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By now, you should have seen the PlayStation E3 press conference, either by streaming or downloading from the PlayStation Store (yes, it’s there now!).

But if you haven’t had the chance, we’ve snagged a few of our favorites for you here. Enjoy!

Gran Turismo 5

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves gameplay

Gran Turismo for PSP

Hustle Kings


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  • Wow. GT5 looks great.

    I’m guessing the PS3 and PSP games are going to be different though? Different range of cars and such?

  • GT5 and Uncharted 2, Day 1!

  • put this on store !!!! 720p :D


  • Stinkinmushroom

    That echochrono looks cool

  • GT5 and Uncharted 2 were the best hands down. Is that damage is see in GT5?

  • Something you guys should look into;

    I downloaded part 2 of the E3 presser to my PSP and halfway through the video it gives me the corrupt data error. Can you please fix it?

  • Hey Jeff. Will the Press conference intro be available as a separate download like it has happened on previous E3’s?

  • oh and PS3 trailers on PSP too, pleeeease

  • can we please get a mail indicator at the top right of the XMB. that way if we miss the little pop-up indicator we will still know that we have unread messages. that would be great

  • Will we be getting a God of War 3 demo ?

  • Quite suprised (and happy) to hear about all the awsome games coming out for psp.

    Quite the lineup.

  • Will the Gran Turismo 5 trailer be added to the store soon?

    I don’t think I need to tell you awesome it looks! Watching the conference live, it was a huge surprise to me (even more so as I’m a huge GT fan and a huge WRC fan).

  • I was @ the Sony Press Conf. LIVE and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    The crowd went nuts on Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 demos

    The only thing that sucked was no release date for GT5

  • PLEASE put more GOW3 videos on here & PS store!!!

  • Hope these go on the ps store, plus please put God of War III footage as well as the Team ICO trailer up.

  • Hey Jeff, the 2nd part of the conference ended with Assassin’s Creed 2. Are you guys putting Part 3 of the conference and those particularly awesome trailers of FFXIII, FFXIV and The Last Guardian on the network tomorrow?

  • I would be really glad jeff if you could provide info that websites simply cant, no dates necessary..firmware with major features.

  • When will an HD trailer for The Last Guardian be available?

  • will there be more psx games tonight well tonight here in the east coast like yesterday?

  • Gran Turismo 5 looks very beautiful, and with Nascar, Rally Cars, F-1 racing, and all of the factory vehicles there is no doubt in my mind that the GT legacy will continue to thrive. Excellent job PD.

    Gran Turismo for PSP has me just as excited. With 800 cars and 60fps in a hand held game, it is just unbelievable. Again excellent job PD.

    Uncharted 2 also looks like one of the most beautiful games ever. I loved the first game, and am looking forward to picking this up, especially after playing some of the beta last night.

    All 3 of these games are going to be day one for me.

    @ Jeff
    Do you know when we can expect to see the whole E3 presentation on the PSN store like last year. I watched it live, but I have a few friends that can’t wait to come over and see the ass whoopin you guys served up this year.

    Oh, and we would love some more God of War III footage.

  • Eh I think I’ll skip on Hustle King… I can get almost the same thing on Home.

    A little off topic.. but did anyone else see those FIFA 10 pictures on the Europe Blog.. It didn’t seem like much of a step up from Fifa 09, which is kind of a dissapointment since all other EA Sports title this year stepped their game up. I guess I might just be going with PES this time.

  • Jeff, no offence but if we’re honest, the only thing that matters in the REAL video game landscape is ‘Last Guardian’.

    PLEASE, the world needs it in HD, NEEDS it.

  • Jeff,

    E3 has been amazing so far!! I wanted to thank you and all of the Playstation.Blog staff for giving me the opportunity to be live at the Sony press conference AND being able to walk around the E3 expo. Definitely something I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

    On Topic:

    Uncharted 2 gameplay video was absolutely stunning. The game looks ridiculously beautiful and it looks like a blast to play.

    God of War III is amazing too, and having played the demo I can’t wait to get this next year!!

  • Awesome games!

    I want to see more from GT!

    Real racing events in GT is a racing fan’s dream cam true!


