UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Wins Big at E3 09

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Hey all… hope you’re having fun in the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Multiplayer Beta. We’ve gotten really positive feedback and a lot of awesome suggestions that are going to make the final game even better… and the devs are having a blast playing with all of you.

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We’re still really excited by the great reception Uncharted 2 had at E3 a couple of weeks ago. We’re thrilled that our hard work has been acknowledged through several nominations and awards from many of the media outlets who were at E3. We also just received word that we were awarded Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2009 “Best of Show”, which marks the first-ever console-exclusive and first-ever first-party game to win! USA Today Game Hunters blog announced the Game Critics Awards winners here. Our awards include, among others, the following:

Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2009

  • “Best of Show”
  • “Best Console Game”
  • “Best Action/Adventure Game”


  • “Best Graphics”
  • “Best PS3 Game”


  • “Best 3rd Person Shooter”
  • “Best Graphics”


  • “Best Of Show”
  • “Best PS3 Game”

Crispy Gamer

  • “Best PS3 Game”


  • “PS3 Game of Show”
  • “PS3 Best Action Game”
  • “Best Graphics Technology”
  • “PS3 Best Multiplayer Experience”
  • “PS3 Achievement for Technical Excellence”

G4 Tech TV

  • “Best PS3 Game”
  • “X-Play’s Game of Show”


  • “Best of E3” Gold


  • “PS3 Game of Show”

Platform Nation

  • “Game of Show”

Yahoo! Games

  • “Best of E3 2009”

We’re honored to have received such high praise coming out of E3, but our real reward will come when we can share the full game with all of you and hear what you think about it. On that note, if you’re interested in pre-ordering UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, go to Amazon.com, Best Buy, Game Crazy, or GameStop. And in the meantime, you’ve got five more days left until the end of the Multiplayer Beta, so we’ll see you online!

Also, stay tuned for details on an upcoming live chat with the Naughty Dogs next week!

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  • Awesome, the game deserves it!

  • U go Naughty Dog

  • You guys truly are one of the best in the industry, Sony’s really luck they bought you! :p Keep up the hard work!

  • Naughty Dog is clearly the benchmark when it comes to creating games for the PS3.

    Sucker Punch and Insomniac are pretty close as well though.

    Congrats to ND!

  • Congratulations! Loving the gameplay so far :)

  • The first game was amazing the second will be beyond!

    Can’t wait for this game to come out! I’ve played the beta’s deathmatch and co-op mode it’s insane! I WANT MORE!

  • keep up the good work ND!

  • The beta is great, really feels like something special, and having multiplayer that isn’t first person feels extremely refreshing these days. Thanks, and congrats!

  • I cant for this game. When exactly is this game coming out?

  • i cant wait*

  • Keep it up ND!

  • Make sure you plaster all these awards on the case!

    Advertise it like crazy!

    Use the awards and reviews in your advertising!

    Make this game sell!!!!!!!

  • It deserved it.

  • When do we get our shwag bags we won from your little contest? It’s been two weeks since I got the e-mail I won one! I love the game so far too! Can’t wait for the campaign!

  • Congrats, guys. All of the awards are definitely well deserved.

  • Go Uncharted 2. Great job Naughty Dog, keep up the good work =)

  • “…so we’ll see you online!”
    “You’ve got other plans: tonight is the final Play with the Devs event in the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves beta.”-6/28/09

  • Well deserved.
    Looking forward to the game release.
    Great job ND


  • Awesomesauce.

  • Congratulations Naughty Dog for all those awards, you really deserve them. Can’t wait for the game, when will the release date be announced?

  • Maybe you guys will advertise the game.. and for the love of god remember to put “IN GAME GAMEPLAY” or something. Everyone thinks PS3 commercials are just cgi.

  • It deserves it. I’ve been playing the beta and I gotta say I’m already addicted.

  • I cant wait for Uncharted 2. Uncharted is one of, if not my favourite PS3 game, and Uncharted 2 is looking to be even better.

    I would love however Naughty Dog to make a new platformer, similar to crash bandicoot as a PSN game. I wish they never got rid of the Crash License, as every Naughty Dog game has been amazing, as Crash is one of the best.

