Lost Planet 2 on PS3: The 1st Interview

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You might not have caught this juicy tidbit among the many announcements at yesterday’s PlayStation E3 Press Conference, but Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 is confirmed to be hitting the PLAYSTATION 3. From what I’ve seen of the game thus far, this is a very good thing. Capcom’s Frank Filice tells us more:

It definitely looks as if Capcom is set to wipe away the bad taste that the first Lost Planet left in some PS3 gamers’ mouths. 4-player co-op and visuals that seem to outstrip the already-impressive Resident Evil 5 are a good start.

I’ve extracted a promise from Mr. Filice to have more on this game as we get closer to its 2010 launch.

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  • Lost Planet 2 looks amazing, and good thing its coming to Ps3, thanks for the interview Jeff.

  • Oh wow I’m one of the first ones to post. lol

    Nice work once again Jeff and stay buzzy this week. We need all the info you can give us.

  • thanks jeff

  • The release day will be the same as the PC and Xbox o will be later (timed exclusive for the PC and Xbox)?

  • i want a refund from the first game – definitely a bad taste, blech!

  • Sorry taste still there.

    So why was Capcom playing cat and mouse on this for the last month?

    Thanks Jeff.

    No Thanks Capcom.

  • BTW Jeff…title should be Lost Planet 2 on PS3: The 1st Interview.


  • CapGOD keeps delivering!

    I would also like to echo #4’s sentiments and ask, if the game is coming out same day as on other platforms?

  • Nice to know it is coming to PS3.Haven’t play the first one yet.This one looks promising with Monster Hunter-esque CO-OP.

  • definitely looks like a huge improvement over the first one and I thought the first one was pretty cool.

    is it a timed exclusive, or releasing on all platforms the same day?

    hopefully it won’t be a timed exclusive. If it is, you can count me out as that “game” is getting old Capcom.

  • Where the hell is my Monster Hunter 3 on the PS3 Capcom?

    Anyway Jeff, when are we going to get some info on WKC? You said we will know the release date at E3 and we have yet to receive that little info. Can you please get some interviews on WKC and a release date too?

  • Looks really awesome, thanks Jeff. :)

  • I don’t believe in Capcom anymore (BCR trophies anyone?)… But I liked Lost Planet, so I consider playing the second one, how many gigabytes should I save on my hard drive for the instalation? 5, 10, 15?

  • I still got bad tast from EA. And now I’m starting to get new one with Capcom WHAT HAPPEND TO THEM???

  • @13….

    Ahh…that never get old.


  • Jeff, as usual you are doing a great job. Thanks for the constant update

    But I still don’t trust CAPCOM (they screwed the PS3 owners too many times this generation)
    I believe them when I see the game myself

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Word, I hear you. And I know how to hold a grudge better than most people. But if a game is really good, like RE5 was this year, like SFIV was this year, and like LP2 looks to be on PS3 – you\’re only depriving yourself by not playing it solely on principle. That\’s my view.

  • @14 zombie9
    I can tell you what happen to Capcom. Greed that what happen to them. Making consumers pay for contents that is already on the DISK vis DLC. Giving the fans that made them successful the middle finger when it comes to exclusive games and contents.

  • Jeff great work! Those interviews are great.

    But can you do one thing for us? I think i’m not speaking for myself alone. But Can you visit the Gran Turismo stand (if it’s there). But what ‘we’ really want to see is Gran Turismo 5. And we really want to know if it would make 2009.

    I hope you can do that for us. Thanks!!

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      No date announced on GT5, I can tell you that now. I went hands-on with GT for PSP (which is amazing) and even nabbed like 2 minutes with Kazunouri Yamauchi yesterday – look for that soon.

  • I’ve really appreciated your to-the-point representation of PS fans on our behalf Jeff!

    Thanks a lot and can’t for more.

  • i only really care about exclusives!

  • Question: Since the game has now taken more of a co-op route what effect does that have on the Single player story mode.. is there a story player story mode or is the game leaning mor towards a co-op experience rather then a solo one?

    Please answer, this is a good question!

  • Hey Jeff, this interview is your best! You were totally raw with the questions. You are the man dude!
    Thank you.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Hey man, none of us were happy about the first LP on PS3 – and I wasn\’t going to make pretend that we were!

  • If this didn’t launch day and date with the 360 version, its just another nail in Capcom’s closet.

    Playstation gamers got them where they are today. They need to be reminded of that. Maybe you can ask why they’ve neglected the Ps3 for so long, especially in terms of what it offers us versus 360 users? Its a question I think Capcom should have to answer.

  • Speaking of the co-op mode, what steps is Capcom (and any dev now) takingregarding the allowance for multiple log-ins on the PS3? Will we be seeing more of this when co-op games crop up? I’d like to think I and my girlfriend at least could be logged in simultaneously and enjoy our games.

    Does anyone know specifics on the multi-user element of the PSN now? How many maximum per console for example? Could the SP3 pull off something like Castle Crashers same screen?

