Wolverine Uncaged – 5 Tips and Tricks for Upcoming DLC

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Hey everyone. I hope you are enjoying Wolverine. We are so amped that we can finally bring everyone the Weapon X Arena as DLC. It’ll be available for download on Thursday, June 4th for $9.99.

This level is insane! The guys here at Raven actually built it as a test level to see how far we could push the boundaries of the combat in the game. And now you get to put yourself, and Wolverine, to the same challenge.

I want you to be able to get the most out of the game. We really tried to pour as much variety and intensity into this game as humanly possible. Here are five secrets that you can use for the most kick ass combat experience ever in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.



Defense is the Best Offense?

We made Wolverine an offensive machine, so it’s easy to get used to tearing into enemies using all the crazy combat moves at your disposal. But we also spent a lot of time giving Wolverine defensive moves that when used right can actually deal out some serious damage and keep Wolverine from taking any. We wanted to respect that side of Wolverine you see in the comic – being agile, being tactical in combat. The “counter” mechanic is something I use a ton during combat. If Wolverine blocks just before an attack hits a counter window opens (shown by a slowdown) and if you press one of the attacks in that window you will perform a devastating counter move. I know some people think the Quick Kill moves are some of the most spectacular moves in the game – but the counters can be just as brutal. In addition to that, use “dodge”!!! Seriously, not only is it a great way to avoid damage I use it all the time to start a fight – pressing the normal and heavy attack buttons just as you come out of dodge each performs a different attack. And if you’re surrounded by guys, dodge into one of them and you’ll flip over them and can attack them from behind.


We built a lot of special attacks for the grab move into the combat system. We tried to give Wolverine a different grab attack for all the different states Wolverine can get into. There’s the basic grab – grabbing an enemy while you are both standing. But try tapping the Heavy attack to do the uppercut then grab and perform this sweet ankle grab slam which you can repeat over and over. Or hold down the grab button after an uppercut to perform the grab and spin, a great way to clear out enemies all around you. Grab also works with the dozens of environmental kills in the game. Grab an enemy next to a spike in the ground or a forklift and Wolverine will pick them up and impale them.

Level Up

There are a few ways to level up faster in the game. A big one is to keep mixing up your attacks – the more varied attacks you use against an enemy, the more experience you’ll gain. Also there’s a penalty for fighting enemies that are too much lower in level than you – so replay missions that are closer to your experience level. Every time I play through I make sure and grab all the “Experienced” mutagens, they provide a great bonus to all experience gained. And don’t forget about the Action Figures you collect to unlock the hidden skins. Even though you only need two Action Figures to unlock a skin we placed five of each so any extra ones you find give you a large experience bonus.

Air Attacks

By charging Heavy you can send enemies into the air along with Wolverine. What I like about this attack is that it gets you off the ground and away from other enemies. Normal attacks juggle the enemies and the Heavy does this awesome powerhouse kick that will send enemies flying through the air. If you’re on a bridge or near a cliff, trust me, and use this attack. You can send enemy after enemy to their death in the abyss. There’s also a smash attack you unlock later as well as an air grab move that will hurt other enemies nearby when you land.

Heavy Attack is your Friend

The Heavy attack is the best way to get long strings of hits in the game if you know how to use it. I know Wolverine’s normal attack chain is powerful, but the combat gets so cinematic when you use the Heavy attack to get enemies into the different states. Tapping Heavy does the uppercut which puts enemies into a “bounce” like pain which has a whole slew of special attacks. My personal favorite: Tap Triangle then Tap it again and you’ll get the “Bruce Lee”. Charging Heavy allows you to do full popups of enemies sending the in the air. And if you let the enemy hit the ground of the uppercut or full popup then there’s a whole set of ground attacks you can go into. And for some real fun against use the Heavy attack against weak enemies and see the “auto-finisher” – incredibly quick brutal attacks that kill enemies in one hit. Love these, they add great flow to the combat.

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