MotorStorm: Pacific Rift – Making Tracks with the Speed and Adrenaline Expansions

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As you’re probably already aware, we’ve got 2 massive new packs lining up on the start grid, in the shape of ‘Expansion: Speed’ and ‘Expansion: Adrenaline’. For most players, the biggest news with these packs is all those new tracks, of course! New tracks for the game is always on every player’s wishlist in the number one spot, and our track designers have been working non-stop since the completion of Pacific Rift last year on a whole clutch of fantastic new tracks. MotorStorm has always been critically lauded for its great track designs, and these new ones have all been designed by the same team who crafted Pacific Rift’s 16 original tracks, so they have a top-tier pedigree!

In each of the new expansions there are 3 brand new tracks, playable in all online modes, and offline in Time Attack, Free Play, and Split Screen. Let’s take in the holiday brochure descriptions of the new locations, pack by pack.

First off, the Expansion: Speed tracks;


The sea breeze in your racing leathers, the sand in your face, crystal clear seawater in your gas tank…Quicksands isn’t just sun-kissed, it’s sun-smooched-on-the-doorstep-and-put-out-on-the-first-date. When ‘beautiful azure waters’ sits so close to ‘brutal, deadly crossovers’ in the brochure description, you’ll be saying, “Wish you were here,” while wishing you were somewhere else at the same time.

Quicksands1 Quicksands2

Darkfire Swamp

No sooner was this swamp-based track completed than Mother Nature decided to do some heavy handed redesign. With fissures opened up along its length, long-stagnant pools drained and dried, and deadly molten lava rolling in for some hot pool party action, the MotorStorm organizers decided it was the best redesign EVER.

Darkfire 1 Darkfire2


Through an impossibly narrow chasm where sunlight rarely shines, natures torrents carve new, untamed-able routes for her disciples to follow. Big boulders, fast waters and epic vistas; this track satisfies every appetite. One to really gorge on, you’ll need a hunger for survival – get ready to jump to the main course.

Engorged01 Engorged02

Moving onto Expansion: Adrenaline;

Reef Runner – The world’s downright-prettiest boat graveyard, Reefrunner combines hard, fast sand flats, wide coastal shallows and a lightning-fast, foliage-packed jungle sprint. Lightweights should look to hop over the sand banks, heavyweights can tear through the shallows, and everyone else can stick to the middle routes while trying to apply the sunblock and get their swimming trunks on for the post-race beach party.

Reefrunner1 Reefrunner2

Brimstone – Spurred on by a love of all things stupid and deadly, the hardcore lunatics united and set up this battlefield of a racetrack. Located inside an unstable volcanic wasteland, Brimstone offers smoking craters, sulphurous lakes, and deadly underground lava tubes. Hell above and Hell below makes this a hell of a good place to stage a race.

Brimstone1 Brimstone2

Hollowed Earth – At the top of the Island lies the racetrack at the bottom of the world. Built in and around a cavernous and complex natural cave system, Hollowed Earth demands fast reactions, racing discipline, and the ability not to think about the millions of tons of unstable volcanic rock directly above your head. A torch and a mining helmet probably wouldn’t go amiss, either.

Hollowed01 Hollowed02

As you may well know by now, each expansion pack also re-introduces familiar tracks in entirely new ways. Dubbed as ‘Track Variants’, there are 8 in total, selected from the most popular online tracks, and all given the ‘Volcanic’ subtitle. Rather than just tweaking the tracks by adding a few routes here and closing a few others off there with barriers or fencing, we’ve chosen to theme these redesigns around the idea of the Island going fully volcanic! Imagine lava Bombs spattering the track, erupting volcanoes, ash falling in the air, lava spewing across racing lines, the whole works! Each of these tracks features different degrees of ‘natural interference’ ; at one end of the scale we have The Edge Volcanic, which as an Air track isn’t going to see too much direct Lava interference, but is going to have its racing lines significantly affected by huge chunks of molten rocks smashing all over the track. At the other extreme, Earth and Fire tracks like Rift Volcanic and Scorched Volcanic show just what can happen at ground zero when the fires of hell spill out over the raceways! Lava levels rise, mud fields bake and crack, standing water evaporates, and tracks you think you know all too well suddenly provide an altogether different racing experience! We’re hoping you’re going to love the variety and surprises these new tracks provide, and that you’ll all enjoy getting your head around the new strategic racing approaches they require!

Next time, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the massive new single/multiplayer experience that is Speed Weekend, debuting in the Expansion: Speed pack! Keep those motors running!

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10 Author Replies

  • Thanks for the post Jed.

    Love this game and these new expansion packs will just make it all the better.

  • I still need to buy a copy of the game but I am so busy right now that I barely can play any of the new stuff I got.

    Nice sound track. I will be a must buy for me.

  • Sounds awesome to me. Can’t wait. Love this game. Thanks for continued support.

  • looks fantastic. i hope you guys extend this game as much as criterion extended burnout paradise.

