Killzone 2 Patch 1.27 Details

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Even though the game has been out in stores for a while, Guerrilla remains committed to keeping Killzone 2 one of the strongest multiplayer experiences for PLAYSTATION 3. This week sees the release of Patch 1.27, which introduces a number of tweaks based on direct feedback from the Killzone community. We sat down with Eric Boltjes, Guerrilla’s Lead Multiplayer Designer, to walk us through the most important changes and the reasons for their implementation.

First of all, Eric, can you run us through the highlights of Patch 1.27?

Sure! Most importantly, we’ve added functionality to make the process of finding and playing with friends much easier, tweaked the Skirmish Mode to keep it interesting for players with lower-bandwidth network connections, introduced a new ‘High Precision’ option to the controller configuration menu, and improved the overall balance of the game. There’s also a host of smaller changes as well, but I’ll save that for the change log.

Let’s start with the first one: finding and playing with friends. How has that been changed?

We’ve examined how party systems work and added similar functionality to our game where possible. The ‘Join Friend’ option has been changed so that the player can automatically join a friend’s faction and squad – even if faction balancing is on. In addition, squads and their factions are now persistent over multiple games, so friends can keep playing together continuously.

Killzone 2 Patch 1.27 Join Game

You said the Skirmish Mode been tweaked – can you explain?

Well, we’ve decided to unlock all the badges in Skirmish Mode. Considering that the game has been out for a while, and that many players have already reached the rank of General, we believe this is a nice way for players with lower-bandwidth network connections to experience the full range of weapons and abilities available in the Warzone.

Control-wise, what exactly does the new ‘High Precision’ option do?

When this option is switched on, it makes the analog sticks more responsive to small movements. Turned off, the controls behave exactly as they did before the patch. It’s not a radical overhaul of the control system, so the layout and the ‘weight’ of the controls remain the same.

Still, a lot of us here at Guerrilla really enjoy the new High Precision option, so we’ve decided to switch it on by default for new players. Existing Killzone 2 players will have the option turned off by default after patching – we wouldn’t want to force a sudden change to the controls on you!

Killzone 2 Patch 1.27 - high precision

How have you improved the overall balance of the game?

For starters, Patch 1.27 allows players to switch factions manually if the factions are unbalanced. If the factions consist of, say, 13 players versus 11 players, a player from the largest faction can manually switch over to make it an even 12 versus 12. Switching in the other direction is not allowed, so players from the smaller team can’t defect to the larger team if the battle doesn’t go their way. Players who switch over retain all their points, but squad affiliations will of course be lost.

Furthermore, we’ve removed the temporary invulnerability awarded to players who spawn at a spawn point other than the base camp. The players will still be safe at their own base camp, but custom-placed or mission-based spawn points do not yield temporary invulnerability anymore. This will hopefully give opposing players already at this location a fair chance.

Finally, we’ve made a couple of changes to the Badge abilities. The Assault Badge, for instance, was deemed too powerful by many players – so we tweaked down its Armor ability from 100 hit points to 50 hit points. The Tactician Badge’s secondary ability (to request air support from a Sentry Bot) has also been tweaked to make the Sentry Bot more useful. It can aim more accurately now, and its health is a little higher as well. To make it even more useful, we’ve reduced the way automated turrets target them, so they’re not shot down as fast. It should certainly make the Air Support Specialist ribbon easier to obtain!

Thank you for your time, Eric!

Thank you, and thanks to all the Killzone 2 fans out there! We hope this patch demonstrates our continued support and dedication to Killzone 2. Stay tuned for more downloadable content and more tweaks coming in the near future!

Eric Boltjes

Eric Boltjes, Lead Multiplayer Designer, Guerrilla Games

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  • This game just keeps getting better and better. Thanks Guerrilla and Sony.

  • Wow, it is amazing how many patches and DLC Killzone has received in its few short months. I wish we could get the same support from Slant Six on SOCOM. Hell we can’t even get a firm release date for a patch. Plus the game will be out for a year before we finally see some DLC…

    /End of Rant

  • Cool thanks for the info.

