Secret Agent Clank Sneaking Onto PS2 Today

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Greetings folks,

Just wanted to let you know to look for Secret Agent Clank on the store shelves beginning today! Sanzaru Games did a fantastic job of bringing this game to the PS2 adding and increasing textures, geometry and just raw numbers of models to make a more beautiful, richer game experience. Characters and the animation for them were rebuilt and augmented.

Secret Agent Clank PS2

Couple this with an all new camera system, customized controls for the DualShock 2 and a whole lot of additional polish and love from the team and you end up with a really great game.

Secret Agent Clank PS2 Secret Agent Clank PS2

You might ask yourself, why bring PSP games to the PS2? The answer we’d tell you is there are a lot of folk out there that are still hungry for content. We believe Secret Agent Clank will deliver this. Sanzaru did a fantastic job of really customizing the experience for the PS2. They went in and rebuilt whole sections of the game in order provide for a deeper richer experience.

Secret Agent Clank PS2

Even with all this change, we kept the fantastic game that High Impact Games put together for the PSP, just now taking advantage of everything the PS2 has to offer.

Secret Agent Clank PS2

We are really lucky at Sony to get to work with top tier developers. This is our first game with Sanzaru, but as you can see from the quality of the screenshots alone, we’re eager to do more!

Secret Agent Clank PS2 Secret Agent Clank PS2

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  • im going to get it for my 60 gb ps3

  • sw00t!

  • I just read this entry and am now curious how many people that frequent the psblog still only have a PS2.

    We should have a poll…

    (Choose all that apply)

    1) PS2
    2) PSP
    3) PS3
    4) All of the above

  • OK I hate to say this because I’m sure people put some hard work into this but…it looks terrible(strictly visually speaking). I just finished Persona 4 so I’m pretty sure that PS2 games should look better than this. I love me some R&C but something tells me this game should have just remained on the PSP.

    A for effort?

  • Frank, will this game be compatible with the original 80GB PS3? hopefully it will :)

  • I agree with Ramage. Maybe (hopefully) it’s just the screenshots themselves, but the quality looks like PSP pics blown up.

  • @#3…its a kool idea..but u missing the two types of ps3’ for me..i gots all three..well jus the psp and ps3..but ofcourse its backwards compatible..:p only thing that really sucks is the quality on a would be really kool if they made a cable thats can make the graphics hd..420 atleast..:/

  • If I still had a PS2, yeah, I’d get it since I never got it for my PSP but loved the demo.

    Unfortunately I have the 40GB PS3 and don’t plan/can’t afford another one at the moment.
    Only if it craps out (knock on wood) will I pony up.

    I will eventually get this though once that Backwards compatibility firmware drops =D

  • Oh yeah, and @3, its a freaking PS2!!! Stop [DELETED] about graphics all the time and enjoy the game! It’s Ratchet and Clank for crying out loud. When has it ever failed?

  • Is there anything this game has the PSP version does not? (aside from new controls and better graphics).

  • StalkingSilence

    I have PS3 and PSP. My PS3 is backward compatible though and plays PS2 games. That said, I haven’t played a PS2 game since I’ve had PS3.

  • Will it be goint to PSN store also? for PSP and I have all 3 Playstation’s and my BABY 60 gig too so I can play anything.. Might pick it up if it ever goes to PSN. :)

  • please tell me it will work with my ps3 60gb
    all my sony ps2 games are working on my ps3 exept ratchet and clank 3.
    it works alittle then 2 3 hours in games it does not work properly

  • PS2 needs to be killed off by 2010. 10 years marks a great run but the system is now officially considered a ‘classic’ by me, i look at it much in the same way i look at the NES, SNES and PSone systems. its just soo long ago and i only buy games that really were the greats (gow 1 and 2, SoTC etc) not saying ratchet isnt up there but i have to have funds for inFamous which im about to go pick up!

    @3 – i’ve got all three: PSP 2000, PS2 slim and of course my launch 60gig PS3! woot woot.


  • @3 All of the above, and I play them all. :D

  • I know people put in loads of work in this title, but seriously, stop trying to bring ports from psp to ps2 or vice versa! We need original content on our psps, and the ps2’s support (if there still is) should be focused on good games instead of shoddy ports. Ps2 is still more capable graphically than the wii, so I don’t see why devs don’t make some good games for it.

  • @3 PSP My first and only playstation. =P

    I really want to get a PS3 though!
    But I wish there was more PSP coverage. And not the 400 anime RPG’s coming out for it. =(

    Like LBP. Honestly it’s one of the coolest and more exciting announcements for the PSP and there’s no info at all about it! Not even a screen shot or a name. Or even a description! T_T

  • I’m pretty sure you know what I’m going to say (you were expecting *someone* to say it, and today that’s me): Come on! Would you leave PSP titles alone!? The system doesn’t have a great deal going for it as it is (let’s not kid ourselves)- if you keep undercutting it, it’s going to stay that way.

