The PSB & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

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  • Another great week in the books. I can’t believe the blog is 2 years old time sure does fly by.

    So Jeff told me that only you and him work on the blog full time but when you hold contest’s that involve pictures I always see an office full of people, I would assume you guys share an office with the PSN people?

  • Great week guys, keep it up and I’ll start paying ya :P.

    And Chris, you haven’t responded to my friend request yet. Do you hate me or something?

  • Great week, though I thought we were going to get a Kazunori Yamauchi interview?

  • When can we expect a release date for Fat Princess?

  • Hey Chris, thanks for the post. With not many games coming out right now I was wondering what games are you gaming? Thanks

  • This was a fantastic week! I’ve been waiting since october last year for it, and now its finally out and i have it!!! if you are wondering what ‘it’ is, that would be Bomberman ULTRA!!!!!

    Great post-E3 week.

  • when the hell are we going to get new avatars???



  • Hey Chris when are we gonna get The Last Guardian trailer on the ps store, i know you don’t manage the store but since there is no other official source other than this blog i’m just wondering

  • Hey guys, awesome week.

    I remember Brandon Laurino saying in his last post that we would have some MGS4/MGO news for the 1-year anniversary of the games.

    The anniversary was yesterday. Is something still coming our way?

  • off topic-where’s the update that the guys of zen studios promised us that would be released soon for zen pinball? any info on that jeff or chris

  • Decent week overall in terms of news, but awesome PSN update. Gunstar Heroes is eating up ALL OF MY TIME!

    I always wondered if my constant nostalgia tripping will lead to me prematurely getting old… Heh.

  • Hey any update on the news regarding the 1 year anniversary of Metal Gear Solid 4? I was under the assumption something was supposed to be announced unless i misread

  • @ Chris

    So Chris how’s the deleting the trophies feature coming along.
    remember i mentioned before and you said you would give it to the sony team and take it into consideration.

    Thanks a lot i apreciate it

  • not too much happening, or maybe thats because ive been wrapped up in my Uncharted beta, i dont know whatever i will do once the 29th hits…….

  • Are the rumors true about Fat Princess being out this week?

  • Any word on trophies for MGS4? I know there’s a patch coming out this week.

  • Killzone 2 really needs to come up with a better system for selecting maps. I purchased the new map pack this morning, and I’ve yet to be able to get into a game where people were playing the map.

    If you select any specific map to play, it ALWAYS says, “No games found”. And I don’t really want to play for three hours straight just for those maps to come up in rotation.


  • Hey Chris,

    Any plan on uploading to the PS Store The Last Guardian trailer from E3? It was the only trailer that I wanted to download, and watch it in our HDTVs.

    PLEASE upload it

  • No Socom news….

    Hi Jeff, seeing as how you grilled the dude who makes Lost Planet, how about doing the same to Slant Six for all of us. I’m playing Socom right now and am wondering just how long do I have to wait.

    You’re a good guy and a great PR man. Please for the Love of Video Games find out some info for us or me. Please.

  • AnyColourYouLike

    Lol @ No Socom update.

    The game still isn’t what it was promised at release according to the box and manual.

    No DLC like promised.

    All this and its been nearly a year, it literally makes me sick that Slant 6 is getting away with this, OR SONY for allowing it to be released completely unfinished.

    Also the fact we’ve being lied to all along, That the features were taken out post release due to server load. Whereas evidence shows otherwise. Its apparent the product was released unfinished to make money and getting us the things on the back of the box is an afterthought.

    All i can say is if/when things are fixed DLC better not cost a penny at first. I’m not about to be nickel and dimed over a product that has yet to deliver after 8 months.

    I’ve lost alot of respect for Sony’s first party quality control. Someone needs to speak up about these issues, address us the consumers. Because Slant Six has dropped the ball.

    -ex Sony referrer.

  • @20

    Lol, your actually blaming Sony? Sony doesnt test the game. They only publish it. Blame /6.

    And if you dont want to be a Sony fan, fine. Dont. Go away.

  • Looks like the frustration is starting to pile up. Guys you make the best system hardware wise but your features are disappointing. Its as if we have a Ferrari with bad fuel in it.

