Katamari Forever – The Music

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Hello everyone, I’m Kazuhito Udetsu, the producer of Katamari Forever for PS3 at Namco Bandai Games. For those asking, “who?” let me introduce myself a bit further. I joined Namco in 1996 as a game designer. I worked in various departments including marketing and promotions where I worked on the original Katamari Damacy. I’m here today to give you a peek into the music of Katamari Forever. As always, Yuu Miyake was in charge of sound direction and he did a wonderful job. What’s so great about his work is that it’s always beyond my expectations. However, because he was also simultaneously working on Noby Noby Boy, I was a bit worried he would tire himself out with his crazy schedule! Anyway, he managed to survive and both games turned out to be in the so-called “what hath God wrought” caliber.

Since his job has finished, and he has so much free time now, I thought I would let him take over for the rest of this post. Enjoy reading his profound comments.

Hi everyone! Having a good time? I’m Yuu Miyake, the sound director for Katamari Forever.

Katamari Forever’s soundtrack consists of remixes of past Katamari songs. Let me briefly talk about why this is. Since the first game, Katamari Damacy, was originally only released in Japan, we wanted Japanese singers who were well-known in Japan but nobody had heard from in awhile for whatever reason. For the second game we wanted to do the same thing but with foreign artists. However, this didn’t happen because of our lack of foreign friends and ability to negotiate. For this game we thought it would be a good idea to have those tunes remixed or arranged by Japanese and non-Japanese artists as sort of a musical trilogy (Oh, did you notice that Katamari Forever is the third title for a PlayStation console? Not that it really means anything though.).

The most important thing about the remixed music is that it’s clearly meant to be for a Katamari game. That includes Katamari-themed lyrics and an overall Katamari feeling. We selected fan favorite tunes and ones that we have special feelings for, and started to narrow down the most attractive singers for each remix. All the artists I asked to remix the songs for in Katamari Forever were ones I listen to, know and respect. I wish we could have artists from all over the world take part in the game but I only have Japanese friends, so most artists are Japanese. Professional musicians and sound experts in the US, please be my friends!

What I think is important in this consuming society is not to stick to one genre. I maintain this philosophy throughout the entire Katamari series. Since Japan has a long history of games I included chiptunes like YMCK. I also added “organic” tunes like SOFT’s remix of “You Are Smart.”

As a result of the tune selection, Katamari Forever has two streams of music, “electric” and “organic.” I guess if I had one more thing to say it would be…maybe…Check out Noby Noby Boy, too!

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  • Can’t wait!

  • Katamari on PS3!!!

  • I love Katamari, this is for PS3 right? This will definitely be on my to-buy list when it comes out.

  • Looks awesome! Is this going to be a PSN download or a retail game like in the past?

  • ZOMG!!! Ive been waiting for a ps3 katamari, forever~ (get it). I heard about this a few months back and am super stoaked for it~

    Cant wait to hear more!


    ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Price Price Price…… that’ll be the determining factor

  • wth kind of game is this?
    Is it a PSN download game or retail?

  • One of the top three devs right here. Love Katamari. Too bad most people are too young to appreciate good games.

  • Is this a PS3 exclusive?

  • Fat Princess delayed? Sony, you are pathetic.

  • I hope the trophies are just ridiculous.

  • they better have some bomb trphies

  • So stoked!!!! Every song in a Katamari is gold. Can’t wait.

  • I can’t wait, I was so upset when the Katamari series went over to 360, and even though I have a 360 I didn’t buy the game for it, since it is best on playstation.

    Please keep this series home now!

    (It’s actually the fourth katamari game on a playstation)

    This looks (and sounds) amazing, thank you!!!

  • WOOT cannot wait

  • Katamari Tribute (Katamari Forever in US) will be distributed as a Blu-ray disk release in Japan on July 23rd.


    I remember reading a post that it will not be released on PSN.I am not sure if that is reliable.

  • looks pretty cool! i’ll look into getting it.

  • Will the soundtrack include remixed songs from the 360 and PSP games or only the first two games on the PS2?

  • can’t wait! more gameplay info would have been better though but that’s just me.


  • I’ve always enjoyed Katamari games but for some reason never actually owned one. Maybe that will change with Katamari Forever ;)

  • uh what happened to the king of cosmos???

    what happened to his awesome voice?!

    why does he look and sound like a robot!!!

    im soo confused and scared


    anyway cant wait for this to come out
    the music is fun like always

  • i will be buying this the second it gets on the updated store.

    so @ like 7:30pm est launch day :)

    just messing with you guys.

    but seriously, cant wait

  • oh yeah, 4th title on a playstation console if you’re counting the psp game..

