Pata-Post Friday – Thanks for the Pata-Luv!

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To celebrate the launch of Patapon 2, a few weeks ago we asked fans out there to show us their Pata-devotion and send us some Pata-pics. And boy did they deliver! Here are a few of the best, but be sure to check out all the Pata-pics on Facebook!

Pata-contest 3 Pata-contest 2

Pata-contest 1 Pata-contest 4

Thanks to all the fans out there for the great photos. For their effort they will all score a limited edition Patapon tee based on the HOME shirt we made.

For the Pata-faithful who are craving one of these shirts, be sure to join Jeff and crew for the meet up at E3. Word is he might have some Pata-luv to share as well.

Great weekend to everyone and thanks for all the Patapon support! If you didn’t catch the Launch trailer yet, here you go!

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  • Thanks for making the game. Patapon 2 is now my favorite PSP game.

  • i’ll try this game one day. Whether its on a PSP or a PS3,, who knows

  • NJz-Greatest-420


  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH flying out to Cali for PS Blog meetup in T-Minus 12 hours 46 minutes—one of those Pata-shirts is MINE!

  • i really hate it when all those cool contests are only for US.. how come Canada cant have any of those cool stuff??????????????

  • Patapon 2. I started playing it not too long ago. Definitely a fun game.

  • I really hope to see this great game on the PS3 some day!!!!
    Keep the good work guys and I hope you guys put those cool t-shirts on stores pretty soon.

  • Let me just say that this game is AWESOME! Loved the first one, loved the second one MAOR! I even waited it out just so I could purchase the (UMD-less) case in the store just for shelving purposes!

    Thanks for making this a downloadable title as well! Now as long as I have my PSP with me (and charged) I’ll never have to worry about forgetting/losing my patapon UMD!


    PS Now please create some wonderful HD assets and surround sound patamusic and give us a PS3 version via PSN!

  • @8 GREAT IDEA! Take one of the few things the PSP has going for it in terms of software and move it to a home console! They should do this with everything so that eventually they can just phase out the PSP. -_-

    Notice that the only decent versions of Pokemon that have ever been released are ONLY on Gameboy? This was a major factor in why I ever had one and it opened up the rest of that library simply because I wanted that one game. A gateway game, if you will. Sony needs to show that kind of backbone, stand firm and say “Only on PSP- ever” if the PSP is ever going to hit prime time. (And not just on this title, but on any others that could potentially move units.)

    Mine may be an etic perspective, and I am aware of the flaws in that, but it’s also the perspective of a consumer who would LOVE to see more people walking around with PSPs.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    And thank you, Sony, for the UMD hate.

    No disc = NO SALE.

  • All the pictures taken were all from the first page in the photo album. Alot of the other pictures in the back are really good as well.

  • Love Patapon….

    Please, please bring a Patapon game to the PS3 too! (with drum support!)

  • Day 1 purchase when I get my PSP GO! :D

  • RelentlessRolento

    Just beat Patapon 2 last night. Tough, and loved it… tough love I guess ;)

  • Show the UMD some love.

  • I see KazeEternal and Poopook are at it again.

    Why is is so hard for you to to just download the game? And if you really want it so bad then import the game from europe.

    But really, if your posting here it means you can download it, it wont take long to do it.

    Its a great game and only took me 13 mins do download.

  • Thanks!

  • @9

    I’m not saying get rid of patapon on the PSP, I’m just saying let PS3 only owners get a taste (and those who crave HD video and intense audio). I’m sure if (a new) pokemon was released on wiiware ppl would still play the living snot out of it on there. I know I probably would.

  • I don’t know where to ask this but has any one on patapon got the friendship equitment? Because I don’t seem to be able to get more then 2 do I have to play with more then one person or what needs to happen?

  • Will the shirts be the white or blue Patapon shirts?


  • Why does clicking the pictures drag me to a yahoo signup page ? I am not interested in a yahoo account, sell it to someone else -_-







  • Wait sooo

    “For their effort they will ALL score a limited edition Patapon tee based on the HOME shirt we made.”

    Keyword “ALL” So since I sent a picture in I qualify for a shirt? :)

  • wish it was for the ps3.

  • Sony have you seen the new Qore yet?