  • i just found out what Project Natal from Microsoft means!
    as the average dutch person is way too tall to get his/her full body image into the system!
    as the average living room size, is also on the small side due to high land values (so there is no room for Microsoft’s project to fit in :P)

    kudos to Sony for not going that route, and for not discriminating on us tall people.
    tallest people of the world “the dutch” :P (lol)

  • Whatever you do, please dont to a PSP Go Q&A like the PSP blog unless your actually going to answer real questions.

    The people answering the questions were unwilling and/or unable to answer any questions that wern’t already answered in the press release or during E3.

    Complete waste of time.

  • Would be cool if we could play certain PS3 titles on our PSP. Mega Man 9 and now Gunstar Heroes…

  • IN GAME AND CROSS GAME PRIVATE PARTY VOICE CHAT!!!! BC, in game music???? We have begged for YEARS, where are they. These features would not only enhance the systems functionality but drive $ales. Enough is enough work on the things we want now. If you added all three you could double your sales instantly, and you know it. Don’t you like money???? Sony please reply!

  • Games are getting better and 7 short months, GAMES FOR CHEAP BASTARDS will make a return *I hope* !

    Miss the glory days of a C note = 5 brand new titles :(

  • I doubt this will be read and taken into any serious consideration, but what is the deal with SOCOM CONFRONTATION.



    We’ve had a broken game for 8 months now, and we are dying to get patches, and new DLC.

    What gives SONY?

    Can you guys put more staff on Slant Six’s team devoted to Socom Confrontation and finish the damn game already?

    I’m dying to know why Killzone has had 2 releases via DLC, and Socom 8 months later has had none, AND Seth Luisi can be quoted saying

    “DLC will be available on release day. The day you take the home you can upgrade it with new customization and more. We plan to have new DLC every month, and a big package every 3 months”.

    Well congratulations its been 8 months, and not even a tidbit of info regarding DLC has been released. Have you given up on the title? If so let us know so we can trade it in for another game already. I’m so tired of waiting for SONY/Slant Six to get its act together.

  • I mean there should be at least 50K people playing daily, but you gave us a broken game for 3 months, and its been in beta for the last 5, hopefully to be finished sometime this month….. Do you think thats good business?

    MAG will not be purchased by any Socom fans, I can pretty much guarantee that. If you can’t finish an online only game with 7 maps do you expect people to purchase other titles alike?

    The only people who bought Warhawk were people waiting on Socom. At keast Warhawk was playable…

    Were pissed, were fed up with how you’ve handled the best online shooter around, Slant Six has done a great job, but give them some more people to work on the game already its ridiculous.


    – Universal Game Invites and Join Session Button(XMB)

    – Voice Mail and Private Voice Chat in-game

    – Add OPTIONAL sound for notifications(sign on, new messages,etc.)

    – symbols and numbers that show friends online and new messages on the XMB and beside message box

    – Auto Sync Trophies

    – More developed profiles + mentioned options on profiles(refer to image below)

    – Report feature to report issues and stuff

    – Faster loading in-game XMB and profiles

    – When you receive a message you should be able to push the PS button
    for it to automatically pop up as long as the notification is still

    – More Avatars

    – XMB for movies,and PS2

  • @Jeff

    just beat inFamous a second time and noticed your name in the credits under special thank you’s or something, just thought I would bring it up in case you didnt know. I’m super jealous of course, I wish I had my name in such a great game……

  • @29 MAG is being developed by Zipper. They actually had good Socom games, but when /6 took over it went downhill.

    MAG will be better than Socom Confrontation. Please don’t compare /6 and Zipper. There’s a huge difference.

  • Hey guys, good wrap up for the week.

    Small note though, for some reason, clicking the red dev reply links doesn’t seem to function properly anymore for me. I’ve done everything I can to see if it’s an issue on my end (emptied my cache, deleted cookies, changed browsers, etc) but it would seem that the red links are just broken, and just bring you to the main comments page. If you guys could look into this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks and see ya next week!

  • For all intents and purposes, the SOCOM franchise should be considered defunct. It’s being helmed by a company that blatantly lied to customers, released an unfinished product, and nearly a year after launch still hasn’t managed to deliver core features that were advertised IN THE MANUAL THAT SHIPPED WITH THE GAME.

    They’re crooks. And incompetent ones at that.

  • “They’re crooks. And incompetent ones at that.”

    +1! if i could.

  • I won’t be a jerk about but please add new avatars. I checked last week and they have been the same since I bought the system.

    You guys don’t even have an LBP avatar!

    Just please… add some more?
    Thanks! :D

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