive an exclusive Battlefield: 1943 theme this month, and don’t forget to look for a new mini-game in the Qore Arcade. Also, in celebration of Independence Day, check out your very own fireworks launcher built into the What’s Hot section where, of course, you’ll also find Audrey Cleo’s Blu-ray round up.

Look for Episode 14 tomorrow.

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  • Awesome

  • can returning subscribers get BF1943 for free or discounted? Thats the only way I’m getting the console version if this happens.

  • sweet

  • So many sequels in this episode. lol.

  • destroyerofworld

    so…. is 1943 coming out tomorrow?

  • No cool free stuf :l

  • This looks like a great episode. I’ll renew my subscription as soon as I get the email. Keep up the good work!

  • OMG without exaggeration the best Qore episode yet . good job Qore crew!!!!

  • I haven’t recieved my renewal Email. Has anyone got thiers yet or have they not sent it out.

    • The special email to June subscribers with the renewal offer should go out on just before the 7/2 publish of Qore episode 14 tomorrow. Sorry for any confusion.

  • OMG without exaggeration the best Qore episode yet. Good Job Qore crew!!!

  • You guys should have ask why Xbox 360 are the DLC before the PS3 owners that purchase this game. We know why, we would just like to hear it from their mouth.

  • I just want to know when fat princess comes out….. if it comes soon I’m not buying Qore, XD

  • when does fat princess coming out ? O.o

  • Going to download it for sure.

  • @ 2

    LOL Keep dreaming.

    I don’t have money to spend on renewing at the moment! But I will renew as soon as I can.

  • I haven’t gotten my Email renewal notice yet, where is it??

  • haven’t gotten my email renewal notice yet :(

  • Can we please get Qore with our annual subscription to PTOM?

  • Ms. Belmont is just hot.

  • @11
    What are you talking about?

  • Looks good to me.

  • Sounds good, you should keep giving PSOne titles for subscribers for free. ;-]

  • This “special offer” for original subscribers better be good or else I’m not renewing.

  • gotta try and get a psn card now….

  • i havnt got my renewal email yet…

  • nice

  • Is the 1943 release date going to be announced soon? In the Qore issue?

  • No free game = fail.

  • Best episode yet!!

  • I got annual qore, hopefully i’ll get BF 1943 as a free DL later in the year

  • where is the free game? Oh and everyone bf 1943 comes out july 9th

  • It doesn’t come out on the 9th….not until DICE says so. The EA newsletter said the 9th but DICE shot that down. So just keep on tuning into DICE’s twitter.

  • In My “Media” -> “Qore” category doesnt have anything for me to renew, didnt get the e-mail as well…

    • The email renewal offer to June Qore folks will be coming along with the release of Ep 14. You\’re very astute. You\’ll need to dive back into the PlayStation Store and look under the Media category to see the renewal offer (only for former June subscribers.)

      Thanks for the support and hope you enjoy Episode 14.

  • A free theme? That’s it?

    Nice episode, but what a crappy bonus for subscribers.

  • A free theme is all that subscribers get?

  • StonTemplePilot

    Where is FATPRINCESS already!!! I am getting the shakes at this point the excitement is intoxifying!!! come on guys i have a 3 day weekend this week!! Throw a ninja a bone…

  • what happend to the psp go! stuff?

  • Cooool! Looking Forward to download it! ^^

  • Like many other posts, I’m waiting to get the renewal e-mail. I wonder what the “special renewal” will offer. Plus, any info that you can share about the Qore survey that we filled out?

  • I wonder as well, what the special offer will be. I remember filling out that QORE questionairre a few weeks ago, maybe a month or so, and it asked questions like,

    – “how much would you pay for Qore Subscription”..

    -How much would you pay for the subscription and do you think you should get a special gift/prize for renewing?

    – How much would you pay for a subscription to Qore?

    -Should annual subcribers get a free gift/ or a special bonus for renewing?

    Should annual subscibers be rewarded for their year long subscription over somenoe who only buys a single episode?

    there were more of course, but i hope the majority of people who answered this questionaire, all picked the special gifts lol

    • For the record, most of these questions were NOT asked in the survey other than the question about a renewal special price for you loyal first-time subscribers.

  • No fair! I waited till the last episode(13) so I could sign up to save some money promised by the QORE questionnaire. Meaning I missed out on the free Spyro and the so called savings.

    Sony/Qore team Why do you hate new subscribers???!!!!! I want to sign up and get some free goodies!

    • The survey did not promise anything and if you are a legitimate June subscriber Spyro was included in your annual subscription of 13 episodes.

      June subscribers did not miss any offers as the final episode in the subscription package included episode 13 and Spyro.

  • hmm my comments are not showing? weird.

  • I didn’t subscribe to Qore last year but I’ve bought every episode. Maybe I’ll subscribe this time around.

  • Has anyone actually received this email?

  • What about fat princess?? When is it coming out?? I`m so hyped about that, game looks so fun.

  • wow, gonna be an awesome Qore episode, thanks

  • @21 Gump_
    The Xbox 360 well be getting Time exclusive on DLC such as map packs for Modern Warfare 2. We PS3 owners are going to have to wait several weeks or months in order to download the DLC. That is what I am talking about.

  • Qore team, what free PSN stuff do we new subscribers get??!! Is it still High Velocity bowling or we getting nothing?? LET US KNOW ALREADY!

  • PsychoticTalent

    I look forward to this episode, keep up the great work.

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