MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Third Game Update: Speed and Adrenaline Rush

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MotorStorm Pacific Rift Expansion - Speed MotorStorm Pacific Rift Expansion - Adrenaline

As ‘Stormers’ worldwide continue to collect their FREE Signature Liveries every week, all eyes are turning towards the coast of the setting sun to see what’s in store next. We’re well aware of what you’ve all been wishing for – Tracks, Modes, fresh Rides and a few surprises on the side. All wishes, we’re very happy to report, that we’re about to make come true.

If you’re one of the fortunate 40,000 attending E3 at the LA Convention Center on June 2-4, and you’re a MotorStorm fan, then you’ll be able to count yourself amongst the first in the world to witness our 2 new major downloadable content packs, ‘Expansion: SPEED’ and ‘Expansion: ADRENALINE’. Rammed bumper-to-bumper with new content, you’re going to need to set aside some serious time to investigate them both fully.

  • Expansion: SPEED will be the first off the start line, and screams into view fully tanked up with MotorStorm goodness; 3 brand new tracks (Quicksands, Engorged and Dark Fire Swamp), 3 brand new track variants, 4 sweet new vehicles (sporting 3 paint jobs each) and a whole brand new 48-event Mini-Festival, ‘Speed Weekend’, packed with unlockable rewards, trophies and Microbadges.
  • Expansion: ADRENALINE is racing along beside it, neck-and-neck, and bringing with it even MORE content! 3 MORE new tracks (Reefrunner, Brimstone and Hollowed Earth), 5 new track variants, 4 more exclusive new race machines (each with 3 liveries to choose from), 6 brand new characters (each sporting 3 different costumes), and a whole big fat stash of fresh new paint jobs for your existing vehicles.

Let’s look at those numbers for a moment – between these two packs, we’re almost DOUBLING the track count in the game, giving you plenty more locations for online races, plenty more Time Attack ghosts to chase, and plenty more settings for split screen fun with your buddies. And you’ve got to believe me guys, these new tracks and the new track variants are some of the best-looking, best-racing tracks we’ve ever made.

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  • sounds awesome, i can’t wait. Do we have a date or a price?

    • Hey Emadeowa,
      Release dates and price haven’t been finalised yet. As soon as they are, you’ll find out about it first here on, so keep an eye on the site.

  • sounds great but HOW MUCH?

  • NJz-Greatest-420


  • cool, im sure i will buy this

  • Cool, would have been nice to see a date, but this blog never seems to want to give us the info we want. I’m sure it won’t be any time soon since Sony does things at a turtles pace. Thanks for the info though.

  • Fantastic!
    Will this be coming in the summer?

  • OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! about time evo , stormers all around the world been waiting for this since months ago!!!! excited to finally see it coming soon , i hope they arent that expensive , new tracks, new cars , new trophies , new microbadges , new mini festival , new paint jobs , new characters count me IN , 1 question though i won in the photo contest and you guys said that you were gonna contact the winners soon but i havent heard anything from you guys yet , dont get me wrong im dying to finally get my Motorstorm tshirt , hope i get it soon , LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!!

    • Hi remanutd5,
      Competition winners should be hearing from our Community Manager very soon if you haven\’t heard already. Sit tight!

  • Freaking awesome guys, you support us and we’ll support you, or at least I will, :P SOLD!!! :D

  • Ooh can’t wait! Will see you there! Leaving tomorrow at 6 AM for the PS Blog Meet up (as in, my bro and I are leaving on a plane from Montana at 6 AM LOL—when you use PriceLine–to get the good deals, you have to agree that your flight can leave anywhere from 6 AM to midnight–and we got 6 AM, but can’t complain—700 bucks for both of us 4 nights hotel and roundtrip tickets—thought it was going to cost more than that for one of us!)

  • holy crap, havent played motorstorm in a while, I am like 2 events from winning the entire game.

    Does this add to the single player experience? Or just for online? I would like to play more single player races and increase my rank some more.

