RPG Alert! Crimson Gem Saga Ships Tomorrow

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Hello there, fine members of the finest official PlayStation community on the internet! I’m Clayton Chan, a Project Lead and Editor at Atlus U.S.A., and I’d like to pop in and talk to you for a second about our upcoming PSP RPG Crimson Gem Saga on behalf of the folks on the team.


Crimson Gem Saga is a turn-based RPG that boasts all the fundamentals of solid, satisfying RPG action that seasoned genre veterans crave, developed by our fine friends and partners in Korea, IronNos and SK Telecom. We’ve heard the cries and clamoring of PSP owners looking for a deep RPG experience, so we’re bringing you one, just in time for the long summer months. Crimson Gem Saga boasts interesting customization for your weapons and skills, powerful combination attacks, and will keep you on your toes with the ever-present threat/opportunity of Ambush attacks and Critical Combo chains. That’s all in addition to a fun script that is full of memorable characters, entertaining events, and fantastic moments that separate the overall experience from what’s already available out there.


The Ambush system will keep you on your toes in a way most standard RPGs won’t be able to match. Instead of just wandering into a random battle after “X” steps on the field map, Crimson Gem Saga allows you to either avoid these battles, or exploit enemies who aren’t aware of your presence. Whichever party scores an ambush will be given a free team attack to start the battle. This can severely cripple the opposing side, which leaves the player with an interesting risk/reward conundrum. Should you risk a protracted battle that will cause you to spend most of your MP on special skills for the chance to score an easy victory on a strong enemy at 75% strength?

The Critical Combo system is another little tweak to keep you on your toes. When you score a critical hit with a physical attack, you’ll have a very limited window (we’re talking a split second) to follow-up with a second and possibly third hit. You’re going to have to learn the timing for each character, because the game doesn’t take kindly to mutton mashing. If you’re on your toes and take the time to learn the timings, you’ll be rewarded with a physical attack that punishes the enemy more than a special skill without spending any of the MP. Crimson Gem Saga is a game that rewards your attentiveness, so you don’t end up zoning out in the middle of combat and just spamming the attack button.


Now for a little bit about our world famous Atlus Localization(TM). The Asian version of this game was already in rudimentary English. Well, rudimentary might be ok for an Asian version, or for other companies, but it certainly isn’t good enough for Atlus. Devin Curry, our lead editor, and our proofreading staff of Jason Ruper, Richard Rodrigues, and Ryan Sharpe made sure that we put out a game script that any fan of ours would be proud of, and to top it off, we even added more than a thousand lines of voiced dialogue to our version of the game. If you want the definitive version of the game, you’ll want to pick up the Atlus release when it drops later this month. When you go to pick your copy up, tell ’em Clayton sent you. It won’t do anything, but just tell them anyways, I like the name drop.

Thanks for tuning in, fans in PlayStation-landia! If you’ve got any questions on the game mechanics, on the game’s localization, or just questions you’ve always kind of wanted to ask about working on a game, feel free to fire them off in the comments, and I’ll reply to what I can. Here’s hoping that you partake of, and enjoy all the hard work the team and I put into this title!

Look for Crimson Gem Saga on May 26th at most places where fine video games are sold.


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  • Looks like this one slipped under the radar for me……will have to pick it up sounds cool

  • Im getting it because its made by atlus, some of the best RPG developers ever.

    I hope you guys make a PERSONA PS3 GAME, it would do very well, thank you for being such great developers.

  • Welcome to the blog Clayton. Sounds like a fun game. Will there be a demo any time soon?

  • i would like to buy a psp but theirs a rumourfor a new psp so i can’t right now

  • this looks awesome :) I may have to pick it up.

  • So do you guys have any plan to release a PS3 JRPG? We know that you guys has already release 3 games on the xbox 360 that all bombed in sales. Why do exclusive on the xbox 360 when it is clear that PS3 is where your market is?
    So again, any plans to release a PS3 game this generation?

  • Interesting I thought they where going to mention some PS3 RPGs, I guess the one that’ll mention is Cross Edge.

  • This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I am now definitely buying a psp.

    What will the leveling system be like?

    • Your party gains SP as a group. Each party member has their own set of skills that can be unlocked with that SP, so you\’ll need to do some thinking as you\’re doing your leveling.

