Meet Nathan Drake: Uncharted 2’s Nolan North

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It’s very unusual to meet someone you feel like you already know. I got that chance a couple of weeks ago, when I ran into Nolan North at the PlayStation Booth during the final hours of E3. If the name’s not familiar (or his face), perhaps his voice will – North is the talent behind the witty remarks of Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake.

Now North is a bit of a talker, but if you’ve got a few minutes, he’s got some interesting insights on the role of actual acting in video games, and how Naughty Dog gets such great results out of their voiceover stars for the Uncharted series.

Next up: An interview with the ladies of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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  • This guy is awesome. If they ever make a movie, Nathan Fillion should get the role.

  • Excellent voice. I would hopefully like to see some more interviews. Maybe one with the composer? The music to the first game was excellent!

  • can we please….PLEAAASE hear a fat princess release date!!!!!!!!!! i love uncharted as much as the next guy but the beta is satisfying me for now….BUT I NEED FAT PRINCESS NEWS TOOO!!!! please help me!

  • Great! This guy is the reason that why so many ppl love Nathan Drake! Great Job! =)

    Good Interview btw =P

  • Nice interview :)

  • That guy has such a cool voice :)

  • Nolan North will always be Nathan Drake to me. Even hearing him in Prince of Persia i just kept thinking Drake. I just shows how much he and Naughty Dog nailed that character.

  • Well , he does the voice of the Prince of Persia caracter too, and if I remember well, Ares in the first God of War.

  • Right,.. is it me, or does this guy have “hidden” bad a$$ written all over him

    Dude, easy, Fat princess is like July 17th

  • I really liked the voice acting in Uncharted.

  • I can’t wait for the game! Uncharted* by far the best game in it’s CLASS!!!

  • Awesome voice acting, this guy does a great job. Did he say he’s done acting like film acting?

  • glad im not the only one who thinks Nathan Fillion would be the perfect choice as Nathan Drake… but ive thought that since i first heard and seen Drake in action…

  • @12…

    Click on his name above…it brings you to his IMDB file.

    Here it is sorted into videogames vs tv/film instead of chrono order:


  • I want this dude’s autograph. :P

    I do remember seeing a few conversations before about what actors should play what, and for Roman in the first game a lot of people though that Bruce Willis would fit him pretty well.

    Also, Tom Cruise would be a HORRIBLE idea for Nathan. That would actually kill the movie in my opinion.

    Excellent interview.

  • GREAT interview! I have to say Uncharted 1 blew me away with the acting quality. The way the lines were delivered so matter of fact, is a huuge part of what makes that game. Kudos to all the great actors involved in this project.
    PS North should get the role for Drake

  • Aw. No subtitle as an option? :-( By the way, since you mentioned you are going to look into this matter- but at least for now… Why don’t you write up summary of what your interview is all about? I mean Q & A? I am aware of the fact that too much of work will be put into this one… So eh, right?

    At least, can you please do me a favor and send the same message to Pulse and Qore. I am- not only frustrated, but truly tired that there is no option for us to listen to this other than watching those videos only. I hope Sony is actively looking into this matter. That’s all. But still, thank you anyway.

  • Jeff,

    Great interview. Nolan North seems like a really down to earth guy (as does the rest of the cast) — and that’s always a great thing.

    One request: when talking about Uncharted 2, especially how well it’s written and performed, could you please ask questions on what the acting/directing process is like. I find it fascinating, especially considering that most video games have such stilted voice acting.

    I think the fact that the actors in U2 are actually PERFORMING in the motion capture suits while saying the dialog is incredibly beneficial to the overall feel of the game and its story.

    Anyway, great work… and I second (or third) the Nathan Fillion as Drake casting choice.

    • Sure, personally, I\’d like to see more about how they did the recording. Hopefully we\’ll be able to track down some video.

  • Nolan North rocks! Drake’s voice is not just one of the best, but one of the most convincing I’ve heard in a game. Nolan really brings Drake’s character to life, and makes him believable and human. In fact, credit goes to the entire team/cast behind the acting and writing in Uncharted because this game is probably the closest thing I’ve seen to a playable movie. So if anyone from Uncharted 2’s cast/production team is reading- keep up the great work!

  • If they didn’t give the role to Nolan, I’d be OK with Nathan Fillion playing the part. Or perhaps Ben Browder… Claudia Black has already worked with him in a number of things… which reminds me, I miss Farscape! :\

  • Nolan North rocks!

  • Emily=Elena

    Hmmmm, Are the beginning letters of each name matching for a reason. Or was it just coincidence?

    Anyways, when you say he’s quite the talker, that’s no joke is it? :P

    • I asked that question! You\’ll see it in the next video.

      And yes, I had to cut out a few minutes :-P

  • Oh btw, I can’t see why Nolan himself couldn’t play as Drake in a live action movie. He’s a good looking fella and a good actor – Nolan FTW!

