PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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Hi Everyone –

Here are this week’s new releases and top downloads for the Video Store.

This week we’ve added the following new content:

HD Movies

  • Pulse
  • Bachelor Man
  • Daredevil
  • Date Movie
  • Date Movie (Unrated)
  • I Want Candy
  • Inkheart
  • Mr. Troop Mom
  • Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society
  • Wicker Park


  • Bachelor Man
  • I Want Candy
  • Inkheart
  • Mr. Troop Mom
  • Nobody’s Fool
  • Operation Valkyrie
  • Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society
  • Pulse
  • The Pink Panther 2
  • Waltz With Bashir
  • Wicker Park

HD TV Shows

  • 4th and Long | Season 1 “Great Sacrifices, Great Rewards”
  • Burn Notice | Season 3 “End Run”
  • Kings | Season 1 “The Sabbath Queen”
  • Rescue Me | Season 5 “Disease”


  • 4th and Long | Season 1 “Great Sacrifices, Great Rewards”
  • Attack of the Show | Season 2009 “Best of 6/20/09”
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold | Season 1 “The Last Bat on Earth!
  • Better Off Ted | Season 1 “You Are The Boss Of Me”
  • Brooke Knows Best | Season 2 “Creepy Cruise”
  • Burn Notice | Season 3 “End Run”
  • Burn Notice | Season 3 “Episode 4”
  • Burn Notice | Season Spy Tricks of the Trade Six Pack
  • Deadliest Catch | Season 4
  • Futurama | Season 2
  • Galaxy Express 999 | Season 1, Volume 2
  • Hawthorne | Season 1 “Pilot”
  • Hawthorne | Season 1 “Healing Time”
  • Ice Road Truckers | Season 3 “Blinding Whiteout”
  • Intervention | Season 6 “Donald”
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 | Season 5 “Turning 5 & The Future”
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 | Season 5 “Kate’s Birthday Surprise”
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 | Season 5 “Sun, Seashells and Scrapes”
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 | Season 5 “Bam! 100th Episode”
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 | Season 5 “Bikes & Trikes”
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 | Season 5 “Houses & Big Changes”
  • Kings | Season 1 “The Sabbath Queen”
  • Law & Order | Season 16
  • Life After People | Season 1 “Waters of Death”
  • Life of Ryan | Season 1
  • Life of Ryan | Season 2
  • Little People, Big World | Season 7
  • Paris Hilton’s My New BFF | Season 2 “Can You Hang With My Friends?”
  • Punk’d | Season 5
  • Punk’d | Season 6
  • Punk’d | Season 7
  • Punk’d | Season 8
  • RENO 911! | Season 6 “Episode 13”
  • Rescue Me | Season 5 “Disease”
  • Robotech: Volume 03: The New Generation | Season 3
  • Royal Pains | Season 1 “Episode 4”
  • Run’s House | Season 1
  • Run’s House | Season 2
  • Run’s House | Season 3
  • Run’s House | Season 4
  • Run’s House | Season 5
  • Run’s House | Season 6 “The Secret of My Excess”
  • Sleeper Cell | Season 1
  • Sleeper Cell | Season 2
  • Sport Science | Season 2 “World’s Toughest Woman”
  • Tattoo Highway | Season 1 “Go Big or Go Home”
  • Tattoo Highway | Season 1 “Hot and Bothered”
  • Tattoo Highway | Season 1 “Family Treepee”
  • Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series | Season 1 “Episode 6”
  • The Closer | Season 5 “Red Tape”
  • The Hills | Season 1
  • The Hills | Season 2
  • The Hills | Season 3
  • The L Word | Season 2
  • The L Word | Season 3
  • The Othersiders | Season 1 “Lincoln Heights Jail”
  • The Real World | Season 22 “Yes We Cancun!”
  • The Soup | Season 2009 “The Soup 6/19/09”
  • The Soup | Season 2009 “Episode 24”
  • TNA: iMPACT! | Season 1 “Episode 26”
  • Voltron | Season 3
  • Weeds | Season 1
  • Weeds | Season 2
  • Weeds | Season 3

Top Movies

    1. Friday the 13th
    2. Gran Torino
    3. Fanboys
    4. Valkyrie
    5. Taken
    6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    7. He’s Just Not That Into You
    8. Inkheart
    9. Friday the 13th: Killer Cut (Extended)
    10. Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail

Top HD Movies

    1. Friday the 13th
    2. Gran Torino
    3. Fanboys
    4. Valkyrie
    5. Taken
    6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    7. He’s Just Not That Into You
    8. Inkheart
    9. Zack and Miri Make a Porno
    10. Twilight

Top TV Episodes

    1. Family Guy | Season 7 Stew-Roids
    1. Family Guy | Season 7 “420”
    2. Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series | Season 1 “Episode 1”
    3. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “Fishsticks”
    4. Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series | Season 1 “Episode 5”
    5. Dexter | Season 3 “Our Father”
    6. Burn Notice | Season 3 “End Run”
    7. Dexter | Season 3 “Finding Freebo”
    8. Dexter | Season 3 “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”
    9. Dexter | Season 3 “Turning Biminese”
    10. Burn Notice | Season 3 “Question & Answer”

Top HD TV Episodes

    1. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “Fishsticks”
    2. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “Fatbeard”
    3. Kings | Season 1 “The Sabbath Queen”
    4. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “The Ring”
    5. UFC Fights | Season 1 “Quinton Jackson vs. Dan Henderson”
    6. Burn Notice | Season 3 “End Run”
    7. UFC Fights | Season 1 “Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar UFC 81: Breaking Point”
    8. Kings | Season 1 “Brotherhood”
    9. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “The Coon”
    10. Jesse James is a Dead Man | Season 1 “Jesse James vs. The Cops”

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1 Author Reply

  • First post!!! Thanks for the news!

