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After talking about the co-op in PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for the PSP, it’s now time to talk a little bit about the two player mode in PixelJunk Shooter which we hadn’t mentioned before.

In true PixelJunk fashion we have made the game co-op, so get a friend around, grab an extra controller and anyone can just dive right on in. We’ve tried to make co-op as de-stressed as possible, so even if your player’s ship gets hit by something or overheats and starts crashing towards the ground, you can pop out your extendible hook thing (no official name for this yet – “Grabber” perhaps?) and grab your friend (he’s a bit heavy tho, so watch out), then you can carry him to the nearest pool of water and dunk him in to restore his health. If you don’t manage to grab him in time, he’ll just re-spawn near you and you’ll be docked a life.

The game is an old-school shooter at heart (hence the name), it is the PixelJunk take on those old retro shooting games such as Defender, with a little bit of Choplifter and Thrust! thrown in for good measure. We have giant bosses for you to fight against, multiple weapons to pick up and try out, shields you can grab, all kinds of stuff to give people with an itchy trigger finger a lot of fun. However, at the same time we have added a puzzle element (that we tend to do with most of our games) so even those without an itchy trigger finger will be able to play the game and have a lot of fun. This puzzle element obviously revolves around the sandbox fluid simulation we have implemented, and it is incredible to watch in action.

As with PJ Monsters Deluxe I’m not sure what the release date will be, but we are working very hard on it so hopefully it won’t be too far off!

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  • First. =] Game sounds awesome!

  • This looks awesome, I can’t wait! Day 1 purchase without a doubt.

  • Looks great!
    Can we expect a summer release? or is it more likely to be released this fall?

  • Stinkinmushroom

    Hmm always the same video.. Cool anyway!

  • TheInfectedBy590

    When is the release date?
    Will there be a demo?
    When will another PixelJunk game be announced?

  • It’s fun to play together. :) I assume the controls will be as simple as previous titles…? (It helps bring another player along if they don’t have to try to overcome the contorls interface.)

    …Still a stupid name.

    (You had to have seen that coming, but, unlike a number of others, I’ll just leave it at that.)

  • StalkingSilence

    This game reminds me of Solar Jetman, any inspiration taken from that?

  • Actually with these new details I can understand why they named it shooter. At first I thought it was just the player controlling lava water earth etc. That is why I named it elements… Anyway it looks like a great game and a great addition to the pixeljunk series.

  • @1 Everyone can see that your post is the very first one. Fracking annoying.

  • Does this game support online co-op?

  • This game seems to combine some of the most interesting aspects of Eden and Monsters; I really can’t wait, it looks to be relaxing but a lot of fun. The visual style seems to compliment the game well, looking forward to hearing more details about the soundtrack as well.

    Short, short version: I can’t wait.

  • Did you use some gfx from monster? You can hear it when the ship takes the people on the ground.
    Anyway i got all you games and attend to do the same with this one!

  • When are you planning on changing the name from Shooter to something original and worth buying?

    After the Eden fiasco, I can’t say I will be swayed to buy another PJ game unless I know theres some originality and creativity behind the product.

  • No Online CO-OP? =[

  • lookin good…the title however is still fantasmigorically lame.

  • I hope PSN can have a game as crazy as Alien Shooter 2 Reloaded (in Steam). Wouldnt that be awesome!

    Shooter looks interesting. I hope there’s a demo first though.

  • It looks very nice, the environment has a pixel junk eden feel to it (garden 7 still haunts me).

  • Poopookakabumbum

    Since it’s for PSP, is it coming on a UMD disc, like Kaz promised?

  • Looking forward to this one. Keep it up Pixeljunk.

  • @ Poopookakabumbum (18)

    Check your facts. And of all of the people in here, I hope you aren’t complaining about the name. That would be quite ironic.

  • @13

    So you’re telling me PJ Eden is not original and you need a cool name so you can buy it? You cant be serious

  • I need Online Co-op. Eden and Monsters were great but they were missing this one element.

  • I’ll buy this. PJE was awesome… i just hope this game isn’t as hard (even after patch)

  • Dylan thanks for your support of the PS3. Im sure we all appreciate it. However could you tell Sony that your not releasing a new game on the PSN until they put in cross game voice chat :)

  • Looks awesome, I can’t wait to pick this up.

  • Definitely think this game looks incredible and excited to try it out soon! The fluids are my favorite part about it, gives it that next-gen feeling even with a retro look.

    My only major complaint with PixelJunk Monsters on the PS3 is that I thought it was so difficult (even on casual) that you were forced into a strategy that you HAD to use to finish it so if you came back later to the level you had to have these specific towers to finish a level, ESPECIALLY if you wanted to perfect it. That just kind of took the fun out of it for me and seeing that half the towers you would never use because you just couldn’t win with them seeing you would either not have enough gems or otherwise not enough coins.

  • I cannot wait for this. Hopefully it comes out sooner than fall.

  • They should really change the colour of the ship to another colour than orange/yellow… it really looks like the Magic Schoolbus.

  • ah ha! that’s why you didn’t answer my question yesterday… :P

  • @13 what is the “eden fiasco”? I loved eden and the expansion… did I miss something?

  • Any chance of changing the name? it totally doesn’t describe what it is. I mean the the actual shooting seem secondary to the exploring and rescuing the little folks.

  • This game look great!

  • no online co-op, no buy. Simple as that. These types of games are fun to play cooperatively with others, but if you have no one next to you to play with, then you are basically wasting your money.

  • You could always just go make friends in real life…

  • is there a Semi release date for this game? because I really want this game.

  • @34 Jeo
    If you are referring to me, I would just like to let you know that I do have friends in real life and they are on my PSN buddy list. I live about a 30 minute drive away from my friends and why should I spend money on gas or bus fair every time I want to play co-op with them?

  • when you have the fans help choose the name you have to realize that there will be about 6 milliion idiots who didnt get their name chosen and are pissed off because of it. The name is fine and anybody who buys a game because of what it is called really shouldnt even play video games because they are missing the reality of what video games are anyway. Play it then judge and for the love of playstation stfu about the name

  • Poopookakabumbum


    Kaz said all PSP releases would be released simultaneously on UMD and as DLC.

    My facts are in order.

  • Iam looking forward to the game and I will be day one. But did you really need a contest to come up with that name? I laugh’d so hard when I see that name.

  • @38

    Your facts aren’t in order… this isn’t a PSP game…

  • Will play the (DELETED) out of this co-op style. Pixeljunk + co-op = ftw!

  • Are you going to hold a contest to name the “grabber”? How about hook?

  • looks awesome! this might be a first day buy.

  • This is my number one most anticipated PSN title to come out this year. Yup, I really want this game. Plus, it has 2 player co-operative play! YAY! Thanks Q games.

  • Name makes the game not sound very interesting anymore.

  • Please incorporate online co-op into your games past,present,and future!! To not have online in your game in this day and age is a travesty!! Thanks.

  • Nice! This is the most intriguing PixelJunk game yet! :D

  • awesome!

  • Looks interesting… I might give it a try

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