The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

  • 1.50 Update – Patch 1.50 is currently in QA, 1.60 is in development. 1.60 is also bringing free DLC along with it!


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • Chalkzone – We got in touch with Ronaldo Salazar, the artist responsible for creating the amazing Helghast portrait at the Pasadena Chalk Festival.
  • The Killzone Chronicles, Part 10 – Quite a few weapons were added to the Killzone 2 armory in the final months of 2007. Also, our AI got smarter!

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  • An interesting week. Loved the Shatter PS3ye interview too. But you already know about that. :)

    Who I’d really like to hear from is Square-Enix- hear what excuses they’ve got for neglecting us.

  • ok nice week but…WHERE IS TRINE? come one we need a release date now!!

  • By the way, while I’m here:

    In your FACES, “first” posters!

  • Hay Jeff and Chris
    Can you guys please see if we can get more Avatars to select from? The avatar list has not been update in over a year now. You guys can always add free ones and premium ones like you are doing with the themes. It is very annoying to scroll down your buddy list and have 6 or 7 people having the same exact avatars.

  • I am so happy that firmware 2.8 was optional. You guys should make more of these featureless firmware optional because they are not necessary for us to play online and affect the games we play.

  • Is there any news on Monster Hunter being available for download?

    I really want to play it but i don’t want to buy any more UMDs because i’m supposed to be getting a psp-go

    • There\’s no news at present, but Capcom has been, and will continue to be bringing many of their existing UMD-based PSP games to PSN. One coming this week, as a matter of fact. They\’ll be on the blog to talk about it soon.

  • you guys should give Creat Studios and TikGames their own area in the ps store. It’s strange seeing Capcom as the only publisher with their own section

  • when is Marvel vs Capcom, 1943, and Trine coming out?

  • Hulu doesn’t work anymore after the update :\ or is this just in general?

  • Nice Socom update but no Date yet? Losing interest fast…

  • Nice Socom update but no Date yet? Losing interest fast……

  • The Store needs cake. Let’s start with Fat Princess!! When will it come out?

  • i’m really saddened by the fact that hulu doesnt stream anymore through the ps3 web browser :(

    as for the eye toy interviews i think you should do more of them specailly with foreign developers etc etc

    oh and one last thing please tell eric lempel to update the flash of the ps3 browser so that our ps3’s wont lock up when acessing heavy flash sites such as kotaku or joystick… i just dont want my ps3 to go to hell because of the almost constant lock ups

  • Best news for me this week was Punisher coming next week.


    nice free DLC for socom

  • @8 destroyerofworld
    July, July and TBA

  • @#9 – commedieu

    According to Engadget;

    “The Hulu TOS was just updated as of June 26, and although we haven’t found any PS3-specific passages, changing a browser’s user-string to match the console reveals it is definitely being specifically blocked.”

    Which then led to the xbox hulu exclusivity rumors.

  • @ Vengeful-Chaos (17)

    Huh, you don’t say. I guess Hulu won’t be getting any of my business (through any medium).

  • Where’s Chris?

    Overall pretty HEFTY week, once again congrats U2.

  • just for the holy invasion of privacy game whats to do with all of the pre-orders and suchh.. i did see that there will be like a pre-order bonus with some stores like retail and suchh.. and will it be like how the patapon two game did for stores and with the vouchers and all.. i do like the game and just want to see whats to do with it.

    • From my understanding, preorders are being canceled. There won\’t be a retail SKU like with Patapon 2.

  • Hey Jeff, do you know if there is going to be a bonus pre ordering uncharted 2 among theives. or if there is going to be a special edition.

  • Hey jeff
    do you know if there is going to be a special edition for uncharted 2 among thieves, or if you get a bonus from pre ordering it?

  • Killzone 2 1.60 patch with DLC FO PREE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!…………..Awesome

  • @22

    Amazon has some treasure map you get if you pre-order it with them.

    Exact information right here.

    Amazon Exclusive Pre-order Treasure Map
    Pre-order “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” and get an Amazon exclusive treasure map. This bonus video strategy reveals the secret locations of treasures hidden within the game and can be viewed on both the PS3 and PSP systems. Access codes will be sent within 10 days after the game releases. Offer good while supplies last. Must be sold and shipped by to be eligible.

  • @23
    Patch 1.60 is for SOCOM not KZ2

  • Hi Jeff! Though I don’t believe I ever left a comment before, I’ve been an avid reader of this blog since it started and was shocked to see my name in one of the posts! Many thanks to you and Guerilla Games for helping so many see the chalk piece my brother and I worked on!

  • Any word on Rock Band: Unplugged coming on the PSN?

    Same situation as poster #6, really wanna get it but not on UMD as im also considering the PSP go!

  • Thanks for the news!

  • The DLC for Socom should come out soon i hope like around july , we been waiting for to long for this .

  • XBox Live will be getting a full downloadable game service in August, games like Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock. Has Sony negotiated with publishers to offer the same games through PSN or will PS3 only users have to go without? I hope the bandwidth fee publishers have to pay for PSN isn’t deterring them from working with Sony on this type of service which I imagine would be very popular.

  • @30
    I wonder how Burnout Paradise, SOCOM, and GT5P ended up on PSN, then. Jeff already answered this last week.

  • Taking too long for slant 6 to do anything,they need to be released and stop having parties with our money while flipping the bird as us.If you think im lying,its on youtube.

  • @ExcelKnight

    Not really. Jeff mentioned 3 of the 5 full games released on PSN since 2006 which I know full well about. I have BP on my HDD. It’s not a service and TBH that response came off as a bit snarky. I’m making a suggestion that will improve the console, something that benefits gamers and publishers. Either Sony will do it or not.

    XBox Live will have 30 titles at launch, including many 3rd party games like Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock, DiRT, Oblivion etc. The difference is pretty clear and I’m sure if the PS Blog ran a poll most would want this service on PSN.

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