PlayStation.Blog E3 2009 Meet-Up Recap

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E3 is officially back, and last night’s huge LA PlayStation.Blog meet-up was proof! We heard rumors before we got to Mama’s Hot Tamales that a line began forming as early as 9:30AM. But the sight of hundreds of PlayStation fans extending around the corner was almost overwhelming. Perhaps it was the smell of the delicious home-cooked Tamales, the early co-op access to Fireteam Bravo 3, or the first hundred people earning access to the Sony Press Conference (surprise, surprise…those hundred also gained access to the E3 show floor!) that drew the crowd.

E3 '09 Meet-up

Regardless, simply hanging out with Jeff, myself and hundreds of other excited PlayStation gamers was awesome enough justify the trip. Huge thanks to all who showed up and to everyone at Mama’s. And for those who couldn’t make the trip, below are some of the highlights (check our Flickr page for all the pics). Here’s to a great PS E3, and we’ll see you next time!

E3 '09 Meet-up

This is merely half the line outside Mama’s prior to opening. I bet Mama would love PlayStation to stop by every day! And in turn, I’d love one of these tamales for lunch every day of my life.

E3 '09 Meet-up

The Slant Six crew setting up Fireteam Bravo 3 before the flood gates open.

E3 '09 Meet-up

Jeff, Chris and Mama herself!

E3 '09 Meet-up

Yes! Hip Hop Gamer is a regular at our meet-ups, shooting some vids from within the line and chatting it up with Jeff.

E3 '09 Meet-up

The first Fireteam Bravo 3 victims! Everyone who played had a chance to win some great PSP prizes.

E3 '09 Meet-up E3 '09 Meet-up

E3 '09 Meet-up E3 '09 Meet-up

The craziness inside. Seriously, this place was packed. Sometimes you have to endure some sweatiness to get the goods.

E3 '09 Meet-up E3 '09 Meet-up

E3 '09 Meet-up E3 '09 Meet-up

Shots of the winners of the Fireteam Bravo 3 co-op competition. Lucky winners took home PSPs!

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  • I’ll be there next time ;)

  • cool. If only this happened in Chicago :(

    • I\’d love to. I love Chicago. Though Zachary\’s deep dish in Berkeley can rival Chicago\’s best…

  • I wish I could be there. At least I can watch the Press Conference on TV!

  • jedi_webslinger

    Can’t wait for the press Conference.

  • Fun times – thanks for the update & pics!

  • stupidnick79809

    The event was so much fun!! im so excited to go to E3!!!

    Thanks again to everyone at Playstation Blog!!!

    I <3 YOU!!!

  • Wow, looks like it was a blast. Wish I could have been there. It’d be fantastic if you guys could do a meet somewhere in the midwest, say Columbus Ohio for instance.

    Anyway, I hope you all have a great E3 out there

  • To bad I wasn’t there. But, I did win an Uncharted T-Shirt from Torrence Davis, host of Davis Daily, from I’m quite excited to get this shirt and wear it. It’s just a shirt but it’s an Uncharted 2 shirt…if only my gf knew how big of a gamer I am..I hide it from her.

  • yes and for anyones info the new mgs rising is coming to both PS3 & 360, and no it is not MGS4

  • Nice, i wish i could have gone there

  • A grand ol time it was ! This was a very fun event !

  • Oh chris, how I wish I could go hang out there and play the new socom and have tamales.. Maybe nExt year

  • love you chris <333

  • almighty-slayer

    Looks great. Enjoy the Jaffa Cakes too :L

    I so wish i could come to a meet up…Maybe the EU blog will do a random one…or not.

  • Jeff is always sporting the newest PlayStation shirts, oh so jealous.

  • I know im going off topic but WHY!!! why did we have to loose Metal Gear to microsoft this aint fare, sony bettervhave a good confrence tommorow or else we lost.

