Battlefield 1943 Announces the Coral Sea Community Challenge

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What could make Battlefield 1943 even better? We’ll a 4th map and new game mode of course!

Battlefield 1943 is back again on the PlayStation.Blog and we’re proud to announce a community challenge for YOU to unlock a 4th location, Coral Sea. That’s right, there are actually 4 destructible battlegrounds in Battlefield 1943 and Coral Sea comes with a new game mode, Air Superiority!

Here are the details for the battle plan: this summer when Battlefield 1943 launches, every kill recorded by a PLAYSTATION 3 will go towards the total, community objective of 43 million kills! The more time you spend putting lead in the bodies of your sworn enemies, the quicker everyone will be able to play Coral Sea. To find out more and keep track of the progress, keep constant surveillance of the Battlefield 1943 website to get real time updates of how you and your fellow soldiers are progressing towards the goal of 43,000,000.

Coral Sea is the ultimate online multiplayer dog fighting map! Two aircraft carriers supply your team with all the F4U Corsair and Zero fighters you’ll need as your conquest to control the skies, and secure your name in history as an Ace pilot of Battlefield 1943. Prepare to fire your questions at DICE’s own Red Baron, Gordon Van Dyke, one more time – he’s got his guns pointed your way!

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  • Kinda reminds me of Warhawk, but put in a FPS veiw. Anywho looks cool and Iam sure I will add to the killing count down.

  • Looks like fun—too bad online only for me but good luck with the game.

  • Pretty cool way to unlock a map, IMO.

    I thought this game originally only had 2 maps. What’s the third one then?

    @1: Someone apparently missed the boat. Battlefield is one of the most popular PC multiplayer FPSs like… ever. :P

  • I agree. It does look a little like Warhawk. Looks awesome.

  • Nice. Community unlocking. Just like Noby Noby Boy. :)

  • Love the premise of this challenge, nicely done.

  • Noby Noby Boy meets 1943…..sounds cool

  • Is this exclusive to ps3?

  • NJz-Greatest-420


  • What could make Battlefield 1943 even better? We’ll a 4th map and new game mode of course!

    Bit of a typo after even better? Well a 4th map not We’ll

    Just a friendly reminder, and what about the infamous ad on the side, it says available now until launch hehehe

    Well all good stuff folks, keep up all the great work!!! E3 is going to rock this year!!!

  • I like the idea to unlocking the map. When exactly is this game slated for release on PSN??

  • This is actually a hell of an idea, a great way to get the whole community to do one common goal.

  • This is awesome and a great idea to unlock it.

    And Gordon, will there be any “Snipe the Developer” kind of event in 1943?

  • Hehe I like this idea. A great way to get the lead on some people behinds. Anyway Gordon, how did the 43 million become the number to achieve? Oh…..I get it it! 1943

    Game looks great and I like BF Bad Company alot, seeing as how this uses the same engine/aesthetic, im sure I cant go wrong with this game. Can you give us an idea of what the trophies r like?

  • What a awsome idea. So any idea how long this could possible take?

  • are you kidding me! This sounds like an awesome way to get the community together… Day 1 buy for me , I love me some BF 1943

  • This brings back a lot of good memories from playing Battlefield 1942, can’t wait for this!

  • im get this game ween it cume out

  • What kind of upgrades did you make to the frostbite engine for this game?

  • Can’t wait for this game, hopefully there will be enough PS3 owners to unlock the 4th map in a reasonable time frame. Battlefield Bad Company is still my favorite multiplayer FPS, in fact the whole Battlefield series is just amazing.

  • Awesome Idea!

    I am definitely sold on the game, this only sweetens the deal. What a great way to strengthen the community and provide another incentive for players besides leveling up.

    Looking forward to adding my own kills…and deaths to the total.

    Just give the release date and I’m there!

  • This is the most amazing community-geared challenge i’ve ever seen!

  • @18 elvis

    The Dictionary has been out for some time now. Maybe you should pick that up first; before the game.

    If english isn’t your first language, I appoligize in advance.

