The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Cindy “Abigale” Bowens

    SOCOM Friendships – A lot of people have made friends via SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs over the years. Here are two stories about just that.


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

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  • Man, this was big week :) Thanks for the great coverage, you must have been working non-stop. Chris what games impressed you the most at E3?

    • Glad you enjoyed it. GoW III and Uncharted 2 really blew me away, and on the third-party side, Assassin\’s Creed 2 was very impressive.

  • Awesome week for playstation! So much stuff. I have a quick question though; with the announcement of the PSP GO, will the PSP 3000 be getting a price cut or is it staying at the same price? Thanks!

  • E3 was soooo much better this year than last year~ there were so many great announcements and i think i can most certainly say that Sony ‘won’ this E3.

    Great Week btw. love the FFVII~

  • One hell of a week. Thanks Chris!

  • Hey Chris…

    Anyword on the GPS for the PSP?

    It and I think a keyboard were both mentioned at E3 2008 and have never been heard from again (for North America regarding the GPS).

    What’s the news.

    Also…InviZimals looks AWESOME and needs a PSP camera to work. Will PSPgo customers not be able to play this game or is a camera in the pipeline for the go?

  • Hey, Chris any news on a new PS3 firmware update anytime soon?

  • this was an AWESOME week for gaming. ICANT WAIT FOR GOW3, quantum, the last guardian, WKC, last rebellion, uncharted 2, ratchet & clank a crank in time, GT5, dissidia ff, FF VS 13, FFXIV, and so much MORE!

  • Hey Chris,

    I heard that Motorstorm PR DLC was going to be playable at E3? Was it there? please get me a video! thanks
    PS Blog is freakin great.

  • I really liked the scavenger hunt I hope if you guys hold any more contests it’s done like that.

    A great week filled with plenty of new stuff to drool over thanks to E3.

  • Nice recap for a great week!…But how about some info for Fat Princess, like a release date or something…anything!

  • Great week Chris , sony did impress me this E3, God of War 3 looks totally EPIC , Uncharted 2 looks totally EPIC 2 , MAG looks interesting , Modnation Racers ( what can i tell you im A Huge racing fan so im really interested in this title , it was a really nice surprised to me ) , Fumito Ueda next masterpiece , man what else can i tell you , The Last Guardian looks one of those games you only play once in a generation , NEW R* EXCLUSIVE??? MAN that was a nice surprise , GT5 wow i couldnt believe my eyes , i thought i was watching a real nascar race even though i dont like nascar that much lol , and its glad to see sony really behind the psp GT, MGS , Motorstorm , LBP, JACK and Daxter , Socom plus all third party support Assasins Creed and more man it was an amazing show , i liked the way it started ( Uncharted 2 live demo ) to the way it ended ( The Ghost of Sparta brutal as ever !!!!!!!!) ZEUS your time is almost up !!!!!!!!! only on PLAYSTATION!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris i thought EVO said they were gonna unveiled the new Pacific Rift DLC videos at E3 ??? i havent heard anything yet , i saw Arctic Edge and GT psp gameplay videos , man i cant wait to play my favorite 2 racing games of all time on the go , Getting MGS , LBP , Jack and Daxter for sure , not sure about socom yet slant 6 has lost my respect with confrontation but i’ll wait before any jugment on the next socom , getting White Knight Chronicles , Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time and Heavy Rain for sure , waiting on more Quantum info before making a decision , again ONLY on PLAYSTATION!!!!!

  • Can’t wait for the MAG thingy monday

    Great week for Sony hope there’s more to come soon!!

  • Epic victory for Sony at E3.

    The Rockstar Agent megaton.
    The insane God of War 3 live demo.
    The unbelievabley good looking Uncharted 2 live demo.
    The unbelieveably cool lag free 256 player MAG live demo.
    The breathtakingly beatutiful Team ICO The Last Guardian trailer.
    Gran Turismo PSP with 800 cars looking better than Forza 2 on the 360.
    The GT5 trailer.
    The very cool Mod Racers demo.

    Total and utter ownage of the other companies. Nintendo was allright, but nothing really noteworthy.

    Microsoft got humiliated like no company has ever before at E3. Not once, but twice. First with the fake Metal Gear Solid garbage they tried to hype and then Kojima came right out and disowned the game and made it absolutely clear he has nothing to do with the turd of game.

    And then we find out about Microsoft ‘innovative’ motion controls:

    1. They were rejected by Nintendo, and Microsoft then bought them and tried to hype them as something new
    2. They faked their demos – blatantly obvious from the videos
    3. Not shipping til late 2010 and no games announced.

    Epic humilation for Microsoft.

  • E3 this year was great, but there was barely any coverage of the game that I was looking forward to the most, LBP PSP. But at least I saw some great videos of it on other sites. I can’t wait to hear more about ModNation Racers.

  • I just want to say thanks to Jeff and the Blog crew for their coverage of E3. It was great. Can’t wait to see whats for the weeks to come.

  • since Chris you tried the PSP Go, can i ask , does the PSP Go, contain a Plugin ontop of it for the Camera?

    if so , how can that game Invizimals be played? are you guys going to bundle it with the camera? that would be sweeeeeeet.

  • Thanks Chris.

    One of the best and I mean best weeks I’ve yet to see for PS3, PSP and Sony.

    Keep up the great work !