      A level-up also refills HP & MP for the character that leveled, so you\’ll have tactical considerations for make. You can try and take down a higher level enemy by whipping out your big attacks if you expect to get all that MP back after you finish the fight.

      Does that answer your level questions?

  • @1
    Atlus didn’t develop the game. They just localized it.

  • #8 wait alitle bit theirs suposed to be a new psp

  • Looks cool. I am especially glad the game doesn’t take kindly to “mutton mashing”. Those sheep must be protected!

  • i have this game on pre-order already i cant hardly wait to play it!.on another note,i wish atlus would bring record of agarest senki war or atelier rorona stateside! ;)

  • Please say you guys are working on a PS3 title I really enjoy your work and it’s a shame you haven’t moved on yet. Do you guys have a PS3 dev kit?

    Ok on topic I’ll be getting this when the new PSP comes out. I’ve been waiting for it because I don’t want to get the old PSP then go out and buy the new one.

  • if only i had money left. so many good games, and so little time and money

  • Okay so no mutton mashing, but button mashing is okay.. right?

  • @Clayton Chan
    Heavily anticipating IGN’s review of this game… assuming they haven’t reviewed it already. So this game may offset my purchase of Star Ocean Second Evolution once I’m done with Star Ocean 1 for PSP. Also takes money from Infamous so feel good about that lol.

    Big question I have though is why does it seem like most RPGs on PSP are falling back on old school styles of the SNES era? I’d love to see a PS2 stylized RPG’s in much greater quantity on PSP.

  • Thanks for informing us about this title. I haven’t really considered this game until now (I wasn’t a fan of Astonishia Story, but this does look very different), but you can consider me sold. Keep up the good work! How much playtime can someone expect from this?

  • This looks like an expertly made old-school RPG. Have this pre-ordered along with Infamous and X-Edge. A busy week for the wallet! :)

    Now let’s keep those JRPGs coming Sony. Demon’s Souls is perhaps the best JRPG I’ve played in a decade – anyone into JRPGs NEEDS to pick that up (have the HK import version myself, probably going to get the U.S. one as well).

    And the big question is: where’s my WILD ARMS PS3?

    I’ll buy a dozen copies myself, I swear. Tell the Sony overlords!

  • “The Ambush system will keep you on your toes in a way most standard RPGs won’t be able to match.”

    So, exactly like the hit-the-Shadows-from-behind stunt you can do in Persona 4’s dungeons? I like that feature, good to see more devs using it.

  • Oh, and as far as JRPGs for the psp, we also need Atlus/ Sony/ whoever to localize and publish Rezel Cross and the Sora No Kiseki (the Legend of Heroes 4 and onwards). The latter games are multi UMD epics. Quite unlike any JRPGs we’ve seen on the PSP before.

    Google for some youtube links on those two if you want to wet yourself from excitement. Really, really good games.

  • This looks like a fun quality RPG, but why can’t we have a PS2 calibur RPG on the PSP? An RPG in the league of Final Fantasy X on the PSP would be great, enough with the 2D SNES graphics. Give us something great.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    I had no idea that it was coming out this soon.

    As long as it’s on UMD and not PSN, I’ll look into picking it up.

  • looks interesting, i might have to check it out!

  • Sweet! Release a turn-based RPG for PS3 now! Keep the turn-based goodness coming!

  • question: is crimson going to have multiplayer. If so is it going to be ad hoc or infracture?

    • This was designed to be a solid single-player RPG, so there\’s no multiplayer functionality. If you\’re looking for an Atlus PSP game with multiplayer, check out Hammerin\’ Hero (2-player) or the upcoming Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament. (4-player)

  • Awesome. This looks a lot like Ogre Battle 64 from back in the day. I was wondering if that franchise would ever see the light of day again?

  • Great now how about some PS3 RPGs as I have no use for hand held gaming. Remember when PS2 had all those RPGs Sony? What happened?

    At least put some classics on PSN like Chrono Cross I never played

  • Thanks for the continued RPG support. Will you guys be making the jump to PS3 with some RPGs soon? Hoping so. Demon’s Soul is a good start, but seems to be more of an adventure game than an RPG. I’ll be buying it eventually regardless. PS3 RPGs please!

    • We\’re always on the lookout for solid titles, no matter the system. Plus, Demon\’s Souls is a pretty long game. You guys should be playing that one for a while. :)

  • What’s up with the influx of RPG’s using the anime / cell shaded style? Where is the realism… Oh wait I know I’ll have to wait for FFXIII and FF vs. XIII.

