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Welcome to another action-packed, fun-filled blog from your wacky pals at Creat Studios and TikGames. You know why tomorrow is so special? Because at long last, the Cuboid DLC will be released in the US and surrounding territories. NowSoon, PSN gamers in North and South America can be as cool as your counterparts in Europe! There are three great options to choose from that all you Cuboid fans should be aware of, so let’s get to it, shall we?

Cuboid DLC

First up is the Cuboid Booster Pack, which contains 33 new levels that will test even the best players’ skills, rewarding you with new trophies. This pack will cost you just $2.99.

Option number two is the Cuboid Level Editor where you become the level designer and challenge others with your own custom levels. Players can either create a brand new level from scratch, or improve upon any existing level, created by other players or taken from the original campaigns. User-created levels can be uploaded to PSN where they will be made available to other players (who have downloaded the free patch). Players can also earn trophies for creating their own levels, and for rating the levels created by others. The Cuboid Level Editor will cost $3.99.

Cuboid DLC 2 Cuboid DLC 3

And finally, for those of you who tend to be either indecisive, or just want it all, the Cuboid Bundle Pack includes both the Booster Pack (33 new levels) and the Level Editor. And how much will all of this additional Cuboid goodness cost, you might ask? You can get the Bundle Pack for the low, low price of just $4.99! How can you go wrong?

I also wanted to let you know that custom music support is coming for Cuboid as part of a free patch download, so get your playlist ready.

I’ll be sticking around for a while to address any questions, comments, complaints or compliments you guys and gals might have, so fire away!

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  • What about the game + DLC bundle? ;o

  • the 2nd comment…guess theres not that many fans..its sad becuz this is a VERY GOOD GAME..simple yet and my cusin have a blast.but yeah im glad theres some new dlc for it ..i cant say ive bin waiting…lol but i cant wait to get it.

  • always looked like a sick game i have the free one for the iphone and i loved it i might need to pick this one up soon

  • Creat is quickly becoming one of my favourite developers. Although Cuboid is not of interest to me personally, I appreciate the DLC, and the reasonable pricing of same across all of your releases thus far. Other Developers/Publishers should take note (hello, Capcom).

    My fav is Magic Ball– I’ll give you a pass as far as harassing you about the next MB pack, because I recognize you’re trying to spread the love amongst all your kids, as well as getting ready to drop a new baby tomorrow.

  • I’ve really enjoyed your game and will probably pick up the DLC. Would it be safe to assume that the free patch is coming tomorrow since it will be necessary to have it to play uploaded levels?

    I’m looking forward to playing Cuboid with custom soundtracks! Thank you in advance for a welcome addition.

    • The free patch has been slightly delayed, which is the cause for the delay in releasing the DLC tomorrow. But yes, they will be released together, cheers!

  • Excellent, can’t wait. A quick question: how has the response been in Europe with the level creator? Are there very many user-created levels available, and will those be accessible from the US?

    • Great question about US users being able to access EU created levels. I will ask the producers about that!

    • And here is your answer: YES! EU and US PSN users will indeed be able to share their own Cuboid custom created levels! How cool is that?! Now I might have to buy it too! ;-)

  • Thanks! This is one PSN’s best games and I will definitley be picking this bundle pack up tomorrow. Have you guys considered a co-op mode for Cuboid?

    • Thanks so much! Not sure about the co-op mode if it has been considered or not, but I can certainly ask the producers!

  • Awesome news! I loved the original levels and am eagerly looking forward to the new levels.
    One quick question, how do the new levels compare to the previous ones in difficulty? I completed all of the original 66 levels by the end of the night when it was first released and even found the expert levels to be pretty simple (though there were a couple that initially did pose a problem).

    Thanks again for the wonderful games and wonderful support Creat have offered.

    • Wow, you are a better Cuboid player than I am! I believe the new levels will be quite challenging, but from your problem solving skills, perhaps you should be directing your talents to curing diseases and ending world hunger? :-)

  • Hmm…I just may have to give this game a shot.

