Get a Custom inFAMOUS Poster!

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We’re electrifying 7-Eleven stores this month with an inFAMOUS promotion. If you pick up a copy of inFAMOUS and a PlayStation Network giftcard at 7-Eleven, you’ll recieve this poster custom designed by Destroy & Rebuild exclusively for inFAMOUS and featured in-game:

inFAMOUS Limited Edition Poster

inFAMOUS destroy and rebuild 1

Destroy and Rebuild is a Brooklyn based collective centered around four graffiti artists instrumental in inspiring the current generation of street artists. At the heart of the collective is legendary graffiti artist, Mike “2ESAE” Bacca, who was featuring in 2008’s groundbreaking documentary, Bomb It. Check out their other pieces here.

Please note that the promotion is U.S. only and at select 7-Eleven stores that carry the inFAMOUS game. To find your local 7-Eleven, click here.

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  • Sweet! I didn’t even know 7-11 sold games!

  • Yeah they do, poster looks nice!

  • Poor Canada

  • no love for Canada :(

  • Wow, I wish this was announced BEFORE people bought the game.

  • almighty-slayer

    i want one :(

  • Poster?! really? I wonder if they still some inFamous games with the Uncharted 2 beta multiplayer code too…

  • Awesome poster. Too bad i’m low on funds right now.

  • This would be sick if we had PSN cards in canada

  • Nice. Would have been a nice bonus for pre-orders though.

  • Yeah too bad I’ve already got the game. It’s an awesome looking poster!

  • lol are we adopting the Japanese model for selling games. I’ll laugh if you guys starting saying grocery stores carry games too.

    Still cool though.

  • I still like the Gamestop deal better… Special powers

  • I don’t even know where a 7-11 is? Never seen one. :(

  • StalkingSilence

    “recieve” – I before E, except after C ;)

  • You guys should really put out more posters by the way. I can’t get this one I already bought Infamous at Gamestop. You should guys should try to put out more posters though. I do a show on JTV and I’ve been looking for posters to light up my background and I just can’t find any its ashameful thing.

  • It would have made more sense to post this before the game so that people could have bought the game there.

    Of course I’m guessing very few people buy games from 7-11. I know I don’t considering none are around here. Fail on your part considering 7-11’s aren’t everywhere.

    Perhaps you should have considered this offer for somewhere like Walmart or Gamestop or other equally popular store.

  • Hello Asad,

    I gotta say, that poster looks great but if its not a full size poster then im not interested. What I mean by full size is not the kind of poster youll find folded up inside a game like say the poster/maps found inside Grand Theft Auto games. I mean, how are we supposed to proudly display some cool poster if its no bigger than a 32” TV?

    Im sorry but im just sick of these cheap LITTLE posters.

  • already got inFAMOUS.

  • I already picked up inFamous at launch.

  • @ StalkingSilence

    Even that rule has its exceptions. It’s good the majority of the time, but you’ll find that the English language has issues with being boiled down so simply.

  • hey Asad is there anyway that i can get the poster without buying the game??? i’ve got it already btw , cant stop playing it and i really want to have that poster

  • From the very first trailer shown until release I have been waiting for this game. I have to be honest that when playing the demo, I was a little disappointed. I felt that the game would get pretty repetitive fairly quickly. After playing the full game over the weekend, that prediction held true until yesterday evening.

    I am stunned at how the story took a turn for the better and depth of the game play dove into the abyss. I am hooked and cannot stop thinking about it. What’s worse is that E3 is this week and I will be torn between what to do with my spare time. Play inFAMOUS or check out the E3 news and videos?

    Kudos to Sucker Punch for such a stellar game. I haven’t been sucked (no pun intended) into an offline game based solely on story since Uncharted and MGS4. Sony PS3 has 3 big guns under its belt now. Solid enjoyable titles with high replay values. Excellent job guys! Can’t wait to see what happens next and to hear about inFAMOUS 2!!

    Thank you,

    Happy Gamer

  • How about for people that picked the game up on launch day and pre-ordered it?
    I want that poster but I already own the game …

  • Or just sent me over that poster print document and I will print it off myself.

  • Bad choice. 7-11 is not exactly known for selling games,next time try BestBuy instead.

  • @26 yeah 7-11 is known for selling games….Maybe you have never been in a 7-11 though…. I dont see how you could miss the huge game rack when you walk in…

    you would think a 7-11 would be more convinient than a best buy lol…wtf? theres one on every corner here in California….

  • Awesome! Too bad I already have inFAMOUS, though.

  • So if we buy a copy of inFamous AND a PSN card we get the poster? Or can we just buy one of them?

  • @27

    Not everywhere. In NYC none of the 7-11’s have sold games since they were opened.

  • NOOOOOOO! I bought inFamous AND a $50 PSN card, but it was from Best Buy…. Can I still has a poster pleaze?

  • Fully agreed with #5. What a waste now. A lot of people already pre-ordered inFamous at other places. This should have been announced a while back.

  • looks nice

  • 7-Eleven sells PS3 games??!!?!?!?

  • America gets everything, all promotions are in america. Psn cards do not come in Canada then i mite go bak to 360. buy stuff using a card.

  • how big is the poster? and is it pre framed or numbered or anything?

  • hm my 7-11 sucks hard core.. the dudes there have no idea about what there selling… when fallout 3 came out i called them up to see if they were selling it and asked if they has the ps3 version… they said yes and once i got there they only had the xbox version… and from what i see they only carry xbox versions of the games that are coming out… so im guess that infamous wont be at my 7-11

  • sweet!!! =D

  • i dont get it – why 7-11?! does that mean that in the event of a cataclysmic event, slurpee will survive? pffft!

  • Cool idea. I never thought to get ps3 games at 7-11. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks.

  • they dlc for infamous i want more stuff to do. i love that game

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