inFAMOUS Space Comes to PlayStation Home, Far Cry 2 Game Launching Support + Tons More!

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inFAMOUS in PlayStation Home

Welcome back to your all-points BOLO bulletin wherein I give you, the beautiful people of the PlayStation Home community, a head’s up on what to keep your eyes open for in our next publishing update. This Thursday, you’ll see that we decided to start the 4th of July festivities a few days early – and with a serious bang – by shooting some truly explosive content your way.

Up first is the electrifying inFAMOUS game space: The Abandoned Docks of Empire City. This awesome space supports the next level of UGC (User-Generated Content) on the Home platform with its Graffiti Wall mini-game. Here, you can use our graffiti tools to design your own unique art to display to your friends. There’s also a voting feature so that you can give props to the creators of your favorite designs, and a feature that allows you to share your masterworks and check out your friends’ latest and greatest creations – be it simple scribbles or extravagant frescos.

inFAMOUS in PlayStation Home inFAMOUS in PlayStation Home

The Abandoned Docks of Empire City also marks a first for Home in that it will broadcast exclusive media developed by Sucker Punch, specifically for the hardcore inFAMOUS fans. And to top it all off, we also managed to squeeze an extra mini-game into the space – a scrolling shooter-type button-masher called Reaper Shock that lets the community compete for high scores on the built-in global leaderboard (and rewards the most highly skilled with some rad reward items to decorate your avatar and your personal space with). For a full walk-through on the new space, check out the story on IGN.

In other news: Ubisoft continues to deliver by patching their hit title Far Cry 2 to support game launching in Home. So be sure to visit the Far Cry 2 space to meet up with new people to launch into the multiplayer version of this groundbreaking FPS, and keep your eye on the official PlayStation Home Clubs and Events forums at for more details about the special Far Cry 2 game-launching events we have planned for later this week.

Those of you that participated in the epic Hamsters vs. Humans battle a few weekends back will be rewarded with your free aviator helmets (for the guys) and fedoras (for the girls) for doing your part in helping keep Home pro-Human…for the time being at least. We’ll also be making available some limited Independence Day-themed goods, some basketball and hockey gear for you sports fanatics, free G-Force shirts, and assorted other apparel. So be sure to check out the Mall for updates to our stores come Thursday morning.

On top of all this, we’ve managed to work out a few pesky bugs that you have reported to us over at the official PlayStation Home Support sub-forum at You’ll notice that your Ghostbusters Firehouse and Loot Sound Stage personal spaces can now support Picture Frames (and that the latter has been patched for voice chat capabilities). As always, we thank you for your patience while we work to optimize your Home experience and encourage you to continue to report any bugs to us using the aforementioned Support sub-forum.

See you all in Home!

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4 Author Replies

  • Awesome update Locust! Thanks a bunch! :D

  • Great post!

  • Great post! :D

  • Can we get some news on a TRINE release please???

  • Wow. Keep raising the bar. Really looking forward to this update. And this is just Home! We don’t even know what is to come from the PSN Store.

    “for doing your part in helping keep Home pro-Human”

    I was afraid that everyone would get the items even if they didn’t participate. Boy, am I glad I showed up for an entire hour hehe.

    As far as the “broadcast exclusive media developed by Sucker Punch”, is that a hint at some possible DLC on in the future?
    *crosses fingers and toes*

  • :O
    There were prizes for being in the Humans vs. Hamsters Dance off!?
    Now i wish i had participated >.<

  • this keep busy before i get blazblue thought the mail this a great update next fight night game space

  • Home is looking good!! still need in game music. please with sugar on top! :)

  • Hmmm infamous space, i’m not much into home but i’ll have to check that out.

  • Where is the Buzz space !?

  • Sounds pretty fresh to me!

  • HAPPY CANADA DAY! To all the awsome Canadians out there!

  • Killzone game launching? lol

    really, can this features just come on release or atleast a week after. Not 8 MONTHS AFTER!

    Who cares at that point? who have already made all the friends u would need for that game by then.

    Come on, you can do it….why you dnt is beyond me. No pun

    Resident Evil was PERFECT!

    I know its a beta blah blah, when will the beta end?… I thought so

    Wouldn’t it be cool for these space to come BEFORE the game is released.

    That seems like the common sense thing to do

    Enough complaining. STEP UR GAME UP!

  • Anything with inFamous is a win. I cannot wait to check this Home Space out

    I would just like to point out that these games home space should be release when the game is release and not a month after.

  • can’t wait for the new outfit that coming

  • Not too bad. Impressive. Can’t wait to see it. I picked up inFAMOUS after the last blog post on how quickly it sold. Awesome game.

  • Very nice.

    Thanks for the heads up Locust_Star.

    An early Happy July 4th to the people in the US.

    As well, Happy Canada Day (July 1st) to any other Canadian reading the blog.

  • i might actually play home again XD

  • CenturionLegion

    GREAT! more spaces more clothes.
    and there are a lot of people who complain about NA Home…

  • Why don’t men get Fedoras as well? I went to that event for the sole purpose of getting a Fedora for my male avatar.

    So lame I can’t rock the Johnny Depp gangster look because Home has to be sexist (no EA Poker bracelets for females still, now this) about items that could be unisex.

  • Happy Canada day from up north!