  • Whoever does not have this game should get it ASAP!

    I am definitely buying the DLC tomorrow.

  • how about a cuboid demo?

  • Cuboid is an awesome game.

  • This is not my type of games. I got MagicBall and the DLC also from you guys and love that game. By any chance do you guys plan to make a PSN game that isn’t a puzzle game? Like an RPG or something?

  • @13


  • Michael Robinson

    Hey everyone! I am very sorry to have to break this news, but there has been a last-minute, unexpected delay with the Cuboid DLC, so it will not be released tomorrow. We are only looking at a one week delay, two at the absolute most.

    I will be logging back on here shortly to start to answer your posts. I am terribly sorry, again, for this delay, and we thank you so much for your patience and support. We promise it will be worth it, cheers!

  • I’m confused – is this the same content that we had on the european store or is it new?

    Also is the price lowered, as I remember it was a lot more expensive on the european store, which is why I haven’t bought it.


    • There were two issues, unfortunately, when the Cuboid DLC was released in Europe, but both, I am happy to say, have been corrected. The pricing was incorrect when it first launched, but people who bought it at the wrong price have since been credited. And a previously undetected bug was preventing gamers in EU from up and downloading custom levels. Sony released a free patch just today that should completely fix this issue. We are very sorry for these problems, but all should be well now, and going forward :-)

  • @ 17……suddenly sad

    at any rate I am glad you bundled them together, now I will probably buy them both

  • What a great game! I loved playing Cuboid and can’t wait to try the new levels and trying my hand at creating a few new levels myself. I completed all of the original levels the day Cuboid released and I have to say a couple of those levels were a real brain workout lol. Thanks for the DLC Creat, I have been quietly waiting and anticipating some new levels. :) B2B

    • You\’re very welcome, and thanks so much for the support! I know you will love the Cuboid DLC – especially the level editor!

  • Great!!!
    Finally the DLC is here, it took yall over 5 months since the day someone post about it in here.

    But what is that of “US and surrounding territories”?
    SO them ppl who live outside the US can now get it on their own stores?
    Or they’re gonna keep making “fake” american accounts to get this and more content.

  • I agree with 10 and 22, I submitted my answer at 9:02:58 AM. Yes I had my clock up. While someone who posted 9 hours later won. We both had the same answer and I was amazed when I saw nothing in my inbox.

    Please do not rig contests guys. Thanks

  • I was waiting for this DLC. Now I can finally purchase Cuboid and see what I’ve been missing.

  • I bet they forgot to setup a game + bundle, bundle.

  • Well one week its not big deal. Maybe now you guys can do a package with the original game and the extra levels?

  • Can you lower the volume of the music when selecting the game in the XMB? When browsing through my games, Cuboid and Magic Ball are always super loud! Loud doesn’t make up for lossy 16-bit audio.

    Besides higher quality audio assets, fly-through on the levels or following the block as it falls would be nice. The camera is just a little too “fixed”, and the game’s price point demands little production value touches like these. Otherwise, this could just be a WiiWare game.

    I really liked cuboid, and my husband and I love playing Magic Ball in local co-op. Please keep making games with local co-op! Also make sure the trophies are balanced so it’s possible to get most of them in local co-op, this was a major problem in Magic Ball with the Collect 200 Bonus Points trophy. (There’s no bonus levels in co-op mode.)

    I hope this constructive criticism helps! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for your comments, and I will be sure to pass along to the games\’ producers. And thanks, as well, for your support!

  • I agree with the volume issues address @ 28.

    Most of the time I play late so I have the volume low, but when I pass over a number of the games in the xmb (I am looking at you SPF2Turbo) they are amazingly loud please fix this.

  • Oh come on! The rest of the world has had the cuboid add-on for a while and now ours is delayed?

