E3 09 On the Show Floor: Soulcalibur Broken Destiny

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Well, technically it was behind closed doors on the show floor (PSB = VIP!). Technicalities aside, we were lucky enough to get some private time with Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny Director Noriyuki Hiyama to talk about the first PSP version of Soulcalibur. And perfect timing it was, considering Kratos was announced as a playable character at E3. So here, Mr. Hiyama goes in depth on Kratos, including some background on the God of War star’s inclusion as well as details regarding his brutal fighting style.

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  • Awesome. :D I’m really excited to finally play SC on my PSP.

  • This game will be great. Looking forward to use Kratos, sure he is going to have brutal combos. It’s gonna be awesome.

  • Im going to buy this when I buy the PSP GO! I only wish it was coming out sooner.

  • Kratos made this game a must buy. It will be funny when Kratos beat a Female character and have a s3x mini-game when them :)

  • No info on PS3-PSP connectivity/compatibility? Would really love to see that.


    Will we have infrastructure support?

    If no infrastructure Ad-hoc Party support for PS3?

    PSP Connect (Dual Shock 3) support via SC4 patch (trophies wouldn’t hurt either)?

    Can we expect you guys to try (keyword here) to get Kratos in future SC releases on PlayStation products?

    Are there more new characters other than Danpierre I’m not at all excited about this character?

    Will this be a DLC title in addition to UMD?

    What was your first fighting game?

  • NJz-Greatest-420


  • errr ummm errr

  • I think Raiden would have been a better choice (especially this the developer ties in psp games with SC making sense (for some reason)) then kratos. from a conceptual artist point of view, kratos isn’t anything special looking. Raiden on the other hand would have worked.

  • kRATOS FTW, SOLD!!! :D

  • Stupid caps lock, THERE WILL BE CHAOS!!! >:( Ahem, sorry!!! :P :D


  • very nice

  • Soul Caliber on PSP + Kratos from GoW in SC?! Very nice – can’t wait!

    BTW, when is this coming out? I’m hoping this year around the holidays!

  • LoL @ panasonic tv in the background
    wheres that bravia!

  • cool, now can you bring Ad-Hoc Party to the rest of the world.

  • It’s awesome how Kratos is the special guest :).

    Oh yeah Chris, good to see you are showing yourself a lot more often nowadays!

  • Hey Jeff,

    You should do an interview with Kazunori Yamauchis’ translator. I wanna know what he was *really* writing on that notepad lol

  • DamPierre and Kratos are better additions to soul cal than vader and yoda…i might be pickin this 1 up, tekken 6 too, i played the hell outta tekken 5 DR…

  • Looks interesting. I was just wondering about the PSN store update or the week; Is it possible that you finally re-release Klonoa: Door to Phantomile tomorrow? None of the original copies on ebay or amazon are trustworthy for me. Scratches on disc, missing inserts, etc. I can’t find a good copy as of now, and I really would love to play the original. Please re-release Klonoa tomorrow. Thank you for your time and understanding.

  • wooo kratos. buyin no matter what now. was just gonna rent but that made me decide to buy it.

  • Kratos HELL YEAH!!! First day buy for me :D

  • The addition of Kratos makes this a MUST BUY for me :)

  • SC on PSP+Kratos= YESSSS!!

    Another great game to play while I’m on vacation!

  • Kratos> >>>>>Star Wars(WTF)

  • Kratos the man all but screw him. i would rather see my girl NARIKO kicking butt. that Heavenly Sword needs to be showcased. Sony we need another Heavenly Sword 2.

    Heavenly Sword 2 keeping the hope alive

  • Can you please relay to that translator to cut out the “uhhs..” and “umms..” in his sentences please. I counted between 56-60 unnecessary “uhhs..” and “umms..”

    Translating isn’t rocket science. Thanks.

  • After what they did with Vader and Yoda as DLC they can go screw

  • Where’s Nariko? I am glad we got kratos but Nariko would have been a great match in addition to Kratos.

  • Wow, it’s been a long time since a game has been worthy enough to go into my UMD drive!

  • sweeeet!
    great to see you again Chris ;]

  • This game looks amazing!!Plus it helps that the Dark Knight is my favorite movie lol. I

  • We need cross-game voice chat for PS3

  • Ummm..this game…ummm…looks…ummm…good…ummm…and…ummm..ya

  • #33 Is right.

  • sweet!!! =P

  • why don’t they do this with Soul Calibur IV in first place Kratos i know star wars is very popular but star wars characters don’t feel right in soul calibur can you ask they that about please

  • Yea, I asked this question last time and never got an answer. Will there be any compatibility with the PS3 version? Will there be any more Updates/Patches/DLC for SCIV? Great ideas to drop on them: SCIV Trophies, DLC from Broken Destiny eg. Kratos. Yea a lot of people wanted Kratos, but for the PS3! Now if people want Kratos they have to get the PSP version. Also more clothing options from either SCBD or SCIII. If you could drop those ideas on them next time you get the chance that would be GREAT! Thanks in advance. And if not, at least answer me.

  • Did not mean to come across rude in my last post. I just want an answer.

  • Kratos on Soul calibur now we are talking new reasons to buy the s.c. game again this game needs a good kick in the ass other than more Pretty colors! new realms would be nice like in the dreamcast version come on guys its 2009 lets go wild not just stay the same with more fluff

  • i cannot wait for this game to come out im a huge fan of both gow and sc and this is right up my alley

  • as soon as i saw kratos all i could say is finally i was waiting for him to be in soul calibur i thought he was goin to b in part 4 but guesss not but now hes in this soul calibur on the psp thats goin to b cool especially wit his crazy combos but ya dont stress this make it good and decent lookin forward to buying a psp now jus for this

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