    Cant wait to see these levels man, you guys rock at level design. :)

    • Hi starBlinky,
      There\’s no extension to the Pacific Rift festival itself, so if you want to increase your festival rank you\’re going to have to nail those last 2 races I\’m afraid! However, having said that, there\’s plenty of stuff in both packs to tickle the fancy of solo players, all content works offline in Freeplay, Split-screen and Time Attack. And keep an eye out for the Speed Weekend mode that comes as part of the \’Expansion: Speed\’ pack – this has got 48 new single player races to sink your teeth into, and each has Qualifying and Main Event versions of the race, so that\’s 96(!) races in total. They\’re very replayable too, with Friends-focused leaderboards feeding back to you and telling you whenever your buddies have pushed you down the leaderboard. We\’ve been playing it compulsively here in the office and I can tell you, it quickly turns into a bitter rivalry with your buddies! Expect to swear loudly and colourfully every time you go into the mode and see some of your scores have been bested by your buds!

  • Price please :( and i am excited. Bet the tracks are gonna be a great addition :D

  • Fantastic, i love MS: PS and looking forward to these 2 updates, yes i will be purchasing both :)

  • Pretty impressive stuff – I know people are always looking for game-expanding DLC like this.

  • Will there be new trophies with this DLC? Let’s see some video!

    • Hey norm01,
      Yep, both Expansion: Speed and Expansion: Adrenaline come with a full roster of new trophies and microbadges.

  • at 15 if you read carefully you’ll find out the answer you looking for , i think evo will show the videos at E3

  • Awesome. Just tell me when to be there.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait! Anything about release date?

  • YES!!! THis is the DLC ive been waiting for! I love this game. However one can only love a game so much as they can only spend so much. FYI id be willing to spend up to $9.99 for the Speed expansion and $5.99 for the adrenaline expansion(being as how it doesnt have a festival attached to it).

    For me id have to say the funnest part of the game is getting golds on the festivals, speed runs and eliminations. If there is time maybe you can add a festival to Adrenaline is well? Id pay $20 for both.

    Which brings me to my next question. Will there be a bundle deal available for both expansions when the 2nd one comes out? Im so excited to see the new tracks!!

  • Wow, 6 tracks! This is great.

  • I might have to BUY this Game now. Unbelievable updates to this. Hmmm can’t afford it this pay period but maybe next one. ;)

  • mmmm…….I still like Motorstorm though even FUEL is not even out yet :/

  • Racing wheel support, PLEASE! Then I buy.

  • @23,

    I’d love to see you play motorstorm with a steering wheel.

    Maybe if they had steering wheel only servers, but i think the game is severely too fast for a g25/dfpro. I’d settle for 6axis steering back :)

  • Awesome! Will these come bundled together? Or be sold separately?

  • And the price is….free?

    I doubt it tho’. This much content can’t be free.

  • It’s always great to see devs supporting their game.

    Hope that the MEGATON SONY E3 ANNOUNCEMENT is, for example, trophies for every early exclusive that still miss this feature. Or software PS2 BC downloadable for free on PSN.

    Don’t really care about new games announcements, there’s enough upcoming titles for me ;P

  • I predict a 10$ price tag for the Speed one, and 6$ for the Adrenaline. And I will get both.

  • how much? if it’s free I’ll go buy the game right away ;)

  • Are you guys working on a new racing game?

  • I’ve been meaning to ask this questions since day one of the games release. How come the ATVs looks drafted? They look like midget size ATVs.

  • Take a look at Pure’s ATVs. They look badass compared to MotorStorm: PR ATVs. The size ratio of the riders doesn’t look right with the ATVs.

  • Pretty huge update, has me interested. Too bad the game is so damn hard when you reach Rank 7 that I gave up on the game.

  • Please patch the game so the AI isn’t so ridiculously annoying.

  • Huge update can’t wait to try out the new tracks.

  • great news! day one for me both packs.

