Cuboid DLC Available Today

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Cuboid DLC 4

Hey, everyone. I’m thrilled to report that the Cuboid DLC will officially be released today in the US PSN store. For complete details on all the options available, please check out my previous post.

As you may or may not have heard, we had been experiencing some technical difficulties with the Cuboid DLC Level Editor since its release in the EU. I’m happy to let everyone know that the bugs have been squashed, and everything is working now as it should be. We here at Creat Studios and TikGames sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but hope you will all agree that the Cuboid Level Editor was well worth the wait!


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  • Yes! Thank you for finally putting this up! I bought all three of Creat’s games that came out early this year (Mahjong, Magic Ball, and Cuboid) and Cuboid was by far my favorite. When you guys announced the DLC for all three, the only one I knew I had to have was the Cuboid DLC, and then the others came in really fast, and I just kept…waiting, waiting, waiting, for the Cuboid DLC to hit. It’s finally here, and I couldn’t be happier!

    And I hope this isn’t the last of the Creat-created levels for DLC because of the level editor addition! Nothing beats the pro’s.

    • Michael Robinson

      Thanks so much for the kind words about Cuboid. If the demand is there, we will certainly keep making more levels for the game, cheers!

    Love Creat Studios and TikGames!

  • Will buy this, loved the game and it has been played to 100%, also got almost 100% in MagicBall (96% – is completly stuck on the second last level)

    Creat has made some gems and they have earned the right to the support we can give them.


  • First of all, I must say I’m incredibly pleased with the fact that not only was the first post not some short, pathetic attempt at attention, but it actually seems to have had some thought put into it.

    I definitely like the idea of a Cuboid editor; the game does not lend itself well to the concept of replayability as it now stands. My thanks.

  • Nice! I have Magic Ball and Cuboid (haven’t tried the other games) and I agree– Cuboid is fun and my favorite from you guys!

  • SUPER AWESOME YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
    We <3 Creat Studios….
    Can’t to see what more you have in store for us!!!

  • um..this Cuboid game is great and the level editor just made it greater! thanx creat studios..keep up the “greater” work..:p

    • Michael Robinson

      The fact that you bought Cuboid makes YOU great, and the fact that you bought the level editor makes you even greater, cheers! :-)

  • Cool, me and the lil lady really enjoy Cuboid. We getting this after work

  • Cuboid was a fun game, but after I beat it, yeah, there wasn’t a lot of replayability for me. This expansion pack is very cool, nicely priced, and hopefully worth the wait. Thanks!

    One other thing- I wish the camera in the game wasn’t static, would be nice if the analog stick let us rotate around the puzzle 360 degrees so we can get a good look at it as we’re trying to figure it out.

    • Michael Robinson

      Cool idea about the camera. I will pass your suggestion on to our producers. Thanks for your support!

  • Nice. But: Demo? Is there one? If there isn’t one, will there be one?

    Sony really needs to start mandating demos a la XBL does. *sigh*

    • Michael Robinson

      No demo for Cuboid and our other more casual titles, but we will have a demo for our upcoming game, Smash Cars.

  • @6

    No demo needed I am telling you it’s EPIC!
    So EPIC in fact, if you don’t like it I will refund your money!

  • @Michael Robinson // Director of Communications, Creat Studios

    I HAVE 2 Q:

    1-WILL (Mahjong- Magic Ball- and Cuboid)


    2-IS (Smash Cars-Digger and Mushroom


    • Michael Robinson

      1. For now, yes, but not sure about what the future might bring.

      2. Yes, out of the gate, but not sure about down the line.

  • Is there going to be a bundle for the game and DLC ?

    • Michael Robinson

      A fair question! Nothing planned at this time, but we have been discussing the possibility for sometime in the future.

  • @Michael Robinson


    REFERRING FOR Mahjong- Magic Ball- Cuboid

    Smash Cars-Digger and Mushroom Wars COMING


    FROM TikGames-Creat Studios????))

    • Michael Robinson

      There will, of course, be more TikGames-Creat Studios projects coming in the future, and as far as being exclusive to PSN, that is the plan right now, but you never know where else our games might end up if the demand and opportunity is there.

  • Cuboid has some insanely epic music! Like almost TOO epic for a puzzle game and it was pretty sweet.

    Well the DLC have new music added to it or just using original stuff?

  • Michael Robinson

    Glad you like the music in Cuboid. Perhaps we can fire up a Cuboid world tour? ;-) Let me ask the producers about the music for the DLC, good question…

  • I sure hope you maintain this strong relationship with Sony, because you certainly have been showing that the PS3 lineup on the PSN has massive potential and awesome feedback!
    I sure hope that down the line you have more exclusive games, and that your awesome games remain only on such an awesome platform!!! =D
    PSN + Creat/Tik Games = PURE AWESOME!!!!

    • Michael Robinson

      Thanks for the kind words. We love working with Sony – they are a great partner, and we believe strongly in the direction that PSN is going, so you will definitely see strong support from Creat Studios and TikGames in the future.

  • Thanks for the heads up Michael.

    Great game and been waiting a bit for this.

    Also love the screen saver you have for this.

    • Michael Robinson

      Cool! We are actually working on some additional XMB themes, so look out for those in the near future!

  • Well I know what I’ll be playing tonight. Thanks! Does Cuboid have a demo? I already own it and love it but I’m sure it would really help sales of the game.

