Introducing Hustle Kings for PSN

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Hello all! My name is Aaron Orsak, and I’m the US Producer of Hustle Kings coming this winter exclusively to PSN and the PLAYSTATION 3. As my esteemed colleague at SCEE illustrates, Hustle Kings is without a doubt the most realistic and, frankly, impressive billiards game I’ve ever played. As an avid pool player myself, from 8-ball leagues to smoky snooker halls in the UK, I’ve just gotten used to billiard video games always “missing something”…that “something” is hard to quantify.

Hustle Kings

But I can honestly say that Hustle Kings gets it completely right! I wasn’t yet assigned to the project when a couple of my colleagues and I got our hands on it here around the office. I was initially quite skeptical given my history of video billiard disappointments, thinking it was going to be just another pool game, but after hitting a few shots I was sold. The amount of ball control is simply astounding, giving the player any and every shot option in the book…from masse shots to subtle swerves and tricky English, you can do anything to the cue ball in Hustle Kings that you can do around a real table. So the realism was there, but how would the game fare for a more casual gamer? Turns out everyone around the office, from the hardcore to the weekend warrior, to people I’ve rarely seen play games, found something to absolutely love about Hustle Kings.

Hustle Kings

I’ll save elaboration on all the game modes and technical ins and outs now. I can assure you there’s A TON of stuff in Hustle Kings that we’ll be announcing in the next few months. In the meantime, please visit our game details page, and check out the what the PlayStation.Blog.Europe has to say about it. And continue checking back here on the PlayStation Blog for the latest updates on Hustle Kings.

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