Resident Evil: Director’s Cut PSone Available Tomorrow on PSN

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What is up! I’m Matt Dahlgren, one of the product managers here at Capcom who gets to work on the Resident Evil franchise.

Today I get to blog about the PSone Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, which will be available for download tomorrow on PSN for $9.99.

I don’t think I’ll ever get to make a statement like this in a blog ever again.

The original Resident Evil is a game that defined my personality as a gamer for years to come. (I’ve got two others on my list of influential games, FF7 and Tekken, each for their respective genre – but I’ll keep this RE centered.)

Resident Evil Director's Cut Screenshot 2

The early experiences that you have in gaming set you up for what to expect in the future. If you have a positive enough experience, you attempt to find it time and time again – but I don’t think a game will ever affect me in the same way that this one did.

Going back and tinkering around with this game after so many years off got me thinking about how different gaming was 10 years ago in comparison to today. Games back then were hard. I remember dying at the first zombie while trying to figure out a weird control scheme, yet being mesmerized with the fact that I could control the outcome in a 3D environment. It took me a while to get the grasp of everything, and I died a lot, but I was so entertained by the experience that I refused to go to bed. I stayed up all night at a friend’s house, figuring out this weird mansion filled with zombies.

Controls then were not nearly as important as they are now. People were so mesmerized with the fact that they were experiencing something new, it didn’t matter that the graphics weren’t perfectly realistic and the acting was bad. It was a completely new experience, and better yet it could scare you. (ex. Dog + Window = Jump)

Resident Evil Director's Cut Screenshot 1

But what made this game cool is the fact that deep underneath the struggles you had to go through to progress, there was this gigantic intricate puzzle to figure out. How do you get to the next area with only 15 bullets? Which path is going to punish you, and which is going to let you survive? A lot of the time, if you chose the wrong path, you were just screwed, and you started over. If you didn’t have an ink ribbon on hand, or didn’t save recently, this could mean you have to re-do the last hour of gameplay. But it didn’t matter as much, because you learned from your mistakes and you could do things better the second time.

In addition, the environments were just sweet. I don’t think any game has re-created something as creepy as that first mansion. To me it is the ultimate classic scenario. So many questions to be had, and you fill them in piece by piece as you progress. Not everything may have made perfect sense, but either way, it was completely intriguing.

Playing as Chris Redfield and getting your shotgun is a great example. At this point, you have been playing for a while now, trying to survive with just a handgun. You go into a room, and see a shotgun on the wall. Sweet! Then you pick it up, and the ceiling comes down on you and makes a Chris pancake. (owned) Better hope you saved recently.

Getting that shotgun was a big time struggle. You had to find the broken shotgun, manage your inventory so you can actually hold it, figure out how to dodge or kill a ton of zombies through a long stretch of the mansion, so you can replace it on the wall and not die when trying to get a new weapon.

But when you get it…that shotgun is a score! You can now blow off zombie heads in a single shot, you just need to aim up. That weapon completely changes the gameplay experience from then on out. What makes that cool is once you finally figure out how to get the shotgun, there is such a strong sense of accomplishment. You earned your reward, it wasn’t just handed to you.

Nowadays if a key drops and someone has to spend 5 mins trying to find out where it goes, they just get pissed and stop playing. (Obviously over-exaggerated, but you can see the point I was making)

Resident Evil Director's Cut Screenshot 3

And the camera angles – sometimes you can’t even see down a hallway. That’s like putting you at a bigger disadvantage than being there in real life. Haha. I kept remembering that I wanted to kick a zombie in the chest because they were so slow. (If you played Outbreak, there’s one guy that could kick zombies in the chest. I always picked that guy. Heh) Not only was it difficult to see, even when I knew where the zombies were, they would get me ALL the time. It was difficult to move precisely. Very different experience than seeing a single enemy, lining up a headshot – done, progress. You were watching that zombie, trying to predict how he would move, how you could lure him to the side so you could sneak by. And you would still get caught.

But, if you played the original game, you have to admit that the control elements and camera angles helped heighten the experience. Resident Evil is all about putting you in situations that are hard to predict the outcome. It is a game that keeps you on your toes. Granted you may be frustrated that you can’t see the zombie, or even worse one of the “chop your head off in one swipe” hunters that is 5 feet in front you because the camera won’t let you, but those moments are pretty intense experiences because you don’t know what is going on.

