MAG Mondays Featuring Exclusive Developer Diaries

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Hey PS.Blog readers. In case you haven’t noticed, over on GameTrailers, they’ve started “MAG Mondays,” featuring exclusive dev diaries from the Zipper Interactive folks working on MAG. The first video posted last Monday, and took us through the overlying persistent Shadow War, where each battle victory or loss contributes to your PMC’s world standing, moving it on the offensive or pulling it back to the defensive.

The second dev diary in the series posted yesterday and focuses on the scale of MAG, which for the first time ever will bring 256 players to a console. All environmental effects (explosions, gunshots, etc.) can be attributed to live players! Listen to what the devs have to say about 256 in the video below.

GameTrailers will be continuing the “MAG Mondays” feature with another dev diary next week, and we’ll post it here next Tuesday. Stay tuned!

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  • HAHA!

    AWESOME! That was a cool video! And I’m looking forward to seeing more…

    Oh, and guess what: Today’s my Birthday! :P

    I’m 16 now!

  • happy birthday midget guy

  • Sony Price drop on PS3 please

  • Cool, nice to know that I have something to look forward to every monday now :)

    Btw, any chance of the MAG official website getting an update anytime soon?

  • I love mag mondays being posted on Tuesdays~ it just sort of adds to the ‘WTF’ factor. (and please dont tell me, ‘if you read the thing it says the trailers will be posted on mondays and itll be posted here tuesdays’, cuz i already know. im just enjoing what i can from the idiocracy~

  • happy birthday , oh I cant wait for mag and uncharted 2 and god of war and demon soul well al the exclusives am gonna have to buy, i get chills just thinking of al the joy.

  • When will the beta start for this game?

  • Happy B-Day! Anyway any release date on battlefield 1943 and fat princess? please..

  • Yes please to the beta!

  • My main doubt about MAG is, are players going to follow orders, and want happens when they don’t.

  • @10 You can choose not to follow orders but you will level up slower.Following orders will net double EXP.

  • This game would be major if PSN was a unified experience. I wish this was a TPS.
    Good luck Zipper Interactive!!!

  • So why isn’t the PSB getting MAG Mondays ><

  • This Game will be awsome. I will love to be in the beta if there is one. My only problem is that in the lobby for the game some one might exit causing us to wait for another player.

  • Thanks Jill.

    Sounds like a great game, only I have to see what 256 people talking all at the same time is going to be like.

  • Ha! I was wondering what was up with the Monday part- “Hey, wait. Isn’t today Tuesday? If not I just wasted three hours coming to the first day of summer quarter.” A couple of things on MAG that are most certainly going to need to be ensured are the elimination of any instances of lag and a fairly high number of sales. Otherwise, this game could die fairly quickly (though I suppose not all of the games need be 256-player).

  • It’s a promising game and I hope it will deliver.


  • This game looks great. I’m sure it will be a first day buy, I’m just concerned with what seems to be a lack of recoil in the guns.

  • Not playing SHOOTERS until Slant Six fix Socom. They are now causing other companies to lose money. At Least from me.

  • I’m so pumped for this game

  • @3
    Please get a job!

    Maybe it is just me but since this is an exclusive game shouldn’t the PS Blog being doing MAG Mondays?

    Either way I can’t wait to rock some EPIC battles!

  • @15
    256 people DON’T talk all with each other.
    Squads of 8 will be setup and those people will communicate with each other.

  • @19
    I doubt that because socom didn’t turn out to be what it was supposed to that people aren’t going to get a different shooter. If anything it would make them want to get a different/better shooter. I got my Socom and headset, tried the game out and traded it in a few days later for another game.

  • @19
    Why would you not play MAG?
    It’s from Zipper, the original SOCOM devs.

    Go tell Slant 6 about your issues.

  • i just want trophies… :D

  • After you see an ArmA II HD video on youtube, you can’t but feel sorry for how ugly this game looks.
    The gameplay doesn’t sound very new or innovative either (according to the people who played it at E3)

  • i dont know why they promote 256 players when EVERY game gets laggy with 32 or more..anywho..i was very dissapointed when Zipper annonced that thier game was going to FPS only..i am so f-ing tired of fps..r2..k2..cod..PUNISHER and now MAG..its getting so lame..esspecially after i took tyme tocustomize my characterr i can only se him hols the gun..CORNEY..ooh and people want the “TRUE FEELING OF A WAR GAME”..watever..its a just a GAME..the only thing that should matter is being FUN.:p 256..doesnt sound like anything close to it..:/

  • MAG looks quite interesting but its lack of naval/maritime combat is a VERY BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!

