Bringing Comic Characters to Life in ‘The Punisher: No Mercy’

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What’s up, True Believers? My name is Chris Baker. If you used to check out the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine (ca. 2000-2004), this probably isn’t the first time we’ve met. And if you were a regular reader, you might even remember that I was the one always writing about Marvel games. Well, now I actually work for Marvel, and instead of just writing about Marvel games (which definitely still happens on the Marvel games blog and on Twitter), I’m doing my part to help them get made.

The next Marvel game coming your way is Zen StudiosThe Punisher: No Mercy – and as you probably know, it’s a PSN exclusive…and it’s coming very soon. If you’ve been reading this blog over the past few months, you know the basics. But here’s something about the game you might not know…

As an arena-style first-person shooter built on the Unreal engine, No Mercy sports a lot of in-game taunts and other dialogue from all eight characters — close to 400 in total. Many of these lines were written exclusively for the game, but the rest? Well, one of the most important responsibilities we have here at Marvel is making sure our characters are, well, in character — and what better way to ensure this than to rip them straight from the comics?

So, that’s what we did. I can personally attest that work isn’t so bad when your job is to pour through hundreds of pages of comics.

Want some examples? Well, here you go. Just click on the images to hear the words on the page come to life — just like you’ll hear them in the game.

The Punisher: No Mercy sable-

A defining character line from Silver Sable (Ultimate Spider-Man #87).

The Punisher: No Mercy finn-

You’ll hear Finn Cooley tell you this if he kills you (Punisher MAX #12).

The Punisher: No Mercy jigsaw-

Jigsaw does his best Rambo imitation (The Punisher, Vol. 2 #38).

As if those lines weren’t enough, I challenged the guys at Zen Studios to create situational taunts. For example, if it’s the Punisher against Bushwacker, the guy with the skull on his chest has a thing or two he only tells the assassin with a gun-arm who used to be a priest. Something like this from War Journal #13:

The Punisher: No Mercy say your prayers

There’s all kinds of stuff like that.

I leave you with our favorite foul-mouthed Punisher enemy, Barracuda. In order to keep this a family blog entry, this panel from issue 34 in the MAX series is one of the few I can show you (it’s heavily cropped), and it’s attached to one of the few sound clips we can play for you.

The Punisher: No Mercy barracuda-

To answer your question…Yes, his teeth really do say that in the game.

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13 Author Replies

  • nice spiderham avatar lol, peter porker!

  • How soon? Like next thursday soon?

    • Expect an announcement, well…\”soon.\” But don\’t expect a release \”next Thursday\” soon.

  • Interesting – when I hear Zen Studios I still think of that recently announced PSN game Zen Pinball. Any association?

  • How has your experience suffering with UE3 on PS3 been?

  • is this game only multiplayer, or is there a single player story too.

  • I see JBruno already beat me to the punch, but I’m amazed that anyone, even at Marvel, remembers good ol’ Peter Porker.

  • FINALLY ive been waiting to hear something about The Punisher: No Mercy!!!!

  • LOL ok the silver sable one is a little bad. Especially if you have repeat on.

  • So Chris, what comics are you enjoying right now? I’m currently digging the super violent Old Man Logan arc by Mark Millar.

    • Right answer! Definitely my favorite thing in comics in a long time. Dark Avengers is also something I have to read as soon as I can get my hands on it. And Deadpool.

  • This is really cool…is it going to be like Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects?

    • Glad you like what you see. It really doesn\’t have anything in common with Nemesis, though, as that was more of a fighting game and this is an FPS.

  • cool art of Deodato for the game , Brazilian as me :)

  • So, would I be a little too hopeful for a cameo appearance from a certain MAX comic line?

  • Definitely looking like a lot more work/polish is going into this title then I originally figured would. Kind of expected a franchised cash in type game.

    Here’s to hoping it turns out well! I know quite a few people who would love this kind of thing. Hope there’s good weapon variety, too.

  • I like how you included the sound samples in your entry – good job!

  • Um.. I don’t know if it’s been posted before, but what’s the price for this game going to be? and how long is it expected to last? any one last thing, how big is the game on the harddrive?

