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With E3 on our doorstep, we won’t be doing our usual “This Week on PSB” post tomorrow morning (plus we’ve got a cool update hitting around that time, anyway). That said, here’s what you’ll see on PlayStation.Blog this week:

  • Meet-up Tonight! – For those of you planning on attending the event, make sure to get there early! Based on RSVPs, we’re already looking pretty packed, and you’ll want to try to win what we’re giving out!
  • E3 “The Home Game” – We know that as much as you’d all like to be at E3 this week, that’s just not realistic for most people. For those of you that can’t make it out to LA for the meet-up, we’ve set aside some cool schwag. How do you win it? We’ll tell you on the blog later tonight.
  • Press Conference Live coverage – We’ll be liveblogging the PlayStation press conference on Tuesday morning (11am Pacific), and follow that up with posts from some of the top brass here at SCEA.
  • After that? Lots and lots of posts and videos featuring the latest details on upcoming games and news from the show floor. You’ll definitely want to keep an eye on our Twitter account, as we’ll be posting bite-sized updates and pics throughout the week there as well.

I’m off to the airport now, but it’s going to be a very fun and exciting week… I hope you’ll be joining us!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of May 25, 2009)

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  • TheInfectedBy590

    Can’t wait for Sony’s press conference on tuesday! :)

  • I guess those sony branded glasses stopped you from seeing the PSP GO stuff :p

  • Can’t wait to see Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll in action this week and videos of White Knight Chronicles english gameplay!

    Also, I cant wait to see you guys announce the PSP Go!

  • Jeff, this is going to get better. beside the FF7: AC on blu-ray. FF7 the PS1 version is coming to the PSN in USA. I got the link to back it up.

  • So you completely missed the PSP go! announcement? Since its not listed on “what we read” ?

  • boo ya! Good luck at E3. Will be watching the live press conference on tuesday.. even though its suppose to be 26 degrees outside that day, I rather be inside watching video games.. lol

    I win

  • Gran Turismo 5 had better be at E3…it’s been ages since we’ve heard anything.

  • Finally E3! can’t wait to see all those awesome PS3 games…GOW3!

  • will definitely be watchin this

  • Aww Jeff you disappoint with no PSP Go threads, but I can see how that would get you in trouble and we don’t want to lose our favorite blog poster now would we.

  • Hey, I know this isn/t really the right place but I can’t connect to the playstaton network, I am getting a DNS server error everytime I try. Anyone else having problems?

  • I love how you dont post new stories that break before you want to announce them.

  • I’ve got a comment about this so called PSP Go… I’ve bought over 35 PSP games and can’t even use them if I wish to buy this device. I feel more screwed by you Sony than by Nintendo leaving out the GBA slot from out of the DSi. Last generation handheld games. At least that “kiddy” thing plays the recent generation DS games!

  • Been waiting for Advent Children in HD since the original was here. Quicker than I expected it to reach the West, awesome stuff.
    E3 finally here this week, going to be a classic!

    Do the team at the Blog know exactlly what Kojima’s next title is? I’m not asking you to spoil it because the wait will surely be worth it.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Since the leaked PSP GO! announcement is lacking in this list, it’s same to assume that you guys are not happy. I can imagine, it’s quite a megaton announcement and some hidden game announcements as well, shame. But ah well we’r all talking about it for hours now so that’s a good thing.

    I suppose Hideo is pissed if the 27 countdowns on his new projects lead to a new MGS PSP game.

    I cannot wait for the press conf, Sony has so much to announce, to talk about that’s already coming this year. Strong stuff and the leaking of the PSP GO! will do little harm to change that.

    Keep up the good work Jeff!

  • @Jeff & Chris
    I thought someone already complained about this and it would get taken care of.

    Please for the love of god STOP LINKING TO DIGG!!! You have any idea how annoying it is to want to see something only to waste additional bandwidth and time going through Digg to get there? Then I have to click back twice just to get back to the PS Blog.

    Seriously… you guys wouldn’t do this in Emails, Message Boards, or to your mother right? Be kind, friends don’t let friends send bad links ><.

  • @12

    What are you talking about? Stop acting like someone/Sony is FORCING you to BUY a piece of hardware. No. You bought a working (great) PSP1000/2000/3000 and you can play all the games on it you want. Sony says they are going to continue producing the PSP3000 so you wont have any issues replacing it if it gets broken.