    • Trust me – the delay is for good reason. We are completing last-minute changes on a free patch that you will need to be able to use the level editor, so it is well worth it. The level editor is incredible, so please sit tight for just a little while longer, thanks!

  • Wow, thank-you Michael.

    Been waiting for this for a bit now ever since it was announced that we’re due for a DLC for the game.

    • I wish I could accept your thanks, but really it\’s our hard working designers and producers who deserve your thanks, which I will certainly pass along :-)

  • Well to be honest. I will NOT be buying the DLC now. It will be about a month delay for us now here in NA. I have been very patient but to hell with that. I am going to go buy some other add-ons or games then. Thanks for ruining my day and hoping that I could enjoy playing the add-ons for cuboid. I even made sure to go out and buy $40 worth of PSN cards cuz from what I have read in the blogs lately there is too much releasing and this was one of the reasons for buying the cards yesterday.

    • Ouch. Please see my response to #30 above. Trust me, it is with VERY good reason that we are making this final delay. Good games take time; GREAT games take a great amount of time :-) I promise it will be worth it, so I kindly ask you to reconsider. Cheers!

  • So is there a patch to fix the bug where users are able to get impossible times? Any way to take those times and/or trophies from users that scored these times?

    I was curious about the new DLC– I saw the updated trophy list awhile back and never saw the new levels to go with it till now.

    • Not sure about the times issue, but I can check with Sony. As far as any bugs, everything should be fixed once the DLC and free patch are released.

  • about time :) I just woke up and was reading slow and started to get PO’d until I read the third option. I was like I got to get two packs just to get back to 100%

  • @32 you didn’t really didn’t explain why you decided not to buy. You definately just non-sensically ranted.

  • @35 yes I did. The DLC was released 2 weeks ago to the rest of the world and now we have to wait another 2 weeks? Forget it. I wont buy it now. Sorry but 1 month to get us our DLC when the rest of the world has had it now. I will move on to the next DLC or game from the PS store.

  • @32 nevermind I just saw the red comment. Kinda mad too.

  • @37 see now you see why Im so mad. It really pissed me off to see that today. I was really looking forward to this tomorrow.

  • looks pretty cool lol, is a bundle at work?

  • Thanks for the update, Michael. So will the patch as well as the DLC be postponed, or is it just the DLC that will be delayed?

    Also, will the patch address the problems with the online scoreboard, and the slight delay in the timer when you finish a level?

    Thanks, and looking forward to the DLC. Nice price for it too.

    • Patch and DLC are delayed, as the level editor needs the patch in order to function properly. So sorry for the delay, but I promise we here at Creat Studios and TikGames GREATLY value your business and support, and if we could have put this out sooner, we would have. Everyone on our team has been working crazy hours to make this happen, so it will be worth it. It\’s actually nice to see so many of you so passionate about Cuboid, cheers!


    On topic, I will definitely be getting this, I have every trophy thus far for Magic Ball, Cuboid, and Mahjong, so there’s no way I can pass up some extra Cuboid, especially at that price.

  • Any updates on the rather awesome two new Creat games… Especially Mushroom wars?
    Shame the cuboid dlc got delayed, but better have something correct and fixed rather than broken… I just love cuboid…
    And does Creat have further PSN-only games, because honestly, you guys + Pixel Junk (Q Games) + That Game Company + A couple of Sony’s internal studios = PURELY AWESOME PSN GAMES!!!!!!
    Top quality PSN games!
    Thanks for everything!

    • Thanks so much for all the kind words! Digger and Mushroom Wars will both be out later this summer, likely end of July or August. But Smash Cars, which I think is our best game yet – by far – is coming out very shortly! We have lots of great stuff in store for the PSN, so thanks for all your suppport! :-)

  • cant wait! and I saw the E3 trailer for smash cars. And all I gotta say is.. Will it have Online multiplayer? when will it be out?

    • Michael Robinson

      Not only will Smash Cars have online multiplayer, but you will be able to play up to five people online! So, that\’s you, plus others – 6 total! (how\’s that for advanced math?)