  • I loved cuboid, it is actually one of the only puzzle games i like, but what will the price of the level creator be, when the level pack comes out i will buy that: and also, will the level pack be included in this?

  • @ Michael Robinson
    Do you think it is possible to create some PSN avatars for us? Some of the characters in magic ball are cool and I would like them some of them such as the different color dragons, black cat, pirates, spike ball, and death skull. Can you please reply on whether or not this is possible? Thanks in advance.

  • Just wanted to confirm…the Bundle pack which includes the booster pack, ie more levels and the Level Editor– all for $4.99 still?

    Or is the US only going to see separate DLC, $2.99 for the booster and $3.99 for the editor?

    thanks for hard work and fun!

    • Michael Robinson

      US does also get the Bundle Pack option for the one low price, including the additional levels, and the level editor.

  • @Michael Robinson
    Again thank you for your response and I really hope you guys are able to create some avatar for the PSN for us user. The PS3 is seriously lacking in the avatar department

  • this is geat to see! can’t wait.

  • Nice game and all. But I still have serious issues with Lightning Speed. Seems you’re forced to cheat to get most LS scores.
    Mashing the PS3 button in order to get LS scores on most levels doesn’t seem very cool. That wound up turning me off of this game.

  • Any word on a euchre game from Creat yet? PLZ!!!!!!!!!

    • Nothing yet, but I can always suggest it to the all-knowing, all-powerful Creat Studios executives!

  • Sweet, Cuboid and Magic Ball are such awesome games!!! I’m working on getting all the trophies for Cuboid right now I already got the ones for Magic Ball. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Any Fallout 3 DLC today? Bethesda announced late June… just seeing if they’re sticking to there release date. I mean cuboid looks decent and everything… but it ain’t Fallout.

  • Great you kept your word two weeks tops. Would have liked for it to be release last week. This week I’m swamped with new games. But the casual vibe of Cuboid is perfect for playing between games. I’m definably getting the bundle when I get home tonight. The Level editor is going to expand this game so much.

  • I have 100% in Cuboid and Magic Ball, and 96% in Mahjong Tales. Can I get a cookie?

  • You don’t have any idea of how long I’ve been waiting for this DLC, Im gonna play my @ss off all night!!
    Thanks and keep up the good work

    • Michael Robinson

      I hope you had a great time with the Cuboid DLC last night, and that your @ss is still in tact, cheers!

  • Woooooooo! Alright, i cant wait to download this Cuboid DLC tonight and start making some levels and tryin out the new stages too.. it was totally worth the wait! :D

  • Can’t wait for smash cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will it have Custom soundtracks and offline multiplayer?

    • Michael Robinson

      Should have custom music support but I will check. It will have up to six player multiplayer, but online only. The game is A LOT of fun – wait till you check it out!

  • I want to second the comments about the camera moving. Even a sweep through the level at the beginning, or when idle (like in Flower), would make it a little less boring. (Don’t get me wrong, I loved Cuboid and got 100% of the trophies!)

    The music is cool and I’d love to be able to download it separately, but preferrably in a higher-quality lossless format than the assets in the game. I’d really like for the game’s sound assets to be lossless and/or 24-bit (via DTS or LPCM), if possible.

    I’m also looking forward to similar features in the next Magic Ball patch and/or content pack. Maybe a western/cowboy theme? It would be cool if Magic Ball put our avatar from Home into the levels, as well.

    Thanks for the great work, keep it up! :)

    • Michael Robinson

      Thanks for all the suggestions, and I do pass all the good ones on to our producers, so your voices are heard :-)

  • This game has taken control of me, I find myself playing it for hours. Even replaying levels I completed.

    I won’t be able to get this bundle at the moment because when you guys delayed it, I bought the COD Map Pack 2 but I will definitely get it.

    I have a question though. Will we be seeing custom soundtracks for this game anytime soon? Also, one more request. Even though we have the level editor, I would love to see more created levels from the Dev’s, I will even pay for them.

    • Michael Robinson

      Please, regain control of yourself from Cuboid. I would feel terrible if your friends and family could no longer interact with you because has too firm a grip on you.

      Anyway, there is a free patch that will give you custom music support, so you are all sorted there.

  • It’s their a demo for the PSN game? I wanna try it before I buy it.


  • thx michael. tell em in home avatar players 2. luv cuboid will get new content soon, promise.

  • GrooThePerverted

    I’ve had NOTHING but problems with Cuboid since downloading the bundle booster pack (including level editor).

    My save data has been corrupted three times since doing this (none before).

    I’ve created seven levels, however everytime I log in it seems to check on the download stats/ratings, there’s some missing ONLINE.

    Now (last I checked about a half hour ago) there’s only two listed when you hit SQUARE and look all levels by user.

    This is making me mad, and I’m pretty fed up with Cuboid. I love the game, but this is making it impossible to play it when every other time I start it up the save data was corrupted and it starts me all over again.

    I had 100% trophies (still have them) and all the puzzles done except for the new ones, and seven created levels.

    Now I have two created levels and no puzzles done.

    If there’s not a patch coming to fix whatever problem this is (assuming it’s not just me having these problems) then there’s no sense in me playing this anymore and/or putting money into another project by these creators.

  • GrooThePerverted

    Update: I deleted the game, and reinstalled the game + DLC and the save got corrupted again.

    Getting ready to log on line to see if any of my levels are still online.

    Nope. Just one level now.

    Screw this. This DLC is trash.

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