  • With each and every one of those videos my jaw dropped…

    Each of these games are just simply… amazing! I-I-I’ve never seen anything as realistic as GT5, I’ve never seen anything as smooth and witty as Uncharted 2, I’ve never seen a portable game look as stunning as GT Portable, I’ve never seen a pool game look as shiny as Hustle Kings, and I’ve never seen a puzzle game as complex and awe-inspiringly intriguing as echochrono…

    My mind is officially blown…

  • um going of topic a bit

    you know the qore uncharted beta thing I never got the e-mail( atleast I don’t think so) so I’m just wondering if you guys gave codes yet for qore subcribers

  • echochrono is kind of like one of the flash games i have played in the past
    its called chronotron
    it involves solving puzzles with help of yourself, but from the past
    exactly like this one does

  • Daily updates until tomorrow? Nice. Any truth to claims of a Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 demo in tomorrow’s update?

  • Is there any reason why the E3 conference on the PS store cuts short?

    Right after the Assassins Creed 2 demo

  • Is The Last Guardian trailer on PSN yet?

  • I would like to know more about GT5…will it have car damage?…and when will it be released?

  • I see damage models in GT5! :D

  • Thank you very much for releasing the full conference. You were faster than last year :P
    I’m downloading it yet, to watch the awesome press conference that Sony did this year.

  • can i get a uncharted beta key????

  • Man that GT5 trailer was one of the highlights for me. Why didn’t you guys show a demonstration for it?!

  • @Godlovesugly05

    Did you download part 1 and 2?

  • Will GT5 have……..wait for it………

    Damage control?

  • Jeff those are your favorite videos guys??? wheres The Ghost of Sparta ?????????? man Bring Chaos to PSN, fack i couldnt believe my eyes im really dying to play it , put the videos of God of War pls , and U2 looks AMAZING , dont even let me start on GT5 , for a moment i thought i was watching a real nascar race lol , yes it looks SUPERB , wheres the video of the masterpiece in the making , yea you know what im talking about , The Last Guardian!!!!!!! , White Knight Chronicles released date , Motorstorm Pacific Rift DLC videos , GOD OF WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 3 videos plsssssssss

  • I thank Sony for yesterday. After that conference the day just glided by like silk on glass. There seems to be some confusion still lingering as far as the exclusivity of MGR (which has been confirmed as coming to the PS3 now) and FFXIV (which Mr. Tretton stated in no uncertain terms would be excluvie), but these are minor things for me as I now have plenty of reasons to smile over the next 12 months and beyond.

    Again, thank you. :)

  • did i see car damage in GT5???

  • No Last Gaurdian

  • Ooooh God no. Please, get rid of that annoying yelling Japanese angry chick at the end of the new videos. Don’t EVER put that on cable. xD It scares the crap out of me EVERY time. Just when the trailer ends and goes silent, she pops out of nowhere and yells “PLAYSTATION!!!” at you. >.<
    Jeff, is this a new official logo, or is this just an E3 thing? Cause it’s absolutely horrible. It honestly sounds like a highly compressed MP3 of a lady screaming into a $2.99 PC Mic.

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    Jeff, can you elaborate on this? Sony announced Final Fantasy XIV as a game that you can play “ONLY ON PLAYSTATION” saying it was an exclusive.

    Now, today at Square Enix’s press conference, they revealed a PC version, which shouldn’t be that big of a deal to PlayStation 3 fans, but Square also stated that “in terms of other hardware devices, including Microsoft’s, we’re considering all possibilities.”

    Isn’t that a little misleading from Jack to announce it exclusive, only to hear that statement from Square the next day?

    (please disregard my tone if it sounds rude, I’m just asking a normal question =])

  • @43 thats the retro slogan. they used a long ago.

    i love the UC2 trailer that went up last night. that and the Heavy Rain trailer as well

  • Hey Jeff, get this back to Dr. Marks A pool game with the new controller will call it “True Motion” at this point in time, but here
    s my idea a pool game.
    While watching the trailer for the game “hustle kings” its a pool game the first thing that came to mind for me was and tell me whatcha think was “True Motion” I like that name.

    Since the PSeye can track you with the controller, why not have a pool table on screen and the controller shows up as a pool cue and as you walk around the table to set up shots just like playing real pool if you ask me, can this be done gofreak? and would this be cool for parlor games as well as a dart game, I think bundling it like that something different and unique would go miles ahead of anything on the market.

  • GT and Uncharted look extremely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • omg uncharted 2. loved the first game and i among thieves is going to wow me. its already doing it now. these are the games that you can only find on playstation. thank you sony and naughty dog. ps: copping the psp go when it comes out and gow 3 (yes!!!) next year and hopefully gt 5 in ’10.

  • Uncharted 2. Enough Said.

  • @44

    just like MS uses the Exclusive tag on Bioshock, Fallout3 Dlc, Ninja Gaiden 2 etc..

    they said console exclusive at its launch, so that means it could be timed exclusive.

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