Vengeance is Coming Exclusively to PSN in The Punisher: No Mercy

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The Punisher: No Mercy 6/22 Screen 2

Zsolt, the managing director for ZEN Studios here! I’m sure you’ve been keeping up with this blog, so you’re probably familiar with our upcoming title, The Punisher: No Mercy, inspired by Marvel Comics’ rich Punisher comic book history. Needless to say, I’m back and I come bearing awesome news for all you true Punisher fans!

It’s been a long time coming, but today our studio has finally confirmed that this PSN-exclusive is set for release on July 2, 2009. If that’s not enough, we also nailed down a price that should get all you virtual vigilantes foaming at the mouth. Come the 2nd, you’ll be able to pick up No Mercy exclusively through the PlayStation Store for only $9.99.

For those new to the game, No Mercy is an action-packed first-person shooter! You can fight alongside or take on an eclectic mix of Punisher allies and villains in online arena-style multiplayer matches that feature a variety of solo and team-based missions with up to eight players (We’ve written about it here a few times before).

The Punisher: No Mercy 6/22 Screen 1

In addition, No Mercy also boasts a single-player story mode where you can unleash your vengeance on hordes of villains while unfolding an original storyline and unlocking new additional content. Beautiful art by Mike Deodato too!

Until next time, I leave you True Believers with a few never-before-released screens, but be sure to stay tuned for more details and exclusive content as it becomes available at

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2 Author Replies

  • First!!!

    Can’t wait for this one. Looking good guys!

  • Only $10?
    Multiplayer modes, singleplayer, Unreal Engine, Marvel… For $10? That’s a steal!

    I’ve been waiting for the right game to spend my remaining funds on my wallet, and this might be it.

    I only need one more factor to get it for sure… Trophies. Does it have?

  • Cool, Ive been waiting for this one for awhile…I was expecting a $15 price tag so this is great news. Cant wait!!

  • At that price point you can’t not buy it. Wish there were a demo though.
    No matter, seems like a fleshed out game so looking forward to next thursday.

  • Pure awesomness!!!! =D
    10 $ is wow!!!!!
    Can’t wait to get it for sure!!! Zen Pinball is really fun…
    So thanks for the awesome games…

  • Where is the Zen Pinball Patch ? Maybe since you finally done with making this game you will be able to put some times in fixing Zen Pinball its been a month since it came out and its still broken and when are the new tables coming out ?Punisher would be a buy day one for me but now i am going to wait till i make sure there is no bugs in the game that wont let me play online with my friends like Zen Pinball is.

  • Almost missed this. Why isn’t it above Tekken 6 entry?

  • This game looks really good. Will it have online deathmatch?

  • Any trophies? I hope it does have trophies.

  • Zen Pinball is one of the best videogame pinball experiences ever, for me. I love what you guys did with it.

    I’m also a huge Punisher fan, particularly the really over-the-top stuff that Garth Ennis was doing for a while. So I’m looking forward to this game.

    A couple of quick questions, I hope you can answer:

    1) About how long is the single-player campaign?

    2) Who wrote the story for the campaign? Anyone I might have heard of?

    3) Are there any familiar Punisher bad guys that we should look forward to seeing (you don’t have necessarily name them, just a yes or no)?

    4) How many maps are included for the multiplayer?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • $10? Nice!

  • This game looks really good.

  • @6 voyte4
    they released the patch in EU first for testing and to see if any new issues come up, if all goes well then they will bring it here to USA. As told to me by MR Zolt thanks all.
    Oh and the punisher looks nice :)

  • TROPHIESS!!!??????

  • woah that looks waay better than I expected :P. May well get this…

  • wow $10? now I’m definitely considering buying it. Just release a demo so I can try it first (I don’t buy PSN games without demos, cause the 1 time I did it, I regreted it very much)

  • Been waiting for this game since last christmas but im glad you guys are finally releasing it. and for 10 bucks the game is a good deal.

  • Damn, that is a GREAT price for everything you are getting. I will be picking this up on the 2nd for sure. Obviously I haven’t played it yet, but this might be one of the better deals on the PSN. I mean after buying Heavy Weapon for $10, which is a fun game but a little over priced, this just seems like a steal.