  • When is this coming out?

    • Hey Hellman,

      Still no confirmed date I can give you but it\’s definitely SOON! Keep watching the store!

  • Is there a price yet?

    • Hi Kingslog,

      Still waiting to hear confirmation on the pricepoint myself. As soon as we know anything for definite we\’ll let you guys know.

  • Still no price or release date?? Come on guys!!

  • New maps look good, great game and thanks for the livery packs :D I’m just curious at the price though cause i love that the livery vehicle packs were free.. are we going to see more free packs in the future, are these free and keep it up, its good to see developers working hard too keep their games current and descent and not giving up straight after release and then waiting around until the next game. Times have changed a lot since the days of PS2 and the internet is probably one of the biggest things on the PS3.

    • The Signature Livery promotion still has another 3 weeks of free content waiting in the wings, and there\’s some movies and maybe another theme on the way in terms of free content. After that, there\’s no immediate plans, but Never Say Never and all that!

  • How you doing Jed ?? i was one of the photo contest winners and i havent heard from you guys yet , i really want my Motorstorm tshirt!!! lol , release date on the map packs??? hope you say next week!!!!! lol , Lunatics Unite !!!!!!! one more thing Jed are you guys involved somehow in the Arctic Edge development or you left it all to Big Big studios???? keep it up man , Motorstorm is one of my favorite new ips from sony this generation

    • Hey remanutd5,

      The photo competition is being handled by our community chap, who most of you know as Phenom_Evolution. He\’s been away for a short while, but I know he was in the middle of all this before he left, so hopefully you should all get some good news very soon!

  • Poopookakabumbum

    Are the controls going to be customisable, like in the first one? I can’t stand using R2 for acceleration.

    • Hey there,

      Controller config 2 maps accelerate onto the \’X\’ button and brake onto \’Square\’ – you can find this in Options under \’Wireless Controller\’.

  • This game is too hard towards Rank 7, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

  • Really looking forward to these. Great job.

  • can you lower the difficulty on the last two races on water, air, lava, i forgot the last one but you know what im talking about.

  • @11
    here’s a tip: check the corresponding time-trial ghosts for the track and vehicle of a specific festival race. then apply, what you learned e.g. which path to take.. you can also download ghosts from the leaderboard. just copy what they do.. for boosting, try to use it all at once on straights.. also, sometimes it’s a matter of picking the right vehicle e.g. rally car always better than racing truck.. hope this helps

    • Thanks jBat17,

      This is a great tip – and I\’d add that towards the end of the game, you definitely need to utilise all the tips and tricks you\’ve learned in order to land the Gold medals! It\’s tricky for sure, but plenty of people have managed to finish the game with all Golds – it\’s one of the most proudly flashed Microbadges in the game! :)

  • hey Jed one more thing why the european blog have both videos and we only get the adrenaline one??? lol , wheres the speed one???

  • When will the winners of the “Looking Good” competition receive their prizes? I’ve been announced as a winner, but have yet to get any notification through the VIP site or by E-mail to give the mailing information you would need.

  • Yes!! My favorite racing game gets new content…me likes!

  • Release date? Price?

  • Does this mean the errors that we are currently getting with the SLO-MO lag will be resolved before these packs are released and is this why they haven’t been released, yet?

    Also, does this mean that the error of not being able to scroll past racer #8 online will be resolved before these packs are released and is this why they haven’t been released, yet?

    I’ve asked Phenom on the PS forum, but haven’t gotten an answer as of yet. Both of these errors were caused by the last update.

    BTW, will you guys be testing the next update prior to releasing it and getting it “approved in all territories” or will you just be throwing it out there, so we have something else to complain about instead of being able to race and have fun?

    • Hi tk2012,

      The problems you mentioned will all be addressed in the 1.3 update that will be arriving alongside the Expansion:Speed and Expansion:Adrenaline packs. As mentioned previously, as soon as we know a confirmed rollout date for the update and the new packs we\’ll let you know, all we can say is we\’re doing our best to get them to you as quickly as we possibly can.

      All of the updates go through rigorous and lengthy testing across all territories, but sometimes brand new bugs become apparent in the live environments. All we can do in those situations is apologise and try to get a fix out to you guys ASAP. But the global nature of our online play does mean that we have to synchronise the release of all content and updates across all territories at the same time, and that can sometimes complicate the process. Rest assured, we\’re doing what we can to get these issues resolved as quickly as possible.

  • biggest question remains: when is this going to be available and how much? (or did i miss that information somewhere?)

  • By the way, the tracks look great. Much appreciation to the designers for the variety, intensity, and visual appeal for their new work (and past work).

    Any chance that we will EVER be able to get ELIMINATOR online again, so we can play with our friends?

    Also, the Speed Races on the offline were a fun advancement from the first MotorStorm. It would be cool to have Speed Races online with 12 people as well. Can you say CARNAGE as 12 people all try to go in between the flags!!?? Any chance of adding something like this eventually?