    Im looking forward to a new Jak though. Hope thats coming soon :D

  • So, is this the system seller that that the PS3 needs?

    I think it might be….

  • does this game have any cool preorders yet?

  • HELL YEAH UNCHARTED 2 WINS!!! Great Job Naughty Dog looking forward to this day 1 and the multiplayer is just awesome
    Thank You and SONY

  • All these awards are nice, but for the love of god market this game when it comes out. What happend to Sony and its Marketing? Its done such a poor job this generation on all major titles.

  • You guys are awesome, and your game totally deserved all the praise it’s getting. Can’t wait to play the final game for myself!

  • Playing the beta is fun when you have a party to play with… The Random matchmaking is fine but sometimes players just like to play with their friends in game after game with another party. Can’t wait for the Custom gaming feature to work…

    I have pre-ordered the Game for the Exclusive GameStop Demo in August…

  • Difficult to pick best of show between uncharted and god of war… but since you guys are releasing first… YOU WIN

  • Along with Insomniac and Sucker Punch, you guys are in the top of the league…keep the fun going.

  • cant wait for 2.80 tomorrow :-p it was leaked

  • First Congrats to Naught Dog and I cannot wait for the complete game this Fall. I LOVE the BETA.

    Second to Sony. You guys need to market the hell out of Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank and MAG this Fall. I have yet to see a inFamous or Killzone 2 commercial and that is very sad because those two are the best games to be release this year so far on any consoles.

  • Congratulations! The beta has been a lot of fun. There are some weapon-balancing and spawn-camping issues, but those are somewhat par-for-the-course things that many online shooters must resolve anyway.

    Looking forward to the final release :)

  • Release date?

  • Does not surprise me at all. Naughty Dog rocks and always create one hell of a game. Uncharted 1 is by far my favorite game on the PS3 to date.

  • Obvious winner of game of the year that will never be nominated by the idiotic games ‘press’. Dead beat enthusiasts with more time on their hands than they deserve. Blathering their useless opinions like they mean anything more than mine or yours.

    The only news worth having is right here because it’s right from the horses mouth, not the other end.

  • Congrats ND! I haven’t pre-ordered my copy yet, because I have been holding out for a Collectors Edition announcement. I have never bought a Collectors Edition of any game before. This would be my first and probably only, if one is released. Please, make one!

  • @33
    Where are you located? There have been plenty of both game commericals on the air here in the US. Can’t speak for anywhere else.

  • Awesome news and cant wait :)

  • While Uncharted was the best of the 3, it got overlooked with the release of AC and CoD:MW to sequels that are coming yet again in november and we all know the beast CoD is. Hopefully you guys push for an October release, that way you shine more.

  • @33

    lol i’v seen TONS of inFAMOUS commercials here in Canada, im telling you A LOT on TV and movie theaters, i even memorized the whole trailer since i see it almost everyday on TV. im glad they are advertising it this much

  • uncharted is one of my favorite games this generation.

  • hopefully this will satisfy all our expectations…
    BTW expectations…Firmware 2.80 is coming tomorrow. (i assume, cause the debug one seems to be up already). heard there will be changes for the invitation system, but much more important for us would be: can we expact crossgame chat with it, or in the near future?
    thank you very much

  • You deserve all the awards.

    Keep up the great work !

  • Congratulations, looking foward to play full game, hope that single player will be long and great ;]

  • @39 enewtabie & 42 Destiny89
    I am located in NYC and I watch many Sports events such as the NBA finals and ESPN. I also watch Spike TV and Comedy Central. I saw a lot of video game commercial on Spike TV and within the past day, I seen about 7 GhostBuster the Video game commercial. Therefore, I am definitely not watching the wrong channels to see a PS3 commercial.

  • OK so far there is no screen tearing..Now just leave V-sync on in the final build and life will be good …

  • Definitely my favorite game @ E3.

    Congratulations Naughty Dog, you deserve it.

  • Good year for the PS3 :P
    KZ2, inFamous, Flower, Uncharted 2, Ratchet&Clank:ACiT, MAG, Fat Princess, etc etc… :P

    Just 1 thing SONY –

    BRING BACK PS2 Playback to the PS3 PLZ ;)

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