    Thank You for making this game reasonably priced, I think that pricepoint decision will reflect positively in your sales.

    The game is looking HOT so far!

  • does this game have online co-op?

  • poweredbyZEN studios – yep, getting it! plus, it has my name on it – BONUS! ohm…

  • SWEEEEEET can’t wait to get this game…$10!!!!can’t ask for better than that thanx guys expect lots of sales at that price…very nice

  • I can already smell the cordite, see you Thursday.

  • looks really good… does it have offline multiplayer (co-op or compet)? and will there ba demo?

  • Really nice price, day one for me.

    Also, I love Zen Pinball… speaking of it, wheres the new tables?

  • That price sounds just right.

    Is the game going to have an online party system and support voice chat and trophies?

    Let us know



  • Question!

    Does it suppor Custom Soundtracks?

  • it must have trophies since Sony said all games released after 12-31-08 had to have them. I might pick this up. Looks good but me personally I am tired of FPS at the moment

  • FINALLY!!! I feel like I’ve been waiting foorever for the game’s release date. Thanks Zsolt!

  • $9.99? That’s cheap. I was expecting $15 or $20, and I would’ve paid for this game at either of those prices too. Oh well. I’ll pick it up come 7/2/09.

  • First, do you people actually read the blog posts..or just the title..95% of your questions are already answered.
    Second, looks good and cant wait:)

  • duh it will have trophys all games after jan of 09 must have trophy support only a few doesnt bc it was almost done by jan

  • Hey Zen Studios,

    Fix the Zen Pinball’s online component…it freezes constantly.

  • Nice. Could you elaborate on how the online mode/s will work? And is there any co-op of any kind or a horde like mode?

  • the PRICE IS RIGHT!!!

    very nice price for such a great looking game that seems to offer soo much!

    sooo whats the catch?! :P

    well it would be a day 1 buy for me but my ps3 has been dead for some time now… got to get my baby fix asap i missed to many awesome games

  • I’m surprised by the price! Thanks guys, I mean, that’s just amazing!

    It seems more like a gift than a purchase at that price! Definate buy for me! :)

    Can’t wait!

  • @30 Viglin
    Yeah I read it, however it did not mention anything about co-op. It mention 8 player team objectives base mission, but I am not sure if that is co-op or not. That why I am asking if this game has online co-op

  • “In addition, No Mercy also boasts a single-player story mode where you can unleash your vengeance on hordes of villains while unfolding an original storyline and unlocking new additional content.”

    Vengeance is right up my alley! Next week can’t come soon enough.

  • The price is crazy good!
    nom nom nom nom

  • Great price def pick up on the 2nd.

  • Yep thnx for your work on the game. I’ve been waiting for this one. July 2 can’t come around fast enough.

  • Damn! Looks sweet for 9.99. This looks like a must have.

  • ……… do people here still not understand that all titles released for the ps3 now and on are required to have trophies? O.o I mean seriously, people on the bloody blog asking if this game is going to have trophies? What they should be asking is if it has in game music. Personally I’d like to see some trailers on it and get a little game length/ amount of level’s estimate.

  • i hope this game has some easy trophies on it and not the type that require you to give up your life and sit and down dedicate your life to the punisher, i hate those type of games most likely i will buy this when i have the funds to do so.

  • Will there be a Demo?

    Why has there not been any trailers or game footage released when the game comes out in a week. screenshots are great but don’t really give an idea of how the game plays.


  • @Jaxx377

    Um, no trailers?
    Go back about 6 months. Id also expect when their site updates we will see more.

  • getting it

  • PS3 is getting a lot of FPS’. Maybe I bought the wrong console. I got a PS3 because of the history of the wide range in software releases. So far FPS’ are becoming the life line of the PS brand. RPGs are MIA.

  • You guys haven’t done anything to hype it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it bombs, because of that. This game will live or die by how popular it’s online is. I won’t buy it right away, but I am slightly interested.

  • Wow for only 10 bucks… I’m sold!

    However a demo would be nice :)

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