Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 Now Available, Play with the Devs Tomorrow!

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Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 is now available for download on the PlayStation Store for $9.99.

Battle to control the river bridge in “Banzai,” a bright jungle map featuring a waterfall and hidden caves. In “Corrosion” face down your enemy in a shattered train yard, and in “Sub Pens” wipe the monsoon rain from your eyes as you struggle over a bombed-out submarine base. The Zombies return in “Shi No Numa” (Zombie Swamp) featuring Perk machines, the deadly new Wunderwaffe DG-2, new Trophies and flaming Hell Hounds.

Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 - Banzai

Deep in the jungles of Japanese controlled territory, battle to control the tall river bridge in “Banzai” a bright, medium sized jungle map featuring a waterfall, villages and hidden caves well suited for deadly snipers, surprise attacks and all out gun battles.

Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 - Corrosion

In “Corrosion” face down your enemy in a deteriorated Russian train yard. Sprint under, over and through the shattered pipelines and war-torn train cars in this mid sized map great for full out team combat. Keep your head on a swivel as your enemy could be above or below you!

Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 - Subpens

Sub Pens
“Sub Pens” offers a close-quarter bombed-out Japanese submarine base littered with live ammunition, breached subs and idle fighter planes. Wipe the monsoon rains from your eyes and struggle to control key choke points in this tight map designed for exciting and deadly battles.

Shi No Numa (Zombie Swamp)
Keep moving to survive the unending Zombie horde in “Shi No Numa”, the all new addition to the four player co-op fan favorite. Japanese Zombies rise from the misty swamps and flaming Hell Hounds blaze through the jungle as players struggle to find Perk machines and the deadly new Wunderwaffe DG-2 to stay alive. This new map includes 10 new Trophies.

Map Pack 2 Trophy List
While the thrill of a zombie shooting spree is enough on its own to inspire countless replays of Map Pack 2’s new zombie map, Shi No Numa, the challenge of Trophies turn an already frightening experience into a bone-harrowing struggle for honor. Listed below are the ten Trophies that players can strive for in their struggle for survival, exclusively obtainable in the eerie swamplands of Shi No Numa.

Dead Air – Secret Trophy

  • Hammer Time – Repair 200 window boards.
  • It’s a Trap! – Kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round.
  • Weapon of Minor Destruction – Kill no more than one zombie with a nuke.
  • Perk-a-Holic – Have all four perks simultaneously active in a game of Nazi Zombies.
  • Fertilizer Man – Kill 200 zombies in a single game.
  • Deadhead – Get 150 zombie headshots in a single game.
  • Big Baller – Earn 75,000 points in a single Nazi Zombies game.
  • Big Brawler – Get 10 consecutive zombie melee kills before Insta-Kill expires.
  • Soul Survivor – Reach round 15 in Nazi Zombies without getting revived.

You’ll want to try these maps out today, as we’re running a Double XP Weekend, through Tuesday (ending 10am Pacific). You can also take us on tomorrow, Saturday June 11th, from 1-5pm PST – keep an eye out for these PSN IDs as you’re playing:


We hope you enjoy the newly released Map Pack 2 and look forward to seeing you in action! Now move out!

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  • sweet!!!

  • Thats great I just bought it yesterday night so im looking forward playing with you devs. =0 The Zombies are just Amazing!

  • Josh I’m following you on twitter!! You should give me a code please!! My names garguno on twitter..

    Nice post and I can’t wait to play this

  • Yeah not fair, you give GiantBomb 10 Xbox Live codes but the blog nothing! :(

  • @Microshock

    Not only them, to Joystiq too, that is not fair treatment to us PS3 owners, you must treat all your customers the same way, no preferences

  • these maps are really good, played them all lat night.

  • I want this – but have no money to spend! Nooo… lol

  • Exploding zombie dogs FTW… now if only we had private/party in-game voice chat… ahh to dream.

  • very creative psn id’s

  • I got a ? plz reply r u guys working on a patch to fix the errors we get on it like cant host games sometimes it will keep saying searching and sometimes gotta have someone else host and than the spawns r dumb im tired of havin ppl respawn next to me or behind me and killin me wtf but r u guys workin on a patch to fix the errors with hostin and sometimes connecting with friends and i dont have dsl i got a 6 mb connection and i can host but sometimes it gets errors the patch from yesterday fix some of it but its still doing that plz reply back

  • o ya before i forget maybe work on a patch to add upto 8 players for the new zombie map :-p i love it also any more map packs coming?

  • could not wait for this map pack, thank god sony updated so early or else i would’ve gone crazy. The new maps are awesome except for sub pen. BRING ON MAP PACK 3! infinity ward can go suck it.

  • This was posted on the COD website re: the latest COD W@W patch:

    I wanted to take a brief moment to go over what this update addresses.

    This list applies to both platforms:

    • Significantly streamlined MP matchmaking.
    • Increased the number of safety checks in the MP spawn system to prevent players from spawning within the line of sight of an enemy.
    • Implemented a new stats backup system – this system creates a regular backup snapshot of player stats; if the game detects data corruption, instead of attempting to reset the player to level 1, it will notify the player that their stats have been restored to the most recent backup.
    • Addressed a rare occurrence referred to as the “dummy glitch” in MP, where players would appear to be prone in 3rd person but would have a standing view in 1st person.
    • Patched several possible MP map exploits.
    • Improved dog spawning in MP.
    • Improved AI path-finding in Nazi Zombies to prevent potential exploits.