  • Thanks for the prizes Chris, glad to be tie at 6th place. Jeff, thank you so much for the aw some patapon shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That looked like so much fun,hope you guys had a blast and I hope Sony does some blasting at E3 as well =)

  • Wish i was there….Maybe next time.

  • Attention

    MGS Rising has been confirmed for BOTH platforms. G4 has confirmed that it will NOT BE EXCLUSIVE to the XBOX.

  • i wonder where’s the small update that you said that we were going to have today? is this it??anyways, i cant hardly wait for sony’s press conference and for all the goodies that they’ll have :)

  • I was there…and it was awesome…looks like next year we’re gonna need a bigger venue Jeff!!

    Thanks for the Press Conf. access (and E3, even though I was already going)

    One more thing, I wish it was made clear that the press conf. was seperate from E3 because many of my friends decided not to come because they though you needed to be going to E3 to qualify.

  • There needs to be a PS.Blog Meet-Up for SD Comic-Con!

  • I wish there was stuff like this on the East Coast. It’s all politic stuff here. :(

  • someday ill go to one of these events…

  • Cool I wish I was there.

    What happened to the update that jeff posted about yesterday.

  • lucky ppl


    *I can only wish*

  • I hope one day i get to go to E3
    also cant wait for the conference tomorrow.. LOL im going to skip college tomorrow just so i can see the conference lmao

  • Who’s that fat guy in the back behind hip hop gamer and Jeff?

  • We waited over an hour in line, and got up to the door just in time for Jeff to tell us they can’t let anyone else in. (there were still about 40 of us out there)

    The disappointment was palpable. Maybe next year….

  • Slant Six! LOL.

  • Sorry I missed it Chris. LA was just too far to drive for me.

  • LMAO Slant Six was there setting up the FTB:3 stuff? I’m surprised it worked.

  • E3 is tomorrow. Go show that its creativity that makes the best games, not money! :D

    Cant wait to hear about this secret game either.

  • It was awesome. Thanks for the passes, and thanks Jeff for signing my shirt.

  • lol im in the pic yeaaaa the 2nd one in 2nd pic in the back of the line in the blue long sleeve

  • at least i got an E3 ticket


    Nice psp Dev units?? I hope t someday attend one of the meet-ups. An E3 ticket, man thats prolly worth tens of thousands of dollars to the right people now. To you it must be PRICELESS. Do me a favor ASSASSIN_21, robotros, get me lots and lots and lots of BOOTH BABE PICS and upload to the sony flicker. E3 died when they got rid of the Flash. People became accustomed to it. ALso lots of COSPLAY PICS too please.

  • I never knew that I could be so jealous of a bunch of sweaty people hanging out at a Mexican food joint as I am right now. Right, there was PlayStation stuff going on. That explains it. :P Come back to S.F. for something… anything!

  • i’m ready to see what sony has prepared for PS3 this year and next…PSP GO looks pretty cool, not bad for a smaller all digital device for carrying around…lets see what else is coming though…tomorrow cant come soon enough…


  • I was there…Godo stuff, looking forward to more of E3 coverage

  • Nice to see that you guy went to the Land of Misfit Toys for the prizes.

  • E3 next year…hopefully…..:D


    Jeff Nice Shirt, it’s what I wear in Home, are they up for grabs for some lucky (me)Canadian? Have fun tomorrow you lucky folks. Think of all the Free Shwag you are going to get tomorrow. Shwag like you’ve never dreamed and Booth Babes. lol

  • conference tomorrow.i know Sony will come through with great stuff. Hopefully a socom 4 that is a return to form[ala socom 2]


  • @47. Those “exclusives” were 3rd party. Any 3rd party company and/or game can be bought.

  • I must move to California!!!!!

  • I’m freakin’… I can’t even think of a good word for it, so: REALLY REALLY EXCITED (the caps will fill the gap present in my lexicon) for the Sony Conference tomorrow! Bring on the fun!! :D

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