    If I asked this many questions in school maybe I would’ve passed more classes -_-

    • Price will be announced soon. As it\’s primarily a multiplayer game, it\’ll last as long as you want it to. And I don\’t have the file size info handy — sorry.

  • Really looking forward to this game. I hope you guys get the sales this game deserves also Zen Pinball rocks!
    Thanks for making awesome games for us!

  • Is there any split screen multiplayer options? I like the idea of this game and adding some hotseat multiplayer would be the icing on the cake. Thanks!

  • i like zen pinball,the game is just awesome!
    however, the online multiplayer has a few bugs. and the guys of zen studio promised us that they would have a patch for it!
    any word, on when it’ll be arrive?

  • Looks pretty good, gona be right up there with BF 1943 on my “Gotta buy them (DELETED) now” list :D

  • this is looking good tho i cant see the pictures as my OS got “unfixed Packages”

    Offtopic: What do you guys think about Infamous Comics?
    i personally like them and thought they did a good job :]

  • That’s cool. I get an Unreal Tournament vibe from the taunts and such. What multiplayer game is Punisher: No Mercy closest too in terms of play style?

    • Well, it is \”an arena-style first-person shooter built on the Unreal engine\”… Your hunch is probably pretty much on the money… :-)

  • this looks intresting

  • Hey Chris, I loved Zen Pinball and have been looking forward to this Punisher game you’re working on since I heard about it. :)

  • #5 Korbei83 – working with any 3rd party tech is suffering, even with a simple exporter ;o) UE3 is a ROBUST engine with GREAT toolset, and IMHO the best available right now for a FPS / TPS shooter. Yes, there are specifics (grrrr limitations..) you have to learn to live with, but realistically, very few company can afford in the world to make a better engine than UE3. And the PS3 implementation is getting better and better as the Epic engineers learns all the PS3 tricks :o)

    #19 Perrandy – sorry for the delay , it is 23.27 over here, and we have just finished the mastering for the Zen Pinball patch. The patch will make the multiplayer / scoreboards handling rock solid, and have included some extras, like better navigation on scoreboards and nudging the tables using sixaxis – and this works great! Patch shall be onin some days, thank you for your patience!

  • Just curious: Is there an “aim down sights” mode? I saw some gun sights in earlier screenshots. Are those practical or just for show?

  • Poopookakabumbum

    Looks great.

    I’ll buy it when it comes on a PHYSICAL disc.

  • I’m really looking forward to playing this game!

  • How big is this game going to be roughly and will it support DLC?

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Hey is there any news about the PSN comic store?

  • thank you both! for the replys chris and zsolt.i will certainly be looking for the patch with anticipation :0)

  • nobody ask what i think is a big question with this event next week.

    will this be shown at E3?

  • CBake! Will Slave Leia make an appearance?

  • I can’t wait for this, please hurry up with a price and date!!

  • Don’t know if this was asked before, but I really like some old school couch action. Does the game have splitscreen? if it does… this is a day 1 buy for me.

  • Obviously with a PSN name like mine, I’ll be buying this game. Please don’t let me (and other huge Punisher fans) down. If you have to delay the product to make sure it’s QUALITY then please do so. We have had to suffer thru enough mass marketed Punisher crap (example: the first two movies and most of the games) already.
    Good luck and do your best please.


  • What about spit screen?
    Far to few fps games have 4 player spitscreen these days :(

  • Glad to see the game is still in production. I haven’t hear any news on it in a long time and I thought it had been dropped.

  • yeah I’d like to know if this will be at E3. It being posted here so close to E3, i can only hope/imagine that it would be released maybe the week of E3?

  • TheMerc_Deadpool

    yo CB! any chance there would be future DLC like new characters…ive been reading the Deadpool Suicide Kings miniseries & i’d love to see Deadpool go up againts Punisher.

  • Chris Thank You So Much Bringing A Punisher Game To The PS3! I’ve Been Playing The One That Was Released For PS2 For Ages! (^_^)

  • this is a great post

  • hopefully this will turn out well not only for the ps3 but for comic book games in general.

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