  • Cool idea for a challenge. And hey, if you aren’t reaching the number quick enough, you could always Noby Noby Boy it to Mars if you catch my drift…

  • I love the idea of new maps being unlocked based on community stats!

    This game looks awesome. Any idea on a price or file size?

  • Huff,
    Last I heard it’s going to be $15 for the DL from Playstation Store.

    I can’t wait for this game. I’ve played 1942, BF2 and all the mods, and 2042 on the PC. Now that I’ve got a PS3, I just picked up Bad Company and I’m going to give that a run this weekend. I think the PS community should make it our goal to unlock the Coral Sea map before the other guys do, if you catch my drift.

  • Sounds like fun! (as another person said, it’s a little like my fav game Warhawk!)… the community challenge for unlocking the new map is a really cool idea!!

  • Hey again Gordon. You still haven’t accepted my PSN request!

    This is an awesome idea, DICE, i love it. Now just hurry up and get it out so i can buy it and blow my life away :)

  • I like the idea of community kills. Keep this up with more maps too.

  • 43 million? That’s quite a high…and specific…number, wow.

  • Superstrokey1123

    Really looking forward to this game, this will make it even better

  • If this idea of community unlocking catches on, everyone will remember Noby Noby Boy not only for being the most odd PSN-release, but also for making a breakthrough!

    This sounds so cool! I love the idea! Oh yeah, the game looks cool too =P Not my cuppa tea though… Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to suck the life out of some Reapers!

  • This is a GOOD idea!!

  • June is going to be a good month with Fat Princess and BF1943 coming out.

  • this is perfect for me, cuz i suck at FPSs, but liked Bad Company. it’ll be great to know that even my many deaths will be a valued contribution :)

  • Cool idea but their as to be a price for whomever bag the 43,000,000 kill!

  • Holy hell that’s soooo tight!!!

  • You just sold me the game. Coral Sea was one of my favorite maps. AA gun here I come! :)

  • looks good

  • The 43 millionth kill and killer gets the map for free. The rest of us will have to pay. They didn’t explicitly say the unlocked map was going to be FREE did they? ;P joking, of course…

  • As a fan of the earlier BF games (not so much of Company, sorry) I’m really excited for BF1943 and will definitely buy it. But can I beg you to make BF2143 next PLEASE? BF2142 is my personal favourite in the series and a PSN remake would be very successful if you look at games like Warhawk and Killzone 2. So I hope you guys really think about it.

    Thanks =)

  • a lot like warhawk..which is good as warhawk is my number 1 favorite game..I play warhawk all the time…lets see if this game is good enough to drag me away from warhawk…

  • Darnit! I’m obsessed with airplanes! I want to play this map ASAP! This is unfair! Waahh!!! T.T

  • You know what?? Their should be a Trophy for Unlocking this Map!

    BTW Here are some Fun / Funny Trophies you guys can add to the game. ( Free of Charge )

    1.) One Man Massacre ( GOLD )
    – Get a total of 43,000,000 Kills ( Online )

    2.) WHAT THE !@#$ ? , LEAVE ME ALONE! ( SILVER )
    – Kill the Same Player 50 Times ( Online )

    3.) S*ck My Gun ( BRONZE )
    – Get 5 Point Blank Head-Shots

    4.) Corpse Potaters ( BRONZE
    – Kill 150 People with Baked Potatoes (Grenades) ( Online )
    ( Trophy ICO should be a Zombie Hillbilly )

    5.) D’oh! ( GOLD )
    – ( Team Objective ) Capture All Flags from the other team at the last minute ( ONLINE )

  • This game just became a buy for me. This is the kind of map I’ve wanted from Warhawk.

  • There should be a bombing run game type for this map also. Protect the flat top at all costs!

  • Nice idea, hope it doesn’t take too long though.

  • When does this game release exactly?

  • does this mean if i get 300kills on my ps3 and my buddy gets 20 it will already be 320kills twoards the new map or just 2 and only one kill per system counts?
    please answer

  • Yeah it would be 320

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