  • i agree #14 inffinity ward is buy outs givin xbox map pack 1 and 2 for modern warfare 2 maps for xbox for months before we will see them and sony needs to pay for ps3 only stuff sheesh but o well bring map pack 3 on with upto 32 players permatch :-p

  • Call of Duty == FAIL

    Kiddie arcade weightless gun on a stick controls.

    Laughabe Wii level graphics.

    Call of Duty is the garbage you get when you gimp your game to run exactly the same on the 360’s stupid 7 gigabyte DVD format and wimpy graphics hardware. Lowest common denominator garbage.

    Call of Duty is the Britney Spears of FPS games.

  • I downloaded it yesterday… Its a very addictive DLC. By the way, could you please tell us the detail of the hidden trophy? lol

  • @16
    your mental
    and it actually runs better on 360 i played around at my friends

  • So am I correct in saying the new trophies don’t apply to other zombie maps?

  • new trophies sounds good

  • @20
    Yes, the new trophies can only be unlocked from the new Shi no Numa map.

    Just do a quick search on youtube for “world at war dead air” …it’s very interesting :)

  • Does anyone know how many of these new maps allow 4 player splitscreen offline? That’s about the only time I play this game now. I was frustrated that the last map pack only had one map where you could do this.

  • @13
    I heard that mp3 might come in august but idk cuz I don’t make them… I’m hoping tho!!

    I sold cod 4 when cod:waw came out but I’m deffinentely not doin that when modern warfare 2 comes out… Cod:waw is awesome especially zombies… Someone should make a game just for zombies and have like 15 different zombie maps…. That would be amazing!!!

  • @19 i had a 360 but sold it tho i know it runs the same and how am i mental? wtf

  • I got 2 questions For the devs…. What map is your favorite? And will you guys be split up the whole time or will half of you be together on one team or somethin like that?

  • Might want to fix that error you have on this entry.

    “You’ll want to try these maps out today, as we’re running a Double XP Weekend, through Tuesday (ending 10am Pacific). You can also take us on tomorrow, Saturday June 11th…”

    Fix the June 11th to June 12th.

  • ya!!!!!!! Nazi zombies!!!!!!!! Love the zombie dogs it’s sick!!!!! You should really make a call of duty with just zombie levels and call it Call Of Duty:Zombie Warfare!!!!!!! Map Pack 3 can’t wait.BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • W@W and treyarch equals = not good!

    this is a terrible ps3 title!

    i purchased the 1st one but realized what myself and everybody else really wanted was some more cod4 maps.

    there is so much other good stuff on psn to buy while waiting for november.

  • Cool Im buying dis Monday

  • Do I need to buy the map pack 1 before I can buy the map pack 2 ?

  • Multi-player only? Will it work for a solo?

  • Hell yeah!!!! I love the zombies!!

  • And hopfuly the zombie game is awsome LoL the one in cod5 is getting gay LoL.

  • I’m On A Boat song rocks lol

  • I’ve been playing the new zombie game. It is awesome. The best one yet. I like how you can go outside and it’s a large map for zombies.

  • find the black phone ;], that’s all I’ll say

  • I would have loved to checked out the game but I got the yellow light on my 60 ps3 and now it is dead till I find $150 to fix it

  • New maps are great, but does anyone else have a problem with “lag” since downloading these new maps?

  • Hey everyone, Im Having troubles getting The MAP Pack 2. I purchased it and downloaded it, But when i attempt to install it it says ( An Error Occured During the Install Opperation: 80029564) ive already deleted and downloaded again…. :( any ideas?

  • if anyone has got map pack 2 or one i can he give it 2 me (add me Tazmainiandevil)

  • Are you kidding? These are the only pictures! Some craptacular bird’s eye map views! This stupid game needs more work than just adding more crappy maps (map pack 1 sucked bigtime), before you spend development time on more maps. how about fixing the game ruining aspects of COD 5 WaW. Liiikkee, frikkin’ Last Stand, GET RID OF IT, it’s broken. It’s severely unbalances the game. If you are shot…YOU ARE DEAD. I’ll wait for COD MW 2 thank you very much. We went back to COD 4 a few months back, still a far superior game. We need more maps for that.

  • Why is it that PC gamers get the map pack for free?

  • h0w can i d0wnl0ad this in here ???

  • Is there a patch that I am unaware of for the game? I downloaded everything like it asked me to then a message popped up after all the downloads saying “An unknown trophy initialization error has occurred. You will not be able to earn trophies during this play session.” And because of this error I can’t play on co-op or online. Its not even showing that i bought it either.

  • u have made two dlc packs for W at W , u should make another for Modern Warfare PLEASE!!!! i heard that MW did better then W at W does anyone know if u have herd around the same thing?

  • they will make a new cod moder warfare an 10 november it will be awsome!!!!chet it out on youtube㋡


  • my ps3 wont work after i downloaded the map pack 2 for cod world at war??? what gives??

  • Are the new maps on multi player mer. team deathmatches?Or only multiplayer coop

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