Sack it to Me: The “Stickers, Shirts and Golf…Oh My!” Edition

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We ran silent last week, but are back with a vengeance, check out all the great ways we are kicking off summer LBP style!


LittleBigPlanet - SackBoy Golfing

The judging is FINALLY complete! After reviewing a ton of entries from all over the world, Media Molecule has finally chosen the ultimate LBP golf course! Take a look at the level list below and be sure to play them in order to get a full round of LBP golf.

A generous golf clap to all the entries, thanks so much for your patience! Congrats to the winners below — a LBP Prize Crown is in your future!

North America
Driving Range : LBPGolfNA – Driving Range by QD0e1
Hole 1 : LBPGolfNA – Par 5 by GrittyLink
Hole 2 : LBPGolfCA – Par 4 by FULLGORR
Hole 3 : LBPGolfNA – Par 4 by JKthree
Hole 4 : LBPGolfNA – Par 4 (single-player only) by Mikestra
Hole 5 : LBPGolfCA – Par 4 by Mad_Child770
Hole 6 : LBPGolfNA – Par 4 by doppler73
Hole 7 : LBPGolfNA – Par 4 by Elvenbane
Hole 8 : LBPGolfNA – Par 5 by Reverser
Hole 9 : LBPGolfNA – Par 3 by DarqThornz

Hole 10 : LBPGolfEU Par 4 by kockle
Hole 11 : LBPGolfEU Par3 by marquise126ace
Hole 12 : LBPGolfEU Par 4 by tin-cup-70
Hole 13 : LBPGolfEU Par 4 by Marik82
Hole 14 : LBPGolfEU Par 1 by The_Killian
Hole 15 : LBPGolfEU Par 4 by AliBoy1
Hole 16 : LBPGolfEU – Par 5 by Mephistofes
Hole 17 : LBPGolfEU Par 4 – Sack-Swingers Golf Competition by TOM_TOM1993
Hole 18 : LBPGolfEU Par2 by fananyone
Clubhouse : LBPGolfEU – Clubhouse by potormon3000


LittleBigPlanet - New Shirt

Check out the newest addition to the LBP wardrobe now on sale at Hot Topic. Be sure to score this tee before it sells out so you can remind everyone that Sackboy means “LOVE.”
Click this link if you want a list of where they are available!

LBP DLC This Week


LittleBigPlanet - SackBoy Druid

Summer is upon us and to celebrate, we are hooking you up with this free costume for one week only. Back in the day the ancient Druids used to celebrate the beginning of the hottest season of the year, so dress your Sackperson up in this great get up including a very sweet, extra long beard (Don’t trip over it!).

“ARTIST” STICKER PACK- Jon Burgerman $1.99

LittleBigPlanet Add- On, Jon Burgerman Sticker Pack

If you haven’t heard already, Mm is teaming up with some of their favorite artist for a series of Sticker Packs! The first in the series is from artist Jon Burgerman, a great artist whose work can be seen on shirts, toys, and galleries all around the world! Now you can have his art all over your levels! Be sure to visit to read an interview and to check out more of his art!


Visit today where they are holding “Gamer’s Choice 2009,” and place your vote for Sackboy as the Favorite New Character. He may be going head to head with Nico from GTA IV, but we are confident Sackboy will overcome!

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