Sack it to Me: The E3 / ICO Edition

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Team ICO Pack available now!

For those of you who saw the fun teaser trailer last Friday on, you know that the Team ICO pack is hitting the store this week. A set of five costumes, plus some stickers and sound effects, all based on Team ICO’s classic and widely loved PlayStation games ICO, and Shadow of the Colossus.

Over the course of the week Media Molecule revealed the costumes, and took a closer look at the games that they came from. You can read each individual post and look at the costumes in more detail over on the Media Molecule blog.

The Team ICO Pack is available right now on the PSN Store and costs $5.99

Team ICO Pack contents

  • Ico: Hat, Tabard, Trousers (pic)
  • Yorda: Dress, Wig
  • Wander: Wig, Tabard
  • Gauis Colossus: Head, Torso, Feet, Skin
  • Quadratus Colossus: Head, Wander doll, Hooves, Skin

This pack also contains a selection of stickers, and some new sound effects.

LBP ICO Costume Pack

Each costume is also available individually for $1.99 as well!

LBP at E3 2009

LBP was well represented at E3 this year. LittleBigPlanet PSP made a sweet debut on the PSPgo and was playable for the first time at the show earning great impressions and award nominations from both IGN and 1UP! As many of you know this title will offer the complete LBP Experience, now letting people Play, Create, and Share on the go and I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s looking amazing on the PSP. If you didn’t see the trailer yet, here you go:

Also, popular creators from the LBP Community, Lucas Sparks (LittleBigDeadSpace) and David Dino (Azure Palace) took booth visitors through awesome user-generated LBP levels on the show floor and got to rub elbows with some familiar faces. If you haven’t played their levels yet, you are definitely missing out.

Check out David hanging out with Qore host Veronica Belmont-

LBP Community w/ Veronica Belmont 2 @ E3

Lucas ended up doing some interviews with some fansites.

Overall, it was great to have these two representing our community and can’t wait until our next event to invite more of you out.


Sackcast is a new community podcast, and they released their first episode last week. In the premiere episode, the guys discuss some community levels, ideas for their own levels, and answer a few questions from the Mm community team. Check it out below, oh and don’t forget to head over to their website too!LittleBigHouse

At the start of last week we received an email from a very proud father. His Son Ben had been tasked with decorating his house as part of a town Gala. He chose to decorate his house LittleBigPlanet style – check it out! Ben will be crowned for his creative efforts, we should probably get him to come and decorate our office.

LittleBigHouse LBP

LittleBigPodcast Interviews Media Molecule!

To celebrate their 20th Episode, our friends at LittleBigPodcast scored a great interview with Media Molecule. Take a look!

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  • LBP on PSP? Time to go back to work ;P

  • I think it’s great that the support for LBP has been constant.

    However, it’s time for more level packs like the MGS one, but on a bigger scale. I think that kind of expansion to the single-player experience would sell quite well.

  • I need scissors! 61!

  • You guys could have at least thrown in the SOTC game that was made by those developers before the game came out.

  • *I mean level, not “game”.

  • Gotta love the LBP support. Especially with the Team Ico stuff. Loved SoTC

  • Keep it up!

    PLEASE make the FF7 pack a full on MGS pack instead of just costumes and stickers!

  • like everybody else… hoping for new MM created levels.

    I am glad you guys honoured those awesome creators by bringing them out to E3


    why was the Sackboy toys canceled? WIll you guys go through someone else so we can get our fix?

  • Stop making useless costumes. People want new levels.

  • I cant wait for the FF7 lvl pack to come in, and the support for LBP is just amazing! keep up the good work MM and the support for you guys will keep coming.

  • Are you f-ing serious, where the hell are the Golf results, they’re already a week late!

  • Still waiting on a new level pack for LBP. It has been 6 months already :(

  • Those costumes are horrible! Where are the final fantasy themed costumes we heard about about a year ago????????
    Also moar level packs like the MGS ones plz and thx…

  • As much as I love the Team Ico games, I really wanted to get some premade levels with this like the MGS pack.

    Didn’t purchase it because of this, maybe in the future we’ll get a level pack.

  • Level packs please. Enough of the costumes and stickers. Give me a reason to play again.

  • The ICO and SotC stuff is great and all, but all Media Molecule does is release costumes. Honestly I was hoping for some ICO & SotC inspired levels. More content, less superficial stickers and outfits.

    Like #14, I’ll purchase when we get an ICO level pack.

  • LittleBigDeadSpace is one of my favorite levels.

  • i want another big DLC pack. like teh MGS pack. with new levels and new features(paint gun). how bout a final fantasy one that add RPG elements. probably wouldnt work good but im playing FF7 right now and thought it would be cool

  • Thanks, Im really excited about LBP in PSP. About the new costumes, you guys should put levels with each costume, 5.99 bucks it’s a bit overpriced for just costumes and stickers. The Metal Gear levels are great.

