MotorStorm: Pacific Rift – Speed Weekend, the Weekend Festival that Never Ends

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While MotorStorm: Pacific Rift’s online fun is still the number one all-consuming passion for many of our players, we recognize that plenty of you out there have been waiting for a whole new Single Player festival to get your teeth into. We set the Agenda last year with our popular Revenge Weekend and Devils Weekend expansions for MotorStorm: Monument Valley, and now we’re continuing that tradition with our new Speed Weekend festival that features as part of our new Expansion: Speed pack!


Make no mistake, this mode is HUGE…it’s packed with unlocks, rewards and trophies, and has been designed to keep challenging you for as long as you want it to. How? Buckle up and I’ll divulge some (but certainly not all) of its secrets!

We were very pleased that the speed race events in Pacific Rift were so fantastically popular – they provided a great change of focus and pace from the Eliminator and Race events, and had the scope for repeated play, and for beating your own best score. While we’ll be the first to admit the formula wasn’t yet perfected, we all felt we had taken the first steps here towards something that would be absolutely stellar as a dedicated single player game mode. We decreed early on though that if we were going to revisit it, we had a few ideas to improve it, and we wanted to make sure it more fully realised it’s potential.

So the basic idea has survived pretty much intact; Start off with a bank of time (10 seconds) that’s counting down from the race start, make your way from one gate to the next as quickly as possible, each gate adding further precious seconds to your ‘banked’ time. Try to record as high a final ‘banked’ time as possible when you fly through the finish gate. So far, so good.


Well, in Speed Weekend, that’s become our qualifying race structure right there; You need to have at least 15 seconds remaining on your clock to qualify for one of the ‘easy’ races, 20 seconds for ‘medium’, and 25 seconds for the ‘hard’ race types. Beat that threshold, and that race is marked as complete on your race card. When you qualify on all 6 events for a vehicle class (2 easy, 2 medium, 2 hard) you’ll unlock a reward for that vehicle class. Work hard, get the unlocks for all 8 vehicle classes, and you’ll get a cool final pack of rewards. If you never play any further than this into the mode, you’ve just worked through 48 events! That’s probably 5-6 hours for the average MSPR player. But wait! For those willing to go the extra distance, that’s just the start…

Once you’ve qualified for an event, you unlock the Main Event version of that race. Now, as well as gates which add time, each race also features barrels strategically placed throughout the track. Any green barrels you hit are going to add extra time, 1 second per barrel. Any red barrels you hit are going to get deducted, 1 second per barrel, once you cross the finish line. This massively opens up the scoring opportunities, and the strategic decisions, facing the player. Do you straightline through those red barrels to save time now and take the penalty later? Do you veer off your racing line in pursuit of extra green barrels? Do you maybe ignore the barrels and concentrate instead on the quickest line between gates?


On bikes and ATVs, there are green bonus time barriers to duck under and buried red barrels that need to be avoided or bunny-hopped over (and duck and hop controls are assigned to L1 and R1 for this mode to make life easier for everyone)! Chances are your moment-to-moment strategy is going to need to accommodate all of those options and more, because your focus now isn’t beating our pre-defined thresholds, it’s beating your friends.

Before each main event the game presents the player with a friends-focused leaderboard. These are the up-to-the-minute times set by people on your friends list; your target time to beat is always going to be the buddy who’s directly above you on the leaderboard. Maybe he got more green barrels than you managed, maybe he went penalty-free and avoided all the red barrels. Either way, you go in, you race, race, race, and when you beat his time, the system automatically sends an update to his machine and next time he turns on the game, he’s going to see that YOU’VE now beaten HIS time! The dreaded red helmet icon on your progress chart tells you that your time has been beaten by one of your mates – which means you’ve slid down your friends leaderboard, and he’s just climbed closer to the top! This is such a compulsive feature, and makes the mode massively addictive – the months of playtesting here in the office have seen friendships turn into bitter, swear-laden rivalries as day after day, week after week, someone pushes the top score that little bit higher – and everyone else gets notified of it, and gets to work trying to beat it. The office swear-box has never had so much cash in it!

For us, this has always been the main focus of Speed Weekend. This is what’s going to keep you playing time and time again, day after day, improving your scores, and beating the best efforts of your buddies. We’ve worked hard to tune the experience so that this inter-friend rivalry as heated and compelling as possible. It soon becomes all about the strategies you pursue in each race; once you realise that you can slam into one barrel and propel it into others to get a ‘domino’ effect going, the scoring possibilities are opened wide. Of course, this also means one green barrel can hit a whole mess of red ones and scupper your best laid plans – so at the highest levels of competition there are multiple factors to take into account and the angle you hit every barrel can make all the difference to whether you’ll be the Top Dog or just a Middling Mongrel amongst you and your buddies.


So, be sure to grab a copy of Expansion: SPEED (coming soon), a couple of like-minded buddies, and warn your family and friends that you may soon be turning the air blue with foul language! Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines; the Speed Weekend is about to begin…

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  • This needs to be released soon! Its taking forever but looks good thanks for supporting the game.

