Introducing Hustle Kings for PSN

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Hello all! My name is Aaron Orsak, and I’m the US Producer of Hustle Kings coming this winter exclusively to PSN and the PLAYSTATION 3. As my esteemed colleague at SCEE illustrates, Hustle Kings is without a doubt the most realistic and, frankly, impressive billiards game I’ve ever played. As an avid pool player myself, from 8-ball leagues to smoky snooker halls in the UK, I’ve just gotten used to billiard video games always “missing something”…that “something” is hard to quantify.

Hustle Kings

But I can honestly say that Hustle Kings gets it completely right! I wasn’t yet assigned to the project when a couple of my colleagues and I got our hands on it here around the office. I was initially quite skeptical given my history of video billiard disappointments, thinking it was going to be just another pool game, but after hitting a few shots I was sold. The amount of ball control is simply astounding, giving the player any and every shot option in the book…from masse shots to subtle swerves and tricky English, you can do anything to the cue ball in Hustle Kings that you can do around a real table. So the realism was there, but how would the game fare for a more casual gamer? Turns out everyone around the office, from the hardcore to the weekend warrior, to people I’ve rarely seen play games, found something to absolutely love about Hustle Kings.

Hustle Kings

I’ll save elaboration on all the game modes and technical ins and outs now. I can assure you there’s A TON of stuff in Hustle Kings that we’ll be announcing in the next few months. In the meantime, please visit our game details page, and check out the what the PlayStation.Blog.Europe has to say about it. And continue checking back here on the PlayStation Blog for the latest updates on Hustle Kings.

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  • Game looks goooood! I can’t wait for it come out. It may be too early, but any idea on pricing?

    • Too soon right now – but when release date and price are determined, you know you\’ll find them right here!

  • word

  • I can’t wait. Your E3 trailer made my wife drool and she’s not even an avid gamer like myself but she loves pool :).

  • looks good

  • Skeptical of course but, the video looks very cool. Will keep my eye on. Demo please.

    (You should link the video here directly, BTW)

  • Finally a Pool game for the PS3 PSN! When is it releasing and the price?

  • I really have no interest in the game what’s to ever.

  • this is great!

    and the price is?

  • I will be picking this up for sure…

  • Ill be picking this up for sure

  • Oh sweet, I’m going to check out this video. Not till winter though huh? Damn…well as long as it’s good I guess I can wait!! Any word on price or is it still to early?

  • Yessss, finally a Billiards game on the PSN. And a good looking one at that.

    Thank you and I cannot wait!

  • To everyone, if you have access to the EU SCEE PSN Store there is already a Pool game on there by DarkEnergyDigital called Inferno Pool.

    Multiplayer mayhem awaits 1-4 local or online players, in a race to clear
    the most balls from your table. Pot balls to fire at your opponents, or
    stockpile balls to unleash an onslaught. Master Jump Shots, Combos, Bank
    Shots, Kick Shots and build your multiplier with an unbroken potting streak
    to unleash the devastating Inferno Mode.

    Its great fun and has a thriving online community!

  • I love pool games, but I’ll have to see what makes this one stand out. The last pool game I bought was Side Pocket on the OG Gameboy.

    Also, hopefully, it will have something extra for me to buy it. Pool in Home is actually really fun…..and free.

  • * On-line Versus Modes – On-line Hustle Mode supports rooms of up to 16 players and Online Standard Pool Mode supports lobbies of up to 256 players for all games modes (except when playing “Killer Pool” which is limited to 8 player rooms).
    * Personalized Experience with Your Music – Players can access the XMB during gameplay to customize the background music played during games. YouTube Uploading – Record your game, share your strategy, or just show off your best shots with the rest of the world using Hustle Kings™ YouTube upload functionality.
    * Interact With Your Friends – Support for in-game text, voice and video chat, cross-game invites, and game launching in PlayStation Home!
    * Online Rankings and Trophy Support – Leaderboards, Stats, and Trophies will motivate players to aspire to both single player and multiplayer high scores!

    Consider me Sold


    *btw did I mention that we would like to see Trine released today on PSN?

  • No disc, no sale.

  • I was already sold once I saw it was a pool game. Day one purchase!

    Youtube recording + Home support + trophies + XMB music + online + Pool = EPIC WIN

  • Is this game just billiards? It looksawesome and I will still get this, but I need to know if there is more in it.

  • Wow, not only do the game’s graphics look really good, it has a pretty nice feature set as well. I’m curious to see what it means to have cross game invites.

  • @ 17: And most retarded comment of the week goes to… YOU! LOL! Not all games need to be released on disc. Hustle Kings is a PSN game. Deal with it or move along, ’cause I doubt Sony cares about what you have to say. I would rather have the game installed on my HDD for easy access.

    Hey developers, how shiny are your balls? ROFL!

