Capcom Classics Coming to PSN Starting Tomorrow

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Hey PlayStation fans, I’m Ryan, Capcom’s newest Bearer of Good News. Today, I’m here to bring you word of our upcoming PlayStation classics, a library of classic games being brought to you on the PlayStation Network. We’ve sorted through our archives and hand-selected the games that rocked the industry. All of these upcoming classics will be released over the PSN, and will be playable on your PSP.

Coming up first is Capcom Classics Collection: Remixed, available tomorrow. The game is a collection of arcade classics from gaming’s glorious past. Pay homage to the best of the arcades, like Final Fight, Bionic Commando, Street Fighter, and Magic Sword. Prove your old-school dominance with twenty full arcade titles. Check out the full list of included games here.

Later this summer, look forward to Fate/Unlimited Codes. Capcom’s fighting game masters have brought one of Japan’s most popular animes exclusively to the PSN, ready for the new PSPgo. High-flying combos and fast-paced versus action show off the game’s gorgeous 3D graphics, and it’s a fighting-game experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Next, keep your eyes out for more gems from Capcom, being brought directly to the PSN. Check out the full list below, including PSone and UMD Legacy titles, and come back often for more info on individual release timing.

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  • FIRST!

    Awesome. Powestone FTW


  • Are the graphics updated?

  • VERY NICE!! Thanks for all of the PSN love Capcom!!!

  • Maveric Hunter X? Heck yes!!! You guys really need to remake the rest of the Megaman X games like that too!!!

  • Thank you Mr.McDougal
    Dino Crisis and Res 3 are already purchased.

  • “first” posts should be insta-ban.

  • Power Stone*

    Speaking of the game, do you guys have any plans to remake the game or give it the SF2HD REMIX treatment?

  • Dino Crisis sounds like FTW!

  • BCR trophies anytime soon?

    • The Bionic Commando: Rearmed patch is in our internal testing, which should mean you BCR fans can show off your skills soon.

  • +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Fate/Unlimited Codes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • @Torgo

    Thanks for all the Capcom love, PSN!

    The game (CCCR) is true to its PSP origins, which equates to having an entire arcade in your pocket.

  • so can you play these on the ps3 or are they just for psp?

    • Downloadable to the PSP, not the console itself. Thanks for the clarification.

    • Except the PS1 Games, RE2, RE3: Nemesis, and Dino Crisis. Those are playable on BOTH the PS3 and PSP. Thanks for asking!

  • nice! go capcom for supporting the PSN like crazy!!!!!!!!

  • Aw c’mon we want Powerstone and Street Fighter Alpha 3 put as PSN releases, not UMD Legacy, I want to be able to play online multiplayer in these games on my PS3, Capcom, you can do it! Make it happen!!

  • nice! go capcom for supporting the PSN like crazy!!!

  • Awesome! Resident Evil 2 is a definite download for me :)

  • So will we be able to play these games on the PS3 or will we only be able to play on the PSP?

  • I’m extremely happy to see continued support of Legacy games, and I will definately be buying the ones I don’t already own.

    Any word if Breath of Fire 3 will be coming to PSN?

  • Where’s Mega Man Legends?!

  • good stuff there…finally. :)

    I’m getting RE3.

  • DuckTales HD!! :p

  • Wow!!! This is awesome news!!! Great job Capcom ;D

    You guys have really did a terrific job this generation with great games coming out for PS3,PSP & PSN.

  • More PS1 Mega Man games, please, because he’s blue!

  • so can i play these on my ps3 or are they just for psp?

  • @18
    You can download them to store on your PS3 and load to your PSP via USB only. The UMD Legacy title means PSP only.

  • BEST PSN downloadables YET. These are all pretty much AAA quality titles. Please make them affordable so that we can buy them all in this economy. :)

    Question: are these ‘classic’ arcade titles in CCCR (and the UMD Darkstalkers) genuine emulations of their arcade ROMS?

    • The UMD Darkstalkers game is Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, which wasn\’t in the arcades.

      The CCCR games are true to the arcade.

  • Seriously, its been over 2 weeks. When is the BCR patch coming?

  • How much will CCCR cost?

  • Did I miss where the price is listed?

  • cant wait for dino crysis. loved that game. i still remember the T rex head flying through the window scaring me when i was little lol. i loved all the capcom PS1 games. cant wait for them to hit PSN.

    and i second megaman legends on PSN

  • Will there ever be an option to play PSP games on a PS3. I’m sure its possible with a firmware upgrade?

  • @20 I can’t believe I forgot about the holy gem that is Mega Man Legends! When are we going to see it?!

  • Great selection. The option of having both collections volumes straight off the memory stick is great.

    Can you clarify pricepoints? Many of those titles have long since hit the discount bins, but recognize there’s been a history of higher pricing once these games land on PSN.

  • Yeah! i’ll get this!

  • Yeah, we definitely need Mega Man Legends. One of the best games on PlayStation 1.

  • Onimusha on PS3 and PSP please I Miss it! :)

  • Mega Man Legends please!

  • I’m confused, it sounds like the PSone classics are not playable on the PS3. RE2, RE3,and Dino Crisis are playable on the PS3 AND PSP right?

    • Not so! The PS1 classics (RE2, RE3:Nemesis and Dino Crisis) are all playable on both the PS3 and PSP. Thanks!

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Soooo awesome. RE2 and RE3? Dino Crisis?!?!? WIN!

  • That is quite the list. I wish other devs and publishers would be into PSN digital media as much as Capcom. I been waiting for Resident Evil 2. “Adaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

  • It would be fantastic if you guys would bring Mega Man Legends to the PSN.

  • Wow, thanks for all the PSN support, Capcom! This is amazing!

  • Please punch SCEE in the face until they release these! :P

    Thanx! :)

  • @39 it reads confusing,but the Playstation Legacy stuff should be PS3/PSP and the UMD should be PSP only.

  • “All of these upcoming classics will be released over the PSN, and will be playable on your PSP.”

    Please clarify. Will RE2, RE3, and Dino Crisis be playable on PS3 as well or just PSP?

    I know the CCC:R is just PSP, but the wording makes me think that the other classics will be PSP only as well.

    Any clarification would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Capcom you’re killing my wallet. I just go Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and once the Bionic Commando Rearmed trophies hit I’ll be picking up Bionic Commando and now this!!!!

    Any chance you guys can get the SCEA to release ad hoc party in the US also seeing as you’re on a roll? The only available version doesn’t have any english text which makes it less likely for most people to download and play all the goodness that is Monster Hunter!

    Make it happen

  • Sweet, glad Capcom understands that we want our RE for PSP!

    I don’t own them for PS1, so this gives me a chance to replay them while looking their best on the PSP’s screen.

    I hope RE2 and RE3 come out this week.

  • I’m looking forward to the Resident Evils. I am waiting for them all to come out (least the (PS1) before I buy em.

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