E3 09 Virtual Booth Tour: God of War III

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We’re now on our way back from LA, but even with E3 2009 in the books, we’ve got a lot more videos coming for you.

During the conference, we had an elevated area above the show floor where media members and other dignataries (I’m looking at you, Verne Troyer) could get a guided walkthrough on our titles.

We shot a number of “Virtual Booth Tours” with our top developers, to give you a feel for what it’s like to be at E3, and to see some parts of the games that you probably haven’t seen before.

First up, Combat Designer Adam Puhl takes us through the part of the God of War III demo that we *didn’t* show during the press conference.

Coming up Monday: A guided tour of MAG!

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  • GOW 3 will be game of 2010.
    Thanks for posting this


  • Awesome demo… and will be an awesome game.
    Thanks for the post.

  • Amazing

  • How come zeus army comprises a cyclops?

    Otherwise amazing game!

  • Holy crap. It looks like the visceral action has been taken to a whole ‘nother level! They do know the ESRB has to rate this, right?


  • This is a first day buy!

  • Absolutely spectacular! I hope we get this demo (or any demo) soon.

    One other request: please have developer commentary for the game once it’s released. Perhaps even with all the previous game directors on board — you could have an in-game retrospective on the GOW series as a whole.

  • Ah man Can’t wait for this. Are we gonna fight that titan? GOTY 2010!!!!!

    When will we be getting our hands on that demo?

  • Cerberus_Hunter

    Can’t wait for next year! i need my GoW fix…hopefully a demo soon? i know they said it, it’s coming but when????

  • Can i come work for y’ll?

  • PS3
    where amazing happens.

  • @10

    didn’t u watch the video they said March 2010

  • It’s ironic that the people who got to play the demo are the only ones who won’t be buying the game(they’ll be getting review copies). So, when do we get our hands on the demo?

  • Yes!! Thanks Mr Capcom hhaha. I love GoW 3

  • Castlevania and God of War 3 are games I must own.

  • 2010 is too far away, but it will be a great year. Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy 13, God of War 3…

  • @Liamario

    haha so true. we need a demo stat!!

  • Amazing. I can’t wait to play it!

  • Can I have it now? I’ll pay double.

  • Stinkinmushroom

    Very impressive lightning effects in that “cave”

  • Hoping I can get that Collector’s Edition with God of War and GoW 2 on a blu-ray. Any word on if this has been decided on?

  • incredible game! i would buy a ps3 just for this game if i didn’t have one already!

  • i want that demo so i can play it till the game comes out in 2010 :o)

  • Thanks guys for the demo. Awesome to see kratos on the playstation 3. Also if you guys bring the collectors edition, please include a action figure that really represents kratos carreer. Please bundle the 1 and 2 games.

  • Are you going to un-screw the Part 3 Conference footage of GOWIII?

  • I love how they have another diverse set of gametypes in the game to break up the non stop button mashing and QTE’s .

    Hopefully i can get GoW1 and GoW2 in a special edition with GoW3 on blu ray cause i didnt bring my ps2 versions with me to europe and i cantr rebuy it here cause ps2 games are region locked .

    anyway cant wait for 2010

  • Cerberus_Hunter

    I’m talking about the demo…i know the game is coming match 2010.

  • great video, but can you guys release one where the tv with the footage isnt so darn small? gotta be able to get this direct feed or something. I’m sure Adam’s a nice guy, but i dont need to see him

  • The game looks fantastic, I can’t wait.

    Off topic, but I can’t think of a better way to ask, what ever happened to our White Knight Chronicles update? The trailers say coming soon, but Siliconera had a story up yesterday that casually mentioned that it wouldn’t be out until next year. Any news?

  • He ripped that man head off look up Kratos vs Hileos or something like that on YouTube.Kratos is RAW!!

  • I know all 3 previous GOW games have launched in March but I think it’s ok to not follow tradition and let us fans have at it as soon as possible. Honestly I need my GOW fix asap.

  • When i saw the first god of war 3 trailer months ago i was worried that the gore was going to be toned down..

    LOOKS LIKE I WAS WRONG! Lol after seeing this i am now worried if the game is going to make a MAture rating! i wouldnt be surprised if you guys have to cut some of your scenes out of the game because of how violent it is..i hope not.

    In any case faith restored! Cant wait to play some god of war on ma PS3!

  • Hey JEFF could you try to get us info about Eyedentify ?? Lots of people are waiting for news on that game since 4 YEARS AGO E3, please at least tell us if it was cancelled or something!

  • This is going to be my first God of War! I’m very excited.

  • This game looks absolutely amazing. Cannot wait for it to hit!

  • I was merely watching and I still had fun as if I were playing it.

  • EPICNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i cant wait any longer. this is how you conclude a series. its going to be big. its going to be epic, and its going to amazing. just like the other three games but greater. GOW 3/2010!!!!!!!

  • “Tight like nap booty, and phat like ham bone”

  • *Picks up jaw off of floor* *Speechless* *Hugs PS3* *Hugs his Kratos action figure* * Realizes he’s gone too far* :P :D

  • Thanks for such a great post. God of War 3 is absolutely phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG I got to put my pre-order in now

  • GoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH
    oh and Sony, buy Kingdom Heart’s please.

  • This is one of the games I bought my PS3 for. It’s looking amazing. I can’t wait.

  • yeah Id pay tripple to play the full game right now LOL lokks great cant wait

  • Game year of 2010!

  • GOW3 looks absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on the game!

  • It does look very interesting. The dynamic lighting is the best I’ve seen on any game due out in the next 9 months.

  • yeah their devinatly pushing all those cells to the limit.

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