Set your TiVo: God of War III on G4TV’s X-Play Tonight!

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Didn’t have a chance to get a first-hand look at God of War III at E3? Well, you’re in luck. Tune in to G4TV tonight at 6:30 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific) for X-Play‘s biggest demo ever (seriously, it goes more than 20 mins!). God of War III’s Game Director, Stig Asmussen, will not only walk us through the entire demo, but provide insight and commentary.

Don’t worry if you get caught in traffic, G4 will be replaying the episode again at 8pm. And if that still doesn’t work for you, you can watch the demo in HD on minutes after X-Play starts. You really have no excuse not to see this!

For more information, check out G4’s excellent (and prolific) gaming blog, The Feed.

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  • Awesome!!!

  • I’m not a fan of G4TV, mostly because I don’t have it at my house. Any idea if this will be aired online at a later date?

  • Really!??!?

    The Same Demo that you guys showed on the Blog!!?!?

    how Can they show that on TV!?!?! lol

    I mean look….

    Damn I cant wait for March 2010 to get here!!

  • Can’t wait to see this

  • Yeah I saw this announced on X-play last night I was like =O holy crap I CAN NOT WAIT!!! I can’t believe they are going to have an entire 30 minute demo this is amazing!!

  • Prob catch it in HD on

  • 20 minutes commercial free?

  • LOL, G4TV is the number one PS3 haters of all times! I stopped watching that channel a long time ago. Only Miss Olivia Munn can make me watch that channel! She is a total dream. Morgan Webb is the devil in disguise.

  • Great :)

  • Isn’t it the E3 demo?

  • Crap, I so clearly and obviously only read half of the article. My bad.
    Too bad I’ll miss the commentary. T__T

  • +imajinetion I saw the E3 demo. Wasn’t it severely edited? It cut so many little things out. This seems like straight up gameplay with director commentary.

  • Is there really anything in this show that we haven’t seen online already? More importantly do we want to ruin 20 minutes of the game for ourselves?

    Just thank Stig Asmussen (the best man for the job) and the rest of the SCEA Santa Monica team for the awesome effort they are putting in and tell them I can’t wait for March 2010. We don’t need to see much else until they are ready to start rolling out the commercials on the blog to get our approval and praise.

    As far as G4TV goes….. do me a favor and stop supporting them. They are a slap in the face to all gamers and really only a station for children. Their commentary is not needed nor desired and it is clear from E3 from half the things they said that they are completely unable to comprehend what is going on around them.

    Their show line up tends to be weak and even though X-play has some decent stuff going on. The information they provide I already have and being in a time slot is very limiting to as what is possible to provide me with. Basically the right answer late is wrong.

  • The best thing Sony can do now is to release God of War III E3 demo on PlayStation Store…

    Who cares it is “pre-alpha/beta”? Take a look on the past and Motorstorm: Pcific Rift demo…

    We want to play it now. Not only watch new walktrough. Pls take it into consideration.


  • Maybe tonight they will say when the demo will be released.

  • Huge God of War fan here but i dont like G4TV , they are clearly sony haters so i will wait to see it somewhere else , one question for you Claudine E3 is gone and i see a lot of new videos from highly anticipated sony games on the playstation store , is there gonna be a God of War 3 video from E3???

  • why dont u release the whole demo on psn in 1080p

  • same demo as e3?

  • I would love to see a lot more marketing for your games. Many people just dont realize the amount of quality games on the PS3.

  • Guess i’ll have to catch it on their website since I don’t have it on DTV.

  • I hate G4 but I’ll be there

  • Yeah, what are you plebs waiting for, put it on PSN instead.

  • You are a PR specialist?

    You are doign an awful job marketing your games! Stuff like Killzone 2 should not sell so little.

  • Unless this is a new demo, there is no reason to watch this.

    This demo has been seen a countless number of times on every major gaming website since it first aired at the Sony presser.

  • I’m already sold on this anyway. I won’t watch b/c I want the final game to be a joyful bloody and brutal surprise just like the last two :D

  • Off Topic:

    Are we going to get “Trine” today on PSN? The Devs have stated that the game is ready.

  • You really put this on G4 they are the acclaimed PS3 haters. I mean the CEO is the co founder of M$. You should have put it on GT tv.

    Whatever still going to watch. I mean IT IS GOW!!! I wouldn’t miss it.

  • Oh one more thing, G4 isn’t even a gaming channel anymore. The only show that is actually gaming related is X-play.

    They need to go back to tech tv.

  • Great, can’t wait to see more of GOW3

  • cool! more god of war 3!

  • G4 needs to go HD already! I know that’d be tough for the smallish company to afford but seriously, a technology/videogame (slash cops) channel doesn’t have HD?! MADNESS!

  • ok g4 was MTV of video game and just like MTV that show only music video and G4 only show video game relate stuff they both are neverthing left of the fromer glory that

  • 32 G4 have a hd but they only use from movie

  • PUT IT ON PSN(the demo)

  • I will check it out. Either way X-Play it’s pretty annoying they expend 80% of the talking about M$ and they other 20% talking about Sony and Nintendo. The reviews are decent sometimes but you just have to check how many trailers M$ put on their comercials…. And of course when you say something they call you a “fanboy”. I understand they have to talk about all the consoles/companies but they same time for everyone!

  • What is this?! Lame. I want to play Fat Princess. It was supposed to come out this month. :'(

  • Man, the upcoming lineup on this system is getting crazy.

    I am in love with the 1st party stuff.

  • i really can’t wait for this game, loved gow and gow2…this game is a master piece!!

  • @36 it seems you might not know much about advertising. I’ll give a short explaination for you on how tv advertising works. The placement of advertising during breaks in shows is mostly up to the network and television service provider most of the time (there are exceptions with privatly produced shows. clients are able purchase time on the network and they can choose where they want to place their commerical or have the network or service provider place them for them. X-Play probbly doesn’t have a real say in advertising placement during commerical breaks. I’m not going to get into sponership due to it being a 2-way road and a little hader to explain due to both the show and network can have a say in it.

  • !!!! epic

  • Jeff, any chance we can get the gameplay on PSN??…i downloaded 1.8gb of sony conference part 3 just for nothing, got totally ripped off. I needed to see only the last 10 mins of a 45min video and they edited EVERYTHING…not fair

  • I’m trying to avoid media on this game because I want it to be so fresh when I play it.

  • Sweet, can’t wait! I got my Directv tuned!

  • WOW, SERIOUSLY? G4TV?! They are soooooo biased and they love that little box. You should’ve done it on Spike..

  • TechTV: R.I.P.

  • GOW 3 FTW, G4TV FTL.

    Seriously, as a long time gamer, I find G4TV to be vacuous and devoid of any useful nor relevant information. I would much go to G4TV for game information as I would go to MTV for music. It’s that bad.

  • I hope we get to see something else than the one we saw at E3.

  • Bring back TechTV!!!

  • Ugh, X-Play?

    We’ll probably have to sit through five Halo 3 segments before they show the GoWIII footage.

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