      Smash Cars should be out either the end of June or early July.

  • Well i got pretty excited when i heard the Cuboid DLC comes out tomorrow.. but then it got delayed until next week when i was reading the post comments here as well… its alright though, a week delayed is not so bad and wont hurt as well, if its worth it, then its worth it, just do your job and get it done like i would say.. but as of right now i got other games to play right now to kill the time and days like inFAMOUS, Red Faction Guerilla, Prototype and many more. :D

  • Does this game support IN-GAME XMB MUSIC?

    • Michael Robinson

      Cuboid will feature custom music support once the free patch is released – coming at the same time as the DLC in one week, two max!

  • Please add me to the list of those requesting that you turn down the icon music when browsing PSN games in the XMB – turn it down a lot, please!

    When scrolling through PSN games, Magic Ball (especially) is ear-splitting compared to other titles.

    I wish Sony had established “VU Meter” standards for normalizing volume levels in all PS3 games so they’re roughly the same – Savage Moon has a similar problem, but not nearly as bad as Magic Ball. Music CD mastering levels are pretty standardized; it’d be great for games to do the same.

    And thanks for all the great games, Creat!

    • Michael Robinson

      I did pass that comment along to our producers, so hopefully we can get that sorted with a fture patch – sorry if we heave deafened anyone!!

  • wow there has been a lot of deleting the non-positive comments. I didn’t leave a negative comment but the ones I see missing were not explitive or unnecessarily rude. They were just giving their opinions way to have a biased blog. You got to take the good with the bad. Gamers definately notice when its just a fluff peice as there will always be something negative from someone. So if you see coments free of any negativity then you know something is up.

    But I will still get this addon on day one when ever that is. Cuboid is a great puzzle game.

    • Michael Robinson

      FYI: I do not have any blog post deleting powers whatsoever, so I have no idea who, when or why certain posts may have been removed. Here at Creat, we always take the good with the bad, so we listen to and appreciate all feedback from our gamers, no matter what you guys and gals have to say.

  • nevermind I think the only stuff deleted was the stuff about uncharted 2 codes.

  • Probably not the best place to ask but if there any news on when Fat Princess is releasing? Seems like a few weeks ago there was tons of news.

  • As someone mentioned above, it would be really nice to be able spin the camera all the way around. It’s not really NECESSARY or wouldn’t really increase the playability or anything just would be nice to get a different perspective if you want it.

  • I just wanted to thank Michael Robinson for answering a lot of comments and questions regarding this post. it is refreshing to see replies to almost half of the comments.

    Thank You.

    I have yet to play or purchase this game, but the support it is getting might change that. There have just been so many games to play, although I did pick up Magic Ball and its a fun game.

    Keep up the great work and support Creat team!

    • Michael Robinson

      Thanks so much for the kind words. Just doing my job :-) We appreciate you guys posting these comments, so the least we can do is listen to everybody and respond to as many as we can, cheers!

  • Nice update. I really like this game and I am surprised by the level creator.

  • I grabbed the Bundle Pack straight away when it was released here (AU). Some of the new levels hurt my brain! I’m admittedly a bit thick, but I did 100% the game prior to this pack and I’m finding these new levels to be very challenging, with lots of switches and back tracking through the level to complete them ‘n stuff. I think it will take some effort to get through these.

    The level editor is great too – nice and simple to use. I started just playing around and soon had a level that I thought was reasonably interesting. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to upload that level, or download any others. Pity it was released with such an issue, but I’m glad it is being addressed quickly. Very good support from Create / Michael.

    • Michael Robinson

      Glad you are liking the Cuboid DLC. Our team worked hard on that content, and I love the level editor. We feel terrible about the problem at launch, but now that the free patch has been released, all issues should be corrected, so hopefully everyone will enjoy – and everyone in the US will enjoy very shortly :-)

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