    So many blogs and videos it was getting hard to keep up, but I loved every minute of it.

  • Are you guys going to upload the Final Fantasy XIV trailer to the store?


    Wow what a week, been in Home most of it. Got all the “No place like Hme” shirts and then I got bored in Home and found a way to break outint the real world. Peeps this vid of my Homie in times Square:

    lol, also where is that Booth Babe pictrial I wanted?

  • Hey Chris, may you answer this simple question please.

    Are you able to start sweepstakes or contests?

  • Sony, when are you going to evolve your PS3 firmware? It’s becoming rapidly outdated when compared to the competition. 10 year system? No way.

  • Just beat inFAMOUS (Good Guy) about to play through a second time on hard/Evil. This is a great game! Great work Sucker Punch/SOny! Best Superhero game ever and had me entertained start to finish…sweet plot twists too!


    Can’t wait for the second!

  • Great week, I wish there was a FW update to top it off. But whatever it comes when it comes. :)

  • Wolf3D = cool. Can you guys try and get Doom now like XBLA has???

  • PS3 is catching up to PS2 awesomeness so fast it’s simply breathtaking.

    Keep it going Sony, we got your back with our money :p

  • Man, you guys should’ve done this much for the ps3 FOUR years ago. But I guess you can recover your losses.
    Still loving the exclusives though. :)

  • I was under the impression that there were still more interviews to show. Will we be seeing them next week, or is that it?

  • Please don’t announce any new games or talk about the future of the PS2 on E3 press conference anymore because it takes away time for the new games on PSP GO and PS3, like what happened to the trailer of Daxter PSP and Ps3 Rachet and Clank: Crank of time. We don’t even know what’s the new Daxter looks like. Besides all of that, I think SONY’S E3 was great. Games after GAMES! WOW!

  • What happened to the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 interview mentioned in the Quantum interview and supposed to come out the next day?

    You guys should really just stop announcing stuff like that. I know you probably don’t mean to have it delayed or whatever but it does angers me as I impatiently wait for them. Rather just don’t say anything in advance and if I don’t expect anything, there’s no room for disapppointments

  • Will PSN be getting a full game download service like that coming out on the 360? With games like Burnout Paradise and Warhawk already on PSN and the ability to swap in a non-proprietary HDD it’s not rocket science. This is a good idea that unfortunately was never fully realised and once again it looks like Sony will be beaten to the punch.

  • Is there any news on white knight chronicles, Im getting sick of waiting for this game to be localised and am now considering importing.

  • Any date for that Pool game ‘Hustle Kings’? Looks amazing :P

  • Great E3, hopefully i won the scavenger hunt, it would suck if i was a couple of letters off.

    But how come we have to wait till tuesday just to get our beta code? People are playing already and i really want in :(

  • I liked the Gran Tursimo 5 trailer…. I hope the cars can get damaged and that there can be tuning on the suspension etc. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue really lacked these features!

  • Man. that was a one crazy E3! looking forward to most first party games,
    cant w8 for tokyo gameshow(next destination lol)

  • i want to go :(

  • A big shout out to Jeff, Chris and the rest of the PS Blog Team. Thank you guys so much for getting us into E3. It was the most awesome experience, especially the Sony Press Conference. You made our impossible dream a reality (and we thought making to E3 would never happen) !!!!

  • Sony no one doubts you have the hardware, but your software is severely lacking:

    -Cross Game Voice Chat!
    -Party Options.
    -Ability to stream internet radio.
    -Web Browser that actually works well (webkit based or something)
    -Faster in game XMB.

    The PS3 software is falling behind drastically.

  • Hey PS Blog staff,

    I mentioned this a few days ago but I don’t know if anyone saw: “Futurama” Season 2 is missing from the video store. Seasons 3, 4 and 5 were recently added (and Season 1 has been there since the video service launched).

    If you could relay this message to Grace or whoever is in charge of that sort of thing, it’d be great. I’d like to be able to have the whole series to take with on the go.


    Hey peoples is there any way to actually RECORD VIDEO in the Home Living Room movie set? You see I’m loving the Chroma Key green screen in there and have been making a few videos with my own backgrounds. I would just like to know can I upload my own pics to it and if I can use the in house cameras to record footage? Here’s the third video I made:

    it needs work but its a start.

  • Hey Jeff

    Just wondering if you were able to speak with namco bandai with regards to a possible US release Tales of Vesperia on PS3 and Tales of VS on PSP. Since SCEA have delayed White Knight to 2010, I think it’s a good idea to encourage Namco Bandai to consider a US release of Vesperia on PS3.

  • I hate it when people say cross in-game chat. It is called PRIVATE CHAT. Not cross in-game chat. I don’t want to only chat while I’m playing a game. I want to chat at ALL TIMES.

    PRIVATE CHAT not cross in-game chat.
    PRIVATE CHAT not cross in-game chat.
    PRIVATE CHAT not cross in-game chat.
    PRIVATE CHAT not cross in-game chat.
    PRIVATE CHAT not cross in-game chat.
    PRIVATE CHAT not cross in-game chat.
    PRIVATE CHAT not cross in-game chat.
    PRIVATE CHAT not cross in-game chat.
    PRIVATE CHAT not cross in-game chat.
    PRIVATE CHAT not cross in-game chat.
    PRIVATE CHAT not cross in-game chat.
    PRIVATE CHAT not cross in-game chat.


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