    So what’s the problem?!

  • WOOT! Awesome, E3 will be great, cant wait!

    Any PSN games coming out this week?

  • Are you guys gonna be doing a ‘fat princess’ style beta giveaway for UC2 on the PS Blog?

    I am unemployed, and cant afford InFAMOUS at the moment… so if you are, ill be checking the blog constantly lol

  • He probably hasnt seen the biggest announcement about the Go!


  • See you all tonight!

  • @16
    I think alot of us PSP owners are a little scared of the PSP Go; and for good reason too.

    If the PSP Go! is successful Sony may decide that the PSP3000 is not needed and again “test the market” which we’re getting sick of seeing as a front to what will be as opposed to an actual test. Many may shake their head at this prospect, but sony has given us little reason in the last 5 years to trust them with hardware and not screw anyone.

    1) PS2 Slim, we lost the ability to install the hard drive. Not to big of a deal, but it left alot of potential and existing FFXI players out in the cold. I lost half my linkshell to DRE and was none to pleased by this. Many didn’t come back until after upgrading their PC or getting an X360

    2) PSP1001 screwed twice by PSP2000 and PSP3000, we can’t find any accessories for the 1001 and have the lesser of the three existing UMD models.

    3) Backward Compatibility lost in the PS3 after an existing 6 months of having it no matter what, to having it by choice for 6 months, to having it not at all.

    Seriously what’s next? If something happens to the UMD PSP’s we’re going to lose access to our UMD titles if anything happens to our portables.

  • @MiC-NL You honestly believe that if the PSP Go will be a succes they’ll continue releasing the PSP 3000? SCEA isn’t releasing PSP games by digital distribution already (Patapon 2) without no reason. Same reason why PS2 BC was removed from out of the PS3, because the PS2 was still such a major succes.

    And a PSP is broken very quickly. My former PSP was lying on the bed, dropped on the floor and it was dead as the UMD layer was broken.

  • I personally think the PSP Go looks terrible, anyone else agree?

  • Oh I’m sure in a few years time they will go PSP GO! only. But i’m also sure that they will have some sort of system to comfort the people who are in the boat you guys are. I have a PSP2000 + games too and I somewhat want the PSP GO! so i’m in doubt but I’don’t think i’ll buy it.

    Unless they have like some sorta system that you can download a copy of the game you bought by syncing your PSP GO! with your titles, I dunno.. we’ll just have to wait and see guys

  • As long as digital distribution will be available for PSP go and the regular PSP I don’t bother. To be honest I don’t really like the looks of it. Looks very uncomfortable to hold in hand.

    At least I know now I no longer have to buy UMD discs.

  • first rule of psblog, dont talk about psp go.
    second rule of psblog dont talk about psp go.

  • Any news on the release of FFVII on PSN. It has been rated by the ESRB so i know it will release soon, but when?

  • Jeff im really expecting a great conference from sony , one thing though i have seen so many people on the playstation forums asking when is sony E3 press conference , it could have been nice if they and you guys had like a photo or something announcing SONY E3 conference its tuesday at 11am pac/ 2 pm eastern time with the playstation logo behind it and the same goes to the blog , its a big show guys , people get interested , anyways good luck Jeff and i cant wait to see what sony have in store for us this year , the next and beyond , playstation for life !!!!

  • I just Hope Sony stops making excuses and finally released the Video Store in Canada.

    seems like the PSP Go! is what finally forced SCEA to start releasing PSone games on PSN, and hopefully the PSP Go! will have the same effect on the Video Store in other countries.

    Its not like its a rights issue with your own content Sony.

    I can See it now:

    SCEA: Sony Pictures, can we sell your video content in Canada

    Sony Pictures: No, GTFO

  • No PSP Go on that List? :D

    All i would like at E3 09′ is –

    $299 PS3 with FULL PS2 Backward Compatibility :P

    &more game info.

  • Dose anyone know the exact time for Sony’s E3 in Canada????

  • No mention of the PSP go….