  • Nice. When this week is it coming?

  • omg my heart almost stopped i thought this was a new firmware for ps3.

  • Hmmm…. Now I’ve finally reached level 55 in COD4, maybe I can go switch back to killzone 2 :)

    @ SPOPS

    Yeah… What’s going one with the DLC, and what te fack is taking so long to test the new patch? Will it be 500 mb AGAIN?

  • mhh,
    – Can you now invite friends to your on-going game? (maybe directly into your Squad?)
    – So you can’t start of as a party? Because so you still have to manually make sure there is enoough room on the server & fraction.
    – Do you stay as a party/squad even if you go to another game, read server? So not just new map but total new game?

  • Hell yeah, I love KZ2!

  • This is the greatest news I’ve heard (albeit I did hear it almost an hour ago).

    Absolutely fantastic work GG, great to hear you’re actually listening to community feedback. **cough**GAF**cough**

  • The interresting part is of in my opinion. So thinks everyone in my Dutch clan. It wasen’t as addictiv as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

  • Loving those game balancing changes! Looking forward to trying out the precision mode too!

  • I’m looking forward to the new upcoming patch. As well as the retro maps. We really appreciate all the hard work GG has put into this game. Thank you

    I really had hoped that they would gave us more options with skirmish. For the newbies so that they can get more practice. For example, more functionality with the maps, if we have the new maps, then we play skirmish, and we hit all maps, the new maps should be included. Another function which would be appreciate is, more flexibility with making missions on skirmish for example, choosing the game modes, objectives, time etc.

  • I bought this game on day one but never played the multi player. Is it to late for me to try and play online? Or will I continuously get pwnd left and right?

  • Awesome!

    You know, the whole friends system would be solved if Sony would just add a party system to the XMB. I understand you want us to do it through Home, but come on. That’s just one too many steps. If you could take any idea from the Xbox 360, it should be that. Save the developers a headache.

  • destroyerofworld

    i would still like to see a defined party system but this is a good substitute for the time being.

  • Wow I stopped playing after my platinum but may boot it up to try these new features!

  • Spawn Camping is going to get CRAZY!!!

    At any rate good to see all of this….

    I suppose it means no more putting spawn points right in the MIDDLE of the action…

  • Awesome, that pretty much says it all, thank you Eric and Guerrilla for all of your hard work and support!!! :D

  • If only there was this kind of support coming from Slant Six for Socom. I mean how hard can it be to put out a patch that is way overdue? Come on SCEA give those guys a push or some of your devs. I’m sure the KZ2 players appreciate this update greatly. I don’t cause I hate Seb Downey and refuse to play anything that he is a part of……….

  • TheFlyingToaster

    its awesome that guerrilla actually listen and make changes based on what people want. The new features sound really good.

  • kool thanks for this patch GG.. my biggest complaint was the sentry bots being to weak, thanks for tweaking that….love this game, quick question will the new map pack come with new trophies like the first map pack?

  • Good news. Exciting.

  • Great news here! I bought the game yesterday and it is, with no doubt, the best online experience available for PS3 at this time. Congratulations for Guerrilla for this great game! ;)

  • good support from guerrila could you guys include new guns in next next dlc to keep us playing i need new guns

  • Now that is a patch. I love how Sony has been supporting their titles past release. Keep up the good work!

  • @spops yeah i can’t play socom anymore i need new gun and new maps!

  • great news, looking forward to the update

  • Wish it was the same as on release to be honest :/

  • hey insomniac i hope your reading this…this is how you support your multiplayer game long after its release with PATCHES and DLC

    consider me finally being sold on KZ2. im getting rid of R2 for this asap

  • These are the changes I’ve seen people asking for so hopefully it works out better. :)

  • Yes! :D With the ‘join faction’ option, I may have to pick this game back up… and convince a few of my friends to do the same.