  • Can’t wait, this is my main multiplayer game of choice when friends come over, we absolutely love it! Hope you guys continue with the great work, sounds awesome!

  • fat princess would be great to hear about. you know especially since it was said that it was coming out in june, and since jeff said in a previous post reply we’d be hearing soon. well that was 2 weeks ago…. CMON!

  • Sounds fresh! ;)

  • I’ll buy it when you lower the AI difficulty for Rank 7 and above.

  • 5th comment i really want dis

  • Speed events are popular? I really hated them lol. Oh well I’m still buying this as long as it’s not too expensive.

  • Great news !

    Thanks for the heads up Jed.

  • Wow great post very informative… now if we can only get Eric Lempel to write posts as informative as this one.

    while I’m not a big fan of the Motorstorm series, you guys have done a marvelous job for your fan base. I can’t deny the quality of the work done here. Keep it up.

  • 1 -When?

    2-How Much $$$ ?

  • I love this game and purchased it the first day it was released. Can you guys please implement HOME Game launching for it? It would be the icing on the cake.

    • Hey BabeBro

      Everything required for HOME launching is in place with update 1.3 and I\’m told it will be enabled within HOME imminently.


    I hope this game gets supported longer thant he first one did!

    • It\’s out now, and is $9.99, which I think everyone will agree (hopefully!) works out as very good value for all the content! :)

  • This looks great! Will there be more mini-badges and trophies with it?

  • This is marvelous more trophies?

  • Awesome. I love the adrenaline rush of playing motorstorm in First person View only.

    I cant wait for these maps ! Keep em coming.

    • Hey MAGNUM-RAM

      Agreed – once you know the courses, nothing matches the rush of playing in bonnet cam. Most of us on the development team prefer that view as it\’s so immersive! :)

  • OBEY PS3

  • sounds great how much and when?

  • Cheeky post here: that’s a lot of reading for a Motorstorm Lunatic to read. :P

    I just want to know the price and availability since I know it’s going to be quality. Please keep it around $5.99 and it’s gonna get bought.

  • Loving the added packs for Pacific rift but when do we get the map pack that includes online custom soundtracks like Killzone 2?

  • I’m with #5, make it so lvl 7 and 8 races aren’t so cheap and full of bs. Then I’ll buy np :)

  • cool, im probably getting this pack, MS: PR is awesome… i havent played it as much as id like but i like it anyway.

  • The game is on sale here folks, grab it while you can.

    Free shipping too!

  • LUNATICS UNITE!!!!! i love Motorstorm!!! when are you guys gonna contact the people who won the photo contest??? im still waiting to get my Motorstorm Tshirt

  • Keep up the good work evolution

  • Hello Jed, I’ve asked this a couple of times already and have yet to get a reply. Will a Tournament mode be added to MP? At the moment after every race I’m returned to the lobby and have to search for another race. It would be good if I could enter a tournament and race 4 or 6 races with the same competitors.

    • Hi Kenshin71,

      This is certainly on our list of features we\’d like to implement if / when we release another update.

  • Hey would it be possible to have a download that removed the reset button feature from online play because that is all people do to get ahead and its not fair on the people who like to play the game fairly, because if you crash you should wait to be reset not just keep resetting to get ahead!

    • Hi Robbo,

      There are no instances (that we know of) where using \’Reset\’ can give an advantage online. In all instances resetting the vehicle can only occur when the vehicle is travelling below a very slow speed and it will always restart the vehicle from rest, so it shouldn\’t be possible to use this to cheat online!

      It could be that what you\’re seeing is normal netsmoothing operation – where positional and vector data for a vehicle isn\’t updated for any period due to network lag, the game interpolates the probable position and vector of the vehicle based on the last information. When the data packets do come through and there\’s a disparity, vehicles get \’warped\’ to the correct position and occasionally, when extremely bad lag is being experienced, this can make vehicles appear to crash and reset further up the track at speed. If this is happening a lot for you, it might be worth checking your connection settings, or try arranging a game with players geographically near your location to see if the problem persists – as with all network lag, it can be worse when you\’re playing against players far away. Hope this helps!

  • Yay! The patch came out and its 608 megs! I think that it’s fantastic! It fixed the Dolby Digital>DTS sound issue which is very nice. Thank you for supporting this game still. I can’t wait for the new Speed tracks!

    I have a question though (hopefully you will answer), can you please add support for custom soundtracks while playing online in the next patch? I think that’s all this game really needs now. I really think that would complete this game (and all PS3 games for that matter).

    I figure if it can be done in Killzone 2 and Warhawk, then other huge PS3 games should follow those examples. Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, etc… This game would really benefit from it IMO.

    Please listen to your fans and add Custom Soundtracks while online in your next update. :)

    • Hi Thrill_Kill,

      Online custom soundtracks is something I can confirm we\’ve got on the list of things we\’d like to add in a future update.

