E3 09 On the Show Floor: Critter Crunch

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You saw Critter Crunch in a post a few weeks back, marking the historic debut of technicolor barf to PSN. So we tracked down cofounder and President of Capy, Nathan Vella, at E3 2009. Here, Nathan talks us through Critter Crunch and how it plays, going in-depth with competitive and co-op multiplayer modes and more. Everyone who played it on the show floor seemed to enjoy it, and we’re stoked to show off more of Critter Crunch in the near future, with Nathan promising to bring it back to the Blog very soon.

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  • “Video not available” :3

  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    video not ava

  • Video not available…

  • The video is set on private, if someone change it to public will be working as usual :)

  • I swear these First posters are really pissing me off. We can easily read the 1 right there by your name. Posting First just displays how much of an ass and immature you are. Please stop posting first and grow some balls.

    Ok now that my rants over…. Critter Crunch was a great game on the itouch and I expect the same from PSN.

  • Awesome video!


  • Video not available :(

  • Wow a low score because the video didn’t work? That’s pretty sad, people make mistakes.

    I personally can’t wait to start puking up rainbow colored stuff!

  • yay for canadian made games!!!

  • Even more yay for Torontonian made games!

    Go Leafs!

    I mean.. Golf Leafs!

  • no video lol, cant wait to see it when it is avialable…… when is it going to be available?

  • Come on Chris. you did it wrong ;P

  • I blame this one on the metal plate in Chris’s head. Ya know the one that makes the hair stand up on the side of his head.

  • here video no………. lol i mean no video here :P

  • I know this is off-topic but the new playstation store look is terrible… and the sounds literally give me a headache. I have to mute my TV just to shop. Please change this back.

    Great E3 presentation though. Seriously, great job to everyone involved. FF14!

  • @16, Makotoi

    I’m sorry but please learn how to use the word literally. I don’t usually do this kind of thing but I’ve noticed that everyone nowadays never uses that word correctly. It really bugs me for some reason. Sorry for the offtopic comment.

  • wow still not fixed. Talk about post and run.

  • I’m looking forward to this game. Plz fix the video :D

  • @17 why is this not correct> The expression “this gives me a headache” is usually given when someone really doesn’t have a headache but wants to give that imagery. But he is saying he actually(literally) gets a headache. Maybe I;m missing some silly english rule but im no major. But if everyone makes the word have different meaning then whether you like or not it will take that meaning. Language always evolves.

  • still broken. :(

  • So when is the release date ?
    and what is the price ?
    I wish it was somewhere in the price of Trash Panic i love it to be 5 bucks

  • Good Job its fixed now :)

  • sweet interview =D
    looks like fun! =]

  • I WANT CRITTER CRUNCH!! That game looks so fun! lol

  • Yeah this is good stuff!

  • Hurrayz for Indie Devs. Welcome to the PlayStation Family. Your money’s right over here. :P

  • @ katsuo7171 (6)

    No kidding. The mods here used to be so good about keeping those posters down and out, eventually leading to the point where no one bothered trying it anymore, but lately the system’s grown so lax that the d-bags of old are starting to creep back in, like rats out of the woodworks.

  • finally a game where i can barf into another mouth!

  • This game looks disgustingly cute! So disgustingly cute that I just have to buy it so I can awe my friends with its cuteness while disgusting them at the same time! :P

    Can’t wait!

  • Cool! there is LBP on the background!…oh and there is also Critter Crunch!

  • Awwww…..SO CUTE<3 =P

  • This game continues to amaze me. At first back in the first post it was the visuals now its all these modes, keep it up this game looks really great.

  • Game looks kind of fun.

    Thanks Chris.

  • Hurry Capy! Critter Crunch is awesome on my iPhone, but I’m dying to play it on my 52″ HDTV.

  • Come on, Jeffy boy. I know you’ve got other interviews just waiting to go up. :)

    I think this E3 went VERY well, I’m certainly leaving it satisfied. Now, it’s time to keep the punches rolling, slide in with a sweep kick and strike ’em while they’re down.

  • I have the ipod touch version and I love it. Gets pretty hard after awhile and some of the puzzles had me going crazy. I’ll get the PSN version just for the co op and online modes.

  • Wow this looks as cool as Sony’s firmware announement that in-game chat is coming soon….. oh wait that didnt happen.

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