  • Jeff I wrote a pretty long post about how Sony needs to start getting exclusive DLC for big third party games, but then I started thinking that what if we had an “offtopic” post once a week where us gamers could post about things unrelated to what was going on. I am sure it would certainly help keeping other topics from getting horribly out of hand and it would furthermore help us ask you guys what we’d like. I know to some it might defeat the purpose of the blog but there always isn’t a certain topic in relation to our questions, concerns or wants.

    My Capcom experience hasn’t been all that good this year so i’ll wait to try a demo, if we ever get one that is.

  • Jeff thanks for the info! After the E3 mention I didn’t hear anything else on this title. I’m unfamiliar with the Lost Planet series, but now I’m keeping my eyes on more info for this game! Do you have any other interviews planned while your stay at E3? Thanks and keep the info coming!

  • Great news! Coop is making me keep an eye out for the game!


  • Jeff I’ve never asked you a question of any kind until now.When is HEAVY RAIN coming out.

  • Will there be split-screen in Lost Planet 2 for the co-op gameplay, regardless of the console platform it’s on?

  • I’m very worried with the online system. Capcom has still not fixed the server issues we have (at least in Europe) with Streetfighter IV and especially with Age of Booty.

    In Streetfighter, games get disconnected on start of a match (first, second no matter). First you’d think it’s other people disconnecting but when you see this even happens when you play with your friends (that obviously didn’t log out of the PSN so haven’t disconnected) you can tell this is really a server problem.

    Age of Booty I don’t even need to start talking about. Anyone who tried that online knows that the system is one big mess.

    I had lots of fun with both games, but please Capcom, You really need to win back my trust with this.

  • @Jeff: Oké thanks Jeff for the responds!!! I’m looking forward to GT PSP!

  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    jeff got a ? with that new music video thing comin to euro next week is a firmware update needed for it? bc the euro ps ppl said its coming on the 11th the music video store thing but is their a firmware needed for it?

  • I got a Question!!!!!!!

    On the New PSN
    is Everyones User Name in the Bottom right Corner?
    Becouse it use to be on the top right corner.
    Is there somekind of error???

  • Ow another question. When Qore 10 (i thought) yes qore 10 came out there was a Big hint at 3D gaming for Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island. Is the Burnout Team there @ E3. Because it would be great if we can play Burnout next week in 3D!!!

  • Can we have more HD gameplay footage of games on the show floor. Even Gametrailers seems to be a little slow and their footage of MAG was really low res.

    Really want to see MAG.

  • Will it require a 4GB install like the first game?

    And what happened with the video in he first game, why did it look so grainy with compression artifacts compared to the Xbox 360 version?

  • Is there going to be a Capcom style 5 GB install for the PS3 version????

    Im sure many many PS3 owners cannot get Lost Planet 2 cause they don’t have the space on their PS3s anyway.

    Capcom needs some tip for other game developers who stream their games without problem.

  • 4 player co-op! I’m in.


    Jeff, you need your wn PSN Mini game, Captain Sony. Where you go around helping people in the game to get to their games. There are evil characters modled after the competition that you have to clear out of the way for You innocent gamer victim. See I can create.

    Oh yeah before I forget, where are the Booth Babe Pics? I know they’re at E3 this year soooo….


    oh yeah this looks good and might be a day 1 purchase for, I actually lie the First one quite a bit even with its follies.

  • 4 ply co-op has just sold me. Capcom might just redeem itself after the LP fiasco.

  • It really , really does look amazing. Just looking at the effects from shooting I’m impressed. I love how it seems to be a very “organized mess”, shall we say. Sometimes games just come off as plain messy when they try it, but this seems to succeed beautifully. I definitely love the four-player co-op.

    And, yes, Jeff, you ARE the man. See, if I were face to face with these guys I really couldn’t assert myself like that. I guess that’s why you get the big bucks, huh? Keep ’em comin’, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself too. :)

  • Good interview Jeff. Nicely done getting the big concern out there about the performance issues of the last one.

  • are we getting a new firmware update during E3?

  • Looks great!

    Will there be a downloadable demo? LP 1 had an E3 demo months before the release date.

  • hey jeff can you tell capcom stop put 5 gb on ps3 own it one reason not to get capcom for ps3 the 360 don’t do that but why ps3

  • I know this if off topic but where are the Qores subscribers uncharted 2 codes?

  • Good interview.

    Funny how they eluded to it being a 360-only game and now it’s confirmed that it hits at the same time.

    I played the original on 360, but not a big fan. This one could change that though.

  • Hi Jeff,

    First I have to say you’re doing a great job on the blog. Admittedly, you’re more active than your colleague over at the EU Playstation Blog (although that may be due to him being relatively new), but thats the reason why I’m here.

    I get answers here.

    So my question is, will there be another mandatory install with this game. And what is with this trend of mandatory install. I mean Killzone 2 looks absoluately amazing and is without a doubt the best looking console game, and that didn’t need an install. So why do these other games feel the need to add a mandatory install. Obviously, the Blu-Ray drive provides only one speed setting and is different from the DVD in that respect. But if Guerilla can do it, why not the other devs.

  • One more question, why was this game marketed initially as a 360 exclusive game?

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