  • Will this game be developed with the PS3 capabilities in mind?

  • Great Job! Kazuhito & Yuu

    Katamari is a ‘diamond’ of the gaming industry, really when it comes down to it, not too many people really understand it at a glance, and like most of the best games today on PlayStation platforms. it’s one you really need to play in order to understand/appreciate, and fall in love with.
    I’m a hardcore gamer I play everything, and I know almost all other gamers out there would love Katamari even the grumpy gamers that think they have seen everything but have never touched Katamari before, and I know many music artists in North America would love to be part of a project this awesome, if they only knew…
    My advice to you would be, create an online deathmatch mode, no matter how much it pains you, and add some heavy rock tunes to that portion of the game, and put out a bunch of viral videos… we need help spreading the katamari love to the masses.

    Note: It’s about time we got a Katamari on PS3 besides the backwards compatible ps2 versions. Thank you very much for coming to the blog and giving us the information.

  • Hello Mr. Udetsu,

    You mention in your blog that you would like to make friends with sound & music experts in the US. I would happily assist you as I believe I have what you are looking for.

    I would gladly like to make your acquaintance. I am affiliated with a major American music studio with pristine digital and analog sound capabilities and am the producer of a new American rock/pop act, Zeta Vang. I would like to contact you with more information. Please send me an email, [DELETED].

    Best regards,

    Ian McGrady

  • (continued)

    Q:Are there any plans for music tracks on the PlayStation Network?

    Q:Will PS3 be the lead platform for any/all future Katamari developments?

  • Another Scamco hand-me-down port. This is what, the 4th one? What a freaking joke.


    hahaha I just had to say that.

    I will get this game RIGHT AWAY. I CAN’T WAIT!

  • I have ‘Katamari on the Rocks’ as my ringtone. :D

  • @ Calendaros: Port? Try remake with an entirely new visual style and tons of new content exclusive for PS3. You’re the joke here, crying for no reason, as usual.

  • Remixes are exactly what I was hoping for. It sounds great! Day 1 BUY!

  • @iExile

    You’re the kind of person that believes that trash like Ridge Racer 7 was a brand new game. In other words, a blind moron.

    If you want to believe that the Katamari game is a remake, then that’s fine. But its obvious that it’s nothing more than a port with extra visual filters.

  • @Calendaros

    Port or not, It’s still more than what the 360 got, and that to me is worth it, because I didn’t bother to buy the 360 version, I have both ps2 Katamari’s, and am currently scouring my city for the PSP version, at this point I don’t care if it turns up used, I have to have it… Calendaros must not understand the greatness of Katamari, or he/she wouldn’t be trashing it,

    On a side note, as a reader, and co-blogger I have to admit the question is on my mind, Is it just a port of the 360 version?

    I’ll ask it, but I refuse to be as rude as ahem* someone else here <.<

  • I love the music in Katamari Damacy. It is the only game I have ever played that the music was just as enjoyable as the game itself. Great job. Can’t wait for the new PS3 title!

  • Looks like a great game..

  • katamari makes no sense to me what do you do in it?

  • Sounds great! (see what I did there?)

    With all due respect, though, Noby Noby boy is a total load of crap.

  • RelentlessRolento

    YMCK has me sold… why? Chiptunes. Games need more chiptunes… at least ones on systems ;)

  • I will see

  • Plamo should be on the soundtrack. :(

  • The great Yu Miyake!!!! Thanks for writing.

    Unfortunately, this could not be very interesting, missing the other chief component..

    Kind of boring.

  • Where did people get the idea this was a port? It’s a new game that includes new and classic levels from various Katamari games, including Beautiful Katamari. This was announced a couple months ago, in articles such as this:

  • yes, more video please

  • Hi Uetsu san, last time I checked you couldn’t speak English at all, so, is this really you or some translator guy helping you out?
    Maybe you’re the same translator Yamauchi san use at E3?


    In that case, we love you! :D

  • i just wet myself with joy. i absolutly love katamari! It was one of the first games i played on the PS2. can’t wait for all thoose memories to come back…

  • Will this be available in Europe?

    I’m not sure but i’ve heard that the original games were never released over here and I really want to play them :D

  • Will this be available for download through PSN?

    my blu ray drive is bust :(

  • If possible, will the soundtrack be bundled with the game?

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