  • Ok Jed, kinda off topic here, but I want it answered by a developer. Me and a few friends were messing around on badlands and one of my friends showed me a glitch on a certain racing truck where you boost slam and then you get tremendous speed afterward. So anyway, I was just trying it out on time trials where I only beat my time by like a half second and it puts an asterik next to my time. I have since beat that time by a full second legally without the glitch, but there is still an asterik next to my name, also on cascade falls a different vehicle still an asterik. Since the 1.03 update. Is that your way of branding a cheater cause I have only used it once and no more and can that be removed

    • Hi Sice71,

      Don\’t worry – the asterisk next to your name just indicates that this is your estimated position on the leaderboards – it can sometimes take a while for the positions to update after you post a time so rather than keep you waiting any longer than it has to, the game uses the asterisk to basically say \’this is where your result sits on the leaderboard based on the last leaderboard info I got, but it might change by a few positions up or down\’. The leaderboards are changing minute-by-minute with players posting new times.

  • I love the update, but why didnt they do what really needed doing.

    Why did they not stop the cheating, it ruins online, does not matter how many new tracky you have if some idiot it constantly boosting or crashing but respawning full speed infront of you. Its making it impossible to win a race as there are so many cheats.

    What are you going to do about it?

    why not penalize them by removing all there points and if they repeat offend, ban them from the game!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Fatbumbabboon,

      Please see my reply (#27) above – I suspect this is a network lag issue you are experiencing.

  • We need to band together,

    STOP the Cheats, Stop the Cheats, Stop the Cheats.

    Why wont you do it, they are ruining your great game, i really thought the latest update you put out would have fixed it.

    WHY in gods name, did you not fix it.

    Punish the cheaters, remove all there points and race wins should be put back to a BIG FAT ZERO.

    Who is with me, STOP THE CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Im still trying to get a petition together to find a way to stop the cheats, take away there rank points, disqualify them from the online races.

    Stop the facility that lets them do it, COME ON GUYS, you make the game how can you let some idoits hack it and get away with it.


  • It would be cool to paint your vehicle in whatever colour you like and put your own graphics on them will there ever be a possibility of this??

  • Can anyone give me detailed instructions on backing the game up to a memory stick or flash drive or whatever? Last time I did, I think I went backwards, all my stuff disappeared. Please email to [DELETED] with any advice …. thx in advance ….

    • Hi LadyDriver,

      You just back it up from the XMB the same way as you\’d copy any data- find the save data in the GAME column, press triangle, select COPY and then select your USB Memory Stick or Flash Drive. Hope this helps.

  • Hey Jed, I don’t know if any one has talked about this yet. Something very frustrating to me and other drivers. On Riptide and Razorback and probably more tracks than that when you boost explode on a jump it resets you so far ahead its a cheat. I have been victim of this. I know how to do it and choose not to. I feel if I don’t use it I will be at a disadvantage, and thats not fair please fix this, and check other tracks for the same glitch. Thank you.

    • Hi Sice71,

      As far as the development team are aware, we\’ve fixed every boost-reset cheat that exists in the game – if there\’s another case that you think is still exploitable please contact us with the details – please see for details of how to contact us, or drop our community manager, Phenom, a PM.

  • Hey Jed,
    This was in my head for a long time.. what happened to the god rank? Thanks!! Oh and hey i have both speed and the adrenaline packs and i have to say you guys did a good job with new vehicles and another thing what about the glitch where you can get the over achiever micro badge and vehicle pack how come i see a whole bunch of rookies running around with the the micro badge and the earthquake monster truck (you know the Tonka Toy)

    • Hi Femo,

      I\’ll pass your congrats onto the vehicle team, they like it when they get some attention! :)

      The Over Achiever Microbadge glitch is a very wierd one which we\’re still trying to nail down. It\’s definitely high on the list of things we want to address.

  • Hey JED, we have a problem with your game now. I have beaten your game TIMES NOW, because of corrupt data. Now, when I am doing time trials on Hallowed Earth Volcanic, and game freezes. Now when I start my game back up the disk wont load other games do. I asked my friend Zooyork26 about this, and he says that the game has been saving bad data to my compact flash. So now I have to erase my files and start over again. I DON’T THINK SO. I want a code that will unlock everything or I will never buy another product from evolution again, you’re game is already impossible enough. I refuse to do it again. And fix this problem so no one else has to deal with it.

  • 3 times that is

  • Hello again Sice71,

    We have received a couple of complaints about game freezes and have harvested profile data from these players to investigate further.

    I’m sorry to hear about you losing save data, but I’m afraid there’s no global unlock code for the game – I wish I could give you better news! I’m sure you’re aware it’s possible to back up your save data, so that’s all I can suggest for now; in the meantime if you can provide as many details of what happened with your data loss through as possible, it’ll definitely help us investigate the problem.

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