  • Reveal the full PSP GO! specs right now! the thing is leaked all over the internet

  • Yes does this mean I get a shirt?!! Please yes!!!

  • WTF! Why dosent the new pspGO! have a UMD drive, and only one stick?

  • @30

    because they can?

  • But the psp need two sticks=(

    And what am I supposed to do with all my old umds?

  • two stick psp coming out soon

  • Poopookakabumbum

    The PSP Go is a slap in the face to

    A) anyone who has supported the PSP and BOUGHT the games, like me.

    B) Anyone who cares about their consumer rights.

    Granted, Sony has proved they don’t care about consumer rights in the past with their little DRM on CDs shenanigans a few years back.

  • @34, guess you havent seen the new Qore vid for june. John states that the psp go will be for ppl that want the download didgital experiance, and the current psp 3000 and umds will still be sold side by side with the new psp.

    So i guess you just got served. So go back to buying your umd games.Oh BTW it was also said that some developers are going to have some download only games.

    I guess ou will have to live with the change.

  • @34

    I agree. But, Sony has me in their clutches again. I think I’ll end up getting this since I now see the final product and heard that it won’t replace the PSP 3000. That is, I’ll get it if the price is lower than that of the PSP 3000, and it should be. If not, then that’s just rediculous. Still, can’t wait to see what else they’ll have on this at E3.

    And, back to the topic of Pata-Luv. I can’t wait to get my tee. :) Just one question: when will contestants be recieveing their shirts. I’ll be on vacation soon so I just want to make sure to know if it will be here then or later.

  • I really hope that sony give old psp users a program that can convert umds so you can use them on the new pspgo

  • Poopookakabumbum


    Yeah, Sony giving us a UMD ripper? Good luck with that.

    We’ll be able to buy all our games again “for a special price”.

  • The PSP Go will have Bluetooth technology, so hopefully it will be able to support a PS3 controller. If it does, I plan on buying it.

    Any one know if there is a level that goes on the second to last space on the map on Patapon 2. I have beaten every level at least twice (except for the blue demon) and still have not unlocked anything.

  • So in the Qore episode, he mentions that “PSP Go will be for the download enthusiast, while the PSP 3000 will be for those who want physical media (UMD)” (not exact quote, but close enough)


    Where is the freaking North American UMD of Patapon, huh?

    I won’t hold my breath for it Sony, you’re not worth it.

  • The Sony-made UMD ripper would be some specially made software that encoded a hash from your PSP (derived from firmware security code plus some info from your PSN account) and inserted it into security code on the CSO or whatever format it rips to. That way they could lock the games to your PSP. It could also “phone home” once in awhile and check your ripped games against a database and not let you play your warez0red games but allow access to games that check out.

    There are plenty of secure ways to handle this, it’s up to Sony to research and implement them. The way I outlined is very simple but may have holes in it.

  • @40

    did you miss the part where John said that some games will be download only.

  • Poopookakabumbum


    40 is right.

    The UMD model with PSP will be gone within a year. They are going download only, which is BAD BAD BAD for consumers.

  • I love this game and I will buy it when PSP GO comes out. Wooooo! Thanks, SONY.

  • Can’t wait to play this on my PSP Go! :P

  • Cool! That means I get one! Thanks!

    This’ll be my second shirt I’ve gotten from Sony. I’ll wear it with pride.

  • @41
    No, I did not miss that part. There are UMD versions of Patapon out there, so obviously Sony doesn’t care enough about it’s North American supporters of the system to release it as such over here.

    Again, I will not hold my breath for it. Sony as a company is not worth it and has lost any and all support I was giving them. Used games and hardware for me if it has Sony’s name on it. I don’t want to give them a single cent until this game gets released on UMD.

  • That is cool,he posted my picture on the blog!(Mines is the one that says “spank them bottoms!”) I can’t wait to get my shirt!

  • @42

    John never said the umd was going to be dead in a year, he said the umds will still be around for a ong time, in fact John said at one point that the umd will be around for the next 5 years….wich would probably be a good time to ween ppl off the umds and have ppl move over to the downloads.

    Time will tell.

    If you want a tantrum just because of a simple download, then take your ball and go home.

  • Thanks! Looking forward to a Pata Shirt!

    (left the R off of ‘shirt’ by accident as I first type it, good thing I noticed it before I hit ‘SUBMIT’)


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