    • Thanks for the kind words tk2012!

      There\’s no plans for Eliminator online at the moment I\’m afraid.

      The new SPEED WEEKEND festival mode in Expansion:Speed has a slightly different take on how to take the Speed Races to a competitive, multiplayer arena. Give it a try, we think you guys will have a blast with it!

      In terms of 12-player simultaneous Speed Races, it\’s certainly a cool idea, and one that we actually did prototype, but it didn\’t ultimately make it into the Expansion pack for a few reasons. If we ever get those issues ironed out it\’s good to know you guys would like to get your hands on it!

  • Touche my friend!

  • Just dont add lame trophies like you did in the main game. For example: Win 250 races. Grind trophies are really useless.

    And also work on the netcode. The lag in this game is a joke.

  • That’s all awesome and everything but….

    It’s the one year anniversary of MGS4… weren’t we supposed to get a ton of awesome surprises?

  • I didn’t know there were 2 packs I thought it would just be one big update. So that means two diffrent prices? maybe? But it looks sweat!:)

  • Make the current online trophies easier to complete! Getting a single ranked win is one thing, but three in a row? Impossible! And leveling up to Legend is also a joke when you match bronze Grunts up against gold Legends, not to mention the exp loss. I hope any trophies that accompany these expansions are strictly single-player only. Bring on the speed!

  • Any chance of releasing the soundtrack?

    • Hi Aus10,

      Loads of you have asked this question but the (sad) answer it no, I\’m afraid not. It would be totally amazing, but those things have to be negotiated when all the contractual issues for the music on the soundtrack are being worked out, I\’m afraid.

  • Currently re-installing MGS4 game data… I’m waiting…

  • So many packs on a variety of games that I have no idea which one to get! I mean between LBP, KZ2 and this! Wow, but these maps look amazing… any idea on the price?

    I would pay big money to download the soundtrack, too.

  • YES! been waiting a long time for this Motorstorm is the best arcade racer this gen.

  • Whoa.. what’s with the low resolution on this video? I KNOW Motorstorm: Pacific Rift looks much better than this, even in other videos done before.

    • Hi norm01,

      These videos will be going up on the store soon too, so you\’ll be able to play them directly from your PS3 and pore over all that glorious detail at your leisure! :)

  • Couldn’t ask for much more, the new tracks look great.

  • Awww, the title made me think we were getting a track creator. :(

  • Can anyone tell me how it’s possible to beat this game, or at least the original Motorstorm? There’s no way I can pass anyone on ‘Rough Diamond’.

  • niiiiiice

  • 33 if evolution studios made a track creator hell i’d buy it for 15 or20 bucks on playstation store everyone ask evolution studios to make a track creator

  • AWESOME !!! I can’t wait !!

    I have 1 question. MS1 in online lobbies, anyone without the expansion tracks would get booted when one was picked. Will that be the same for these ??

  • Been waiting for this new content foreverlong. Hope the price is reasonable (hoping max of 20-25 total for both but have a feeling it’ll be somewhere around 30+ given all the content) and if it is then it looks like I’ll be playing MS exclusively again for a while.

  • i agree getting the 3 in a row now if your just starting is going to be hard…. i can do that 5 times a night,but ive had the game since oct…. but good luck :)

  • these look good, i havent played MS in a while, this will make me get back into it.

  • Release a map pack for free and I’ll pick up a copy of the game!

  • Yes, please read post #37 if you don’t read mine and answer those as well.

    As elcheapo says, in MS1 if the host picked a DLC track, it would boot the people w/o the track out of the room.

    Now that Rift has automatic CASUAL, automatic RANKED, and then CUSTOM rooms, what will happen to the people who don’t have the DLC?

    +Will they get booted from the room that they waited to get into?

    +Will they get booted from the GROUP that they entered the room with as well?

    +Will it lead to dare I say DATA CORRUPTION?

    Please tell us!!!

  • BTW, Weren’t we getting a MotorStorm trailer location/apartment for HOME, too?

    (That we could win or purchase.)

  • When is the update coming out that fixes the DTS sound issue?

  • Any hope for 1080i support in this beautiful game?? :)

  • 720p is better then 1080i… why do you think fox shows games in 720p

  • @ Jed

    Thanks for your replies. I can only speak for myself, but I appreciate your communication and quick replies to the comments/questions posed above here. This is something that has been lacking in my opinion on the forum area of the PSN and am thankful that the blog does not take the same approach. As your constituents, we tend to only want to know a few things; to know that you have heard our concerns, to know that something is in the process of happening, and to know that the game that we love has the chance of staying that way.

    Thanks for doing your job and giving us a fresh outlook! ;)

  • What about in-game music for online? That would be great!

  • Any chance that You could change the default answer from “No” to “Yes”, when you chose to restart a game or timetrail?

  • So i just noticed the new trophies added!!!

    does this mean it could be within the week or so???? i mean when re5 added theres the DLC came a few days later…we must be getting close to it!!!!!!!!

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