  • It’s not undercutting the PSP lineup – it’s not as if they’d pull the PSP version off the market now that there is a PS2 version. Plus the PSP version had most of the sales it’s going to have because the game has been out for a while.
    It’s quite good despite a small camera problem here or there, I like it as much as Size Matters.

  • @ 18

    Actually it is, when they port PSP games not only do they possibly lose a future PSP game sale but potentially a PSP system sale. Why bother with the PSP when some of the high valued games make it’s way onto the PS2.

  • :(

    You just stretched the screen to fit a TV.


  • @Frank Simon or Jeff
    Will this game have 16:9 at 480p?

    I play on an HDTV now so both are a must for PS2 titles.

    Will it support Dual Analog Sticks?

    Will the UMD ever show up on the PS Store?

    PSP and PS3, sold the PS2 to get a 60gig PS3 before they vanished forever. For the record I own more PS3 games than most nonBC PS3 owners for the idiot who thought it would sell more games that way.

  • How about Sony stops porting the PSPs good games over to the PS2/PS3 24/7! Every Ratchet game ever made for the PSP has come to the PS2 and gotten less then satisfactory reviews, or even worse the fans hated them because the graphics looked so crapy.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Very cool. As long as they continue to hold out on giving PSP a second stick, I’ll always lean toward these PS2 ports.

  • The first port of Size Matters did a decent job but essential they recoded it and sized up the art assets. They didn’t redo any textures, addy any edge smoothing, etc. and the audio sounded really bad. High Impact Game is not a bad studio but this was not their best port.

    Now we have an even smaller studio porting another PSP title and while I have not played this port I can’t imagine they did any more than High Impact did.

    If you are going to port a game and give it tons of love as you say, then just make sure you give it that and not just lip service.

  • ps2, BCps3

    Since I do not own a psp and don’t plan on getting one I would buy this game with all its flaws. And still hoping for a GOW:coo port.

    btw:first ever comment

  • Glad to see the PS2 is still kicking arse!

  • They are still making CRACK IN TIME RATCHET & CLANK!!!! =P

  • You guys are serious aren’t you? *Laughs* Come on, the PS2 can do WAY better than that if that’s what you guys are hoping for. But honetly, this game has already been out for more than a year and you say only now to release it for ps2 because people are hungry for content? Then why just release it when the psp version was released as well. I saw R and C size matters on the ps2 and it looked horrible. The polygons were showing, triangular ships and whatever. Don’t lie to yourselves, you can do better, but you don’t want to.

  • lol why even buy a PSP. all the games come to the PS2 anyway.

  • @30

    Lol, ok then, please let me know when the Loco Roco series, Patapon series, and Crisis Core FF7 come to the PS2. I would love to know. ;)

  • GooDer_gAMe, despite you being right that few PSP games do get ported to the PS2 that doesn’t detract from the image. Especially as it continues to feel like Sony cares more for PS2 owners then PSP owners.

  • If this game is so apprently going ot be great, I’ll have to see what Ign has to say. I won’t hold my breath xD

  • I have this and Size Matters for PSP where they originated. PSP version is better because its portable, PS2 version is better because you have all of the Ratchet & Clank game on one platform. So they are both good, I suppose.

    @3, yes that would make a great poll. You seeing this, PS Blog people-guys?

  • If I get this game, will it play on my 60GB PS3?

  • “to make a more beautiful, richer game experience”

    So you’re saying it wasn’t beautiful enough on the PSP? Oh, okay. I might as well not buy a PSP this Christmas.

  • It’s great to see so many interesting,popular,and new games still coming out for the PS2.

  • #9… I wasn’t complaining. I like the series but would actually rather play it on my PSP (just considering the screenshots).

    #21 is exactly what I was trying to say.

    Btw everybody, I didn’t answer my own poll.

    I have all the above:

    Original 80gb PS3, while not completely BC does play my current library of PS2 games.

    PSP 3000

    I gave my PS2 slim to my kids.

    And I didn’t say anything about PS1 but still have that too.

    Feel free to add me on PSN

  • Oh, and I have quite a large library of PS2 games, not to mention about 21 PS3 games I’ve gotten just within a year, and haven’t had much of a problem so far with any of them on the 80gb PS3.

  • I since getting my PS3 have played very few PS2 games. I have a non backward compatiable PS3 a PS2 and origonal PS1. The only games I used to play were PES and Grand Theft Auto however, since these came out for the PS3 the PS2 has never been on. I would be interested only if the game was released on the PSN and then only at a budget price of say $10 – 15 dollars.

  • Cool! Now I can rent it! It looks like a great game, but I haven’t heard a lot of good things about it, so I passed on the PSP version. Now I can at least try it.

  • @3

    Own them all, love them all.

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