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Hey everyone,

Wanted to post a little note on here to check out the brand new video episode of the Full Moon Show, Insomniac Games’ semi-monthly podcast that gives you a developer’s perspective on the games industry. In this quick video show, we discuss what E3 was like for us, and bring you some exclusive footage of what happens when you let Ratchet loose on the showfloor of E3.

We also wanted to let you know that you can check out last month’s audio show, episode 37, Brian Fleming from Sucker Punch on the show to discuss their awesome new game, inFAMOUS (which you should totally go buy like, RIGHT NOW if you haven’t already). You can subscribe to the show via our RSS feed on our website, as well as through iTunes, though if you previously subscribed to season one or two, please click that link and subscribe to the new feed of the show to ensure you receive Season 3 episodes.

That’s all for now – as always you can e-mail us at with your comments, or Tweet them at us at (we’re giving away some Quest for Booty codes on our Twitter, so stop by).

Hope you all enjoyed our E3 content, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone at Comic-Con this year! I’ll be in the comments section to answer your questions!


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  • I have been following on twitter for a while…still no Booty :(



  • Insomniac Rules!!!

  • Since Jak was in Deadlocked, is there any chance there may be any guest skins in ACiT?
    BTW the E3 demo looked amazing, I bet you guys felt relieved to get the immeninent threat off your shoulders.

    • Never know – though it\’s a bit harder to do guest skins if no PS3 version of that character exists.

  • I must know the winner of the weapon contest.

  • i used to listen to full moon show all the time, its WEIRD TO SEE YOUR FACES



    TO SEE.

    Whats up with the PSN today and last night? So many problems. Hope were getting a new firmware update..NOW!

  • Aww I was hoping for a full blown full moon show! :( I was a bit disappointed… but still Ratchet on E3 floor was awesome, seems like he’s popular with the ladies :)

    Question: What were the lessons learnt from Quest for Booty? Is DLC content like this something you are still actively considering?

    Mystery guest: media molecule on littlebigplanet PSP :)

  • Can you give us more details on the Ratchet & Clank T-shirts Twitter giveaway?

    • Just keep following us on Twitter… we\’ll post chances to win t-shirts in the future, and most likely between the hours of 10pm-6pm Pacific Standard Time Mon-Fri.

  • Can I get a life-sized Ratchet costume?
    SHARE THE LOVE Insomniac

  • Nice montauge.

  • @6
    Wait till Comic-Con

  • WERES TEH PWR TEAM of Ratchet & Clank I’ve seen many trailers just with Ratchet no Clank,ohh if you wanna have guest skins how about Cole or Jak

  • Nice to have the show back!

  • Great podcasts! Too short though.I agree with Darkos87 about having the media molecule guys on the FMS, even though they’re not actually making LBP PSP. Media Molecule has a podcast too, maybe it could be a Media Molecule-Insomniac smash-up podcast! I would like a sackboy costume skin for either Ratchet or Clank.

    P.S. The video podcast can not be transfered to my last-gen Ipod nano, maybe you guys could take a look at it for the next video podcast.

  • i want a ratchet suit so i can get the ladies

  • Ratchet is a bandwagoner :p

  • I didn’t see much of anything of this game roaming the interwebs during e3. Just some strange video on here like a week ago with the guy in the “hey look sweater; I can afford coat hangers”.

  • Cool show, it was a short and skimpy on content though.

  • Wow I was in the top 20 to comment on Youtube and now I’m the top 20 comment on the PS Blog. It’s nice being a Fan of Insomniac Games on Facebook and following them on Twitter. You really get an a heads up on what’s going on. Don’t worry PS Blog I follow you too and Jeff.

    Great video again. I can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Much respect to you guys at Insomniac unlike the Japanese game developers. You guys and Sucker Punch have my respect for all times. Keep on pushing those PS3 AAAs and I’ll keep on buying.


  • OMG, Rachet is a pure PIMP! Woot, Lakers kick some major Magic butt!

  • Hey guys, can you please patch Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction with Trophy support?

  • Man ratchet is amazing!

  • Wow its been a while but i know you guys are working on the game and are busy. hopefully on resistance 3 also. but great show and keep up the good work.

  • One little hopeful-suggestion for the new game: Could you make an unlockable skin just the default, starting skin? Like, just Ratchet as he is when the game starts with no armor. Once you’ve gotten the full armor and are going through multiple playthroughs trying to get 100% weapons exp, it drastically depersonalizes the experience when his face is completely covered. Oh, and basically the less clothing Ratchet’s wearing the cooler it looks (shut up :O).

    • I think we\’ve got that covered this time around. That complaint has definitely not gone un-heard.

  • I hope I can score one of those shirts they were talking about. I keep checking up on Insomniac’s Twitter and Facebook accounts just in case. Hope some info on it comes soon. :)

  • Lol I need to start watching these. Good Show also, for future invites I would like to see Justin Richmond from Naughty Dog on your show.

  • Insomniac is one of the reasons I support Playstation. Thanks a ton guys!

  • kool show guys

  • And not a whisper about Resistance =_=

    Come on insomniac give us SOMETHING

  • No more resistance because it’s dead and gone.

    ON to the next game that isn’t even worth going all out for.

  • Hey,

    The Brian Fleming and Twitter links aren’t quite correct…a HTML tag must’ve been left unclosed, I guess. ;)

    Other than that, this video FMS was awesome. That live Ratchet was great, I laugh the whole time he was on the show ! ^^

    Can’t wait to here more about ACIT. Keep up the excellent work, Insomniacs! ;)


  • The code is not working :(

  • If they advertise this game right it could sell very well. Insomniac and naughty dog forever

  • Great to see a podcast from Insomniac but I hate the Lakers. Lol that was a nice joke about mini me being CLANK! XD

  • btw where’s Ted?

  • Insomniac is great. I’ve played just about everything they’ve put out.

  • Dam i wish comic con was in n.y.

  • Hi James !

    Great podcast :)

    Can you confirm the music played during the funny Ratchet footage is a track from ACIT O.S.T ? Main theme ?

    Oh, and… any chance for a collector edition this time ? :(

  • Yes, please James, I also need a collector’s edition for the game. You can include a plushy of ratchet, don’t do a little toy like the one included with SECRET AGENT CLANK; Clank’s arm fell off after 1 month.

  • Great show guys! I think you should keep doing video podcasts from now on if it’s not too much trouble. Not sure if it’s already available but if not, could you please make sure the show is directly downloadable from the PSP. Thanks!

    That said, Ratchet totally rocked E3! He’s obviously a hit with the ladies and I think it might be the eye brows. Damn I’m so jealous XD

    Keep up good work. I can’t wait to play the game!

  • Ratchet should become the official Lakers mascot.

  • I’ll see you guys at comic-con!

  • I realize I’ve said this before, but: I’m very happy you guys decided to keep the audio podcast around. (No offense intended) Not that the video podcast doesn’t have its benefits, but I really do enjoy listening to you guys in the background while playing whatever. Just wanted to thank you again for that. Here’s to yet another successful title from Insomniac Games. :)

    PS Wasn’t that response to the trophy backlog the one given during R2? Perhaps it would be more honest to just say that it isn’t going to happen. (Though I do see how there would be issues with that from a PR perspective.)

  • please no crazy hard trophies. i still didnt finish R2 trophies because of the online ones. got the story trophies 100% though. NO MORE ONLINE TROPHIES


  • This sequel looks promising. Keep up the good work IG, you guys are awesmoe!

  • nice podcast

  • They should interview the people who provide the voices of Ratchet and Clank.

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