    I’m very excited for the infamous space, sounds quite interesting. Farcry 2 however, I just never found myself getting into it just was not as cool as the first. Glad to see the’re supporting their existing Home space.

  • i have a feeling i wont be getting the prize… i came a little late to the party :( but i was still there :)

  • Now this is an update I can enjoy :) I just hope the inFamous unlockable items are not as hard as the Resistance space ones :p

  • I thought everyone was getting the aviator helmets not just the participants. Looks like a decent update but I prefer updates like the text chat window update. I think it’s called a “client update”?

  • awesome update you guys are really getting home that nice polish and i was wondering if their will ever be a patch to fix that warhawk game launching bug? (if you bought the game off the psn from the demo and got the unlock key home doesnt recognize it as the game and cant game launch)

  • So girls can’t fly planes and men don’t where fedoras?

  • How’s gamelaunching going to work with FarCry 2 when the v1.04 patch is only available to certain regions, while the rest of us are stuck on v1.03?

    • This blog is only for SCEA, which covers the North American region. I honestly couldn\’t tell you how/if this will work in other regions.

  • @26 and you can’t use the correct version on wear when typing. ;)

  • cool.

  • Why are they celebrating Independence day on home and not Canada day….. Canadians get screwed again…. I for one am getting sick of this.. We are part of North america too show us some respect.. Happy Canada day.. And happy 4th to all you yanks that get special treatment…

  • Great to hear this Locust_Star! What an update! One question though. I see there is stuff for Independence Day, but what about items for Canada Day for us Canadians?

  • locus!
    Can we have a patent that can make us play all games when we are in HOME withought quiting even if it’s not an actual game launching like warhawk or resistance2?.

    For example when im in HOME i want to play infamous without quiting HOME and start the game and when im done playing infamous and quit the game then i should go straight to home…….eh?

    and please make it possible to travel to other versions of HOME (eu and jp)…..i know about the law etc dificulties but whats the point to log in with another account and visit european home and not being able to go to with my main account

  • Now this is a Great Update! Happy Canada Day to all the other Canadians out there. Locust, do you kow when or if we will be able to record footage directly within the Loot Space. I’ve been recording off my tv with my HD Cam but it would be much easier to capture it with the Loot cameras. Any chance you would find some info for me?

  • I’m predicting the graphiti module will be pulled after an influx of… well not hard to imagine.

  • Now this is a Great Update! Happy Canada Day to all the other Canadians out there. Locust, do you kow when or if we will be able to record footage directly within the Loot Space. I’ve been recording off my tv with my HD Cam but it would be much easier to capture it with the Loot cameras. Any chance you would find some info for me?

    Sorry if this double posts but I’m having issues with being able to post on the Blog.

  • Great update. You guys make me want to keep coming back Home.

  • This is the exact support I want!

    Excellent update! :)

    I can only pray to see a LBP and KZ2 space / Game Launch feature in the near future!

    Thanks again… (it’s exciting to remember that this is all free!)

  • How about a patch for inFAMOUS that fixes all the bugs and adds a way for me to get all the blast shards without having to run around the city for 15 hours feeling like my thumb is going to fall off and I am going to die? Because those are 15 hours I would much rather spend, say, playing other fantastic Playstation 3 games. Or eating. Or sleeping. Or not ever using Playstation Home for anything ever.

  • Wow! The inFAMOUS space looks fantastic!

    The bar has really been raised for Home Spaces starting with spaces like EA Sports Center and Resistance 2 game spaces having mini games with in Home prizes and always great extra thing to do (ie: Graffiti Game). If the Home team keeps up this kind of model and continues to improve upon it game spaces will be hot spots for Home users and continue to get people interested in their content and advertisements.

    Stellar job to all those involved. I am very much looking forward to checking out what I’m sure is a great space for a GREAT game!

  • Great! Thanks guys! But when are we going to see game launching with games that people actually still play? Such as Killzone 2?

  • Trophy room?

    SOME productivity?

    Oh well, it’s nice to see HOME being supported, at least.

  • nice update Locust Home keeps getting better checking out all the new stuff tomorrow XD

  • nice update Locust Home keeps getting better checking out all the new stuff tomorrow

  • Oh, and maybe in-Home music?

    Man I REALLY want to Home to be amazing but….

  • The Only way to truely intergrate HOME into the overall Playstation Experience is a Direct intergration of the service into the PS3’s dashboard, anything less and it will always be a 1/2 used addon.

    Take a peek.

  • I find HOME so boring so dose my mates to be honest it has nothing to do with you and your mates to enjoy the games, you do not fill connected to your HOME avatar, the only way you can see your avatar is by logging in to HOME then you have to LOAD LOAD LOAD… Sony needs to stop putting there time into this project and focus on marketing and adding features and improvements to the ps3. Vidzone is more of a selling point compare to HOME but most people do not know what Vidzone is, my girlfriend was amazed when I showed her Vidzone doe the application so slow and laggy she still enjoys using it. Even from the bootup screen of the ps3 is so lame (((((((Sony listen to your fans))))))

  • What about the Killzone appartment?

  • We need more item space in our apartments, please. I used to actually spend money in Home, but why buy more stuff if I can’t even display the things I have already purchased the way I’d like to? Seriously.

  • Good deal :)

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