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We’re into the Summer now, and while it’s not hot here in NorCal (yet), I know that’s not the case in most of the country. So here’s what you’ll be reading if decide to stay inside and cool off in front of the calming glow of the internet this week:

  • Many of you have been asking about Katamari Forever – Namco Bandai answers the call with their first post on the game
  • Speaking of NB, we explore the most interesting new mode in Tekken 6
  • The Punisher: No Mercy gets a release date
  • The behind-the-scenes look at MAG continues
  • What is Shatter?
  • Hustle Kings first details

Also, I’m hoping to get some of the Naughty Dogs in for a Live Chat, though that might have to wait a week or two. Actually, there are a number of groups l’d like to get in here to answer your questions live. Please, help us prioritize!

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Note, I’d like to have *all* of these devs on at some point or another, but we’d like to hear what you think. Also, I know we didn’t have nearly every game/developer here, mostly just the targets I thought most likely (some overseas devs might be a problem based on time zones/language). That being said, if there’s someone you’d like to hear from, that’s what the comments are for. Speak up!

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  • “The Punisher: No Mercy gets a release date”

    I for one can’t wait for this title, hopefully the release date will be soon rather than later.

    If it hadn’t been for your note at the end of the article I would of asked for an “all of the above” option. God of War gets my vote, tons of marriage proposals need asking :D.

  • Naughty Dog!!

    Must know if they are going to make a Jak game for PS3….with Jak’s original voice! They changed the damn voice for the PSP game, or so it seems.

  • An all of the above option would work for me too.

  • Tecmo/Team Ninja

  • Quantic Dream.

    From Russia with love

  • Slant Six Games, the SOCOM developers.

  • Any news about Critter Crunch, Smash Cars and Zombie Apocalipse?

  • How about Infinity Ward.

  • I voted for SCEA Santa Monica Studio, but I’d also really like Eidos, Atlus, and Namco Bandai so I can harass them about Tales of Vesperia (;_;)

  • Slant Six Games. The SOCOM: Confrontation community has a ton of questions for the developers directly. The outrage on the forums can be cut with a knife at this point.

  • I’d like to request a Q&A with Slant Six Games also. In reference to Socom Confrontation. Thank you!

  • Slant Six games all the way. We have a million unanswered questions. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be great PR for ya though…

  • I don’t understand how Slant Six Games can not be on that list. The SOCOM forums are by far the most unsettled in the entire PlayStation community.

    Sony, stop ignoring SOCOM.

  • @#6…GIVE UP..SLANT6 is the WORSTE GAME COMPANY EVER!..and they are so F-ing lucky they got SOCOM..cuz if they didnt..NO ONE WOULD PLAY THIER GAMES!..they are SUPER SLOW on DLCs and UNRELIABLE!..the socom HOME space is riduculous!..Im TRUELY GAVE UP on SOCOM..thank GOD for thats a good action shooting game. ANYWHO..i picked the GODofWAR developers..because i HOPE TO GOD they give us a AWSOME ULTIMATE EDITION..i would LOVE to have a Kratos figurine and a comic dvd of the entire Kratos story..;p cummon SCEA SMS..U CAN DO IT!

  • um slant six would be nice to talk to since all they can do is give us speculation and lies

  • I would like to see a Q&A session with Slant Six to answer the problems with Confrontation and the lack of DLC. I echo the others comments on /6 not being on this list.

  • Jeff,

    Any information on Fat Princess?

    We are all dying to learn some time frame for the release.

  • FINALLY, a release date for Punisher: No Mercy. I’m looking forward to this one.

  • Why don’t we have Slant 6 as a choice? The Socom community has many questions for this company.

  • I would like to see a Q&A with someone in Sony management, Shuhei Yoshida, Peter Dille, Tretton or Kaz Hirai. Pretty sure a lot of people have some questions for them.

  • It is time for the inquisition of Slant Six Games… they have ignored there customers for to long.

  • What about having PD in here to LiveChat about Gran Turismo?

  • What about Miss Fat Princess?

