Wolverine Uncaged – 5 Tips and Tricks for Upcoming DLC

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Hey everyone. I hope you are enjoying Wolverine. We are so amped that we can finally bring everyone the Weapon X Arena as DLC. It’ll be available for download on Thursday, June 4th for $9.99.

This level is insane! The guys here at Raven actually built it as a test level to see how far we could push the boundaries of the combat in the game. And now you get to put yourself, and Wolverine, to the same challenge.

I want you to be able to get the most out of the game. We really tried to pour as much variety and intensity into this game as humanly possible. Here are five secrets that you can use for the most kick ass combat experience ever in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.



Defense is the Best Offense?

We made Wolverine an offensive machine, so it’s easy to get used to tearing into enemies using all the crazy combat moves at your disposal. But we also spent a lot of time giving Wolverine defensive moves that when used right can actually deal out some serious damage and keep Wolverine from taking any. We wanted to respect that side of Wolverine you see in the comic – being agile, being tactical in combat. The “counter” mechanic is something I use a ton during combat. If Wolverine blocks just before an attack hits a counter window opens (shown by a slowdown) and if you press one of the attacks in that window you will perform a devastating counter move. I know some people think the Quick Kill moves are some of the most spectacular moves in the game – but the counters can be just as brutal. In addition to that, use “dodge”!!! Seriously, not only is it a great way to avoid damage I use it all the time to start a fight – pressing the normal and heavy attack buttons just as you come out of dodge each performs a different attack. And if you’re surrounded by guys, dodge into one of them and you’ll flip over them and can attack them from behind.


We built a lot of special attacks for the grab move into the combat system. We tried to give Wolverine a different grab attack for all the different states Wolverine can get into. There’s the basic grab – grabbing an enemy while you are both standing. But try tapping the Heavy attack to do the uppercut then grab and perform this sweet ankle grab slam which you can repeat over and over. Or hold down the grab button after an uppercut to perform the grab and spin, a great way to clear out enemies all around you. Grab also works with the dozens of environmental kills in the game. Grab an enemy next to a spike in the ground or a forklift and Wolverine will pick them up and impale them.

Level Up

There are a few ways to level up faster in the game. A big one is to keep mixing up your attacks – the more varied attacks you use against an enemy, the more experience you’ll gain. Also there’s a penalty for fighting enemies that are too much lower in level than you – so replay missions that are closer to your experience level. Every time I play through I make sure and grab all the “Experienced” mutagens, they provide a great bonus to all experience gained. And don’t forget about the Action Figures you collect to unlock the hidden skins. Even though you only need two Action Figures to unlock a skin we placed five of each so any extra ones you find give you a large experience bonus.

Air Attacks

By charging Heavy you can send enemies into the air along with Wolverine. What I like about this attack is that it gets you off the ground and away from other enemies. Normal attacks juggle the enemies and the Heavy does this awesome powerhouse kick that will send enemies flying through the air. If you’re on a bridge or near a cliff, trust me, and use this attack. You can send enemy after enemy to their death in the abyss. There’s also a smash attack you unlock later as well as an air grab move that will hurt other enemies nearby when you land.

Heavy Attack is your Friend

The Heavy attack is the best way to get long strings of hits in the game if you know how to use it. I know Wolverine’s normal attack chain is powerful, but the combat gets so cinematic when you use the Heavy attack to get enemies into the different states. Tapping Heavy does the uppercut which puts enemies into a “bounce” like pain which has a whole slew of special attacks. My personal favorite: Tap Triangle then Tap it again and you’ll get the “Bruce Lee”. Charging Heavy allows you to do full popups of enemies sending the in the air. And if you let the enemy hit the ground of the uppercut or full popup then there’s a whole set of ground attacks you can go into. And for some real fun against use the Heavy attack against weak enemies and see the “auto-finisher” – incredibly quick brutal attacks that kill enemies in one hit. Love these, they add great flow to the combat.

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  • sweeeet! =D

  • interesting, i already got the platinum for this game a few nights ago.

  • lol aren’t you a little late to be announcing this? “will be available June 4th” and todays the 5th. little late on the press release lol.

  • Nice – DLC already! thanks!

  • Wow, 10 bucks for the Weapon X arena? Are you ACTUALLY joking?

    That is insulting. You are greedy, money hungry people, who don’t understand a thing about value.

    NO ONE is going to buy this.

    How did you NOT think everyone was going to laugh in your face for pricing this pre-order at 10 bucks?


  • Also, way to use XBOX 360 controls in the tips you posted on the PLAYSTATION blog.

