Assassin’s Creed 2 E3 09 Q&A

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Assassin’s Creed 2 made a killer showing at the PlayStation E3 2009 Press Conference this Tuesday, debuting a brand new demo that showed off a short assassination mission. There’s a ton of new stuff in this sequel — including Venice as a setting, a new combat system and mission structure, all played through an all-new character named Ezio — so Jeff and I stopped by Ubi’s booth for a special behind-closed-doors look at AC2. Watch as Ubisoft Montreal designer Mathieu Gagnon takes us through the demo explaining everything at Ezio’s disposal.

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  • 1st! And getting this day one!

  • First!
    Looks good.

  • This one looks a lot better than the first one, way to go! Will there be a demo?

  • Needs more Jade Raymond. :P


  • I’m buying this, Bloodlines and a PSP Go! day 1!

  • Where’s Jade, doesn’t she handle promotion any more?

  • i say add in-game chat scea.

  • Sweet! Can’t wait for this game. Day one buy for me as well. Playable demo in a few months?

  • Hey Chris, can you try to get some info on BloodLines? Thanks in advance.

  • Why don’t we get interviews for games we actually care about? Where is WKC, Demon Soul, Uncharted 2, MAG, Ratchet and Clank, Fat Princess, God of War 3, Eye Pet, and GT5?

  • This is sooo koollll!!! great update!

  • @ BlooodyCow

    Just because you don’t like the game doesn’t mean everyone else does.

    I can’t wait to get my extra weapons through both the PS3 and PSP connectivity.

  • When the firts one came out I had real high hopes for it….. played and it was nice….. until I reach the final boss…. not a specially difficult final boss it was just another kill with lots of obstacles…… but the ending was horrible…. ended in NOTHING!!!…I get they wanted to leave the door open for secuels but I was half waiting for a big billboard to read “TO BE CONTINUED….” I just hope they don’t do THAT again…. I will be getting the game because I like sneaking type games (Huge fan of MGS)… we’ll see.

  • Wow, AC2 is looking good. I think they learned alot from AC1.

  • I want this demo to come to PSN so we can play it.

  • Looks amazing. I had the first one stolen from me a while back and never actually beat it. Now I might go buy it, beat it, then get this one too.

    Good job peoples.

  • I agree with #16

  • Hey Chris, (or anyone), did they announce a release date on AC2?!

  • Speak for yourself Blooodycow, while those other games are important too, I am really looking forward to this game, more than some of the ones you mentioned. So “you” can’t really speak for “WE”

  • i love this demo at Sony Press Conference make want to play it right here and now oh good job for make u guy from making ubisoft look showing off the demo at your press conference and not let go to the mircosoft one the would make look it was only xbox mostly of the time you know

  • it seems they listened to the many valid criticism of faults and repetitiveness that plagued the first game and they are really determined to make this a better and more varied game that its predecessor.
    Looking forward to this game!

  • Cool! Can we get a live chat with these guys sometime?

    Maybe with Ubisoft in general, and all their games. Ghost Recon, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six, etc.

  • allright an assasins creed with trophies!!! Day 2 buy for me LOL

  • Looking forward to this also. At the conference, they said the key word was “diversity.” AC1 had a great foundation: platforming, combat, environments, NPCs, but the repetition was a huge problem.

    I noticed a lot of pop-in during the conference demo. Hopefully some of that can be cleaned up for final release.

  • I don’t mean to be a jerk…It’s pretty, but there was noticeable screen tearing in the press conference demo. No, I’m not talking about the deliberately added effects…Whenever the screen panned a lot, there was tearing along the sides.

    Is that going to be ironed out this time around? Seems to be something a lot of devs have trouble with on the PS3. Again, I don’t mean to be a jerk, but I’m curious…Why is this such a problem? Prince of Persia and Far Cry 2 both had the same problem in abundance on PS3.

  • screen-tearing = fail.

  • awsome can’t wait!!! =P

  • Games are looking so good these days, incredible.

  • can’t wait till this drop

  • Stinkinmushroom

    Just so you guys know, there is a sync problem on Part 3 of the Conference on the PS Store … It bugs in the middle of the GOW3 presentation and all the audio is synced out till the end. (maybe it’s only a problem on my console, but i think it’s general)

  • This is going to be day one for me, just like the first game. I really like all the improvements that they have done with the game. The verity in ways that you can explore and assassinate is greatly expanded. Being able to purchase new weapons or even better yet being able to buy people for their services makes all the better. The new mission structure sounds a lot better and 14th century Italy would be a fun place to explore. I wonder what kind of collectables would be around this time and hopefully it will have to do with the “money system”. I’m completely sold, they don’t even need to release a demo I can already imagine the possibilities if they’re expanding what they already did with Assassin’s Creed one.

    Oh and da Vinci for the win I can’t wait to try out that hidden gun and the other fascinating machines he invented

  • This game is scheduled to be released on November 18th.

  • Assassin creed was not a good game, and I don’t think the sequel will be any better. I am definitely not getting fooled again by the over hype.

  • When will the psp bundle be released? and will it have a special looking psp kinda like the darth vader and kratos ones? I don’t really want a psp go and am looking to trade in my 1000 series for a 3000, and i love assassins creed s o i may wait for this.

  • Can I have it now?

  • damn diz gameis goin to be sick!!!

  • I wish you guys would type out the Q&A’s as well. I don’t get to watch video here at work and it’s kind of annoying.

  • I thought that the first AC game was kinda boring and extremely repetitive, but I was impressed with what I saw in AC2… so I might pick it up!

  • Amazing game!

  • Needs more Kristen Bell!

  • I watched E3 video for this and my jaw hit the floor. and the exclusive PSP to PS3 content just sold me on this. The only other game that even came close was Uncharted 2 and I have to have them both!!!! Sony has the best games. :)

  • the first one was a little repetetive, i can see that there taking us gamers seriously and taking our advice to THE best stealth action game.

  • AC2 looks fantastic.
    Will it be a true 1080p experience this time around?
    I sure hope so, to take advantage of the great palette of colours, detailed architecture, costumes, and atmosphere from the Italian Renaissance setting.

    Reading the interview with Patrice Désilets.
    His comments about the Flags in AC1 makes you laugh.
    Mind you, I’m currently guilty of trying to collect them all, before the release of AC2 later this year.

    Fascinating too were his insights into AC2’s economy system, becoming a kleptomaniac.
    Whether there will be DLC, co-op or multi-player support.
    And the AC short films.

    AC2 pre-order… Sold!

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