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Hey Comet Crashers. This is Jennifer Pourchot from Pelfast.

Remember that game Comet Crash that came out in April?

Comet Crash

We are pleased to announce that some exciting updates are now available in our first patch.

Comet Crash has received some great reviews since its recent release on the Playstation Store for $9.99. We were especially excited about GameSpot’s 9.0 and Editors’ Choice Award! We have also received a lot of clever feedback from our steadfast fans and you’ll see that the patch contains some of your requests.

First, you will notice the new Video Record feature. You can now record gameplay videos to the hard drive or upload directly to your YouTube™ account. Comet Crash games can be incredibly unique, so I’m looking forward to seeing your videos. In addition, we added country flags to the scoreboard. You’ll have to beat your existing score to get a flag up there. Notice that scores with flags stand out amongst the others, so get them while they’re hot!

There are a few other changes as well. You can read more details in the Comet Crash Online Manual.


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  • I wish all PSN games had the ability to record gameplay, very nice update.

    Congrats on getting the editors choice award!

  • still waiting on a Eu release for this :(

    Any info on that?

  • Great Game. Congratulations on the gamespot award. Fun game, was playing a few rounds this weekend.

    I wish more games had country flags on leaderboards. It’s interesting to see where people are from on the PSN. Wish our PSN ID’s had that.

  • We need some Zen Pinball content.

  • Was there a demo for this? I’m interested – but so busy and haven’t had a chance to give it a spin.

  • Patch 1.01 Release Notes:
    – Video Record – record gameplay videos to the hard drive or upload directly to YouTube™.
    – Flag icons added to scoreboard. If you have an existing score, you have to get a better score in order to register your flag.
    – Save Data for Campaign progress.
    – Campaign time penalties are now applied as they occur, instead of at the end of the game.
    – Rank is displayed in Area Complete screen.
    – Building on top of units of the same team will destroy them instead of floating them.
    – In Battle mode, the player that destroys an enemy base gets a Thorium bonus.

  • no new game features…I already got 100% in comet crash…no reason I can see to return to it now…

  • Anytime jeff wants to lay down the smackdown on these first posters will be greatly appreciated.

    And I agree with 6

  • Does this game support IN-GAME XMB MUSIC???

  • @Jack-Bauer-89:

    You might want to check there.

  • I been meaning to buy this for a while now, but now Im debating between Heavy weapon or comet crash? I know they are different genres, but they are both fun.

  • Ok ok, I’ll buy it :-)

  • Ok checked the manual and it does!

  • this looks nice i want to record videos with this!

  • Please release a demo for this game! The Gamespot Review also has me very interested in buying this game, but I want to play it for myself before making a commitment. Great to see some unique support for this game though. Again…please release a demo for this game.

  • Guys, there is no demo needed for this game. You have my word, it’s very fun and addictive. Keep up the good work Pelfast. I’ll be looking for some downloadable content in the future.

  • Very nice. These kind of free and useful DLC features like video recording makes purchasing PSN games that much more tempting.

  • Fantastic… Any expansions headed our way? Or maybe some online co-op…? because that would be Fantastic.. Keep up the good work!!

  • Grrr pelfast, i seen comet crash update in my rss and i rushed to this page hoping for online play. Too bad any chance of an update with online play in the next one?

  • Genius, by supporting youtube, you’re giving us a feature and pretty much letting us freely advertise your game, its win-win.


  • Jeff didn’t post anything this morning. you alright jeff?

  • Comet Crash is absolutely outstanding. Finished it the day after buying.

    We need a epic sequel/spiritual successor with online gameplay and a sp campaign with a story. Pronto.

    • Jennifer Pourchot

      It\’s good to hear that you had fun with Comet Crash. It\’s even better to hear that you want more! Look out for our future updates.

  • nice

  • @Jennifer

    Yay! I knew you guys loved us!!!

  • SWEET! ill try it out.

  • Awesome, I love this game…very happy to know that you guys are working on new content for the game.

  • Loved the game but I never got my roommate to battle hence never playing any of the multiplayer content which is where I think the game may have gems I won’t discover.

  • Amazing co-op experience. Me and my friend perfected every stage even though the game didn’t reward you for it (that should really have been one of the trophies). Can’t wait for more (hopefully more challenging) content to be released.

  • really enjoy this game and we need online competitive mode cause my friends dont like playing due to i always beat them. and thanks for the update! cant wait to see whats on the works

  • God I love this game. It has the potential to rank with my all time favorites. I’m not kidding.

  • I really really want to buy this game, but I’m absolutely confounded as to why there is no online play. Until there is, I can’t justify this purchase.

  • Online support please, and I want to know if this game supports 7.1 PCM, or at the very least DTS 5.1? Is this game PS3 Exclusive?

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