  • I like the costumes and all but I think I am done with this game now. I cant keep buying only costumes that do nothing for the game. I mean its cool that MM is supporting the hell out of their game. But what we really want as customers is level packs.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Level packs please

  • Ico ,shadow of the colosus, we are running out of great games to have fun with in lbp what’s next I know you know blog-masters….drop one of those extremely vauge one liners that no one could ever guess I need a challenge!

  • Same here, I tried supporting LBP as much as possible. I bought every costume up until about 2 months ago. It just got too expensive. And I really only use about two of them.

    You guys need to make more level packs. I wont be buying anymore costumes unless they come with levels.

  • Please give us some new levels instead of those stickers and costumes

  • Great stuff. I am just waiting for a level pack like Metal Gear Solid’s. That was the best DLC ever!

  • Hey Mark, is there any level kit pack coming along with more trophies (such as MGS level kit)? Also, what happened with the *patch* that was supposed to allow us listen to our XMB music while in-pod?

  • @24

    Can’t agree more – would love to see more level packs, not costumes! Not that playing user generated content is bad, but MM levels seem to be refined and show that extra detail they’re great at.

  • Why you didnt make a Ico pack like MGS one? Ico was a good opportunity to do so

    I’m waiting for a new pack to play LBP again

    Stop selling us only costumes, we wont buy them if we are not playing the game, give us more lvls packs with costumes

  • Man, I love LBP. I think it’s a brilliant experience – though I do think that Media Molecule hasn’t been supporting it well enough beyond simply offering new costumes. How about a developer level pack? How about updating the in-game news section weekly with new featured levels?

    I love LBP, but there’s no way i’m buying a costume pack for 5.99. That’s probably been said so many times… And it’s not that the costumes don’t look awesome. I just wish you’d support the LBP community differently.

  • Hey whose side are you on Veronica Belmont?

    That’s right, I see that Wii lanyard!

    LOL… just kidding.

  • @Mark Valledor

    FF7 Pack + Levels please, I was disapointed to not be getting any Team Ico Levels ><

    @Jeff Rubenstien
    Hey jeff do me a favor, inform capcom that I will not be purchasing Lost Planet 2 for PS3 if they make it timed exclusive for the X360.

    I’m tired of getting the shaft from supposed “Cross-platform” companies like capcom. Either treat us like equals or choose a side.

    I will be encouraging others to do the same.

  • Speaking of MGS level packs…

    How are those MGS4/MGO updates coming along?

  • No comments about the cancelation of the LBP action figures? Going through a different company or just hoping we’ll forget about them?

  • i want to buy the Psp-go but i cannot if you guys don’t release psn Cards

  • in Canada

  • How come you guys don’t release any more MGS like levels but only stickers and costumes and stuff??

    We want full levels please! :D
    This was a great opportunity to release a full ‘expansion pack’ with added ‘sword/ stick’ fighting mechanic.

  • Mm should have a *poll* on their web-site for “us” the community to vote on which game do we wish to get a level-kit every 1 or 2 months (featuring *trophies*).

  • @35-36 / dottin

    Have you tried EB Games or GameStop in Canada?

  • listing the content of the costume packs item by item does not create a convincing enough illusion that these skins are in any way worth the money. There’s a good reason why I’ve only purchased the MGS *level* pack.

    Again, other than this recurring issue with costumes, this is a bloody brilliant game.

  • Sacboy is the king of nickle and diming.

  • Hey, I just got a good idea!
    What about a RESIDENT EVIL 5 level-kit?
    It would be extremely AWESOME to have Resident Evil 5 zombies on LBP!



  • You know what would be awesome?

    If PSP 3000sales Spike.

    All games downloadable? 50 PSone games coming? LBP?, Motorstorm?, Assassins Creed?, Rock Band?, Resident Evil?, Heck yeah I’ll buy a PSP.

    What’s that, $250USD? I’ll buy a PSP 2000/3000 and 16gb Memory stick pro duo for $50 less then that cuse I’ll get better battery life and I’m an internet savy digital consumer and know how to find a better deal online.

    K thx bye Sony.

  • Honestly, I’d rather hear about why the LBP toy line was canceled.I was counting on buying some sacktoys. sigh

  • LBP on the PSP Go looked promising. I was at E3, and got some hands-on time with it…But it took forever to load! Hoping that’s just an issue with beta software and the fact that the PSPs are all basically displays with buttons hooked up to a computer…


    we want LEVELS.

    this is VERY disappointing

  • Not really interested in costumes – I liked the level of customization in the original game but once my character is created, that’s it. I just play with it and don’t really care about its appearance.

    Added costume parts, stickers, etc., should be free as they’re basically useless – I can’t believe people pay for this stuff – but as long as they do, it’ll churn out…

  • Let me jump on the more levels sackwagon. I haven’t bought any of the costumes and doubt I ever will.

  • You feel no shame whatsoever when selling a costume for $2?

    A level pack like MGS for $5, I’d pay that, but costumes? They’re pretty but, golly, are they expensive!

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