    This is one embarassing day for Raven.

  • The fact that this DLC was free as a pre-order through Gamestop and now being offered for $9.99 is a little steep. I would expect to pay $2.99 or $4.99 for this content. As much as I love the game, having already beaten it, I will not pay $9.99 for this DLC.

  • $9.99?? man you’re nutz, set it at $4.99 and we’ll see. Specially when the game has some graphical issues and bugs.

    @6: LOL, you’re right.

  • This is one of the best games based on a movie to date. The feral nature of Wolverine is captured perfectly and the combat is brutal and rewarding. Great job on the game Raven!

    I do believe the DLC is a little pricey and I will most likely not get it, but the game is great and I recommend it to any fans of the comic/movie.

    Also, the PS3 controller doesn’t have a Y button. ;P

  • I don’t normally like to use this forum to grouse, but I noticed that the download is like 150K; this suggests to me that the “DLC” is actually present on the disc and is just being unlocked by this download. I hope I’m wrong though, because if it is a simple disc unlock, that’s the sort of cynical sales ploy I really resent.

  • @10: so wolverine’s DLC is being “capcomized”? not cool at all

  • If the kills counted toward my stats, this might be worth a few bucks, but I don’t see the value at $10. Gamestop preorders got this for free! :(

    Besides that, I’m loving the game! All I have to do is find the last Dog Tag I need and upgrade 2 reflexes and I’ll have the Platinum Trophy. I wish the file overwrite warning when I started my Hard game had been more clear- I had no idea I would be overwriting ALL of my stats and replay data, I thought I was just overwriting the continue file. Not a big deal, just made me work a little harder for some of the Trophies…

    All 95 Dog Tags ARE in the game, right? I’ve combed through it (3 times now) level by level and I’m coming up one short. I’ll go back through the levels again, though. I have more robots and machette enemies I need to slaughter.

  • Not sure I’d spend that much money on DLC.

    Would be nice to understand what your tips are trying to convey. Sort of difficult translating the 360 controls over to the PS3’s…

  • @xaos:

    The content is indeed on the disc. Fans are being double-dipped on this. Only one of the four modes is worth anything.

  • @ 10 & 11- xaos & ROLO

    I’m almost positive the Weapon X Arena is the final locked item under “Bonus” menu. So yes, I think it’s definitely on there…

    It was also given as a preorder bonus from Gamestop, who was still advertising it as being available with the purchase of the game when I bought it from them, though I wasn’t given a code for it. I read about it online and didn’t feel like I’d missed much, especially not anything worth paying for.

  • @10 so they want $10.00 for something that’s on the disc.

    That should be illegal.

  • lol wow…. you really did just copy and paste the 360 blog post you made.

    that’s bad…. really bad. it means you took no effort it making a post of the PS3 blog. very bad look for Raven game company

  • I’m glad I didn’t buy this game if the content is already on the disc and you want $9.99.

  • @12 Letters2Kay

    I was in the same spot also, missing one dog tag. The one I was missing was in the area where the helicopter is shooting up the bridge and you are side scrolling to the left. on the bottom, midway through the bridge, when you are jumping over the water, there is a platform with a body/dog tag. mabye you missed the same one…worth a look!

  • I purchased the game used and then acquired some Weapon-X codes from a very nice individual on eBay.

    I figure if publishers are going to extort fans with these types of schemes, simply go to the secondary markets to enjoy the content.

  • Thanks for feeling the need to rip us off and charge $10 dollars for the DLC.

  • wait wait wait…Tap “y”…wtf is the the Xbox blog?

  • to quote:
    “My personal favorite: Tap Y then Tap it again and you’ll get the “Bruce Lee”. Charging Heavy allows you to do full popups of enemies sending the in the air. And if you let the enemy hit the ground of the uppercut or full popup then there’s a whole set of ground attacks you can go into. And for some real fun against use the Heavy attack against weak enemies and see the “auto-finisher” – incredibly quick brutal attacks that kill enemies in one hit. Love these, they add great flow to the combat.”

  • wasnt this the item you could get by preordering?
    and its 10 bucks now?

    how does that work out?

  • oh yeah, i have a PS3 not a 360, so those instructions dont really work for me..

  • Nice effort with the blog post. Everyone do yourselves a favor and buy an actual PSN game with the money you would have used towards this.

  • 10 bucks for the arena? It’s just crazy… I prefer to spend those on Resident Evil: Directors Cut or FFVII. Thank you.

    And your tips are not useful for me anymore since I’ve already sold my 360 AND my PS3 Wolverine game.