  • HD pool? Count me in, Hustle Kings is now on my watch list…

  • Nice to finally have a legit pool game for the PS3. So far the closest experience I’ve had to playing pool on the PS3 has been GTA4 and Home:P

  • “coming this [2010]”

  • This looks to be the Gran Turismo of Pool games. I especially like the support for in-game-video chat and cross game invites and Home launching. This is how all PSN multiplayer games should be done going forward. Nice!

  • Since you still have more development time and the physics engine runs on the PS3, would you consider 8MB of overhead RAM to incorporate PSP Remote Play in Hustle Kings?

  • Just wanted to add: This game plus the motion controllers could rock.

  • @21

    You just made my day :D

  • I’m usually not interested in games like this, or billiards itself, however this one catches my eye. I might just buy it.

  • SIXAXIS support?

  • Camera support? Online play? detail details details

  • anyway… you did a really good presentation here….. i am so into it after reading your article….hope all your words come true

  • @17
    Over 24 million PSN accounts and over 2 years after the PS3’s release and that’s what you have to say?
    That’s beyond an EPIC FAIL!

    I on the other hand am ecstatic to see a PSN online enabled billiards game that “gets everything right”

    Can’t WAIT!

  • i’m hoping they have all the different games instead of just 8-ball and 9-ball. i hope you can play straight pool, snooker even some of the carom games.

  • just need darts and the trifecta will be complete, Pinball, Pool ,Darts. b-)

  • Any chance this title will see support from the motion controllers? This seems like an obvious and (relative to bigger titles) easy implementation. Sony should definitely be getting all of the developers to start thinking on this. Slow uptake on a feature is one thing (in-game music), but when physical product needs to be moved there can be no excuses.

  • @ Jeff

    Any idea what’s going on with the comments? Over the past three days my comments haven’t been appearing until minutes after I post them.

  • In-game XMB support??? Please include this feature!

  • Winter?

  • Key Features

    Video Chat – Using your friend list, have fun playing against friends online while chatting with them in-game via video chat.

    Personalized Experience with Your Music – Players can access the XMB during gameplay to customize the background music played during games. YouTube Uploading – Record your game, share your strategy, or just show off your best shots with the rest of the world using Hustle Kings™ YouTube upload functionality.

    Interact With Your Friends – Support for in-game text, voice and video chat, cross-game invites, and game launching in PlayStation Home!

    OH..MAM… I am sold
    I wish all PS3 games supported those features mentioned above. Maybe video chat would be a difficult to achieve for games such as FPS, but everything else you guys are doing SHOULD BE STANDARD.

    I look forward to your game.


  • What will the controls be like?

    The way you hit the Cue ball in ‘Hustle Kings’ will it be with the Right Analog DS3 stick? i.e the harder you move it more the power of the shot etc etc?

    The best ever Pool game i thought was ‘Virtual Pool 64′ on the N64.
    It was so easy to control.

    Looks amazing ‘Hustle Kings’ ;P

  • Lets be honest, this is pool, anything higher than $9.99 and we’re getting “hustled”… pun intended…


    Oh, I guarantee they have that! XD

    Um, do you mean in-game MUSIC? With a game like this which places itself in bars where music should be playing I’d hope they’d have it. Unfortunately, logical thought with this particular feature yields spurious results.

  • @38
    In Game XMB is supported on every game for a while now.

  • This type of games is what makes the PSN unique, not what many people were complaining the other day about full-disc games not being in the Store like in “Xbox 360”. This is what sets the PSN apart: unique, excellent and varied addictive games (I own more than 10 of them already) I don’t come to the store looking for games I can buy on disc, I come for these amazing downloadable bite-size $5-$20 marvelous games, and I’m yet to be disappointed by any of them. Looks like Hustle Kings will be another great treat!

  • Im tired of waiting for everything. I passed on this when I read it was coming ‘this winter’. Everything is ‘coming soon’ and/or delayed. Ill pay no more than $5.99USD for a virtual billiards game.

    @44 There is no such thing as ‘in game xmb’ when the ps3 basically hibernates to allow you to navigate the xmb. I dont need my games, videos, dvd’s, etc. to pause when I evter the so called in game xmb. I want my videos, dvd’s and games to continue playing in the background, like they used to do before the firmware ‘update’ that disabled that feature. Bring that back or allow optional firmware updates and.or rollbacks. Ill send you my PS3, Sony, and you can put more RAM in it since thats probably what it needs. Also, fix the controller battery indicator over the clock. It has been far too long and is quite pathetic at this point.

  • No, thanks.

  • @46

    What’s the problem with you and other people complaining all the time about a stupid clock over the battery indicator? Do you spend that much time looking over that corner? STFU already!

  • TailsTheCat you are a moron. Why would you WANT your games to continue playing in the background while accessing the XMB or your friends list?? You like getting shot when you’re sending a message? By the way, there is no XMB period during DVDs. Do you even own a PS3? LOL.

  • and by the way, some games DO keep playing when you bring the XMB up. It’s specific to the game so if you have some bizzare problem with that, tell the devs, not Sony.

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