(OMG – if you can aim up, shoot blind and hit a jumping hunter based on his sound alone, talk about satisfying. Haha)

Many people now would probably find this annoying. Games are so real, that if you can’t do anything you want, there’s something else out there that will let you. But for me playing this game as a kid, it defined me as a gamer. I wanted a challenge, because I felt I could do it, and other people couldn’t. Maybe that’s a bit arrogant, but isn’t that what getting ridiculous amounts of trophies or high scores is all about anyways? If anything didn’t give me that challenge – I was disappointed.

I think that sums up what Resident Evil is all about: Reward through harsh struggles. There’s a great sense of accomplishment when you can make it through the worst. I think Resident Evil does this to a “T”, and has continued to do so over the years.

(I also think they re-created a “this is completely new to me” experience when they did RE4, part of the reason I respect the franchise so much.)

I think there are a lot of gamers out there like me – many of them probably who hated on RE4/RE5 because it was different than the “old school” games. I disagree that the survival/horror element from Resident Evil is gone – it’s definitely still in there, it’s just evolved. And that doesn’t mean that the traditional survival horror of the early games is gone, it just means that the franchise has branched out to provide new experiences.

So, if you haven’t played this game, or want to go back and re-live a classic game you played as a kid like me, I highly recommend this game. If you are a current fan of Resident Evil, you can see many of the gameplay traits that evolved from this game. (You may not like the fact you can’t move and shoot simultaneously in RE5, but those controls are there for a reason, and help the game stay true to some of the classic elements of the franchise which are very evident in the early games.)

Also, if you were introduced to the series through Resident Evil 4 or 5, this game is a great opportunity to go back and experience the roots of the franchise. Both Chris and Jill, who appear in RE5, make their franchise debut in this game.

For those who don’t know what the Director’s Cut version is, this is the updated version of the original game which was released 18 months after the original. It features an “Arranged Mode” which essentially mixes up the item placement, camera angles, and enemy placement, to give people a different path through the game than found in the original 1996 version.

I think that is about enough for my “tribute” post. I can’t recommend this game highly enough – and that’s the gamer in me, not the marketing dude. Hope you enjoy.

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  • I am very excited for this game. RE2 was one of those “top-games-of-ones-life” that I will never forget; yet somehow I never got a chance to play the original.

    Therefore, I’m excited to be able to play for an original RE game all over again, knowing not much about it. Love the series and thank you much for releasing this gem game of a gem series!

  • Very good news, keep the PS1 hits coming.

  • unfortunately i can’t get it…

    Brazilian guys can’t use the PSN Store… just download demos… =(

  • This is defiantly old school RE. The new ones are no longer about horror, but action. Which saddens me.

  • I already have this on disc but I’m buying it again to have it on my HDD. Oh and welcome to the blog Matt!

  • I want Resident Evil 2 on psn the only Resident Evil game i have not played.

  • So FF7 we will see here soon. The japan store has it.

  • Not my cup of tea, but thank you for bringing this and other PSone titles. Now how about some RPGs.


    Let’s have those PSone Breath of Fire games.


    Let’s get FFVII and some more RPGs going. Please, and thank you. :-)

  • Sweet thanks so much! I’ll be buying this tomorrow and keep those PS One games coming, Capcom!

    Now I’m sure there are going to be a whole wave of whiners screaming, “WAAAAHHHH! Why is it $10 instead of $6? YOU FAIL CAPCOM!”

    To those of you I say there are two tiers of pricing on the PS One classics. $5.99, and then the cream of the crop is $9.99. Castlevania SOTN was $9.99 as well. These games are worth $10. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that you can now play these great games on your PSP.

    Also, Sony sets the price for the PS One games, so don’t go demolishing Capcom over this.

  • I just wish PSOne games had trophies X(… and in game XMB :(

  • Good to see that legends are still remembered. We have been waiting for lot of PS One classics, and love to see they’re making their way back!


  • Finally!!!