    But Evolution needs asap fix the multiplayer, the matchmaking mode is no good in my opinion and server timeout issues are annoying.

  • Thanks Jed.

    Can hardly wait for the release 2 new packs.

  • excited but hoping it doesn’t take a huge chunk out of the wallet

  • At those complaining about the difficulty of the AI/festival at rthe later ranks, cmon guys, should they make everything so you can gold it in 1 try? I thought there were gonna be some speed runs that were near impossible to gold too, but after trying a while and getting to know the track well, I realized it wasnt all really that hard.

    I do agree with some of the matchmaking issues. I find it really hard to win online win im constanly paired with all rank 5s and im barely a level 3. Also why does it seem like when I crash online I go from 1st to last but when im catching up to someone and see them crash in front of me, they always get automatically placed well ahead of me with a significant boost of speed too.

    This makes the win online 3 times in a row trophy by far the hardest trophy to get, its pretty much the only one I just cant quite get. Hopefully the new tracks allow me to get the jump on some of the more seasoned hardcore players that kick my ass every night.

    • Hey toology01,
      The online matchmaking will do it\’s best to match you against similar levelled players. If you\’re getting matched out of your league, it just means there are no other available games with free slots that would suit your skill level – it tries to find the closest match it can. All we can suggest is you try again, or try playing at different times, or organise a match with some similarly skilled buddies. Sorry, but the guys who play MotorStorm Pacific Rift are REALLY good at it!
      The crashing scenario you describe is just lag – in periods of high latency the game interpolates the probable player position based on the last set of positional and directional data it had. Sometimes this means that, last time it heard, that player was heading straight at a tree! If they then get \’reset\’ in front of you at speed, it means that at their end they never crashed at all, and now your PS3 has been updated with this fact – the game is constantly polling the other players to get as frequent updates as everybody\’s connections allow. This is something that\’s known as \’Network Smoothing\’ and every online game does it – it\’s massively more complicated in terms of logic prediction with MotorStorm than most racing games as there are so many trackside obstacles and physics objects flying about that steering changes happen much more frequently!

  • im with number 8 – contact us please evo

  • This is great news! I’ve actually been trying to get in touch with Evolution studios to tell them to release the expansion tracks to MS:PR for a couple months now.

    I really hope the expansion includes new trophies. That would be icing on the cake!

  • I hope there are no new online trophies. I hate them and i just want to play the expansion offline and stil be able to collect all trophies. But im afraid there will be a higher rank coming after Legend and that it will be a trophy to achieve this rank. Which is no fun if you race always against no RL people.

    • I can confirm there\’s no higher rank coming after Legend, but the online cap is being raised from 8,000 to 10,000, which will give players at the top end of the spectrum a bit more scope to differentiate their scores from each other.

  • this is something i’ll pay for

  • is far superior

  • @44

    Ok dude lets not start that crap now. Were all on the same team. Were all ps3 fanboys here. Go be and flamebait trolling retard somewhere else. Try


  • Oh snap sounds flippin nice!

  • Nice update guys! I cant wait to give the new DLC a go!

    My main question still stands though, which you guys never seem to answer… are you guys even reading my comments??? Please reply if you are. :(

    I still am asking for you to FIX the DTS sound playback in the game. I DO NOT like having to disable Dolby Digital in the XMB just so that the DTS sound takes over. It should happen automatically.

    Do you guys plan on fixing this issue in any of your updates, or are you just ignoring the fact that every other game on PS3 selects DTS automatically and Pacific Rift does not.

    Please respond to my questions. That’s why this blog is here.

  • OH MY GOD!!! Thank the lord cause i LOVE pacific rift and was waiting for the expansions. Please excuse me while i go cry and chug a beer out of pure happiness…

  • haha, this means im going to have to trade in my copy to get the US version :P

    btw can content on the US store work on a UK version?

    • Hi, PullusPardusUS,
      I believe the content is region-specific, but it\’ll be launching in all territories at about the same time.

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