  • I can’t believe you actually used an XBOX button on a post here.

  • @ KidCommando

    Nope, got that one- but it’s encouraging to hear that you got them all. I’ve played back through every level AT LEAST three times and even consulted the Gamespot online guide and I can’t figure out where I missed one. As long as it’s actually possible, I won’t give up, though. Thanks for the info! :)

  • say no to this rip offs dlc
    are publisher/devs out of their minds?
    something that was free for who preorder is now on sale for $10? lol.. yaaaa okkkkk
    what world do this people live in?

  • It’s not even “DLC” as the ‘content’ is not downloaded but rather already included on the disc.

    It’s like Activision/Raven sold you a car and then offered you the bonus of being able to actually use the factory stereo system for an extra $1000.

  • Tap Y then Tap it again.

    I guess we all know know where this companys priorities lies. Surprised anyone? :)

  • Not only is this DLC a joke but so is this 360 post! lol Good luck getting people to buy this lol!!!

  • Anyone who purchases this will regret it instantaneously. I got the code from one my friends who work at gamestop and only played weapon x arena once and NEVER played it again.

    $9.99 for a bunch of crap, release some story related content for 10 bucks and maybe we’ll talk.

  • @ProjectSik

    I got to level 32 in the ladder challenge and the game froze on me. A buzzkill.

  • I love this game and was really hoping for some type of DLC that kept the game going somehow and gave it more trophies, kind of like what Criterion is doing with Burnout Paradise..

    Although I really enjoy this game, like everyone else here, $10 bucks for that is way too much..

  • I don’t know if you noticed this, but people were mad at Guerrilla for charging $6 for two new maps and new ranks for Killzone 2. What made you think it would be a good idea to charge ten fricking dollars for a white room where you kill people? Sorry Raven, but that’s low.

  • Thanks for those tips, Dan!

    Can you please give me some tips because I’m stuck in Chapter 2 (Frozen Tundra): After I turn the wheel to slide the statues & their platforms into position, I can’t jump to the 2nd platform before it slides back into its original position. No matter how many times that I’ve tried – I just can’t seem to do it. Please help!

  • Thanks for those tips, Dan!

    Can you please also give me a tutorial or some kind of map? I can’t seem to find that Y button you were talking about

  • NOOOOOOOOO I can’t find a “Y” button on my controller. Do you guys have a different PS controller than I do. Not cool Sony…

    Seriously though don’t be a lazy ass and copy and paste from an xbox site.

  • Tap Y then Tap it again and you’ll get the “Bruce Lee”


  • Also, todays the 5th. And you say June 4th…

    Kind of embarrassing, ya know?

  • Wow, where do I start?
    “Tap Y then Tap it again ” uh, where exactly is the Y button on my DS3?

    And $10?!? Are you kidding me? Way too much! $5 tops, and epecially for something that’s already on the Blu-ray!!

    I hope everyone knows this is $10 for a key, that’s it. Weapon X came with the game.

    I gotta hope it’s the greedy publishers that now charge roughly $70 for new games, and that the devs have no say in this DLC B.S.!

  • Well, I normaly buy DLC.

    But, for a game company to let a blog post get out like with this type of error and/or typo from an exact copy & paste from an Xbox post.

    I will refuse to buy this DLC for this game and any of upcoming game.

    This should be offered free just for you mistake of thinking that the PlayStation fan base wouldn’t notice something that obvious.

  • Pulling a Capcom, eh?

    I grabbed one of these pre-order codes from a friend and noticed the file size was around 56kb.

    You and every other developer can take your DiscLockedContent somewhere else.

  • Dan,

    Does the DLC add more achievements?

  • @ JKar275 (#36)

    If you’re where I think you are, you need to smash the wooden blockage around the base of 2 of the statues. There’s a walkthrough guide on Gametrailers.com that might help, if you need it. I only looked it up when I’d finished and needed to find the Dog Tags, but it’s a pretty good walkthrough, from what I’ve read of it. I believe there’s another one on IGN.com, as well.

  • You might want to edit that last paragraph; I’m having difficulty finding the Y button on my SIXAXIS.

  • 10 bucks? Yes, we all think you must be joking….

    hahaha, good joke ;) Now change the price to 2,99 and we’ll see…

    Oh, it’s already on the disc? Capcome style, huh? So even for 0,99$ I’m not buying this.

  • Guys, do you know where I can find Y button on Dual Shocks 3? Or maybe Y is exclusive to Sixaxis which I don’t have :D:D

    What a shame… ;)

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