E3 09 On the Show Floor: Batman: Arkham Asylum

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There are plenty of reasons to pick up Batman: Arkham Asylum for PS3 on August 25. But for those who are still unconvinced, I spoke with Lead Narrative Designer Paul Crocker of developer Rocksteady at E3 about the newest Batman game, including Play as the Joker exclusive to PLAYSTATION 3.

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  • Looking forward to this game. Good video.

    hey Chris, What’s your PSN ID?

  • The game looks really good, Id like to purchase it had I not had a very bad situation econmic wise

  • I’ve been reading some of batman and joker’s graphic novels, its just getting me excited for this game!

  • I played the demo of this game. Can’t wait until it comes out. When does the demo hit the PS Store?

  • “There are plenty of reasons to pick up Batman: Arkham Asylum for PS3 on August 25.”

    I can think of one and one only, the Batarang!

    • OK, you got me. Batarang it is. I remember when I was about 12, my friend and I bought a real wooden boomerang. It lasted about 5 minutes.

  • This game is going to whoop many asses!

  • The game is coming out on my birthday, here’s hoping to the gods that it isn’t a complete let down.

  • Chris, off topic , but do you mind posting an entry on twitter telling us how fast the entries were all entered, since i entered within 40 minutes and still lost, even though Cintamani was right?

    Maybe confirm the answer too?

    This game looks awesome, i love the smoothness of the combat

  • lol it looks like he almost forgot the release date for the game. Still came through though.

  • dagg we got Batman coming out plus Ghostbusters two of my childhood icons. coming out in da summer, this have to be the best summer season for games.

  • I played it at Gamestop and I gotta say, I was very impressed. I didn’t expect much from a demo, but the game looks and plays very well. I’ll wait for some reviews to make my decision, but so far it’s looking very positive.

  • The game looks great. Oh why must I punish my wallet?

  • Thanks for the video, lots of good games coming out. :)

  • Looks pretty nice, any chance there may be a demo before its release?

    Oh, and btw, you are definitely a hottie, Chris! ;)

  • i know this is out of place but can you put up more info about the uncharted e3 contest? because i was one of the people who entered the correct answer within 5 min of when the final question was asked and i havent received any email. im only asking because theres people who entered their answer hours after the final question was first asked and they won. i thought you guys said its for the first 300 people to answer. i would love a response thanks.

  • Sweet!!!

    @Chris and Jeff – You guys should make us start paying for this. What you’re giving us is too good.

  • Just pre-ordered this after seeing this video and th PSN trailer.
    Ordered mine through Gamestop, which you get an extra challenge map.
    I’d love to add your PS ID to my list Chris.
    Like to see what games you’re working on.

  • Cerberus_Hunter

    Cor blimey!!!That guys voice sounds a lot like Yangus from Dragon Quest 8.

  • the game looks pretty dang cool, i cant wait!

  • Man, can wait for this game. I was disappointed that it was delayed, but if it makes the game better, I’m all for it.


  • Hey Chris,

    great interview with the guy. I just added you on PSN, please approve magpie4life :)

  • When are we going to get the WKC blog post? A lot of JRPG fans are piss at the Playstation Blog right now for not covering this game so far.

  • I’ve got the collector’s edition pre-ordered! Da-na-na-na-na-na Batarang!
    Only thing I can’t shake is the digipak? Does that mean I won’t get a real game case to put on my bookshelf? I might have to reconsider if that’s the case.

  • I played the demo for this n its pretty awesome!!!… I Recommend that ppl should go out n get a copy of this when it comes out!

  • Idk why the demo is in gamestop and not on PSN..

  • It’s at some Walmart Supercenters too.

  • Great video Chris, I have the collector’s edition preordered, Batarang FTW!!! :D

  • My main concern with this game is that it is build on using Unreal Engine 3, which frankly this generation has been pretty abysmal on the PS3. I’ll have to wait for reviews of how it runs on the PS3, before even considering buying it.

  • I need to see some more gameplay. All I’ve seen is one challenge map walkthrough, and one room with either Batman or Joker beating up on an endless supply of enemies.

  • Nice interview. Chris is there any info on when we’re getting the demo on PSN? Because I’m dying to play this game and there are no stores around that have the demo.

  • Right of the bat… oh snap.

  • where is the white knight chronicles post.. please tell me its coming

  • i had the special edition pre ordered three months ago. i’m not even upset they pushed the release date back by threee months cuz it shows their not gonna rush the product out there but are going for top quality. this looks to finally be a truly great batman game. cant wait. and yes i will throw that damn batarang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • so much games to buy im getting broke Sony.

  • @35: hahaha, so true man.

    PS3: The first ever console to not lead the market because it had TOO MANY good games. :p

    And when they are as addictive as ‘infamous’ it’s hard to move onto another one!
    But I’ll put my gaming hat on and enjoy and buy as many PS3 games as I can!

    Thanks for the exclusive Joker character guys and thanks for what seems like the best Batman game ever.
    Day 1 purchase? …I really can’t say with the game overload I have going on lol…But a purchase somewhere along the line! :)

  • @35 and 36…
    Hahaha first we were complaining that their weren’t many games in PS3 and now we are all going broke because of so many awesome games coming to PS3. HEHE

  • This game looks great

  • when is sony going to realize pre-summer is a better period in Europe for game launches?
    i don’t mean this game, but next year’s planning should revolve around the current date in europe ;)

    people are more likely to go for impulse buys in europe right now :P

  • lol, I like how the guy playing the demo in the background dies as the interview ends.

  • Thanks for the info Chris. Great interview.

  • MistaIncomniatic

    i was watching some game play of the challenge mode and he has hella many takedowns. this game is gunna b bananas
    (plz 4give my spelling)

  • Woo hoo

  • The game looks pretty awesome! Love the PS-3 exclusive content!!!!

  • does anyone know if this game is this going to be online

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