PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe Co-op Mode

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Those lucky people who have been to E3 should have already made a beeline to the Sony booth to play PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for the PSP, right? I hear the booth attendants are having trouble pulling people off it. You know what it’s like – just one.. more.. try..

What’s not on show at E3 however, is the internet co-op play we have implemented so I thought I’d spend a little time explaining what we have implemented as it is pretty cool.

To begin with, in order to meet up with friends (or strangers) you need some kind of lobby or chat room system so we have implemented that – you can create rooms freely, bookmark rooms to go back to easily, set up your preferences for what maps you want to play so people can search for your room more easily etc., all the standard stuff. There is a cross-translated menu for saying simple things no matter what language the other player understands and of course you can type messages in freely. Each room can have up to 8 players in it.

However, we’ve gone a little bit further with a feature we haven’t seen implemented before; when two people start up a co-op game a little running “ticker tape commentary” starts scrolling across the top of the chat window, so the people who aren’t playing yet can read a blow by blow account of what the two players are up to in their game. It’s surprisingly entertaining to watch while you are waiting for someone to start up a game with you. I’m hoping this gives the chat rooms a warmer, more community-like feel so people will enjoy just hanging out in their favourite rooms.

Within the game itself, you can talk to your partner-in-crime by using a new ring menu that gives you a set of simple icons you can string together that are surprisingly effective at conveying what you want your friend to do. It’s a lot of fun running around and directing the other player while you dance on towers.

I’m not sure when it will be going on sale, but when it comes out this game is a must-have for all law-abiding PSP owners everywhere, it’s dangerously addictive and now it has gone mobile you can play it everywhere!

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  • First day buy.

  • Second Day Buy.

  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    3rd day buy

  • Stinkinmushroom

    Day 1 ! just for those 10 extra levels!

  • I want to have this game’s babies.

  • online coop. cant wait

  • StonTemplePilot

    Final Fantasy XIV omg!!!! here i come BLM please have Tarutaru again!!! Tacobell pandy server FTW!

  • Like everything you guys do… awesome. I’ll probably have to skip this one since I’m the only person I know with a PSP and I’ve already rainbowed everything on the ps3, but it’s still awesome.
    p.s. totally off topic, but is pixeljunk shooter co-op multiplayer capable?

    • In a previous blog entry I mention that there is a whole new island, new monsters, and new towers, and all kinds of other unlockable goodies.

      Also, we have \”remixed\” the maps from the PS3 version so they aren\’t the same as you remember them.

  • @2 and 3

    what? im being serious…

  • Is the PSP Go going to have improved wifi?

    Wireless G?

  • 2nd day buy.

    Nice to see more PSP games using infrastructure because i can’t always use ad hoc.

  • Wait, actual online play? Sweet! This will be using our PSN IDs and friends lists?

  • awesome you guys!

    UMD release alongside the download?

  • it looks like this years E3 was focus more on PSP then PS3. what i don’t get is why PSP Go is priced at $250. when the new gameboy DSI came out it went for $170 with a extra features. PSP go should have been a cell phone Sony would have had two PSP out. competing with the Iphone and DSI instead of having two psps’ competing against each other and DSI.

  • Could really use this functionality on PS3 as well. But I’m gonna buy this, no worries there.

  • I thought at E3 Scea would announce a new firmware update including a Music Video Service and Probably the most asked for feature for the past two years! that is of course IN-GAME CHAT but No that as far as i know that hasnt happened. The way i see it, we players and Sony fans are being ignored. Please add the feature of In-Game Chat.

  • whoa… can’t wait.

  • sounds fantastic. i love the pixel junk games, they never disappoint. can anyone from the psblog pass word on about adding a mail icon at the top right of the XMB? that way we know if we have message, even if we missed the little pop-up notifier. that would be awesome.

  • Will it be breaking the PSP law not to purchase it? I am feeling quite rebellious!

    I kid, I kid.

    “However, we’ve gone a little bit further with a feature we haven’t seen implemented before; when two people start up a co-op game a little running “ticker tape commentary” starts scrolling across the top of the chat window, so the people who aren’t playing yet can read a blow by blow account of what the two players are up to in their game.”

    That sounds like an awesome feature, I can’t wait to try it out.

  • Sony rules – that is all

  • Is this like a tower defense game?

  • I cannot f’in wait! PJM rules! More levels is sweet!! *drools* Will it have custom soundtracks?!?@? as much as I love the music.

    BTW I still think you should re-consider Pixeljunk Shooter. You’ll regret it later! I will refer to it as Pixeljunk Spelunk regardless.

  • Frankly PSP Go! is crap. It’s an attempt at Mobile game market share, without the ability to call any body. It’s an attempt at the PSP but without any improvements, two nubs (joystiqs). It’s utterly ridiculous. It has no backward compatibility.

    It looks an attempt against the pirates but I can already tell you it is a failure without setting all the specs.

    This was a waste of Sony’s money. Will most likely a be a huge failure.