  • Wow. I’m pleasantly surprised that GG is not only listening to gamer feedback, but actually implementing the changes so fast. I really got to give it to ya’ll, GG, KZ2 is one hell of an amazing FPS experience.

    Can’t wait for the two new maps coming out.

    David Bull or TJ, I have a question. Can we expect vehicle implementation in the online multiplayer eventually? If so, soon or not? Thanks! (this is the only gameplay aspect missing online – though I think it should only be implemented on certain maps built for vehicle use)

  • I love how the KZ2 team has been listening to the fans, the tweaks are all really nice and I’m hoping they improve the game overall.

    I might actually pick this up and play agin when it drops tomm

  • “hey insomniac i hope your reading this…this is how you support your multiplayer game long after its release with PATCHES and DLC

    consider me finally being sold on KZ2. im getting rid of R2 for this asap”

    Weeeelll, they did give us a R2 space in Home…. ^_^

  • I was hoping they would patch-in co-op, or something useful for the single player.

  • @ 32

    sorry but vehicles is a bad idea . want vehicles go play warhawk . all the driving and flying that you want .

  • Alright! Toned down the Assault class, toned up the controls, opened up the classes, and killed the advanced spawners. All that’s left? Crank up Killzone 2! :D

    (Really, the best part of this is the removal of temporary invincibility for me. I hated how people would spawn right at the objective, take nine clips of bullets to the head, all the while taking their little cheap shots. Time for them to die. >=) )

  • Awesome guys.

    Some will bash you guys for adding more responsive controls… i will welcome it. I understand that KZ2 has a more weighty and realistic feel than most shooters… but its just really hard to get back into KZ2 after playing COD4, R2, Bioshock, Fallout 3 or basically any other FPS which is more responsive.

    Also, im glad you realized the assault badge is crappy and unbalanced. I wish you wouldve removed grenade/rocket launchers.. they are spammed to much and ruin the game. I will only play games where they’re prohibited.

    Also… please release both map packs together for $9.99

  • Thanks for the continued support.

  • i love kz2 but i have to ask for this and i am sure people would pay on the playstationstore for a playable coop campaign and a secound psn login for kz2 online.

  • WOOT finally not stuck on opposite teams as my friends

  • It really upsets me to keep seeing KZ2 updates and DLC like crazy, but the online multiplayer game that put the PS2 on the map has horrible support. Absolute garbage. Yet I play every night. I stopped checking for updates on their site. I guess with MAG coming out, Sony doesn’t care to help the developer out because they obviously need help.

  • Kudos, and thanks for the continued support. I’m getting my refurbished PS3 tomorrow, and one of the first things I’ll try is Killzone 2 with the patch.. that, and Motorstorm.. and the inFamous demo. Yes, I know, I’m kind of behind thanks to YLOD. :P

  • Awesome!

  • Good work GG :)

    I would like to back-up my KZ2 gamesave to memory card. Any chance in changing it so i can? They did it with the MotorStorm 2 save.
    I would like to assign any button on the controller, so i can have the controls the way i want, say like you can do in TimeSplitters games(1&2) (i.e you can put the Fire button anywhere on the controller etc etc) :)

  • Nice update, Just so you guys know, theres a glitch in the depot level where you can go under the map. I was playing last night and it was assassination, i saw a bunch of the players from the other team huddling around an open fence and saw that you can jump over the barrier, over the fence and camp underground where you can not be harmed. Please release a patch to stop this because theres nothing more frustrating than playing against a bunch of cheaters. Thanks!

  • I really don’t see the big deal with this patch pretty lame. What about copying saved data so if our machine dies we got back up. The only thing that I see as a plus is NEXT WEEK ADD ON and you need this patch to get it!!! :-) R2 vs Killzone people don’t go there they both are great and your lucky there only on PS3. I know I’m glad!!

  • thank you <3…so if faction balancing is off, you cant have a 31 v 1 game anymore?

  • Nice work.

    Could you guys show Clap Hanz how to create and update Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds with trophies.

    This game is in much need of trophy support.

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