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Everyone is back from E3 now and it’s time to get back to work. I for one have a love hate relationship with that show. I LOVE E3. However, I HATE how my feet feel afterwards. Aye Carumba! Did anyone see Modnation Racers?

I told the producer of that game he better come correct. I know where he sits. That game looks AWE-SOME! You think he would let me put some PAIN characters in that game? Ed, Cookie, Jarvis and Tati would be sooo awesome as Mods!

Anyways.. where wuz I?

If you have been keeping up with our PlayStation Network game PAIN lately you would realize we just released SORE SPOTS. This particular release has been good for us in that we really got to address some core improvements to PAIN as a whole as well as create a multiplayer mode filled with player suggestions we have had for a while now.

Some of the improvements to PAIN include:

  • Revamped Menus
    We’ve added so much content that the old menus just were not working for us anymore.
  • Trophy lists inside modes
    Players hated leaving modes to figure out how to get all the trophies. So now you can see those requirements inside the mode you are playing.
  • PAINalympics!
    It’s a good exercise to browse our message boards and pick out some of the wackiest ideas we have gotten from the community. I remember one player wanted a mode where you could see how long you can go without touching the ground. Another player wanted to swing and kick people… I could go on for a while here, but the request list usually starts to disturb me.

One user suggested we make an Olympic mode.. (And everyone else agreed) So this was a good excuse to tie a bunch of insane acts together and compel people to become good at them. PAINalympics is now my go to mode to play with my friends. As a thanks to some of our community helpers we gave them some love in our new video. Enjoy it!

Thanks again everyone for making PAIN such a joy to work on!

Now where is that ModNation E3 version….?

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  • looks pretty awesome, i might have to check this out.

  • Still boycotting any new Pain purchases… The more characters I own, the more ridiculous it is that I can’t change characters without quitting the game. Please let me and my friends change on the launcher so we can get interested in this game again.

    I know it’s hard to do, but you guys are too awesome to let a little thing like “almost impossible to code” hold you back!. -Foo-

  • How much is Pain on the playstation store? I’d pay 8 bucks for that noise.

  • Why don’t you move onto a new game?

    Its one thing to continue to support a game, but its another to kid yourself into thinking BECAUSE you support it that its magically a good game.

    PAIN is one of the most awful games of the entire generation. Why not take what you’ve learned and make a new, better game?

  • Because playing with yourself sucks.

  • haha *laughs to myself*

    you do know what the pain olympics is don’t you?

    google it… trust me you won’t find it on you tube :D

  • PAIN is an awesome game and sore spots and painalympics make it even better!

  • P-A-I-N, P-A-I-N

  • YAY! The worst game on PSN (which is still being supported) is getting more useless updates. WOOT!

  • Travis, was it from my email about creating a PAIN Version of the Vancouver Olympics that triggered that? And when I said, Imagine the PAIN, the humanity?

  • Now, imagine PAIN with the next PS3 motion controller… that could be AWSOME!

  • @6 ahahahahahaha. I didn’t think of that at first.

    Sadly, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

    Thanks for reminding me, jerk >:(

  • we need a pain space in home!!

  • You need to add a character that looks like the “cougar” on the gymnasium floor. She’d be an instant classic, like Tati.

  • You know this game is 8$ on the store but if you add all the add-ons together its almost 100$? And its still not even close to the size of a retail game. These guys are good at making money.

  • YAY! I adore PAIN. Definitely have a soft spot for its theme tune too. Have it on my HDD now so I can enjoy it’s vibrant melodies in a whole host of games! :D

    • Travis Williams

      Thanks Bear… Sore Spots actually is a favorite of a lot of players now. I think it\’s because we have a better sense of what works in our expansions.

  • please just start working on a new game already, I think you’ve milked this one dry.

  • What happened to the PSN avatars?

  • Stinkinmushroom

    i love the fact that you answer to the hate-comments lol. Kudo’s to you

    • Travis Williams

      Almost everyone at Sony (and on the PAIN blog) knows I\’m pretty hateful Mushroom. I think H8 is best when it\’s amusing. As long as you make me laugh with your hate I can at least appreciate it.