  • More Uncharted! More!

  • So Nolan plays Nathan… Emily plays Elena… and Claudia plays Chloe? Is that a coincidence or intended?

  • Those three look like really cool people to meet, and that blonde looks Elena must be the pony tail.

  • Its obvious that Jeff should play Drake on the big screen. Ya look like you could climb like a monkey. ;)

  • So excited ^^ this game makes me all warm and fuzzy inside lol.

    Seriously though the cast of Uncharted is just simply awesome and Nolan North really brings something to the character that maybe hard from someone else to take up the reins on (@19 perhaps a job for Ben Browder, loved him on farscape along with Claudia Black).

    Thanks for getting us some interviews with the Uncharted case Jeff.

  • Great interview. It was really cool how genuinely excited he is about the game and the character. I especially liked the discussion about the line from the E3 demo about climbing. Nice look into one of the best characters in all of videogaming.

  • Great interview Jeff! it was awesome to hear from Nolan! I finally finished my “Crushing” playthrough of Uncharted and got my Platinum trophy, I can’t wait for the 2nd game and I’m also looking forward to the interview with the girls!

  • Honestly Jeff enough with the awesome Playstation shirts my jealousy can only go so far.

    Another great interview, Nolan North seems like a down to earth guy I can see his qualities in Nathan Drake which makes for a great character which Drake is.

  • awesome interview!

  • I loved Claudia Black in Stargate and I an glad she has a voice in the game.

    Rene Auberjonois (Odo from Star trek DS9) is also in it. My favourite Sci-fi actors in my favourite series.

    I am in Heaven.

  • “North’s a bit of a talker”

    And that’s okay with me. LOVE this guy. He breathes life into this character and the game itself. He’s just as important as the guy’s he name dropped who developed it (though they should get more face time and a means to receive positive e-mails applauding their skills). I just hope this game thrives in the Fall, even though there are a LOT of other AAA titles besides U2 that will be coming out as well.

    Claudia Black is a FOX. I can only imagine myself losing concentration while looking at her and Emily Rose in those skin tight mo-cap suits.

    Don’t tell my wife.:P

    • Don\’t tell mine. You\’ll see in the interview tomorrow that I seem to be smiling an awful lot :-D

  • Love Drake, love North.

  • Nolan North is the man!!!

  • Best Interview ever!!! This guy’s resume is outstanding. From Nathan Drake to Raphael, even Deadpool from Hulk vs this guy can do it all. He should be on the top voice actors like Tara Strong and others. This guy is EPIC!!!

  • the voice fits the character so well, naughty dog and Sony nailed that one. Good job guys, can’t wait for among thieves! Oh yeah, and I remember Nolan from the videos in the first game

  • Best video to date Jeff! Very informative and inspiring. Personally, I saw where those guys want to make Uncharted a live action film–they better get North! Makeup can make him look young enough and the voice is so central and iconic to Drake, oh and Gene (one of my artists) brought over the Marvel vid where Nolan played Deadpool–he did an AWESOME job! (AWWWW THAT WAS MY FAVORITE GUN *SLO-MO PUNCH TO FACE*!)

  • Great interview. Thanks for letting it roll in the end!

    • Thanks for saying so. I was a bit worried about the length of the video, but attention span FTW!

  • Nolan North=Awesomeness!

    Thank you for the interview Jeff, greatly appreciated!

  • I can’t believe how much Nolan and Emily looked like their characters. I love the voice acting in the Uncharted games, it gives it a more human feel, instead of like he said, the typical tough guy lines.

    BTW Jeff – Digging the shirt! Did I read it right? Attended the GDC Blog Lounge

  • lol no offense Jeff but you kinda had a creepy look on your face a big portion of the video.

    Anyway great interview, was awesome at the end and was on the border of epic.

  • Hmmm… There’s something about Nolan that reminds me of Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

  • @21

    Not only that, but they also physically resemble the characters they play in the game.

  • he got skinny.

  • Nolan North should play Drake in a potential movie. He looks almost identical, a bit more muscular jaw than Nathan but other than that, they’re the same person.

    Actually, most of the actors there have very close likeness to the characters.

  • If they ever did a movie they should just grab the cast from the games for it. Nolan is the big reason Uncharted worked so well and its a return to form with Uncharted 2. I cant wait to hear what other jokes and lines he has. Also if anyone who has played Uncharted knows they do have behind the scenes vids of the cast acting out the scenes while also showing the finished product so you get to see how it was put together.

  • Excellent interview! And if there is a Uncharted movie I think Nolan North should be Drake!

  • Nathan Fillion’a character from Firefly, Malcolm Reynolds, totally reminds me of Nathan Drake. Nathan Fillion might look a little too old though.

    Great interview. Funny ending, cool that they all seem to get along.

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