    I am not too excited about playing 10 year old PSone games, but now everyone can stop crying over releasing a “decent” PSone game over the PSN.

    You guys cried and moaned, well here you go. Sony DOES listen and the PSone games are finally rolling in weekly.

    Personally, I bought my PS3 for great new games, but it is nice to see those looking for great old games finally have their wish…with more to follow.

    Keep. It. Up.

  • @10…

    Linky that says SONY sets the price please.


    Nice to see the classics coming to PSN…too bad John D has ruined Capcom’s rep for me and I’ll have to pass (or buy it used in disc form).


  • Premium-priced PS1-Games – only because you know they will sell anyway – are not cool.
    Especially if the same game was already released in japan+Asia for their normal PS1-prices…

    on the other hand: When will we see RE2,3 and Dino Crisis1,2?

  • This is great I’ll get it tomorrow I just wished that Sony would add Widescreen option for PS1 games,it’s just wishful thinking of my part.

  • Back to the old days…

    Back when Crapcom use to put out amazing games with amazing graphics.

    Now they put out nothing but garbage.

  • It’s been a long time coming, and I’m glad it’s finally here! I still have my PS1 disc, of course- but I’ll be picking it up again Thursday so I can put it on my PSP and take it anywhere. Can’t wait to see what other PS1 titles Capcom has in store for us…

    Bring on RE2! :D

  • Nice. I still have my PS1 disc of this game.

  • Oh my god finally. :’)

  • Will you be releasing Resident Evil 2 and 3 at a later date? If yes when?


  • Never been a big RE fan but I’m glad more PS1 games are coming to PSN. Thanks for the love.

    I don’t mind paying a premium price for the best of the PS1 classics so no complaints on the price.

  • I am curious as to what makes this game $9.99 compared to the other games. Now before people start I wouldn’t of bought this game at 5.99 so it makes no difference to me. I just want to know if this game brings a ton of extra stuff or Capcom just wants to milk you lovely gamers because it’s a highly sought after PS1 title.

  • I think the price should still be $5.99 since nothing has been done to upgrade the game in anyway.
    I know it’s a PSone game but still, a PSN addition with trophies would have made it more appealing at $10.00 instead of just charging more because you can.
    I mean, Suikoden is an awesome game and it’s only 5.99.

    Still, I’m glad it’s coming. I just wish more effort would be put behind getting them out faster.

    Thanks Capcom for bringing us more games though.

    And for Sony, please get some more rpgs on the store!!!
    I want Legend of Dragoon, the FF games and then it will be time for PS2 games….with trophies enabled.

  • Yes, we want Breath of Fire 4!!!!!!

  • Have it on physical media. Binary isnt worth ten bucks.

  • Love RE1. Now lets get cracking to get RE2 released by 2013.

  • Will this be available in Europe tomorrow as well? and if not then when?

  • Thank you capcom.

  • All PSOne games should be $5.99 or less. $10 is absolutely ridiculous, you’re better off buying the GameCube remake for $5 more.

  • I have to admit, $9.99 is lame. My hate for Capcom continues.

  • Sounds good but idk if i get it…

  • that damn dog jumping out of the window still makes me jump every time.


  • Bring Dead Rising to the PS3. NAO!

  • Barry, where’s Barry?

  • awesome! been looking forward to this game for awhile now. that and res2.


  • You were almost a Jill Sandwich!!

  • Omg! This game raises so many memories!
    I’ll buy this game and enjoy it as much as I can. :)

  • Please be EU too. :)

  • I hope that isn’t Chris’ blood!

  • I’ll pay 10 dollars for this PS1 classic
    I hope FF7 comes out soon and MGS
    even tho I own all of these games already, I have no idea where my PSX memory cards went :(
    So thank you for releasing this on the PSN so I can play it again

  • I’d prolly get it but I’m pretty sure I can find a used copy locally for less than $10

  • “That was too close, you were almost a jibble sandwhich!

  • I agree with the challenge argument, i miss challenges in games of today

    This is a nice addition to the ps1 library, im surprised tho that theres not that much of complaints about the price lol

  • Great news! Keep the good ps1 real classic comming and I will buy it all!

  • I’ll but it but not on day 1.

    I really want that Metal Gear Solid.

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