      I mean I like being responsible for a whole generation like my man Madman says. That was just so funny I had to respond.

  • ^^^^^ That reply hints at a FW update! You know more than we do… Come on Travis please just a date on the FW.

    Also I really love the game, I don’t see how people can diss this game when they have no idea how hard it is to make this kind of game. Seriously it’s harder than you think. Can I come and work for you guys?

    • Travis Williams

      Actually it doesn\’t. We\’ve had the avatars for a long time. It just takes a while to get them in (Don\’t ask me why).

  • I don’t understand the deal with all the Pain hate. If the game wasn’t popular, they wouldn’t be making all these wonderful updates. I for one love Pain, and bought the title day one, and have bought each expansion Day one each release thereafter.

    If you don’t like Pain, that’s your deal. Don’t be jealous the devs are awesome and still support an awesome game such as this.

  • nice job twilliams
    PAIN is a great game

    Just let us know when if/when you’ll have news on a new home space.


  • Downloading this NOW! Trailer got me.

  • Madman and Tagout are missing out, this game is so addicting. I love it. Their opinions suck.

  • omg, i gotta go and play it again.
    I still remember trying 2 put dick’s balls into the trash can.
    took me 9 hours of non-stop paining.
    wow that was fun.
    bring it on!
    *Puts the pain theme song on*
    oh i love it.

    lol btw love reading ur replies.
    so amusing!
    maybe i should pick up the amusement park too.. i’ve been wanting to get it

  • This game is a micro transactions nightmare. Why why …sell characters in packs or something. It’s a rip off to but these skins…I get the charging for features but characters is straight out of the “how to swindle customers handbook”

    • Travis Williams

      @Buck: All the characters weren\’t made when we shipped. A lot of the characters in PAIN came from suggestions from users and votes on this blog and others. While we charge for some characters others we have included…

      Jarvis, Ed, Buzz, Daxter are all characters that you didn\’t have to pay for.

  • Sweet you dropped my name in the video. Coker you also have a cool first name.

  • XD
    twilliams if you guys seriously had the worst game of an entire generation I’d be proud with just that XDDD

    I have a love/hate relationship with PAIN, which almost sounds like I mean actual pain…hmmmm X]

  • I like the game a lot, it’s just hard. I need a lot more practice before I can call myself a Pain pro.

  • -.- great i comment and now its going under moderation..
    its not like i said anything bad..
    oh wait..
    i might have mentioned D!ck’s balls trophy..
    oh noeess

  • can the next update improve some of the sound quality? lots of games are including DTS support, High Velocity Bowling amongst them.

    I paid so much for a premium HD experience on the PS3 and don’t really feel like I’ve been getting it. Games that only plat in 720p are one thing, but 16-bit lossy audio is sooo last-gen. Is there any reason not to have 24-bit audio? The PS3 has built-in decoding for DTS96/24. Is it too much for the SPUs to handle?

  • I tend to delete PSN titles after I’ve played them for a while, but this, along with Burnout is something that I’ve always kept up. I got it with my MGS 4 bundle and I’ve bought every piece of dlc so far. It’s fun just to occasionally hop on a play for a while. I think it’s the crude humor, quick game play, and how it doesn’t take itself too seriously that keeps me coming back. Good job guys.

    • Travis Williams

      Thanks dood. I love your name too. Anti-Steven. LOL Although I am not sure what it means.

  • We haven’t had new avatars in over a year… If you are able to keep replying to this page, could you at least tell us when you think we are going to get new ones? Because we lack avatars worse than anything… Hope they’ve been holding out on us so they can release an update with thousands of avatars, because its been a year and nothing.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Please give us more hot babe characters, and more free Sony mascots like Daxter. Also, I would buy Shatner for $1.99, but don’t release Andy Dick. He’s a terrible choice!

