Inside Tekken 6’s New Campaign Mode

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Ever since the early 90s, I’ve been hoping for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup-esque combination of fighting and beat’em ups (“You got Streets of Rage in my Street Fighter!”). A number of games have tried this formula (including Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero and God Hand), but at E3, something caught my eye. We were showing a number of trailers at the PlayStation booth, when I spied Jin Kazama wielding a chain gun. What?

Later on, I was able to chat on camera with Tekken 6 game director Katsuhiro Harada. He was happy to share details on this Scenario Campaign Mode’s length, character customization, and online play.

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  • Tekken 6 FTW?

  • interesting, i hope it doesn’t get weighed down by the 360 release though…

  • btw, good questions Jeff.

  • Nice addition for the game, just read at IGN about the official release date,can’t wait for it.

    Is the PSP version coming at the same date of the PS3 version or at a different date?

  • Alex_Assassin_08


  • Looks great. Hey Jeff,

    Which fighter are you into mostly, Street Fighter or Tekken?

    • I go through phases – I was early in college when Tekken 2 came out, and that\’s all I played for *years*. But I\’m really, really into SFIV. With BlazBlue, KOFXII, it\’s a good time to time to be a fighting game fan.

  • Tekken >>> Street Fighter

  • Wow either you’re really tall Jeff, or that guys is pretty short. Or maybe a combination of both. You look like a giant!

  • Tekken Tag Tournament with a multitap on PS2 got me through some boring Sundays at college way back.

  • This new mode looks like fun.

    Jeff, do you know if the PS3 version would be getting any extras (when compared to the 360’s)?

  • Don’t care for that mode, I’m getting it for the regular fighting.

  • The extra mode thing whatever its called doesn’t look very interesting…seems like thrown in there at the very last minute.

    I’ll wait for what reviewers have to say before buying.

  • Jeff did you get an interview for Modern Warfare 2?

  • Street Fighter IV > Virtua Fighter > Tekken

    I’m not really excited for Tekken.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Did you try to sell Mr. Harada on a tag fighting mode? Given the size and scope of the character roster, it would be a sensible addition.

  • @Jeff
    Didn’t know you played Tekken Jeff… Do you play Tekken 5 DRO? I’m always looking for opponents, I expect at least one match ^^.

    I’m still iffy on BlazeBlue Probably just hold onto my money for Uncharted 2 and wait for Tekken 6.

  • hmm, i actually liked the extra modes in tekken 3
    so i quite like this little edition :)
    its not as if it’ll detract from the game if you don’t like it
    there’s still masses of meat :O

  • did i just see law! im happy now.

  • I’m still not sold on this game. Like you said Jeff, Tekken 2 is still one of my favorite fighters of all time, but I don’t feel as if they are taking this game in the right direction.

    The campaign is never very good and always feels tacked on. Guns in Tekken just don’t seem right and look very last gen as far as gameplay. These guys have a lot to prove IMO to get me to take a second look at this game at all. There’s just way too many other games I’d rather play in Fall 2009.

  • More fantastic interviews featuring the sexy man known as Jeff

    Sorry :) Hahaha

  • @ jeff
    good interview! was the dev.. translating someone else? because i could have sworn i hear someone talking in Japanese? lol

    Cant wait for this game.

    PS: Jeff have u recently added a guy named ericsacct to your psn list?

    ^^ PLEASE RESPOND :)))))

  • I’ve sorta lost interest in Tekken after playing VF5. The combat system feels deeper in VF… thought I would never say that.

  • do i need to say that this is day one.. or is that a given?

    10 hours i hope that is because it is long and not because it is bloody hard like tekken 4

  • Is there anyway you can ask the dev team of this game, that if you have both PSP and PS3 version, will there be any unlockables when you sync both of the games together? For example, if you have AC: Bloodlines (PSP) and sync it up with AC2 for PS3, then you get to unlock about 6 new weapons, addition to the 30 which already are in AC2 (total of 36 when synced with PSP game). I can’t wait to play this game and thanks a lot Jeff. That’s all for me.

  • Yes I wasn’t that interested in Tekken 6 until I noticed this mode in the E3 trailer. It looks like a worthy buy.

  • Is there local co-op too, or just online?

  • I wish they’d bring ball mode and bowling back to Tekken.

  • Considering how crappy Devil Within was its hard to get excited about this new mode. =\

    Since the trailer doesn’t say, I’m going to assume this is on teh 360 and ps3 versions of the game.

  • @28 Yes, Tekken Bowling. Everyone loved bowling. They should really start throwing it back in the games.

  • Ahh good ol’ Tekken. I still remember when I first popped in Tekken for the original PlayStation. Tekken 6 looks interesting. This new campaign mode with online co-op makes it even more intriguing. Need to keep my eye on this one.

  • C’mon, Jeff! You saw the “1st” post yourself. Used to be that those were destroyed with extreme prejudice. It’s getting ridiculous.

    I love the Streets of Rage-ness of this new mode, but I’m not entirely sure I’m sold on this. I certainly can’t stand fighting games and I’m betting that’s a fairly big part of the game. We’ll see how this plays out.

  • Any chance of this being a full Digital Download like Dark Resurrection was? Would love to have this on my HD.

  • love tekken series!

    im excited on this one!

  • OMG!! Tekken 6 new campaign mode is the biggest mistake they ever made. I wouldn’t even compare it to Streets of Rage because it’s so crappy. I’ll pass on this one and stick to Tekken 5 & SFIV. Come on you seen other fighting games in the past go that route and screwed up as well so why would they put the mode in the game. Jeff I can’t believe you went through the torture of watching that exclusive accident. You live and learn.

  • it’s about freakin time. it’s been 2 years since tekken 6 hit the arcades.

  • jeff did you understand what that guy said? he whas speaking japanees right?

    tekken 3 whas the best tekken!!! for the ps2 or ps1 i forgot oow nvm

    this campaign mode inst new i think because in other tekkens u had to do campaign mode to unluck other fighters right??

    wohooo tekken 6 i whas checking some news for it for a long time the website is cool

  • Errr this doesn’t looks too hot, I didn’t see anything that made me want to think this isn’t Dynasty Warriors. Bleh.

  • The new mode looks awesome. Chainguns FTW.
    Although this game would look better if it had a special guest character similar to how we have Kratos appearing in SoulCalibur Broken Destiny.

    Maybe Cole McGrath from inFAMOUS, perhaps?

  • that looks boring.. i already played this crappy, repetitive, mindless beat up em before. it was called tekken force back in the day and it was not even fun

    character customization gets old fast — just like in SC4

    namco should focus their resources in making sure that online is not as laggy as T5DR and SC4

  • Jeff you should of seen him at the end of the video, its like he was restraining himself to say “Also on Xbox”, like he was ashamed to say it. lol

  • @22

    I see what you did there, I really did ;)

  • I never liked this serie, its too slow but its awesome for tekken fans

  • There’s a Panasonic TV in the background! Where the Sony?!

  • @Phoenix

    Good one, lol

  • quick question, is the co-op campaign mode playable offline with two players or is it purely online?

  • Chicken!

  • I gotta get me one of those high-end PS3 joysticks… Hori stick moddable and all that…

  • I see no need in getting this since I already have Tekken 5 so why bother getting Tekken 5 HD.Don’t these guys know how to evolve a game(like SF4)this looks very outdated.

  • I think the co-op campaign mode is only playable online. It’s not like 2 people can be signed in at once on a single console.

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