    Consult someone with common sense next time, I beg you.

  • Dylan, will this have download only or will there be a umd version?

  • DemonOfRazgriz07

    this is awesome! I love PJM on PS3. me and a friend would stay up late nights playing co-op together, so focused and id laugh after realizing how strategic we were being, shouting off directions like it’s MLG or something XD. anyway, the addition of Infrastructure mode for this is a HUGE plus to me. I didn’t think they’d include that since the PS3 version doesn’t even have it… This will be an immediate buy when I get the PSP Go this fall :)

  • @23:

    If it wasn’t for the ridiculous price, I could see the GO appealing to people who do not already own a PSP device. It’s smaller, easier to tote around, and free of the hassles of UMD.

    But the GO is certainly not a very attractive upgrade option for us current PSP owners. It completely obsoletes our libraries of UMB games (and movies). It completely obsoletes our MemoryStick Duo cards. It costs WAY more than what we paid for our existing units. And appears to have controls that only a miniature monkey person could find comfortable.

  • PSP Go, Im sold…though I hope you port Pixeljunk Shooter Q games…that would be awesome to join my GT portable fix lol…Great Games Q games

  • UMM. Are you telling us there is no voice chat?

  • Still no word on the name change of Shooter?

    I expect it will be coming soon.

  • I hate, hate, hate, hate that this isn’t coming out on the PS3. I absolutely adore all the pixel junk games (even racer – haha) and in return Im told “well thanks, but we’re moving to a different system now.”

    Gah. I have an iPhone, I have absolutely no use for a freakin PSP.

  • when is this one coming out again?
    I want it NOW!!!!

  • I’m going to be broke by the end of this year.

  • Cheers, Dylan. Looking forward to this. Pity there’s no voice chat (or so it seems). But online co-op is certainly a welcome addition.

    Any chances offering the new levels and co-op as an expansion to the PS3 game?

    I’m a bit confused by the ticker tape addition. Are you trying to say that one player can start a game, and a second can choose to jump in, if you’re in an open lobby? Or that we can have more than two players?

    Thanks for bringing new life to the PSP. :)

  • @ famousmortimer

    Maybe it’s time you changed your mind on that. That’s most certainly what they’re trying to do. I can actually feel my opinion of the PSP changing, however gradual it may be. Now, all I need is evidence that they can follow through beyond the five or so titles I’m looking at over the next year.

  • Woah you should add online co-op for the PS3 version… Or make a Monsters 2?

  • I might pick this one up… I have yet to fall in love with the PS3 Monsters game… but having a portable version of it seems a bit more intriguing.

  • So freaking pumped for this game. Thank you Q Games for going above and WAY BEYOND with the PSP version. AMAZING! <3 PSP <3 Pixeljunk <3 Q Games

  • The PSP Go controls look like something I’d find on those Nintendo Game&Watches!

  • Poopookakabumbum

    “I’m not sure when it will be going on sale, but when it comes out this game is a must-have for all law-abiding PSP owners everywhere”

    Again – I take GREAT offense to this comment.

    I am a “law-abiding” PSP owner – who likes DISCS.

    This is a SPIT in the face of consumers who like discs.

    To make the inference that only law-abiding consumers buy DD and don’t buy discs?


    Go to HELL, Sony.


  • Is the third island also going to be released as a DLC for the PS3 version of PixelJunk Monsters?

  • @39 Please grow up,
    With the download version I can buy only one copy and have it on both of my PSPs so I can play co-op with my wife :)

  • consider this bought the second its out.

  • I hate you Dylan Cuthbert,

    Now not only do I HAVE to buy a psp go! but now I have to keep my old one and buy two copies of the game so me and the ol’lady can play “babies” together……there goes the trade in discount for my 3000…….wonder if they will give me good money for my “fat” 1000……

    Any idea of pricepoint seeing as I need two copies? Will the price of both be under $60?

  • @…Poopookakabumbum | June 3rd, 2009 at 10:27 pm ..

    dude SONY has already said they will release games on disc as well…..

    Why so hostile? sony did not piss in your cornflakes….calm down.

  • Hmmmm i really surprise on one notice the trophy bar in the menu, -_-


    hey there.. how long will we have to wait until the pixeljunk deluxe levels make it to the ps3 version??!! Me and my girlfriend beat all the levels so far and we really need more!!!!

  • @39

    …I have no idea how you took offense to that statement. You’re a lil too sensitive, I think. Or misread it. Or something. He most certainly didn’t say only pirates buy discs… because, well… if they did that, then they wouldn’t really be pirates, now would they?

  • @43

    Hey, there’s a cool idea. All these multiplayer games should do some sort of buy one get one half off deal. Sort of makes it more social that way.

  • Any more awesome Q games coming to PSP?

  • Poopookakabumbum

    @44 and 47

    It was a cheap shot implying that if you don’t like Digital Distribution, you’re a pirate.

    I take offense to that.

    I am not a pirate, and I don’t like DD.

    I deserve an apology.

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