  • Holy shat, man, Atlus has been putting in a lot of work! I’m definitely getting the US version of Demon Souls to support more Japanese releases in the US.

  • @LokeSTL
    Demon Souls isn’t made by Atlus. Atlus is just localizing the game for From Software because From Software is unable to.

    • I\’m pretty sure everyone knows we didn\’t develop Demon\’s Souls, as we didn\’t release it in Japan.

      I think they\’re thanking us for localizing it and bringing it to the US. I\’m all for giving the developers their due credit (See my shoutout to both IronNos and SK Telecom in the post?) but please don\’t try and talk down our localization process and decision. Everyone involved in bringing Demon\’s Souls to the US going to work hard on it.

  • @Everyone prasiing Atlus for Demon Soul
    Just stop it. Atlus isn’t making Demon Souls, they are just localizing it. Which make no sense because the game is already in English. They are probable just going to look over the text and make sure that the spelling of words are correct and fix a few bugs.

    From Software is the developers of Demon Souls.
    Atlus is just “localizing” it for the US market.

  • While we’re talking about RPGs – any word on a Western release (and Europe in particular) for Tales of Vesperia yet?

    The game’s out in Europe on the Xbox 360 next month, and while I’d much rather get the PS3 version, I may have to pick up the 360 version if we don’t hear anything on the PS3 front soon…

  • do you guys know that there’s a weapon in this game that deals 30,000 damage points?;)

  • LMAO Quayle dagger?

    Poor Dan…

    • Yes! Glad someone\’s old enough to know the reference.

      The funny thing is, it was actually called the Quayle Dagger in the Asian version.

  • This looks great for a PSP game!!!

    Now… Where’s all the RPG love for the PS3? And what happened to all the turn-based games?

  • The battle-system seems reminiscent of Valkyrie Profile. Anyway, RPGs are my absolute favorite genre and the PSP definitely needs them, so: Thank You! :D

  • @ 36

    we will get a ps3 exclusive RPG tomorrow called Cross Edge but NIS.. its an amazing game if u like RPG’s u might like it as im getting it tomorrow along with infamous and crimson saga as well :)

  • The reviews have been very positive so far so I’ll be picking this up tomorrow. :)

  • Is it like tactics or ff1?

    • It\’s more like FF1 than Tactics. It\’s a turn-based RPG with some wrinkles to make the gameplay more active.

  • One question.

    Will this be available as a digital download? Honestly I love my PSP but I hate lugging around UMDs and my collection is getting ridiculous at this point and it doesn’t suite the whole ‘on the go’ feel the psp needs.

  • I am surprised to see this game be featured in the blog. Totally unexpected.

    I am really hoping that Crimson Gem Saga plays as good as it looks. I won’t be expecting something great, but as long as it’s satisfying I’ll be happy.

  • The ambush system sounds like Valhalla Knights’ battle system, but other than that, it looks great. Too bad I’m broke.

  • They need PSN titles like this. I don’t have a PSP so being able to download them on your PS3 would be great.

  • Wow, this game really slipped under my radar. I remember looking at some screens a while back, but they didn’t leave much of an impression to me. However this game looks terrific. It has that Fire Breath 4 vibe and thats all I need to buy it!

  • Whoa, I just checked out the website, what are the odds that the main character has the same name as me? Seriously, Killian really isn’t really a common name!

  • @38
    Cross Edge is more of a Universe RPG where it is compiled of various games or all games in the same universe. It’s not really what alot of RPG Gamers have in mind. Suggesting X-Edge to an RPG Gamer is like suggesting Alien vs Preditor 1 & 2 to a huge fan of Alien and Predator, it’s just not the same. Ya sure you get those cool little what if scenario’s going, but it isn’t going to be as deep or involving as the source material it borrows from.

  • Awwww…I really thought this was a PSN game. I also wonder why PSN doesnt have many RPGs? I have a ps3 and not a psp so it’s kind of hard to look at a game that looks cool, but can’t play it.

  • Arg… I meant Breath of Fire 4… Dunno why I put down Fire breath, lol. It also kind of reminds me of Valkyrie Profile Lenneth now that I think about it… Speaking of that game, I should go back and finish it someday!

    P.S. Can we get BoF4 released as a PS1 classic on the PSN please!

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