Nathan Drake Heading to Hollywood

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News in Hollywood travels fast!

I am happy to confirm that it is indeed true, Sony Computer Entertainment has signed a deal with Columbia Pictures for a movie adaptation of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and it will be produced by Avi Arad, Charles Roven, Ari Arad and Alex Gartner. We have been working with Avi and the folks and Columbia for quite some time and look forward to sharing additional details on the film in the short future. Obviously we designed the game to be a cinematic experience and we too can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

So, who do you think should play Nathan Drake?

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  • the guy who voices nathan drake should do it. Sorry forgot his name.

  • Bradley Cooper, make it happen…

  • jason bateman from arrested development, nolan north from none other than uncharted, or nathon fillion from firefly. Never seen firefly but he looks like drake :) dont mess this up i love uncharted!!!

  • Harrison Ford. LOL

  • The Same guy who play THE SPIRIT!

  • jason bateman from arrested development, nolan north (if he fits the physical part) or Nathan Fillion from firefly. Never seen firefly but he looks like drake :) Dont mess this up please, i love uncharted!

  • Hopefully they don’t ruin it by making it an Indiana Jones knock off

    and if they do a good job this could have huge potential to sell a ton of ps3’s

  • I want the voice actor of Elene Fisher…

  • Colin Farrel. He looks the part and also has some of the voice

  • nice ima watch it lol

  • Anyone ever seen the movie Serenity? You can’t honestly tell me Nathan Fillion’s role didn’t remind you of Nathan Drake. CAST HIM HE IS AMAZING! He’s got the look and the voice!

  • Nolan North should be the actor. It just won’t be the same if we heard a different voice. I’m sure we’ve all gotten used to his voice in the games. Unless you’re going to do some pretty good voice over lip-syncing it ain’t happening for me.

    Still good news to hear that Uncharted is getting it’s very own movie. It deserves it.

  • The person who does the voice acting MUST play Drake, if i hear anyone elses voice i will cry.

    Also please please please PLEASE do justice to the material, i want people to see the film and go home itching to buy and play the game

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Nathan Fillion as Drake!!!

  • I agree with Andrevader considering Elena. I mean she looks just like her and is the voice actor

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Nathan Fillion as Drake!

  • Hey Evan.

    Only one person can play Nathan Drake and that is Nathan Fillion.

    Who did you guys at Naughty Dog had in mind?

  • I think I have a response for this:

    Ugh. -_-

    How the hell do you expect gaming to become a respectable medium if a game is determined to have “made it” when it “graduates” to the big screen? I realize this provides financial income, and at the moment it seems that Sony could use it, not to mention good advertising, but it undermines the hard work put into the title. Considering how well the game made itself out as a action-movie experience, I can’t see this thing doing anything better than not embarassing the original. And considering how game-to-movie adaptations have done in the past, even that may be a tall order.

    At least that’s how I see it. Perhaps you’ve got a way of spinning this that doesn’t make it seem like a children’s toy that’s being adapted for adults.

  • Nathan Fillion…all the way.

  • Nolan North should play Drake he looks quite a bit like him and it’s his voice in the game.

  • Easy choice: Nathan Fillion

  • Frankly, if Nolan North doesn’t do the role of Nathan Drake, I wont watch it. There are no substitutes for that mans talent!

  • Evan Wells, if you haven’t watched Serenity I highly recommend that you do! You will want Nathan Fillion to play the role, I can guarantee this.

  • I think Seth Rogen should play Drake. Kidding I don’t care just as long as they do his character justice and the movie turns out really well.

  • Why not Drake himself, Nolan North?

  • Anybody but Nicholas Cage.

  • Nathan Fillion would be ideal.

  • WOW I CANT WAIT! hopefully theyll keep the twist in there somewhere :D

  • Nolan North even looks somewhat like Drake.

  • Only one logical choice, Artie Lange!

  • Awesome too see that the Uncharted brand is growing. Perhaps this is the next Tomb Raider… except the movies are good this time :P

  • Yeah… Nolan North or the movie will essentially suck. Seriously. If it’s a different voice for Drake… well, you may as well cancel the movie right now.

    Honestly, if this goes bad… theres no real words to describe how p!ssed ill be. Seriously, Uncharted is the best game i’ve ever played during this generation of consoles, and if the movie gives the game a bad reputation and makes all the little 12 year old’s go “Maaan, that movie sukkdzzoredsds. Srsly. Why wud ny1 wunna ps3? xD”, then – yet again – i’ll be p!ssed.

    We can only hope for the best. Please tell me these guys have at least played the game. lmao. Just look how Max Payne turned out. >.>

    Well, to be honest i’m pretty excited for this and hope it turns out great.I just hope these guys have maximum amounts of pressure put on them to make the movie good. I also hope that they don’t mess with the script.
    Yeah, and Nolan North. …It needs to be him.

  • Honestly Nolan North is not a good actor.. great VA though.

  • I don’t know about Nathan Drake but you really must have Emily Rose to play Elena Fisher. Anyone else would just be weird now… check her interview here at the blog.

  • nolan north

  • James Denton for Nathan drake

  • edit (32): Nevermind… Nathan Fillion seems decent too. >.> Don’t know if he’d have that sarcasm going though.

  • they should use the real dude… who plays the character in the game

  • Nolan North is already an actor! Or that guy from Serenity!

  • Nolan North, absolutely hands down. Without his voice, Drake isnt drake.

    We NEED Nolan North if this movie has any shot at being taken seriously.. and we all know game-to-movie titles usually fail.. I think uncharted, done right, could be the first game-to-movie that DOESNT suck.

  • Nathan Fillion as Drake, Emily Rose as Elena (her voice actor), and Bruce Campbell as Sully.

    Make it happen, guys!

  • Nathans voice has to be the same…or it won’t be good….Nolan North’s voice is part of Nathan’s character….there’s no way to get around that

  • @ 33

    Screw you. he’s an awesome actor.

    And yeah, if anyone’s voice, other than Nolan North’s is on the big screen, i will cry myself to sleep for months. and i’ll be irked. Just like if they don’t have David Hayter’s voice in The MGS movie that’s being made. it won’t be the same.

  • @ 33 screw you. Nolan is a great actor.

    That reminds me, if they don’t have Nolan North’s voice as Nathan Drak, i’ll cry myself to sleep for months. and i’ll sue.

  • India-ah-I mean Drake should be played by nolan north.


  • Nathen Fillion for sure. There is no way Drake wasn’t modeled after either Fillion in Firefly or Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

  • Nathan Fillion!Seriously. No-one else.

  • Not Christian Bale or Shia LaBeouf.

  • Christan Bale
    never let me down on The Dark Knight and Terminator

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