Secret Agent Clank Sneaking Onto PS2 Today

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Greetings folks,

Just wanted to let you know to look for Secret Agent Clank on the store shelves beginning today! Sanzaru Games did a fantastic job of bringing this game to the PS2 adding and increasing textures, geometry and just raw numbers of models to make a more beautiful, richer game experience. Characters and the animation for them were rebuilt and augmented.

Secret Agent Clank PS2

Couple this with an all new camera system, customized controls for the DualShock 2 and a whole lot of additional polish and love from the team and you end up with a really great game.

Secret Agent Clank PS2 Secret Agent Clank PS2

You might ask yourself, why bring PSP games to the PS2? The answer we’d tell you is there are a lot of folk out there that are still hungry for content. We believe Secret Agent Clank will deliver this. Sanzaru did a fantastic job of really customizing the experience for the PS2. They went in and rebuilt whole sections of the game in order provide for a deeper richer experience.

Secret Agent Clank PS2

Even with all this change, we kept the fantastic game that High Impact Games put together for the PSP, just now taking advantage of everything the PS2 has to offer.

Secret Agent Clank PS2

We are really lucky at Sony to get to work with top tier developers. This is our first game with Sanzaru, but as you can see from the quality of the screenshots alone, we’re eager to do more!

Secret Agent Clank PS2 Secret Agent Clank PS2

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