  • Final Fantasy VII Rated as a PSOne Classic by ESRB –

    Atlus Has Some Unannounced E3 Games –

    Trinity: Zill O’ll Zero Coming to North America –

  • Can someone actually tell us if this ‘Jake Osuwah’ is actually a real SCEA employee?

    So many sites are citing him, but I think it’s rubbish, in all honesty.

  • how about the esrb leak for FFVII?.. i have a hunch FFVII will be out this week as part of the E3 ps store daily updates.. i would love to play that game again on my psp..

  • did he said that “we had a cool update hitting that time” as firmware update?anyways, i’m also weary about this pspgo i hope they device something to transfer our umds if we wanna adopt the new format. because, buying the same game twice would suck!

  • almighty-slayer

    Jeff, take me to E3 with you. I’ll hide in your luggage or something :p

    Can’t wait for all of the e3 news this week. Hype meter = off the flipping scale

  • @Destiny89

    You do know that Canada has several times zones right?

    Sony’s press confrence is at 11am PST on Tuesday.

  • When you say we have a cool update coming do you mean FW update? Or just a blog post..

  • Not to sound like an ass but why do your links seemingly all go to Digg? Seems like what you read is digg and you could spare us all the double link and just post a link to digg/gaming page…

  • Why don’t you guys just come out and admit PSP Go? I mean its not longer a secret and you guys just look stupid ignoring it or not commenting on it.

  • I just wonder if we’re going to see anything on Killzone 3. Maybe a teaser. I can’t wait to see more on God of War III and R&C:ACiT either. There are just so freakin’ many possibilities. It’s really exciting. :D

  • @27
    As you already know FF7 was just added to the ESRB listing so I wouldn’t expect it this week. However there is the possibility that it may show up on the store this thursday or even as early as tuesday to coincide with the release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete on bluray.

    They did this in Japan back in April, so it is a possibility that square is planning on doing this in the US as well.

    As long as I see FF7 and MGS between now and June 11th I’ll be happy. Those are two games I’d like to have on my PSP and my PS3.

  • Onna 76,

    What makes you think Sony will stop producing PSP-3000? I mean even if PSP go somehow succeeds, they would definitely produce PSP-3000s in order to sell the UMD version of each released game.

    Oh and please stop making stuff up, especially if you don’t have much knowledge in what you are making up… Sony removed BC on 40GB PS3s because they had to cut the price by $200 and the only way for them to do that was to cut parts; Backward Compatibility, 40GB of additional space, and 2 USB hub were cut because cutting those parts wouldn’t cripple the overall PlayStation 3 experience.

    Also, PSP is quite reliable; I have mine since late 2005 without having any problem with it even though I have finished countless number of games with it, so make sure that you take care of your system before accusing the system of being easily broken.

  • There needs to be a way that allows people to transfer their existing UMD games to the PSP go. Maybe like a kiosk or something you can go to. Or maybe releasing software on the PS3 that you can use to connect an older PSP model and register your UMD games to your PSN account so you can then dl them in digital form from the PSN store…


  • @29
    Can’t believe I missed that little rant of yours. Unfortunately that little conversation you had there is exactly how it is over at Sony. If you look at Sony’s history for the last few years and read the interviews you’ll see that there is a huge disjointed air about the company.

    Howard Stringer I believe even said as much in regards to the different divisions of Sony acting in a way that is disconnected. Also wants to push the company into stronger software development which I’ve been saying for the last 10 years. He doesn’t mean games per say, but things like features for the XMB (InGame XMB) and having Emulation for PS2 and PS1 would have been something resolved before the system launched.

    So ya Sony can actually deny itself access to it’s own feature list. They all act autonomously and it hasn’t been something that has hurt them until now. Even a few Movie to game releases that have had licenses sold to Activision instead of one of sony’s own in house studios. SCEA gets no publication rights to that media and it even goes cross platform. Spiderman being a fine example of this.

  • AAHHHHH!!!!
    I’ve been gone for a week to a camp with my school that has no internet or much electronic stuff at all (which i was totally fine with), but now that i have come back… EVERYTHING IS SO OVERWHELMING!!!! so much happened this week~ i just can’t take it all in.
    o well. it is what it is.

  • Or how about a mail-in program? Mail in your UMD’s and get a code for digital downloads instead?

  • E3 is Sony’s show. No question.

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