Meet the Women of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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Near the end of yesterday’s Nolan North interview, a number of people dropped in to give Mr. Nathan Drake some good-natured ribbing. I had a chance to speak with Emily Rose and Claudia Black, aka Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazier, co-stars of the upcoming Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Both will certainly *sound* familiar, but if you’re wondering where you’ve seen them before, both Claudia and Emily have pretty extensive TV resumés. That makes it all the more impressive when they talk about how much they’ve enjoyed their time making Uncharted 2.

Personally, I really couldn’t get over how everyone in the cast resembles their in-game counterparts. It made talking to them feel like I was talking to the characters. Hope you enjoyed.

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  • Another great interview with the Uncharted 2 Cast so awesome, I’m not sure why I didn’t recognize Emily from ER omg!

  • Emily is such a babe! And I’m not even into blondes.

  • Im happy too see the same cast return, plus good new ones.

  • Did you meet Sully ? I wonder if he smokes Cigars.

  • Emily’s face kept me from paying attention to anything else in the video. Which is a shame it looked like it was an interesting discussion.

  • Elena is a lot hotter in person

  • Great Interview, great to see the beautiful ladies behind the characters. Nice job Jeff.

  • LOL, I love how Claudia said she would rather look at Chloe than her any day and Jeff didn’t complement her. He was just like: ‘So Emily’


  • Jeff, great interview. I’m a fan of Claudia’s from her days on Farscape; after seeing Emily Rose I realized I’d seen her recently on Brothers & Sisters. Thanks for interviewing both ladies.

  • Elena’s dope!!…I mean Emily!

  • Awesome interview!

    God stop giving us interviews lolll you are making the wait for the game harder

    Uncharted 2!!!

  • OMG I LOVe YOU ELENA!!! lol

    I really do like her charactere and I am taking a real liking to Chloe’s added emph to the series. Nate, Chloe, and Elena really do look like their character counterparts, its awesome.

    Hey Jeff, is there any way that when Uncharted 2 comes out they could release promotional T-Shirts with each of the main characters on it with it being signed by the voice actors, as well as a one liner from each? That would ROCK!!!!

  • Man, that was possibly the best interview on this blog so far. It was so energetic and fun. Awesome work Jeff!

    This makes me really want Naughty Dog to do a “behind the scenes” disc or something. I’ll buy it in an instant (better yet just make a Collector’s Edition). Please tell Naughty Dog will you Jeff?

  • Awesome interview Emily is Hot :D

  • Nice video. I really enjoyed what they said. Thanks Jeff.

  • Another great interview. Good job Jeff! Keep up the good work.

  • I swear that the reason for me playing as Chloe in the Uncharted 2 beta is because of Claudia Black great voice work and has nothing to do with her backside ;)

    Seeing this video make me wanna unlock all “behind the scenes” videos in first Uncharted.

    Oh and keep up the great work Jeff :)

  • Emily is HOT HOT.

  • So lucky Jeff xD

  • These girls make me feel all warm and fuzzy! One of the many reasons why I love Uncharted.

  • And I thought Elena was cute in the game? My god Emily is gorgeous.

  • Emily is YUMMY

  • Well I just finished Uncharted 1 and it was great! They do have great personalities in the original game, and I can’t wait to see what these people bring to the table on the second iteration of the game.

  • Great interview!

  • LOL, Jeff looks so happy. Good job.

  • Wow, such a great interview, this cast really does have something special going on between them. I can’t wait to see where it all goes when the game comes out! :)

  • Jeff, I can’t help but chuckle at your “stuttering” a few times in the video. I can’t blame you when you’re in the presence of a couple beautiful women like that. :P

  • Thanx Jeff i really wanted to see who played the girls in uncharted 2 and Elena is the BEST!

  • The Nolan North interview was a blast, and when the ladies came in at the end I smiled. THIS interview, however, had me smiling from beginning to end. Two beautiful ladies who are obviously so very passionate about their roles in the game make it all the more enjoyable. I can’t wait!!

  • Pretty great interview with 2 beautiful women. Before the video loaded, I thought Emily was Elena added in through CG (since the Play button is over her face) :D She resembles her character too well.

  • I need to marry Emily Rose. Jeff, can you ask her to marry my for me? She is gorgeous, and I would do anything to get one single date with her.

  • Makes me want to play Uncharted 1 again…love this series.


  • Great interview. The entire cast seems to have a passion for this game and it shows. like many have said before i cant wait for this game to come out. it is nice to finally put a face to the voices.

  • Great interview including the 1st part with Nolan! I agree — so many similarities to the real person and the in game character. I guess it was coincidence to see the first letter of their true name start with the character name.

    BTW, Emily is just gorgeous! Can’t believe she’s from Washington! Here I am in Seattle just wishing I was there in your shoes for that interview!

    Anyway…can’t wait to play this game now!

  • wow. They both seem like awesome people. Great work man and Elena is a cutie =D

  • Wow, they look just like the characters.

  • Wow. Nice interview… I like knowing who is behind these amazing characters. Keep it up!

  • Great interview!

  • Omg Elena so hot

  • Emily is hot! She deserves getting a lapdance from me ;)

  • Emily, do you want to marry me?

  • OMG… Jeff I don’t know how you could stand there and compose an interview with women as stunning as they are. Uncharted is a groundbraking experience, the graphics, the concepts, the script, and then they put two of the most amazing looking women I’ve ever seen in the game to voice act… It makes sense in a way beautiful actors + passion for the arts + intelligent game designers = another game of the year and another platinum trophy for me, this game will be played to no end, and it doesn’t hurt to know the women behind the voices look just as good if not better than the character models they portray… Good job on interview Jeff, I am truly envious of you. : )

  • not bad ladies, not bad.

  • my GOD emily is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    great interview. I would have cracked under the pressure, 2 hot babes, great questions too. I think you are improving on interviews since I first saw you.

  • MILF! Jeff, you should’ve asked Emily if she was single! :( I really didnt like Elena THAT much in the first, now i do :)

  • Claudia Black is amazing in Farscape a very overlooked series if you haven’t watched it you should!

  • yo jeff where’s my man sully?

  • When I first played Uncharted, i thought to myself:”The girl behind Elena’s voice must be very cute!”, but never had seen her without mocap clothes. Now I know I was right, she’s is real cute. Uncharted 1 is one of the best game of this generation(and I’ll keep it in my library forever), and Uncharted 2 will be THE BEST game. How I am happy to be able to play such good games.
    Very good interview Jeff, looking forward for your next interviews :)

  • God…Ellena is hotter in person than in the game.

  • Yeah.

    It’s not easy. I would be feeling the same way. Jeff.

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