  • I love PAIN and I also love all the support you’ve given it. Please don’t let the hate get to you Travis. Pain is awesome!

  • Guys Pain is one of my favourite PSN games. I think what you guys are doing is great keep it up.

    I am currently heading over to my blog right now @ to write about this.

  • Whut it dew Travis! Stop releasing stuff to Pain, my nephew makes me buy them! What can i say, im a cool uncle :( Cant help it…

  • Just wanted to say that I would still be playing this game and buying DLC if it wasn’t for the impossibly hard and random “Chimney Sweep” trophy.
    It’s just impossible to get. And I hate you for putting it in the game.
    And I actually liked the game and did everything else, but that one just broke me.

    • Travis Williams

      Maz some trophies are really tough. In retrospect I am not sure we would have made them so tough. You\’d be amazed by how many gamers like tough trophies.

      In the expansions we try to ride the line between challenging and fun trophies. I liked the balance of the trophies in Sore Spots.

  • Do people actually buy any of the pain add-on’s travis?

  • lol more pain addons, seriously?

  • I love tough trophies. I even platinumed Wipeout HD. But I don’t like trophies that require the game’s physics to randomly NOT shoot me out 7000 miles into the sky. I actually emailed the devs and the reply I got was basically “Yup, it’s pretty random, just keep trying.”

    Also I just wanted to try it again just for the hell of it and the game prompted me to a 400 MB patch.
    No thank you.

  • I love that you guys are still supporting this awesome game!! Me and my friends can’t get enough P-A-I-N! While I’ve yet to buy the last DLC pack, I can assure I will continue to support PAIN as long as you guys do. Keep up the awesome work!

    Don’t bash the game just cause you can’t get all the trophies :) the game is innovative and fun. I guess you guys could always just go back to playing Super Rub a Dub…

  • fun game.. i own all add on maps minus sore spot.. and have 4 of the dlc characters.. people of the ps blog, before you guys judge this game.. give it a shot.. dont just play the game to get the trophies.. cause you probably will never get them all..

    The really awesome thing about this game is that idol minds actually listens to their fans.. i haven’t seen many games that do this. (psst can we have screenshots :D)

    Speaking of trophies.. Travis, do you know if anybody has ever gotten em all? :P

  • I enjoy PAIN sometimes.

    But, (developer hint) the one thing that makes me shy away from it is the large updates that you have to download it the few times I want to play if for fun.

    “Oh, hey sis! Want to play PAIN bowling!”
    “Ow sucks, we have to wait 20 min for it to download a 350 MB file and install it”
    “Meh, forget it”

    I download it and install it to use it later.

    Next time some weeks later when I want to try it again, repeat and download. I don’t play the game much because of that.

    • Travis Williams

      We are working on a solution to that problem. It’s not as lengthy when you play PAIN often but if you don’t it can be an issue. Updating could be easier. It’s sorta the price we pay for updating as often as we do. The good news is you get a better game. The bad news is that you have to wait to download.

      The better news is that we are working on a solution.

  • i like the new (old ps1, ps2) voice “playstation” in the end trailler.

    the roller compressor marketing sony prepare t he return ?!

  • ok i play this game in my brothers ps3 and i hate the game cuz im not immortal to do the same thing like those dude that u put in the game

    i hate being mortal and not a character of pain

  • Now if only you would kindly patch in PS3 screengrab functionality… ;)

    A new post on the PAIN site would be great to. The Museum cat is out of the bag after all!

    By the way you may want to pest the PS Store crew, under the PAIN section it has all of the add-ons and downloads listed… except the theme song which can only be found under music. Get them to fix it (and throw in some more downloadable tunes while you’re at it)!

  • lmfao. I love that guy… >.> (Travis Williams)

    Bought PAIN at launch. The game kind of annoys me though, since my friend likes to use the replay feature EVERY SINGLE TIME he fires Davil Hasselhoff into a castle. xD

  • Brink nariko and/or kai to pain…would love to punish them hehe

  • In-game screenshots and youtube recording anytime soon?! it would be perfect.

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