  • ND! Uncharted 2 is the hottest game right now :)

  • Pfft. I have to wonder how many people actually thought through there choice above. Uncharted 2 is going to be awesome, no doubt, but how many relevant questions do we really have now? At this point it’s more like “I want this game now” than “I still have an hour’s worth of burning questions about it.”

    Now, Atlus, I can question them for an hour and still have questions left over (especially so when including my burning questions about the Persona series).

  • Please, for the sake of all things holy, give us a live Q&A with Slant Six games. The SOCOM forums are in an uproar about Confrontation and could desperately use some answers. Personally, I couldn’t care less, but if it’ll make some of the people on the forums STFU then I’d be happy.

  • By the way… “Shatter”? Consider me interested. At least for now.

  • GOW 3 CE please its needs to comes with a athena replica lol! Want to know more about what Kratos is going to work with the titans it didn’t look like it in the E3 demo. And do u have to kill the gods to gain their powers? What mortals/warriors do they plan on featuring in the game ie. Perseus, Jason & the argonauts, guy that gave humans fire…

  • I would like to have Q&A with Slant Six, the developer of SOCOM Confrontation.

    thank you,

  • @ CaptainBad (26)

    Are you crazy? That wouldn’t be a Q&A Session. It would be hundreds of people verbally assaulting the guest and I think we all know it from what we can see in the above comments. At this point, what they want is results or the employees’ heads on sticks.

    Alright, sorry for the multi-posts Jeff. I go now. :)

  • I would like to ask Slant six some questions. A Q&A with them would be a pleasure.

  • Are we getting Fallout 3 DLC this week?

  • I would like to have the Socom developer Slant Six added to the list, and provide a live Q&A for this. So that we can know what they are planning for SOCOM Confrontation’s future.

  • I’m hoping for the Fallout 3 DLC to start up this week.

  • Q&A with Japan Studio (The Last Guardian) would be nice.

  • Yeah, the Fallout 3 DLC! Bethsoft promised the end of June and this Thursday would be the last store update of the month. I’m hoping someone from Bethesda will swing by and start promoting it here.

  • I have A ton of questions I would like to ask Slant6 developers. Why are they not in the list of choices? Or is it, thats the way they do business….oh wait, it is!

  • Jeff even though my most anticipated game from the ones you listed above is God of War 3 and im dying to know more about Uncharted collectors edition , i think Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog , Zipper Interactive and Quantic Dreams live chats MUST come, i think its pretty obvious who the community really wanna talk to right now , get those lazy slant 6 boys here on the blog , i’d bet thats not gonna end up well lol

  • Polyphony digital, some day.

  • I would like to see Quantic Dreams for once.

    I’m interested to hear if Heavy Rain will take use of the PS3 motion controller. Both products are releasing in Spring 2010 and design wise the game seems downright tailor made for the experience.

  • I picked Atlus from the choices above, but what I’d really like is a sit-down with Square-Enix. I’d like to know how long the timed exlusive for The Last Remnant is going to last and what games they plan on bringing to the PS3 in the future. Have they been able to troubleshoot the problems with the UE3? I think it would help if they saw the overwhelming interest for their products on the PS3, you know, woo them a little.

  • What about a live chat with Shane from Ignition Entertainment to talk about my Game Of The Year ? KOF XII!

  • Would Team Ninja be answering questions on Metroid Other M? :)

  • I REALLY need a game to play right now to take my mind off everything in the world, any ideas what i should play?

  • Polyphony digital please, we already know God of War 3 will be amazing…and we have enough info on that already. I guess if Polyphony is not available MAG is next in line.

  • Not sure if this is here or there, but is there any chance of a PSN sale soon? I loved the winter one and I’ve had my wallet all prepped for another one.

  • How about Terminal Reality so we can ask why they neutered the PS3 Ghostbusters?

  • Hey Jeff, when is that PSN pool game Hustle Kings coming out?

  • We should have Slant Six as an option. Sony is always ignoring the SOCOM Community and it’s the game that made the ps2 so popular. Please add SOCOM to the list.

  • It’s hotter than hell back here in Orlando Jeff, we could use some Fat Princess to help us along lol.

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