  • This looks amazing, the fact that everything is happening in real time, that’s just mind boggling. :D

  • ****! I hate that new Playsttion logo. >.<

  • Dear Sony,

    Please start including a cheap headset in the PS3 box.

    Thank you.

  • Happy birthday to Midgetguy!

    MAG is so awesome, I can’t wait to buy this beast of a game! Time to eat my pork n’ beans!

  • I am still not sold on the idea of 256 players. If there is a beta I hope to get in to try it out.
    I know Zipper has a great team on their side, and I want this game to be as popular as the “Original” SOCOM series, but I am not convinced yet by looking at those trailers and videos.
    From what I heard in a few gaming podcast, the reporters that played it at E3 said it did not feel like they were playing with another 200+ people.
    I hope the beta proves them wrong.
    Looking forward to more updates


  • still not thinking this many players is going to work, but if anyone can do it i think zipper can, i need this beta

  • All of my friends are now getting PS3’s!
    I got them away from there 360’s.
    Thats 6 people in 3 months!

  • Go MAG! I can’t wait until the beta starts!

  • It ain’t always about the size, gentlemen.
    It’s how you use it.

    Looking forward to how this whole thing turns out.

  • This is a great looking game. I have a new Title with the same initials:


    Sounds more like a title than just Massive Action Game…

  • @22 – Enforcer_X

    Thanks for the info…wasn’t aware of that, but sure glad it’s not everyone talking at once.

  • I am so excited about this game, day one purchase. If fact it should be made manditory that PS3 owners have this GAME!

  • What’s going on with the beta?

  • @ 34 I have told Slant Six my issues in weekly phone calls.

    Zipper should have done Confrontation and MAG should be true to Socom as a Third Person shooter. Before Socom Confrontation came out I played Warhawk until my fingers bled but MAG, First Person View only? Gimmie a break, who cares if it has 256 players online if I can’t even see the guy on the roof above me. They talk immersion within the game, well the last time I checked my own vision wasn’t just the view in front of my eyes there’s peripheral vision to think about. Mag to me is like Kz2 just made by another developer with present day guns/uniforms. Give me something to say WOW about. Ever play CS or any other MMOFPS, this is no different.

    Fix Socom, honestly Zipper should be ASHAMED of what Slant Six did to the franchise. I know if I were the Lead Dev at Zipper I’d be pissed and I’d voice it for all to hear.

  • a few things…256 all converging in one place and no frame rate drop…..hmmmmmm…this is interesting…i mean EPIC games cant even handle 10 players in multi-player without chronic lag.

    And please tame the jumping it looked a little halo (can i say that) the guys jumping in the video near the steps after running looked a bit too floaty..yeah floaty.

    Other than that its looking MENTAL! Im in the UK can i ask now that i want in on the BETA?

  • somerandomguy112

    cant wait for mag, i hope it doesnt have too many problems.

  • cool, can’t wait to get this game. when is the release date?

  • is it going to be downloadable like Warhawk?

  • Sooper I couldnt agree with you more.I am furious that zipper gave them there baby for slant to destroy..LITERALLY..!Sorry zipper you coulda did with socom what you are doing with MAG,and a ton better than slant 6 ever dreamed of!!I am disgusted with you,and I wont be buying this game as I hate FPS anyways..Make me a socom that rawks on this power system you noted by sarcastic gamer and let slant have this game**Thanks for nothing ZIP!!

  • @26
    ArmaII I’ll be getting. But Arma II is ONLY 50 PLAYERS lol, not 256. Also how much ram will you have to run Arma II? I’ll have 9gb ddr3, but the ps3 runs with 512mb.

    And actually arma2 has 2d muzzle flash and weaker looking character models than MAG lol.

    Anywya I’ll be getting both :)

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Awesome news. I hope this means they are on their way to revealing the beta

  • Please no lag in Mag.

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