  • Wow keep it rolling in!!!!!!!! HBO someday!!!!!!Please!!!!!!

  • Canada?

  • here comes the canadians cryin again sony aint listing or they would of reply jeff and chris isnt in charge of the ps video store anyways

  • Hi, Sony. It’s me: The Average Fan of Anime on the PlayStation Network. Just wanted to say I’m quite displeased with the so called addition of Viz Media to the PlayStation Network. Mostly because it seems that there was an immediate subtraction of it. Have a nice day.

  • Nice.

  • I’d have 2 second the suggestion 4 HBO to finish out the collection. Other than that I’m extremely pleased with PSN’s growth.

  • Hi Grace

    I have a question. Is Sony looking into the option for subscription based viewing from the video store?

    I ask this because if you do the math for watching TV shows/series the cost is pretty high. There are plenty of things I would love to watch but am not willing to pay the asking price (to rent or buy).

    A subscription based fee would work well in this case and cost wise it would be far less intimidating. I really hope you all are considering this because as it stands now I don’t think I’ll ever make a purchase from the store.

    • Thanks for your comments… we are always evaluating new options and opportunities, but there\’s nothing to announce right now.

  • No Confessions of a shopperholic? My wife’s going to be pretty upset.

  • @8
    I won’t pay a single cent for anything from the video store, subscription or otherwise.

    No 1080p and no surround sound.
    Why on earth would I pay for that?

  • when is the video store coming to canada????????

  • @2

    Yeah HBO will be good. I never buy movies just TV episodes, if they add close captions then I will buy aaaaalll the movies they want.

  • @Enforcer

    You have a (somewhat)valid point. I was wondering how it would be done myself considering price variation for HD/SD. Honestly most of the shows I would want to see don’t even have an HD option(I don’t think…I don’t spend much time on the video store…none really).

    Really though you’re not willing to part with a single cent a month for full access to the video store? That’s just crazy talk.

    My point was that this a la carte model is a real wallet killer and an alternative would be nice. As it stands now I’ll stick to hulu for shows and full on blu-ray releases for my movies.

  • wow this was a better post than the information on firmware 2.80 *gives Eric an Evil Glare*

  • Will this ever come to Canada? :(

  • @14
    Yeah I understand your point and if they had content the way I want it I would totally pay a subscription as long as it ends up being less than signing up for TV service.

    But literally no, I wouldn’t spend a single cent for content in a format I don’t want.

    Maybe Blu-ray spoiled me …

  • Canada.

  • John and Kate Plus 8? Really? Well if it sells, more power to ya. How bout some TLC Wedding Story while your at it?

  • @2, 7, 13 – Another thumbs up for the HBO section for movies, series, and shorts.

    This video update looks a little weak.

  • I take that last comment back. Some of the movies I really want to see now magically appeared on that list ^_^. It’s a decent update size wise too.

  • I want Negima (Season 2) Episodes Please Grace.

  • Just curious- the video store updates on Tuesdays, why not post this then?

  • Canada?

  • Enough with the video content. How about more PSOne classics?

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Ooh, Weeds is relevant to my interests! :p

  • What’s a Canada? It must be good if people keep asking about it.

  • The Video store is getting better! I love “Weeds”! All we need now is more anime.

  • Posted by RandyMoss? What happened to Grace Chen?

  • Please bring this to Canada

  • @ 14 Good idea Netflix needs some compition.

    $5.99 a month for unlimited rentals or no deal.No late fees ether. And where is WWE?

  • The ending killed Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Can we have two more genres added to the movie section:

    – Documentaries
    – Foreign


  • ow what the heck ill just join every single canadian in the blog…..CANADA?

  • don’t worry about it Grace, we are use to not having much anouncements in our favour

  • hopefully by the time sony launches the ps4 this video service will be available in canada as well
    but im sure if not the ps4, for sure the ps5, it will be out for sure in canada when the ps5 launches

  • I’m sick and tired of people asking for Canada!
    What abou EU? ;)

    In fact just any news on progress in getting the video store working outside the US, would be appreciated.

  • I have several things to ask. Recently there was an update to the PSP to make DL file sizes smaller. Is there going to be such a thing for the Video store? That Dexter pilot was huge!!

    Also, please add my voice to the request for HBO programming. I need True Blood!!!

  • Well the first one was too long so here is the shorter version. Please add previews/trailers to all content video and games.
    I think the Store should also add User ratings, User Reviews, and Recommendations. Look at what game I own and play and rate to base the information on.

    There are many online stores to look at of great examples of this. Look at the biggest one the iTunes Store. I can now do all of this on my phone.

    I would love to see what my friends think of games they own or movies they have watched. With so much content that would be a great way to find stuff I would like. Use the community for this.

    It can be done. I think you all can make this happen. Don’t make me leave the store to find this out. This is why I’m at the Store to buy something.

  • One other thing. Add Video podcasts I can subscribe to. I can sort of do this on my PSP with RSS channels. Take it one step further. Even consider audio podcasts. The best current example is MGS4. I can listen to their podcasts in game about the MGS4.

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